Team news: Milan were without Gianluigi Donnarumma, Rodrigo Ely, Cristian Zapata, Alessio Romagnoli, Gustavo Gomez, Leonel Vangioni, Jose Mauri and Gianluca Lapadula. The first match was between Milan and Celta Vigo at 21:00 CET at the Mapei Stadium – Città del Tricolore. The second match was between Sassuolo and the loser of the first match at 22:00 CET and the third match was at 23:00 CET between Sassuolo and the winner of the first game. Each match was 45-minute long.

Finished: Celta 0-0 Milan (2-4 on penalty shoot-out)

Penalties: Bacca (goal), Aspas (saved), Niang (goal), Wass (saved), Montolivo (goal), Díaz (goal), Honda (saved), Sisto (goal), Bonaventura (goal).

Celta de Vigo (4-4-2) – Eduardo Berizzo
Sergio Álvarez; Hugo Mallo, Gustavo Cabral, Facundo Roncaglia, Jonny; Marcelo Díaz, Daniel Wass, Fabián Orellana, Pione Sisto; Iago Aspas, Theo Bongonda.

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Vincenzo Montella
Diego Lopez; Ignazio Abate, Gabriel Paletta, Luca Antonelli, Davide Calabria (33′ Mattia De Sciglio); Andrea Poli (38′ Manuel Locatelli), Riccardo Montolivo, Giacomo Bonaventura; Keisuke Honda, Carlos Bacca, M’Baye Niang.

Finished: Sassuolo 3-2 Milan

Goals: Niang (2′ pk, 10′), Falcinelli (18′), Politano (32′), Trotta (41′).

U.S. Sassuolo Calcio (4-3-3) – Eusebio Di Francesco
Alberto Pomini; Pol Lirola (42′ Leonardo Fontanesi), Timo Letschert, Luca Antei (11′ Francesco Acerbi), Marcello Gazzola; Luca Mazzitelli (29′ Davide Biondini), Stefano Sensi, Alfred Duncan; Matteo Politano, Diego Falcinelli (40′ Giacomo Zecca), Marcello Trotta.

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Vincenzo Montella
Diego Lopez; Mattia De Sciglio, Jherson Vergara, Gabriel Paletta, Davide Calabria; Juraj Kucka, Riccardo Montolivo (25′ Manuel Locatelli), Andrea Bertolacci (31′ Andrea Poli); Suso (21′ Keisuke Honda), Luiz Adriano, M’Baye Niang (21′ Alessandro Matri).

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thanks for the link!!!!!!!!!!

Milan fan since 94

Very good link !!!thanku

Veer Khase

i want to see how locatelli plays under montella. I am not a monty hater but i don’t think that he should be our first choice regista.I think monto is a good passer but he does not position himself well & provides stationary points of reference for opposition.His work rate is also low. If we are trying to sign a 19yr old for 15m €,then we should also give locatelli a chance next season. We are signing only one midfielder,so we have no choice but to utilize our youth for next six months


Actually his positioning is one of his main assets along with his passing… up until our away game against Napoli he was in the lead when it comes to most ball possession wins in the top five european leagues. And his work rate is always good, its his stamina that is the issue after his long injury lay off, he still seems to not have gotten fit enough, but maybe that will change now with Montella as his playing style requires a bit off high pressing and passing, continuous freeing yourself for a pass.

Veer khase

I am not complaining about his defensive phase bro. I am talking about offensive duties. In his first 2 yrs at milan he was very good but after the injury,he seems to have lost the spark.He no longer plays vertical long balls as frequently as precisely as before. And his running is also an issue.For eg. look at jorginho. He is not as good at recovery but very averages more long balls & chances than montolivo.I am not saying that he should leave but he should not be an “automatic” starter.




They just cant play football!!! Niang and bona thinks they cristiano and messi.


Bonaventura is a level ahead of everyone else tonight. Dont let Sheva’s trash talking Bona get to your heads, watch the actual games and make your own judgement.


If we want to play free flowing football then we should start passing the ball. That was what i meant! They should stop been selfish!!!


Just tuned in to the match to see Honda mess up a penalty. Good to see nothing’s changed – he looked just as half asleep as usual.


Yea and he also sent Bacca clean through and he didn’t score. Then it wouldn’t have even gone to penalties. Two opportunities Bacca should have burried


Bacca missed a couple of clear chances. Poli messed up some times.
It was not a very good performance to be honest.
Calabria did well. Honda did not do spectacular, but he showed great work rate again.
Bona was good.
Niang had his moments.
MDS was mostly quiet.
Paletta was not too bad.


I like Calabria, but he wasn’t good today. He gave two wrong passes and both of them greated a very dangeros moments. Thats why MDS came on probably, cause Calabria was shaky.


Yeah he made couple bad passes, but I felt that he did good except those. Did well to push forward. Even had a shot at goal too I think, though, way over the bar :p
MDS might have come on just to get some game minutes before the season.

Would be good to see Zuchetti in the match too but probably he will not get a go. Berlusconi wants another trophy :p


I’m learning to not take comments here too seriously when I hear we play poorly because people tend to expect too much too quickly. That said, I still think we would do well to keep Diego Lopez this season. I’d rather we sold or loaned out Gabriel, it’s not like we hope he would take over from Donnaruma. An experienced keeper like Lopez would help the younger keepers grow without pressure


Lopez wants (and deserves) game time.
It is better for all if he joins a team where he can be a starter, he is still an awesome keeper.
But we got our own.

I also want to see Plizzari tonight, never seen him play before, want to see what is a fuss about.

Also, if anyone is interested, I am watching here –




Did ac milan win?


Great teasing ball by Adriano


Suso fantastico!


Vergara is nowhere near ready. Needs a loan. Wouldn’t be disappointed with a sale.


Andddddd he proves me right again. Gifted a goal. Looks like we won’t even be playing in the final


Yeah, He would fit in a team in serie c and not in a team like Milan


Lol…joke of a team 2-0 up in 10min and now its 2-3 .
Vergara,monty,poli,honda,berto,matri out asap. Vergara should just pack up and go.


Galliani should sit down and watch the type of team he built. We seriously need atleast 3mdfs and 2 wingers.


Spending 20 million on Adriano and matri was crazy, the difference in Milan when Suso and niang went off was there to see, funny to see galliani in stands going mad it’s his fault we’re looking at some mediocre back up players, anyone worried we’re getting hammered in the price for this 19 year old South American midfielder?? Inter dropped interest last year and juve don’t want first option on him, I’m sceptical to say the least, looks a panic buy but hope I’m wrong


Here comes the new Bonera : Vergara


vegara! what a useless player! how did he get to milan? i hope he never wear this shirt anymore


Sassuolo Vs Milan Recap: Milan started out brightly, racing to a 2 goal lead. Some of the best counter attacking football i have seen in years. Players looked decisive with the ball at their feet. Midfield players were tracking back to help the defence when we did not have possession. It all looked glorious for 25 minutes. Then the madness began. The 1st goal conceded was sloppy. We could not clear our lines following a Sassuolo attack, the ball was then chipped into the box and an unmarked Diego Falcinelli was able to nod it in. Poor marking from Jherson… Read more »

angry birds

Lol vegarra really amazing, I don’t understand why this man (he’s not a footballer) can playing with us. I’m pretty sure everyone in this blog are better than him .


Lol vEgara my old Pop play better than you do scrap head. Ever since you came to Milan I knew you are just a waste never bet you gotta have this jersey on. Galliani sell him to lecce



Mr mark

Pls ad me on this group….


What happened to Vergara?? He was really good when he came 2 years ago.. He showed great talent in preseason… All the hype ruined him..

Mathijs Savicevic

Maybe I am going to watch MILAN – Torino in San Siro with my wife and eldest daughter (6 years). I want to indoctrinate them with MILAN fever hahahaha.

Does anyone have a clue how I can purchase the tickets of this game? I usually bought them via MILANPOINT.CH. But they are out of the air right now.

(I will dump my wife when I have a chance with Barbara, for sure)


Sure u will. The real question is: will u dump ur kids when u have the chance to play with berlu AND galli?

Mathijs Savicevic

I will ask them if they want to babysit my children, they have the time now.

BerluGalli’s Daycare


Knowing berlu’s history with under age girls, i wouldnt be so confident to let them babysitting my children. But what do i know, all i know is barbara indeed has nice rump roast


Can somebody please add me to a Milan WhatsApp group +231886743485


Way to go bro!


I like the statement that was made this morning by the new ownership: ‘ we will gradually bring back Milan one step at a time to being the best in Europe’. Some Fans need to realise this is going to need serious patience and they’ll be a lot more bad days before good, that means sticking with Montella and using our youth policy as much as possible.


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