Team news: Palermo were without Andrea Rispoli, Simone Giuliano, Giancarlo González, Accursio Bentivegna, Aleksandar Trajkovski and Norbert Balogh. Milan had to do without Davide Calabria, Leonel Vangioni, Andrea Bertolacci, Riccardo Montolivo and M’Baye Niang are out. The Kick off time for Matchday 12 of the 16/17 edition of Serie A was 15:00 CET / Italy time at Stadio Renzo Barbera.

Goals: Suso (15′), Nestorovski (71′), Lapadula (82′).

U.S. Città di Palermo (4-3-3) – Roberto De Zerbi
Josip Posavec; Thiago Cionek, Siniša Anđelković, Slobodan Rajković, Haitam Aleesami; Alessandro Gazzi; Bruno Henrique, Alessandro Gazzi, Oscar Hiljemark (85′ Robin Quaison); Carlos Apna Embaló (57′ Simone Lo Faso), Ilija Nestorovski, Roland Sallai (57′ Alessandro Diamanti).
Unused: Marson, Fulignati, Vitiello, Goldaniga, Chochev, Bouy, Jajalo, Morganella, Pezzella. 

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Vincenzo Montella
Gianluigi Donnarumma; Ignazio Abate, Gabriel Paletta, Alessio Romagnoli, Mattia De Sciglio; Juraj Kucka (72′ Andrea Poli), Manuel Locatelli, Mario Pasalic (63′ Mati Fernandez); Suso, Carlos Bacca (79′ Gianluca Lapadula), Giacomo Bonaventura.
Unused: Gabriel, Plizzari, Antonelli, Rodrigo Ely, G. Gomez, Zapata, Honda, Sosa, L. Adriano.

Referee: Paolo Silvio Mazzoleni.

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What a game! Congrats to all milanistas. Still dont like montellas coaching. Well brining on lapadula, yes he scored.

But bringing on POLI ????!!!?!?!?!?

Is poli our new bonera? No matter how many errors, no matter how many screw ups, poli HAS a certain place in milan regardless how he performs. I dont like poli at all, to risky near our goalkeeper, no good passing, no good nothing.

Nonetheless, another 3p!!


Poli had to replace Kucka as ball winning because Kucka was under perform tonight


Did you watch the game? Kucka was AWFUL and Poli performed better in his 20 minutes or-so than Kucka did when he was on the pitch. His substitution was on point.
Hate a player all you want, but credit should be given when credit’s due.

this season

Sheva… are ruining everything every weekend. Just hush and enjoy it.


@sheva: Remember your deal with phildadon that you will leave this blog forever if montella still stay next year!!


I’ve already stated this last game against Pescara, and I’ll say it again – we are gaining more points than we probably deserved this season, and this is the good part, thanks to Vincenzo. Now the bad part is that we don’t have any style implemented by Montella, which is strange, considering we have better players than many other Serie A teams and Montella has been long enough here already. Our play is often disbalanced and slow, the centre is almost non existent, that’s why we have problems attacking, as well as defending. The only line that performs up to… Read more »




You hit the nail on the head – Milan gives up in games, especially when they take the lead, and they have been doing it for years… they are overconfident and “expect” to beat teams like Palermo, and go with the attitude that the 3 point are already theirs … and we have seen in the past few years this is certainly not the case…they need to be more focused on playing the system that montella has trained them for, and not to chase the ball so much and sit back after a goal… you win by playing the system… Read more »

King zion

even a blind man knows that a game like this and how the tempo of the game was going and with Kucka underperformed while the game was in progress that it will be a perfect sub to bring poli on to boost the midfield with that fight, determination and hard work..

King zion

A team who had a bad day and still got 3 points is a good signs of things to come….#forza milan mvp of the game Suso


Happy with the 3 points.
But Milan went to sleep between the 25 mins to 70 min mark, they only woke up when Palermo took the lead.

Suso Man of the Match. Did all of the creative work. Good job Suso !

Bonaventura was poor. His incessant and unproductive dribbling leads to counters and holes on the pitch when he loses the ball (which is quite often). Long term we need to make Bona a good squad player, but for a top-2/3 team – Bonaventura is not a starter – unless he improves his game and decision making.


Bona was Ok. Not poor or good. He was used to play as midfielder recently.


Bacca, Pasalic, Mati was underperformed this game. Bonadinho was ok, he looks good when plays on midfield not on the wing. Next game perhaps Niang is available and lets try our new trident Niang, Me, and Suso!
Forza Milan!!!!!


that can be argued seeing the way Paletta played. he is the reason palermo stug in 1 as they could not score, even when they had two meters clear shooting chance.


Agreed, there is a reason no coach wants to sell Poli.
He is not a starter. He is not consistent. He cannot pass or dribble like most other subs. But sometimes, he is just the perfect player you need for sub.


I didn’t watch this one….hope the team was good?


Pasalic was not good was he. Losing the ball a lot and not very good passing.
This is such a ”told ya!” moment.
Chelsea should take their stuffs back and we should bring Mauri back.


I did not see anything that made we think “too bad we cant sign this guy…”. Great point about Mauri, if he is good enough to buy then we need to hold on to him and play him.. hard to understand the logic of buying Mauri, Loaning him out and then getting Pasalic…. we are doing better at playing younger players and that is good …. anyone remember and young guy that bounced around on loan and never played named … Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang … maybe a winger that we would be happy with today if we played him while he… Read more »


We already have Locateli. No need for Mauri back.


Locatelli is deep lying playmaker.. we still need at least one box to box player..


Lol agustinar. Great logic.
Oh wait.
What if he gets suspended or injured or something?
Also, I wonder if you have seen Mauri play for us last season at the end?
He was the only midfielder apart from Kucka who played well. He deserved chance in midfield this season. Not Pasalic.


You’re very crazy if you think you can judge a player that have not played any game all season by just one game. He was ok for the few mins he played . Bonaventura and niang plays many bad games and yall still want them to play but pasalic comes in and plays one ok game and you want him to go back to chelsea ?? You fans are ridiculous. Smh


He was okay? Losing possession and mispassing is not okay. I have no problem if he gets 10-15 minutes at the end of the much if we need him, but start him ahead of our own players? No. Just no. ”Bonaventura and niang plays many bad games and yall still want them to play” — two words. Our Players. And they are a lot more proven than Pasalic. Also there is the little fact that we have a lot more qualified players for midfield starting position that young loan guy. As I said, I would prefer seeing even Zanelatto than… Read more »


time to bench bacca


It doesn’t matter how we win, a win is a win. And forza Lapadula! He should succeed Bacca in the lineup.


not true – how we win is as important as winning… we assuming that you want to support a team that is in the champions league anyway

Ricardo Leite

Lap still remains a very worthy option to Bacca please. Love them both


good point! it is a nice problem to have – two strikers who should be starting! maybe this is why there is talk of selling Bacca…


We should start giving a chance to Lapadula as starter again. It appears that Bacca plays better as a sub


Thank God we won! its clear that we have not hit the right button because I cant explain why we claim to be playing possession football, yet palermo outplayed us totally. Again also its the stuff of champions, they win even when they are playing badly. I hope we can use this international break to tighten up things and make the midfield more dynamic and proactive rather than reactive. We dont have to wait for the opponent to score before we start playing, a day will come when luck will run out! Montella, please play good football. As for poli,… Read more »


I like paletta. If his face is like matri, we would never underestimate him


This game reminded me of last seasons against Hellas, we got the lead in the first 20 minutes and then stopped playing. We were great during this period, but after the goal we just stopped playing. So I said to myself, if we keep this up, Palermo will bring on Diamanti and will need only a moment of brilliance from him to level the game. Unfortunately we kept playing poorly, and unfortunately Diamanti got the assist. Luckily we woke up after that and were fierce on the counter attack, allowing for moments of brilliance from Suso, but mainly Lapadula. Great… Read more »

Milan fan since 94

The table looks very nice 🙂


The game i got the most frustration because Montella nearly threw it away like he did at Genoa. Palermo set up physically and were winning ALL the second balls in midfield and took control of the game. I’m happy Montella finally had d balls to put Bacca on the bench and brought on the match winner. Pasalic isnt ready for the physicality of Serie A and reason why we suffered on the left. Suso was tactically played out and 2-3 players always taking him down when he had the ball. I believe the Palermo manager identified him as our most… Read more »


Thanks we’re won , but milan have a lack of goal , Empoli 4 , Pescara 0

Mr mark

You can base your analysis on poli along,
Montella is trying……
He might be our nest anceloty..


Looking at the table, if Berlusconi and Galliani had opted to appoint a proper coach to replace Ancellotti and later Allegri, we would at least be at the level of Roma and Napoli now. Still a long way to go.. Inter had a similar start last year winning all games 1-0 and 2-1. Then they had that Dubai friendly in decembar and then fell apart in January. We have a similar trap with Italian Super Cup in december in Middle East.. These winter matches deny players of valuable rest and could prove to be a problem. I liked Bonaventura’s performance… Read more »

angry birds

agree my friend, but in january we will have a lot of money for transfer, i hope we can use wisely.

i think we should bring back bonaventura to MF, we lost possession without bona in MF, also we miss niang a lot this game .

i guess lapadula would start, after international break montella always playing lapadula first.


Haven’t felt this good in a long time. Milan finally moving in the right direction even though we still need to strengthen the squad in January and next summer. May I dare to say that Milan should strongly consider selling Bacca? Even though I’m a big fan of Bacca his game does not suit the team and the players we currently have. Belotti from Torino is a good replacement option although he might not be available until next summer. He is worth ever penny so Milan should get him. In the meantime we should get Ben Afra from PSG in… Read more »

angry birds

agree, i heard some news say that chelsea will loan fabregas to US. we can offer option to buy for him and use the money for another position


Lapadula is good enough, no need for Belotti. But I agree with you, only that we should also sell Adriano. Patrick Cutrone is a great player, and Niang can play as a striker as well.


So glad we managed to pull off a win against Palermo rugby team. Bring on Inter.


To Milan 10. Maybe I wasn’t clear on this. Back against the defenders. First strikers like inzaghi vieri batistuta don’t mind holding on to the ball when they are collecting from a team mate. First strikers are used to holding on to the ball while waiting for midfielders or a second striker to push up. In the process, they don’t mind tussling or even being fouled by opponents. However, players like sheva and ronaldo, not that they can’t out muscle opponents, but it is apparent that they prefer to face opponents and try to dribble or beat them with pace.… Read more »


Are u really still going on with this 1st striker thing? 1) i already mentioned many examples of well oiled double CFs (or 1st striker, or whatever) working well together. 2) starting from 2001/02 season, ronaldo played as pure target man. So was weah in his last 3 seasons with milan. Weah, ronaldo and sheva only played as supporting strikers when paired with players with lesser skills. Just because they had pace and dribbling skills doesnt mean they played to make assist 3) inzaghi, like mueller or paolo rossi, mostly played shoulder to shoulder with defenders TO BEAT their offside… Read more »

Mathijs Savicevic

Whahahahahahahaha Milan10, let CK talk. He just cant stand it we are right. Do not give this guy any comments. He cant sleep anymore.


You replied so don’t act as if you are not going on and now younare blaming me????? Hahahaha. If you don’t wish to go on just say so or you can choose not to reply.

Since you have replied, playing as a lone striker doesn’t mean he is really playing like a first striker and as you have said, some teams are playing with a false 9.

Hahahaha Savicevic. You are still alive???? Did you catch yesterday”s game or are you watching highlights today????? Hahahaha watch more and read less. Remember!!!!


Ok ck my mate, this really is my last reply to u regarding this topic: 1) van basten, like sheva, suarez, weah, romario or ronaldo, used to drop deep to collect the ball when he thought his midfielders took a day off, a striker doesnt always stay farthest up the pitch. But that doesnt mean their main purpose isnt scoring goals. I dont care whether ur post player (drogba, adriano, vieri, rvn), fox in the box/poacher (inzaghi, romario, mueller, bacca) or modern striker (henry, van basten, ronaldo, weah), if ur main goal of playing is to score goals then ur… Read more »


Okay my last respond too. U mention that if if 2 center forwards. 1 will move tona support striker role. Now my question is lapadula n bacca, who has the capability or ability to be a support striker? To be a support striker to link up play you need some dribbling skill and pace, do lapadula has it? Bacca has some pace but he can’t really dribble and pass. So who can link up play? Who can play a one two with the wingers. Who can offer unpredictability???? Imagine a partnership of Batistuta or Vieri. You can’t break down teams… Read more »


Read point #2. Let teammates behind them break down the defence. Butragueno – sanchez had schuster, valdano etc. yorke – cole had giggs, beckham, scholes and their fullbacks. Vieri – salas had nedved, veron, conceicao etc.
A striker doesnt have to be servant to his partner.

don de cagnoli

dah bro susah emang ga ngerti2 dianya


Haha yoi bro, bukannya ngerayain milan menang malah berdebat hadeeh. Bakar dulu ah *eh


Anyone watching the match could see the Palermo goal coming as we were loosing possession easily and they had alot of good chances leading up to the equalizer….. However what was different is that last season in this similar senario Milan would either lose or draw this game. Montella deserves credit as he has the side believing and that was 50% of what we needed. Suso had a terrific game he had some great shots its easy to see that his confidence is high i hope his form continues. We got the win as ugly as it might be. FORZA!!!!!!!


Donnarumma should have save it too!


My opinion sell Bacca, Have Lapadula as a starter and have L.Adriano and P.Cutrone as backups, and buy new striker next season instead.. because hopefully we are in Europe league or champions league next season, then we need a bigger better striker!! And then sell L.Adriano, so we will have Lapadula, Cutrone and “new striker”