Berlusconi: “I’m selling Milan out of great love to a group that has the resources and the will to invest”

A.C. Milan's president Silvio Berlusconi holds the FIFA Club World Cup on the pitch before his team competes against Napoli in an Italian serie A match at San Siro stadium in Milan, 13 January 2008. Berlusconi is also Italy's richest man and leader of the conservative opposition. AFP PHOTO / ALBERTO PIZZOLI (Photo credit should read ALBERTO PIZZOLI/AFP/Getty Images)

Silvio Berlusconi has released a statement on his Facebook account, saying he’s ‘saddened and moved’ to be selling Milan but believes a new era of success will arrive soon thanks to his decision.

Last Friday the papers were signed and by the end of 2016, Berlusconi will sell his entire stack at Milan to the Chinese group Sino-Europe Sports Investment Management Changxing Co. Ltd.

Berlusconi is leaving Milan after 30 years in which he won nearly as many trophies and tuned the Rossoneri into one of the biggest clubs in the history of world football.

“To all the Milan fans,” Silvio wrote on his Facebook account. 30 years ago I bought Milan out of love. The sale is an act of even greater love: I entrust the team to a group that has the necessary resources and the will to invest them to bring Milan back to competing with major international clubs.

“I’m naturally moved and saddened but also serene in the belief that we’ve acted for the good of Milan, and I will continue to be the biggest of fans of the club. These 30 years will remain in my heart, with great memories which can’t be equalled.

AC Milan's president Silvio Berlusconi waves as he joins the team on the first training day of the season, at the Milanello training center in Carnago, near Milan on July 20, 2010.  AFP PHOTO/ STR (Photo credit should read STR/AFP/Getty Images)
STR/AFP/Getty Images

“I was privileged to lead the team that I love until it became the most successful club in the world. I remember and thank the great players, coaches and directors who have succeeded, many of which will forever be a part of football history; a history that we helped to write with extraordinary victories.

“But above all, I will never forget the involvement and the affection of the fans: the passion of millions of people for the Rossoneri colors has been instrumental in making this club special, unlike any other, stronger than any other, strong than envy, stronger than injustice and stronger than bad luck. I will be with the fans in the stands to cheer and maybe also to suffer but I’m sure that soon we will celebrate together the new great successes with which Milan will honor its great tradition.

“A big Rossonero hug to each of you!” On behalf of every Milan fan in the world, Grazie Presidente!

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ninad Dongare

Bentacur is close..I think this buy will be great for us.kovacic loan cuadrado loan


Milan following a defender – Mangala.

Vergara seems to have done us a favour with that howler.

Dwayne Liu

Thank you Berlusconi, for what you have done for the club! As a Milanista i was very frustrated with how the club was managed in the few years, but i know that you always want the best for the club, which is why you have decided to sell it. You will forever be, the greatest President in football history! #GrazieBerlusconi


Grazie Presidente!&♡♡♡♡


Grazie presidente! Forza Milan sempre!!


Grazie per tutti presidente. You are the greatest ever president in history of football. All the best to you


I only have to thinks, thanks to berlosconi
and don´t sell bacca for cuadrado…
sell matri and adriano


I hope more rich businessmen follow milan, inter and roma’s new owners’ footsteps and buy other italian clubs so that serie a can be competitive and hopefully be best league in the world again. Meanwhile FIGC can learn from their english, us or even chinese counterparts on how to promote and sell serie a to whole world


jaaack no more milan player next season. trust me! He wont even be at our reserves, mark my words.


And ur comment has anything to do with my comment above because?


Papa Silvio, You will always be our father and greatest Milan fan ever. Thank you sir.


Thumbs down for what????


Comment:I feel like he should remain with the club but it obvious he can’t run it like he did in the past anymore. Grazie President. football will miss u.


I always look angry when never i see clubs that aint worth and match our standard, invest more than their financial stature on players. I go crazy thinking if i were opportuned to see Berlusconi, I’d scold him off. But the moment i heard the news of the deal. I got saddened, unhappy, crazy again as usual and felt empty inside. Why? i asked myself: I remembered, i was 8 when i started supporting Milan. It was against Barcelona in 1994 Champions League Final. Berlusconi was the president clinching many trophies, promised for more and vice-versa. i feel so sorry… Read more »


Thank you Berlusconi and wish you all the best

Ricardo Leite

There’s no doubt, we will forever remember you. Pls from time to time do come n enjoy the games with us. Forza Big B. Na man u b.

Mr mark

We no see suracho ooooo kai he ron…..


Suracho has changed his nick to tenchu


I thank you for all you done for milan Berlu. But age is really a disease.

You never undestood that the best investing you could possible make WAS sacking galliani.

You never realise that, our best signing would be galliani not controlling the market.

I CANT beleive you never realise that. Like i said, age is a big big disease, same goes for galliani..

I wish you all the best