Milan brought in 6 new faces and some players returned form loan while they said good-bye to over a dozen players but made very little money out of them.

Leonel Vangioni (29, defender, River Plate, free transfer, contact until 2019)Christian Abbiati (39, goalkeeper, expired contact)
Gianluca Lapadula (26, forward, Pescara, €9m payable over 3 years + €1m bonuses, contact until 2021)Philippe Mexes (34, defender, expired contract)
Gustavo Gomez (23, defender, Lanus, €8.5m, contact until 2021)Alex (34, defender, expired contract)
Jose Sosa (31, midfielder, Besiktas, €7.5m, contact until 2018)Kevin-Prince Boateng (29, midfielder, expired contract)
Mario Pasalic (21, midfielder, Chelsea, €200k to €1m depending on appearances, contact until 2017 + right of first refusal)Mario Balotelli (26, forward, expired loan deal)
Matias Fernandez (30, midfielder, Fiorentina, €800k, contract until 2017 + option to buy)Stephan El Shaarawy (23, forward, Roma, €13m)
Gabriel (21, goalkeeper, Napoli, return from loan)Simone Verdi (23, forward, Bologna, €1.5m)
Jherson Vergara (22, defender, Livorno, return from loan)Alessandro Livieri (19, goalkeeper, FeralpiSalò, undisclosed)
Gabriel Paletta (30, defender, Atalanta, return from loan)Michael Agazzi (32, goalkeeper, Cesena, undisclosed)
Suso (22, forward, Genoa, return from loan)Jeremy Menez (29, forward, Bordeaux, undisclosed - believed to be a free transfer)
Alessandro Matri (32, forward, Sassuolo, undisclosed - believed to be a free transfer)
Hachim Mastour (18, forward, Zwolle, one-year loan deal)
Stefan Simic (21, defender, Royal Excel Mouscron, one-year loan deal)
Jose Mauri (20, midfielder, Empoli, one-year loan deal)
Jherson Vergara (22, defender, Arsenal Tula, one-year loan deal)
Diego Lopez (34, goalkeeper, Espanyol, one-year loan deal)
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Sad to see that our competitors are getting stronger while we are still hanging around, but then again, due to the situation we could not do much.

I just hope that with the new owners we will be able to compete on the market again. Sad to see f***ing Inter getting; Banega, Candreva, Joa Matrio and Gabigol, while the only real addition we got is Jose Sosa.

Forza Milan! We well be back, hopefully stronger in january.


Gomez seems to be the best money spent. Where as Lapadula @ €9m seems to of been a waste.


Why?? We havent seen him play even one whole half and you already say he is waste of money? I dont say he is great but this just makes no sense…


inter always do well in transfer market but dont end up top 3….. we have average players who can prove to be class if they follow the coach and manage to play as a team .. with a compact style of football….. one things having players another is making them play together as a team…


Let them have this window.There are clubs that have good squad and champions and they are the ones who only think that. After January we are gonna see which is which.
I say: Forza Milan!!!


Well honestly, it is not the best but also not the worst mercato… We got rid of many (bad) players and did not sign too many crappy ones…

My biggest regret is selling SES, I always hoped he would be written in Milan books… Such shame it turned out like this..


The sad thing about the SES sale was that, when Monaco sent him back during the Winter transfer, Galliani said there was no place for him at Milan! He said even if Luiz Adriano leaves, SES can’t return until the end of the season that he has to go somewhere else to complete the one-year loan! Madness. And that’s when Roma stepped in. They had faith in a little boy Milan should have brought back home. Galliani put a cheap price on him because he never thought SES would do well. Basically, he just wanted to get rid of him… Read more »


Thank God, d crazy market is over! Now we can face d league in ernest! I am sure we can hold our own against any serie a team. We are milan


and inter yet to win a match………..overhyped gabigol


I think Milan has a fairly good midfield now. Mati Fernandez, Pasalic and Jose Sosa are good addition to Kucka, Locatelli and the rest.

For the next match with Kucka suspended, we’ll definitely see one or two of the new guys start. Niang is suspended too and Bonaventura may play in his position along with Bacca and Suso.

Rossonero 23

Shame we weren’t able to sell also Poli, Ely, Honda and Luiz Adriano…

Keisuke Honda

Honda is a good player and a star in Japan national team


Says keisuke honda


Mati Fernandez seems like a waste to me but he’s here now and I wish him the best! For this year I’m excited to see what gomez suso and pasalic can do. I know pasalic is a loan but he has a bright future and I hope he does well with milan, we have the right to first refusal after all. Lapadula I’m afraid won’t get many chances if bacca is in form but I hope him too can shine. As for everyone else I hope they all play well and give their all to Milan. I truly believe with… Read more »

Dwayne Kanas

we didn’t sign many top players but now we are on the same level as Inter and Roma? lol


Because inter signed joao mario and gabigol and roma signed bruno peres they are better than us? Our attack is better than both teams and our defence is on par. We can’t judge the midfield until we’ve seen them play.

Get a grip. Because inter spent 60 million on two players they’re all of a sudden better? Both inter and roma haven’t looked impressive and I also don’t think they will be that good


For your info inter signed candreva ,banega , Mario and gabigol

bizzy bone

Napoli to me is not even stronger. From last game,they were lucky to get a win out of the game. Let’s hope the boys put in 80% of their abilities and we ll be good. Then montolivo shld improve on his vision and quickness,and reduce the amount of passes he takes backwards. I suggest montella takes the captainship back to the traditional milan way of oldest serving player; Ignazio Abate. Milan solo con te!

Dwayne Kanas

such a shame we didn’t send Poli or Vergara away…well there’s always the winter market!


Vergara went to Russia


And that was the end of Galliani pathetic indeed


To the guy saying that we are on the same level as Roma, like really? Like for example, would you exchange Montolivo, Bonaventura with Strootman, Nainggolan? Or Paletta, De Sciglio with Manolas/Rudiger and Peres?


You’re comparing Roma’s best players with Montolivo so how can I answer that. Secondly you’re comparing individuals instead of a team. I did say our midfield is weak but untested with new buys. Roma last year under Garcia couldn’t win a game and when spaletti came he totally changed the team. In the same token he and roma showed how vulnerable they r getting embarrassed at home to porto and in the second week of serie a. This year milan have a good coach with reinforcements as well so yes I think we can do well. I’ve always said this… Read more »

Pelo Pelo

Some people here are realy deluded we are 100% not at the same level as roma right now . We realy need more new signings in the winter and not any signings World class signings we need to spend That 80 millions on 2 players and to mine opinion on midfielder Cm a regista that’s what we need and my nr:1 choice would be marco veratti


So what do you guys think our midfield will be in the recent future? I think you have to start niang on the wing and I don’t think Bonaventura would be benched. So jack is one. Kucka is so important for balance in the midfield he has characteristics like no other midfielder on our team. That being said, I feel montella may bench him for our more technical midfielders. Eventually, if our new midfielders take their chances, it could be jack Fernandez and Sosa. With kucka bringing that grit off the bench. The biggest issue, is montella benching Monty and… Read more »


wish montella can produce something out of this squad and prove a point to the fans


I really think he will …. A Lion leading a troupe of 50 sheep is more effective and lethal than a Sheep leading a troupe of 50 lions … The leader (here manager) is most important and he has already shown with Fiorentina what he can do … Let’s give him some time and a bit of our patience … I am sure he will do wonders … FORZA MILAN

AC Milan Lover

Guys – we can still get Caceres since he is a free agent …. Let us get him now …

AC Milan Lover

I think that is the reason why despite Montella asking for a defender we didnt sign anyone … coz maybe Galliani already has made contact with Caceres … And Caceres knows he has better chance of starting matches at Milan …


Well, the good thing is there are lots of free transfers and loan deals.
The bad thing is there are lots of free transfers and loan deals


Moving ahead of summer mercato, its time to plan for winter mercato… with the 85 million coming to us…


Guys all I know is that we have to accept what we have now bcos the window is closed. We can make better use of the players just we lack is confidence and the spirit to fight for our pride. Leicester city didn’t have better players than Man u or Man city or Chelsea but they won the Epl last season. We will make Europe next season and great players will come. The only regret I have is Lopez going to Espanyol. If Donna is injured or suspended who will replace him. Well we still remain Milan no matter what


i had sensed that all clubs in italy are against milan!!! whenever we approached them for a player the refuse and then suddenly that player is loaned to another club! it seems like all the clubs hate us so much that they are having fun seeing us suffer


I guess they are paranoid because the sleeping bear is about to wake up


when is gaillani leaving ac milan for crying out loud can someone tell pls


Is leaving tonight what a question.. I don’t see galliani being the problem here he has done enough for the club. Let him be


Once again Galliani signs several players who don’t really fit into the coach’s system, something that has become a theme of Milan’s transfer campaigns over the last few years. I see he has also continued with his policy of sign a multitude of players for positions that are already well stocked, but very few players for other positions that actually require strengthening. Thankfully this torturous incompetence is almost at an end.