La Ferrara: “An incredible night that I’ll always remember”, Zanellato: “Montella knows he can count on me”

The Milan Primavera players before Bournemouth-Milan on the 3rd of September 2016 at the Vitality Stadium (
The Milan Primavera players before Bournemouth-Milan on the 3rd of September 2016 at the Vitality Stadium (

Cosimo La Ferrara and Niccolò Zanellato took part in the 2-1 friendly win over Bournemouth on Saturday and they hope this experience will help them with the Primavera of Stefano Nava this summer.

With so many players on international duty, Montella took 7 Primavera players with him for the Bournemouth friendly: Marco Curto, Michele Spinelli, Samuele Careccia, Tommaso Pobega, Raul Zucchetti, Zanellato and La Ferrara.

Cosimo was brought on during half-time and replaced the disappointing Luiz Adriano while Niccolò is basically a ‘friendly regular’ for Montella as the midfielder was featured heavily during pre-season. The two, despite impressing, will spend the season with the Primavera.

“It’s been an incredible night and an amazing emotion which I’ll always remember and carry with me. I want to thank coach Vincenzo Montella and all the staff for the opportunity,” La Ferrara told Milan TV at the end of the match in England. “I’m happy for the win and for how we played.

“The coach asked me to give everything I had, help the team, and show my qualities on the pitch (Cosimo, who was born in 1998, played as a winger). I will bring back to the Primavera the emotion of playing with so many great players and meeting coach Montella, who is an exceptional person. I am happy also for how I played, and I want to thank my teammates who have helped me a lot.”

The squad celebrates Suso's goal during Bournemouth-Milan on the 3rd of September 2016 at the Vitality Stadium (
The squad celebrates Suso’s goal during Bournemouth-Milan on the 3rd of September 2016 at the Vitality Stadium (

“I am very happy because after the US Tour and the friendly against Freiburg, I made it back to the first team. Playing with such great footballers is always a big emotion and when you win it’s even better,” Zanellato told the club’s official TV channel after James Linington’s final whistle.

“This experience with the first team helps me to improve my pace and I have managed also to bring some of my experience to the younger teammates in the Primavera (the center midfielder is also part of the 98′ class). The Primavera season? Winning such an important tournament like Mamma Cairo is surely something positive and we hope to do well throughout the entire season.

“I think I am on the right track, I don’t think I made it, but I hope to have the chance to play with the first team again, to improve every day. Every time I go back in the Primavera I want to show what I have learnt here. I am glad the manager thinks of me almost like a first team player, if he needs me he knows he can count on me, but I want to stay focused on coach Nava’s Primavera.

“If there will be the chance, I will be proud to play with the first team.” The Primavera is currently managed by Stefano Nava who replaced Cristian Brocchi when the latter became Milan’s boss.

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Scoga Montana

Continue to grow and u will be a great player someday…

Dwayne Kanas

Great to see the coach relying on the youth more, with a little mix of experienced players, we must surely keep this Montella guy,!


We all saw Zanellato in pre season and know what he’s capable of. Somehow he feels more mature in his style of play than Locatelli… although I havent seen him in an actual game, but Loca seems a bit nervous even if he isnt afraid of trying the decisive pass. La Ferrara was a surprise, and a hugely positive one, hopefully both of them can develop and be a part of our first team for the coming season, and why not occasionally this season as well. The talent is within our ranks and youth sector, just have to nurture it… Read more »


Is his playing style the same as Locatelli? I only watched Locatelli once against Freiburg. He was very nervous and lost the ball often that even at one time De Sciglio was furious at him. But his pass was terrific especially his long pass to Paletta (or someone, I forgot) that almost resulted in a goal (if it wasn’t because of offside). Is Zanellato also good at passing or is defensive minded midfielder?


From what I’ve seen, its not only their hair that is similar. They are both very skillful passers, but I think Locatelli’s long range passing might be a little better at this point. I also remember Loca’s pass to Paletta in that game, it was beautiful, pin-point.

Joshua Milan

Comment: continue to grow brother we are all here for you until you make it to first team.