Team news: Napoli were without Lorenzo Tonelli, Amadou Diawara, Omar El Kaddouri, Emanuele Giaccherini and Nicolao Dumitru. Milan had to do without Gabriel Paletta (banned), Jherson Vergara, Cristian Zapata, Andrea Bertolacci and Andrea Poli. Kickoff time was 20:45 CET at Stadio San Paolo.

Goals: Milik (18′, 33′), Niang (51′), Suso (55′), Callejón (74′), Romagnoli (94′, own goal).
Red cards: Kucka (76′), Niang (88′).

S.S.C Napoli (4-3-3) – Maurizio Sarri
Pepe Reina; Elseid Hysaj, Raúl Albiol (89′ Vlad Chiriches), Kalidou Koulibaly, Faouzi Ghoulam; Allan (72′ Piotr Zieliński), Jorginho, Marek Hamšík; José Callejón, Arkadiusz Milik, Dries Mertens (78′ Lorenzo Insigne).
Unused: Rafael, Sepe, Strinic, Valdifiori, May, Gabbiadini, Grassi, R. Insigne, Lasiciski.

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Vincenzo Montella
Gianluigi Donnarumma; Ignazio Abate (80′ Davide Calabria), Gustavo Gomez, Alessio Romagnoli, Mattia De Sciglio; Juraj Kucka, Riccardo Montolivo, Giacomo Bonaventura; Suso (86′ Gianluca Lapadula), Carlos Bacca (80′ Jose Sosa), M’Baye Niang.
Unused: D. Lopez, Gabriel, Vangioni, Antonelli, Ely, J. Mauri, Honda, Locatelli, L. Adriano. 

Referee: Paolo Valeri.

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I m a better ref

Mathijs Savicevic

Pfffff please sell De Sciglio, too late at the 3rd goal.

None defenders nor midfielders defend the box or an upcoming attacker. They let everyone come and shoot. It looks like they are afraid. What a shame.


All you De Sciglio lovers can join him in hell


Comment:U just av to av faith dis season dude!!


3-2, Napoli back in front. The defence seems to cave in easily. That’s because the midfield is weak. Montolivo is not offering any protection. Unfortunately, he is not a leader in any sense. The team needs a true leader.


Abate had an awfull game


Not sure what people see in De Sciglio but he is not good. Wouldn’t start him over Antonelli.

We should sell him and buy a world class quality defender.


This is a sorry team


Well done to some of the boys for the fight and attempted come back, but after two years of talent, we need to sell De Siglio, why Antonelli is on the bench I don’t know….we will keep losing games till we have a real coach

Mathijs Savicevic

Awful: De Sciglio, Bonaventura and Bacca
Bad: Romagnoli, Abate and Kuco
Not bad: Montolivo and Gomez
Good: Niang but what a stupid childish action
Very good: Donnarumma and Suso

Replace Montolivo with Sosa and please sell De Sciglio. Maybe Montolivo on the left is better than Bonaventura.


this makes me wonder if we watched the same game


3 red cards in two games. Are we breaking a record?


Other than we fact that we conceded 6 goals in two games…


#disaster + #shame = #weareacmilan


The most overrated piece of rubbish i’ve seen all my life is De Sciglio and all you his lovers can smoke off.

Mathijs Savicevic

Never convinced about De Sciglio

Kwabena Adu

Montolivo and MDS are liability to the team,Montella have to be bold and cut them off.They offer nothing to the side

Mathijs Savicevic

Even Montolivo was not that bad today, I think they should be replaced.

And I am really doubting about Romagnoli. Gomez made quite a positive impression. But it is just 1 gane. At least he kicks and elbows the opponent.


we got 3 red cards in 2 matches? seriously they must get some discipline or there will be nobody to play. maybe change of captaincy is needed.


I can’t remember the last time valeri officiated milan match without giving a milan player red card,but also niang should be fine for receiving such an avoidable red card. Only God can save us from valeri!


This is what happens when you have chinese as owner, the ref will always favour the other side because we aint italian #HenLiOut


I bet you are on of those “bush did 9/11 people”…


Valeri has been against us even before the takeover lol.

And @Rosso, he was probably behind it tbh…


in euro he was a world class defender (i guess)…
last season we lost 4-0 in san siro.
but now we fought back and scored twice (i didn’t see the game tho)
but at the end everything got messy…the same as last game.


I don’t care milan lost. I love milan. Milan forever.


One game win = We are back
One game lost = We are damned + MDS is shit

Shut up

Let 10 games go, then talk about we are damned or back and who to sell and who to keep.

Okey Ihenacho

Thanks for the comment. But we must agree that we need midfield help, or change is formation. I think a 4-2-3-1 is in effect. we don’t have a Regista so let’s stop employing one…

Mathijs Savicevic

Yes but De Sciglio played as an afraid child. Very poor passing and man marking. As always. Never was convinced about De Sciglio.


Playing against Mertens and Callejon both in impressive form, any full back would look bad.
MDS’s world class performances in Euro does not make him world class. But his performance in this one game does not make him sh*t.


I’m not saying MDS is s**t like the others. But it’s not just one game like you said…. It was all of last season too except the coppa final. I’m very sorry he suffered from depression I really am but he’s too mentally weak to become world class. Too timid, no drive, no desire. He needs a change of scenery. He needs a current too team with not as much pressure.


I really don’t know where to start off. The fact that we’ve had 3 red cards in two games, or the fact that we’ve conceded 6 goals in two games.. This ref from the first minute favoured a napoli side where all they did was fall to the ground but that’s not the point. Niang red was stupid. I f it weren’t for at least 3 magnificent donnarumma saves the game would have been over a long time ago. But I don’t know where to go with this. Was it an awful unlucky night or is this what we should… Read more »


This game was an absolute disaster. Montella wants to implement a possession type game but it’s clearly evident that the Milan players are not skillful enough for it. Montilivo needs to go. It seems that the only players having an actual game was Donarumma and the forwards, though very sparce. Montella needs to fix the midfield ASAP.


Galliani needs to fix the midfield. We have no regista and we still play as if we had one…


Kucka abate romagnoli Were bad today. Montolivo should be given assure freely,hé was too slow for the third goal. Romagnoli should be benched So hé can have sensé back, hé is too comfortable. Kucka needs vision in his game, hé was So bad that hé gave suso pass in Offside position When people were free in thé box. Mds was not bad. Romagnoli was the one missing in thé goals that needed rebound. Nice game from Milan Even though the refferee helped napoli we tried. This season will be great Because i trust montella and i hope we get a… Read more »

Gxb Echo

A lot of the yellow cards that the ref was giving out seemed a bit soft to me. That being said, the 2nd yellows received by Kuco and Niang were fouls that were unnecessary and classless. Was Baca even playing today ? I cant recall him even getting a touch on the ball. Although there were glimmers of hope, this was a terrible display from Milan. The team seems to lack a true leader who can rally the team. 2 Reds in one game is just a testament to how there is no cohesion and no direction in the team.… Read more »


Same result as last year…..Don’t expect too much this year….if MDS & Monty still on the first team you’ll see the same result!!!!
We’re not going anywhere!!!!

Okey Ihenacho

I am in some shock. But to talk football, this is appalling! Gave me hope after the equalizing and then they let the foot off the gas. WHY?!!!!! Midfield is very weak on this team. Very weak! Very Weak! Montolivo looks as confused as ever, Kucka played the entire first half as if he was on vacation, Bonaventura was caught upfield all the time. There was no protection in front of defense. DeSciglio was very sub-par, don’t really know why Antonelli was benched today. The attack was superb when it was fed. Defense needs midfield help. How can they let… Read more »


Really tough game – Napoli oferred much much more going forward and deservingly took home the 3 points. Other than the 2 half chances literally that we scored on – we didn’t have anything going forward. Niang and Suso were really good – I really like Suso’s playmaking abilities. Niang stupid red card, but I hope he learns. Gomez was an awful choice by Monetlla – risky/bold at best. Cost us 2 goals as our right half of defence -Gomez/Abate was super-shaky – and Mertens and Napoli kept attacking our right side – and first 2 goals came from there.… Read more »

Gifted Italian

The moment milan got back into the game they just turned into a bunch of rabid dog… Kucka arguing with the ref and getting himself sent off, Niang giving Reina an unwanted bear hug lol, Gomez causing albiol to bleed and to top it all off romagnoli turned into donnarumma for a second. Even though we lost i can safely say that was the best game i have watched in years 😛


Napoli is not much ahead of us.. The only part they outclass us is in the midfield..

Also, napoli have something that Milan dont; the depth in the mid… They took out callejon and still had insigne.. Mertens were also in the bench and Zielinski wasn’t in the starting line up..

But I think our youngsters were good, some were excelent… They just need a player to lead them which is clearly not Monty…


Dan ironinya monty sang kapten.. sad


not sure which game you guys see but i think milan played decent game. I believe the real problem is mentality since we got three red card from the last two games. On the other hand i want to single out abate performance in today’s game because most of the goals came from the right side of the defense.


I always said that Abate is complete sh*t… Calabria or play MDS there thats his position.. Please get rid of SlowMon please. In the few minutes Sosa played i saw more from him than the 90 mns SlowMon played lol.. What an idiotic play by Niang he just remind of Balloteli, great talent but very stupid.. Suso will be world class.. terrible game from Bonaventura he looked scared.. I see potential for the team im just gonna be patient..

Okey Ihenacho

On the bright side, at least we scored 2 this time. Next year we will tie the game 4-4…LOL


Galliani : “We do not sell our jewels” about De Sciglio. There have been 1 too many a player we’ve held on too thinking they were a jewel when they were not. A change of scene might be best for Mattia – if we get a 25mm offer – we should sell him and invest in a good CM – and push Monto to the bench. Our full back department is well covered with Antonelli/Abate/Calabria/Vangioni. We will live without De Sciglio. We can always insert a buy-back option in 3 years at 25mm or even 30mm in case he ends… Read more »


If the final score could be ignored, Milan had a decent game. Not seen Milan string decent passes together confidently like tonight in a while, even after two reds. This Style is enjoyable. A couple of top players or top talents fitting into this style will take Milan Places. #iBelieve #ForzaMilan.


Start playing locateli instead of monty,that kid cant be as bad as monty. Abate and mds were sleeping today, bona is still not world class as people think… bacca was still having hattrick hangover. If i were the coach i would play
4231 next match.

Abate gomez roma anto/vang

Locatelli monty(no other option)

Suso sosa bona


The introduction of lapa and sosa changed our game. Thanks to niang and suso for nice goals. Forza milan!


I never had any expectations about any player in milan, they all are at the same level for me apart from donnarumma.

But how about our leader, our by far best player bonnaventura? Oh yes, he always dissapear in big games, but against cheivo he will score a goal, and he back to being or BEST player again.


How much did u win tonite from ur usual betting against milan?


Told y’all, u just dont fight fire with fire against team much more skillful than u. If it was mourinho, im 100% sure he’d park the bus with 4-2-3-1 and man-mark mertens, hamsik and milik. With this squad, no way milan wouldve won by outscoring them, it shouldve been good old all italian 1-0 or 2-1. 4-3-3 is good and all but if ur gonna use it u better make sure ur MFs are comfortable with the ball and understand pass-and-move tactic like back of their hands because with this formation u’ll always be outnumbered. But no one in this… Read more »


Mauri has the stature and grit and the hunger to play in a DM role though.


Maybe ur right mate. After all, Even ultimate box to box cm like matthaeus eventually settled down and played as a sweeper but i doubt mauri can resist temptations going forward as hes still far too young and aggresive haha.


Haha indeed, that is true.
But that is exactly another reason why he needs game time. He has a lot to grow. But only real match time will correct that.
I would have rather that he got that game time with Milan – considering we play Monto – rather than in Empoli.


I will love u guys to stop hatred on Milan players, the work of the defence rested on Romangoli, Abate….. this two players played very well… is just there behind mate, De sceglio…was the right person to stop first goal but slept off, same to 3rd goal…. Gomez was shaky in first have…. which put Abate in Double work…. Bonaventura…didn’t play anything it was only Montolivo that did his job right at the midfield even Suso play nothing forget about the goal….I will back it up wil my reason, Suso is a winger his job is to create chances, passes… Read more »


Good thing you are not advising Montella then.


Oh come on… Whx all the criticism??

We won against torino/preseason:

“Abate is our best RB”, “Dont you dare to sell DeSciglio”, “Romagnoli is a beast”, ” Kuco is our best mid”…

And we now lose against Napoli:
“Abate is trash”, ” sell MDS quickly”, “bench Romagnoli”, ” Kuco is sooo bad”..

One bad game and most of you people change opinion… Everybody can have a bad day..

But one thing is sure – playing posession football without good midfield is such a bad idea…


Everyone just need to calm down and let some games go.
Or maybe it is just better to not follow the comments on matchdays. Too many volatile comments.

Playing possession football without good midfield is difficult, but not impossible though. Just need someone who can set the tempo which should have been Monto’s job, but all he did was sideways passes, back passes and few mostly inaccurate long pass attempts. Oh, and losing possession.
I’d play Mauri ofc.


Comment: Mertens played abate inside out but every one is blaming deciglio. Mds wasn’t good this night but he hasn’t cause us any goal. Calabria would have been better. Montolivo was poor


Comment: I hate to see Valeri officiating our game. He simply hate milan. I feel we have a clear Penalty but he over looked. If it were in milan defense he would surely have pointed to the spot. Damn him!!!!


The day montella will start to bench montolivo we’ll begin to convincingly win matches,concede less goals n creat more chances


Today’s match was not about montolivo, it was a completely overrun midfield with no support from kucko and bona, abate was always a step behin n mds was childish! Monto’s only fault was he lacks leadership xter! He was still d better player in dat midfield today


It is obvious dat milan’s problem lies in d midfield chief among them is bonaventura, for today’s match, even montolivo was better, kucka n bona were oftentimes too upfront n napoli was just putting d balls behind dem thus putting too much pressure on d defense! Abate had a bad day n motella should hv changed him before d 3rd goal…. mds is just a small boy n antonelli should hv played in dis big match, I also think that antonelli shld be pushed to d left midfield instead of bonaventura, sosa/pasalic in front of defense, monto/kucka on d right!… Read more »


de corruption refereee


mds wasnt working properly maybe because montella was playing him on the left, which is napoli’s right side..on the right napoli were playing with a right foot winger not inverted winger/inside forward..maybe the world class quality mds in NT is because italy played with 3 world class quality cb..and 3cb is easier to cover if mds got pas by his opponent…


Montella. The Chinese have sent the cheque to the wrong address. Lolzzz best comment ever. We r so desperately in need of players n we sit here like what I’d the management doing what r there jobs seriously get paid n watch the team get destroyed year after year all of them need to be fired ASAP this team is not a team it’s a shambles mate montella needs to walk in that board room so mad n be straight up enough of this loan bs n sly deals u want a team to compete go get me these players… Read more »


Comment: pasalic is not cm


Montella suggested pasalic could ply as cm or berto! It’s obious dat montolivo is too slow in front of d defence, he could be better on d right as he once did for Italy! Then we get someone stronger n faster to play in front of d defence! Honestly I miss de jong


Bonaventura! Jaaaack


Patience!! That’s all I have to say


montolivo simply caused the 3rd goal……wts a DM’s wrk…….to cover the defence…….monty escorted the dude that passed to mertens to coil d ball all d way frm d center half……he cud av easily brought his man down and taken one for the team…….italians be acting like English on MDS……d simple fact is yall jst overhyping d dude……is not world class nd he shud jst be a bck up to antonelli nd vangioni……i will fault donnaruma a litu too on dat third goal…..when a keeper parries d ball…..he parry it away frm danger not bck to the danger buh i still… Read more »


WTF you are talking about?

The only thing I realized, you said, ”calabria was my MOM”
Get it?