Team news: Napoli were without Lorenzo Tonelli, Amadou Diawara, Omar El Kaddouri, Emanuele Giaccherini and Nicolao Dumitru. Milan had to do without Gabriel Paletta (banned), Jherson Vergara, Cristian Zapata, Andrea Bertolacci and Andrea Poli. Kickoff time was 20:45 CET at Stadio San Paolo.

Goals: Milik (18′, 33′), Niang (51′), Suso (55′), Callejón (74′), Romagnoli (94′, own goal).
Red cards: Kucka (76′), Niang (88′).

S.S.C Napoli (4-3-3) – Maurizio Sarri
Pepe Reina; Elseid Hysaj, Raúl Albiol (89′ Vlad Chiriches), Kalidou Koulibaly, Faouzi Ghoulam; Allan (72′ Piotr Zieliński), Jorginho, Marek Hamšík; José Callejón, Arkadiusz Milik, Dries Mertens (78′ Lorenzo Insigne).
Unused: Rafael, Sepe, Strinic, Valdifiori, May, Gabbiadini, Grassi, R. Insigne, Lasiciski.

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Vincenzo Montella
Gianluigi Donnarumma; Ignazio Abate (80′ Davide Calabria), Gustavo Gomez, Alessio Romagnoli, Mattia De Sciglio; Juraj Kucka, Riccardo Montolivo, Giacomo Bonaventura; Suso (86′ Gianluca Lapadula), Carlos Bacca (80′ Jose Sosa), M’Baye Niang.
Unused: D. Lopez, Gabriel, Vangioni, Antonelli, Ely, J. Mauri, Honda, Locatelli, L. Adriano. 

Referee: Paolo Valeri.

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Nasri mangala caceras


Romagnoli was good? Gomez was allright, he was at fault for the first goal, he gave Mertens way too much space for his shot, and a player of his calibre shouldnt be given that much space. He has potential though, no doubt about that, with time he will learn, if he keeps it up and develops he can really be great tbh. Montolivo was much better tonight than against Torino but people still hate on him… We really need to find the right balance in midfield. I dont think Bona should play there, he should play as a left winger.… Read more »


We will definitely come back mate.
However, in my personal opinion, Romagnioli is lucky to have a yellow instead of red. Ordinarily, in that situation, many referees might have given him red.

Yeah midfield needs a lot of work. Another reason I really have been crying around in forums about Mauri lol. We need someone like Mauri at Monto’s place unless we can get someone proven better. Not Pasalic.
Kucka had one bad game, can happen to anyone. I’m not very bothered about that.


But it was registered as an own goal. If it was a goal, how could he get a yellow? If he was to get a yellow or red card, it should’ve been a penalty? Not a retroactive yellow after the goal, it doesnt make any sense…?

Yeah I agree, this is what sucks about us missing out on Diawara, he would’ve been perfect for our midfield, exactly what we need. Someone who is good with the ball but with great pace and manages to break up play.


That’s the rule. Intentional hand ball is a yellow card. If the referee awarded penalty instead of goal, then it’s a straight red card. Since it’s not a penalty and referee gave away a goal, so back to the intentional hand ball rule, a yellow card. However, I agree with you with Gomez giving too much space for Mertens. And so did Abate during the third goal. We can see that most of Napoli’s attacks were from the left flank where Mertens was. He managed 7 shots on goal alone! In one game! Against Milan! Milan just made him looks… Read more »


I noticed that too…and the reason he gave to much space….because he tracked the ball all the way to the midfield, taking him out of position and then he ran back into position while Napoli took advantage…overall he isn’t ready for Serie A.


Football has changed over couple of years. You will win nothing with all-young team. The defence needs an experienced world class defender. Middfield needs experienced world class player. In the attack also, we have Bacca there. But, the DEF and MID are super shaky. We cannot hold the ball for 10 seconds. Incomplete passes, bad tackles, terrible long balls and generally no QUALITY. 95% of the team does not have a needed quality for a top 3 in the league. I think this Milan would very much struggle in Premier league. They would fight to escape relegation. It pains mr… Read more »


Calm dawn every one. Yes there was diappoitment but it is too early to commend or condemned the team. This is a team in the making. Milan has always had top time at Napoli even when we had greats. Ian more concern with our overall performance than the result. 6 goals conceeded and 3 red cards in just 2 matches is not good at all. I hope Montella is not soft on the team during training session. However, 5 goals scored in 2 matches is very good. The team needs to be compact, press quickly to regain possession and close… Read more »


“more concern with our overall performance than the result” and then you only count goals. That makes no sense.


A lot of you on here are far to negative far to quickly. This is only the second game of the season. If anything the loss isn’t really the problem, it’s more the fact we now have two starters who’ll have to go through suspensions for the next game. Our two centre backs are both young and will need time to gel as a partnership and also gain experience. Although it’s obviously great to see young players I understand many fans want to see results. Also, being a Milan fan and losing 4-2 and winning 3-2 is quite hard to… Read more »


Ok, final conclussion… 85 million for two players.. One to send Monty to the bench and one attack mid to send bona to the bench.. I dont hate Bona, he is a good player.. But sometimes in a big game, he is not the player that can make any difference.. Buying a world class attack mid can add both quality and depth (since bona and sosa in the bench) Even kucka was frustrated by how our mid worked.. Our attack is well set for years to come… And our defence is not that bad.. Romagnoli and Gomes suffered because Monty… Read more »


This team sucks just admit it mate get off the wack man


We are missing a leader


Galliani: ‘Milan market is closed’ galliani said

Puang Machink

D only thing that bad in dis game is d score.
When we lose, its breaks me.
But make me full of hope, that it will be a better game next week.
From monday to friday i will receive many mockery from my friends.
But I will receive it anyway.
Like Galliani said, “when U lose, its better to shut up” 😀


We r missing players Bolognas team is better than these over paid tossers get real compete for europe what a joke mate

Mamoon Alvi

I told you milan has a pathetic defence we need two quality center backs and coach should work on temprament of the team niang did no good by taking an intentional second yellow and in fourth goal callejon was offside seriea a has poor reffereeing in entire europe

Mamoon Alvi

Milan should get two a world class holding midfielder monti is finish u can expect a little from him but yesterday he played good


New season, same ol’ Milan. Some good players are available on the cheap before window closes on Wednesday, I wish we can go for em…. NASRI, SCHWEINSTEIGER etc but their salary raises question marks.

Ezra Gy

Hi Milanista, My thoughts about our match against Napoli? First, I miss El Sharaawy on the left flank. He always covered every blade of that side whether defending or attacking. His direct runs, dribbles and positioning make Niang for some reason look so sloppy in the defensive phase. Second, I miss Pirlo in the Deep Lying Playmaker role. Although not great at tackling always pressed his man to effect. He would add to that a work ethic of tireless running as long as his team had the ball, seeking to constantly offer his team-mates an option through apparent difficult. And… Read more »


Comment: Hnmn…….we lost again to Napoli. This is pathetic. what annoys most is those unnecessary booking in a match like this. So sad. We world class players to move forward. We need winners. Our players easily get carried away with few success. Thats why they are never consistent . Noting should have stopped us from pulling a draw in ds match.. Our midfield is our major undoings. we need to get three world class defenders. we one at the back to coordinate d defence. I hope by January we ll start doing something. We need some proven players to play… Read more »


Milan conceded 6 goals in two matches… Need to say more?


Comment: Hnmn…….we lost again to Napoli. This is pathetic. what annoys most is those unnecessary bookings in a match like this. So sad. We need world class players to move forward. We need winners. Our players easily get carried away with few success. Thats why they are never consistent . Thats why when we are leading, we start conceding cheap goals. Noting should have stopped us from pulling a draw in ds match.. Our midfield is our major undoings. we need to get three world class midfielders. we need one at the back to coordinate d defence. i dont see… Read more »


This is just like last year. We play veey good from the start amd then after 20 minutes we back of. We give the ball to opponent a we make to many mistakes in DEF and MID. That is mediocre. Because of likes of Montolivo, De Sciglio etc Milan will always be in the middle of the table. If we want a Europe, we need to start defeating strong teams like Napoli and Juve or at least draw with them. And how to achieve this? Well when Berlusconi bought the club 30 years ago and brought money Milan stated buying… Read more »


I think it’s very obvious that we need a defensive midfielder with a good passing range, the defence is looking shaky, but then again they have no midfield cover and Honestly speaking the winter transfer is not the best time to get world class players.


i know with the style of play montella bring there is a risk of concede more goal. but score 5, concede 6, 3 reds in just two match? …thats a bad statistics for serie A team.
our young defense show that they are still lacking experience. the call ups to national team sound questionable to me now.

Ricardo Leite

@Milanistindonesia: I think up until now I’ve been too afraid to say it, but I will now, because you brought out the point nicely n I feel like emphasizing on it; Our midfield require a good number of changes, even BONAVENTURA HAS TO FIND ELSEWHERETO PLAY OR BE RELEGATED TO THE BENCH FOR ABETTER MIDFIELDER. He has failed too often in the big nights. Montolivo has failed as a leader, he should just go for the good of Milan. We’ve never had such a weak captain…even Ambrosini’s tenure was far better. This crop of midfielders expose our defense to too… Read more »


bonaventura was never a succuess anyways


there is nothing questionable abt d call up to national team. Milan HV a good team DAT lacks confidence n cohesion, d call up to national team will also give d youngsters opportunity to mix wit experienced players n can help milan. Montella’s possession idea is good but u need matured fearless players to achieve DAT. One reason why Sosa will be useful. Remove bona from MF, let antonelli start in his place to cover MDS n we can move fwd


Be patient guys, we have just started. At least Milan tried to play some football.


The point is the manager should have made a change when it was 2-2 and we were beginning to be under pressure again, just my opinion anyways!!!


Player ratings according to Gallieta dello sports

Donarunma 7
Abate 5
Gomez 5.5
Romagnoli 6
De Sciglio 5
Kucka 4
Monty 6
Bona 5.5
Suso 7
Niang 5
Bacca 5.5


Sorry, I mean Gazzetta Dello Sports


Inter got their hands on joao mario but I think we should get Ruben Neves. At 19 years old he is the captain of one of the most decorated football club in europe. We need leaders in the midfield. We have leaders in the back and in the front, but not in the midfield. I suggest we buy him at all cost. One of the brightest prospect in europe and boy oh boy do we need a great Def Mid right now.


Why is everyone so hyped up about joao Mario? I saw him at the euros, he was good. Nothing more. A lot complained that we bought Bertolacci for 20 million, joao Mario was bought for 45… He is barely worth 20…


Rodrigo Caio is also interesting.. check him out on youtube.. I heard he can also plays as DM.. aaand he wore a captain armband in one of the clip.. what a nice fit..


To me, the most pressing problem of milan squad is that they have too many players for one role but too few on another. In short, incomplete. Thats why i said milan cant let bacca go because hes the only proven goalgetter in milan squad. Romagnoli for example, he’s this graceful skillful CB a la beckenbauer, nesta, scirea or rio ferdinand. Aint nothing wrong with that but to play this kind of CB u have to pair him with no nonsense “butcher” like kohler, breitner, vidic or cabrini or else he will get bullied around and be forced to make… Read more »

Nazeeh Abunasra

Basically we had a good attacking and defensive players, our main issue is the midfield, Kucka is excellent, Bona and Monty can’t defend anymore. Bertolacci was a wastep of money. The reason for the 2 redays cards was an asshole referee and frustrated 2 excellent players, so we need to support them, we need 2 excellent midfielders, otherwise this is going to be another frustrated long year for Milan. Ppl say it is early, if it was not for Duna saving the penalty kick, we would have been 1 point out 6 to start, against Roma, Juve! Before you sell… Read more »


all da fiest 3 goals monty could have prevented them by closing da player down quickly ( he was there all three goals)


we gotta stop blaming one individual, the team is playing yes the defence not concentratin but with more games n harder trainin it will change. they keep playing like this trust me we’ll get maximum points from all lower class teams n when the big games come jus hav to put in more. #forzamilan


Ways seedorf to save milan really had the players running