New owners Sino-Europe: “We’ll elect a new President for Milan, Berlusconi to stay in an honorary position”

A general view of the Casa Milan during the inauguration of AC Milan's new purpose-built headquarters, Casa Milan on May 19, 2014 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

A representative of the Chinese consortium who will complete the purchase of Milan by the end of the year spoke about why they made the move and what will happen with the management.

On Friday Milan announced that by the end of 2016, Silvio Berlusconi’s entire stack at Milan – 99.93% (the rest is owned by the APA) will be sold to the Chinese group Sino-Europe Sports Investment Management Changxing Co. Ltd.

The new owners will bring change (and capital) to the Rossoneri and many questions in the last days have been asked about the future management of Milan and it’s widely believed that the group, led by Han Li and Yonghong Li, will appoint Marco Fassone – a former Inter, Napoli and Juventus director – as the new CEO.

Fassone, who is already an external advisor to the Chinese until the sale is completed, will take over CEO duties from Barbara Berlusconi and Adriano Galliani. In addition to Marco, who worked for companies like Ferrero and Galbani in the past, a new director of sport will also be appointed.

As reported by today’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport, while the names of Paolo Maldini and Demetrio Albertini are out there for the Ambassador role, current Inter ds Piero Ausilio, former Fiorentina’s Daniele Pradè, Roma’s Walter Sabatini, Bologna’s Riccardo Bigon and Carlo Osti of Sampdoria are all profiles that the Chinese and Fassone are considering as the director of sport.

It’s possible that Galliani will be offered another role by the Chinese but there are also reports that he could go work for his good friend Enrico Preziosi at Genoa once the takeover is complete.

Berlusconi and Galliani after the TIM Cup match between Milan and Juventus at Stadio Olimpico on May 21, 2016. (Photo by Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images)
Berlusconi and Galliani after the TIM Cup match between Milan and Juventus at Stadio Olimpico on May 21, 2016. (Photo by Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images)

“The details on the acquisition of Milan? By mutual agreement we confirmed the value of Milan to be €740m, which contains €220m of debt. The 99.93% stack of Milan is priced at €520 million,” a Sino-Europe spokesperson told China Economic yesterday, talking about the acquisition.

“What will happen with the management of the club? After the completion of the acquisition, we will announce a board of directors and elect a new President. Mr. Silvio Berlusconi will serve as an Honorary President of the club. The intentions behind buying? Milan have 116 years of glorious history. Milan have a significant place in the hearts of countless Chinese fans.

“Italy and China have many common points when it takes to commerce, trade and culture. It’s the first time a wholly-owned Chinese capital buys a top club in world football. We hope through the power of the capital to further promote the rapid development of football in China.”

Exciting times at Milan – times of change and new investment. Silvio Berlusconi and Adriano Galliani will soon not be the strongest men in the club as the new Chinese owners are coming.

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Lets hope this gives the club a it of stability. Under correct management we can be a strong champions league side and challenging for Scudetto in 3 years, investing and building a little each window and not having to sell our prized youth.

Our squad is promising, just needs 3/4 quality players and the younger players to get a bit of playing time behind them

De Sciglio – NEW CB(Gomez?) – Romagnoli – Antonelli
Mauri/Bertolacci/Kucka – NEW CM (Badelj?)- Bonaventura
NEW AM (Isco?)
Niang – NEW CF (Bacca stays?)


Haha that’s a scoop . Galliani to Genoa , what a surpirse….


Sign a few key players now please. Just one creative midfielder would do, that’s if we must sign just one player. I hope they can get sachi on an advisory role. Maldini should come in too even if it’s just ambassadorial, he can help encourage the team and pass on some good values. As for galiani, please go to Genoa we don’t need you again


Why Paolo Maldini and Demetrio Albertini are out there for the Ambassador role???


Where are you suracho???? Hiding under your sofa???? Cowering in a corner???? Or have you committed suicide because Milan was sold to Chinese TV repairer? For fans supporting Milan’s sale to the chinese, we are ungrateful. So doesn’t this sale make Berlusconi a traitor???? Selling Milan to Chinese TV repairer, Berlusconi is a traitor. Suracho w r u?????

The bird

Last seen:Last week
If found please return him back to this website

Good news for all coffee lover and Milanista, we are all happy enough what is going on Galliani go to Genoa please i don,t want to see you again


I find it admirable that the chinese still respect italian tradition by picking italians for important positions from coach to president in milan mgmt not one of themselves. Also, as much as i despise galli i cant help but to feel sad now that hes likely gone forever. Hes an idiot and main culprit for current milan situation, sure, but milanisti shouldnt forget his masterstrokes like pirlo, van basten, rijkaard and ibra deals. There was a time when hes one of most respected FC CEOs and his name will be written in gold in milan history whether some newbie fans… Read more »


Yeah, me too is happy if Galliani’s left. But that’s not because I hate him. It’s just because his time has come to an end and I thank him for all he’s done to Milan.


Duh!, Baldy wasn’t responsible for all those deals. It was Ariedo Braida who has since gone to FC Barcelona. Him and Leonardo who was a good scout in finding the likes of Kaka, Alexandre Patp and Thiago Silva. Since they’ve been gone, Galliano had been exposed.


When galli was kicking it and co- created term “berlusconismo” leonardo wasnt even milan player yet, let alone sporting director. Duh

Pa ibra

I only started knowing things at Milan from around 2000 and most of my experience with Galliani from there has been rather negative. I’m sure he’s been fully credited when was pulling the Van Bastens and so on but cant be praised forever just because he was once great. We are grateful for the past but the present is eating that away.


Sheva, pirlo, seedorf, ibra, dinho, stam, cafu, nesta, robinho and the greatesf of them all: jaack. Who do you think brought them to milan?
Put it this way, as bad as galli and berlu are now, theyve done much more to milan than all of us put together so i think theres no need to keep beating the dead horse now that theyre finally gone. Give them respect they deserve


You’ve not heard of Ariedo Braida before?


Are you for real?


Just keep quiet.. You possibly heard this your ill informed talk from a pub


I don’t think it is about respect. Chinese knows that it is fact that Italians will know Serie A the best. Maldini and Albertini as ambassador isn’t a bad idea. To be honest, they may be great players but has little experience in involvement of running a club. One last thing. Can someone get suracho back to this website.


Mayb Suracho has killed himself lol

Ishaq Hassan Abdullahi

I lyk to see him left as soon as posible, not bcuz i dnt lyk but bcuz i love milan so much nd i want it to forword!!

Perttu Junnonaho

But how long does it take to find a new president and how long we must wait for that money what was promised to us as a result of the sale of our team, because we as ac Milan fans are still in this ongoing nightmare where other Italian league teams are signing week by week our transfer target”s and are getting much stronger as a team, while we as ac Milan don”t have still the money that was promised to us from our new owners! But i hope that Paolo Maldini get”s Galliania”s job and as a result our… Read more »


Comment: so painful to see my
dear berlusconi leave, whilst i am not happy dat u put us thru a very unhappy 4years, u still orchestrated some of d finest moments in milan history, thank u! to d future, Chinese shld bring in milan greats as ambassadors, not some inter or napoli elements pliz, people like maldini knows d meaning of d milan jersey n spirit! forza milan


Comment: Galliani leaving would be the greatest news in about 5 years.


MDS/calabria romagnoli/rugani mussachio/gomez
Tielmens/bertolacci locatelli/badelj bazoer/bonaventura
Cuadrado/Suso niang/gabigol Isco/brandt

Pa ibra

Seems the decision on Badejl depends more on Fiorentina who are not willing to lose the player. Now Paredes is available for sale and Kovacic also available on loan. An additional CB would be great but I doubt one will arrive after purchase of Gomez. I’d get Paredes Kovacic and possibly a better known CB (These South American defenders are abit to risky). Well can only get better from here. Goodbye Galliani and thanks even though you have ganged with Allegri to give Pirlo away in the worst transfer ever


Milan have 350m to spend well supposed to anyway for 3 yrs. Man utd just spent 150 in 1 transfer window. Makes me so jealous like how can Milan compete with this sort of spending oh I know wait we don’t even have a stadium n it’s 2016 wow absolute geniuses management team n president running the club awesome job well done gtfoh


Now we have to move on. I would suggest maldini as ds, for those of you doubting his or Albertini’s management skills. Tell me what experience zannetti,nedved and even our very own leonardo had before they took their positions? Albertini and maldini in my opinion should hold a very top office in there. For those of us making wish lists,basta!!! (Stop). From the agreement made before prelim signing, they dropped 15m and would pay in the other 85m in 35days meaning we cannot sign any longer until winter break. 15m was used to cover lapadula and gomez, fasone is working… Read more »


Just curious, are the fans okay with signing players like Sosa, Badej, Valero, Cuadrado, cause they are all average at best. I hope Milan can magically find a way to sign Rugani from Juve, if Milan can do that, I would be thrilled. Also, what about a midfield of Zanalleto, Locatelli, Bona? Surely can’t be worse than Montolivo and Berto


Milan10. One question, how do you feel now? I mean all the positive things according to you is palling apart. Galliani is not in their plans, possibility that maldini gets sporting director role ( which means BONAVENTURA will not be part of milan TRUST ME) How do you feel? Will you support genoa now that galliani is moving there? Or will you support which ever team boneventura will be going to since even a donkey for sporting director will realise bonaventura is not milan material whats so ever. I find this very interesting which new club you will support. Me… Read more »


How do you figure Bonaventura is gone? No where have i seen anything of the sort. Do i want him? No, if they get rid of him they have to make sure he has a decent season to make any money off of him.


i think not even jaaack’s mom mentions him as much as you do. Its borderline unhealthy, this fixation u have.
How do YOU feel now that pogba is gone to juve? After all u wished juve beat milan 8-0 in a final right closet juventino?


Bring back suracho from the dead. I used to love that guy.


Isco would be a decent signing but Madrid’s price is outrageous.

Milan Boy

@Sheva. Don’t be too surprised if Jack flourishes now that he will have better players around him.He is not among the worst players in this current milan. I hope we Sell Bacca and get Isco and Badelj, then work hard to remain in top three by January and then fortify the team and release the less productive ones.


Fassone started the Juve stadium Project. He took in Zanetti to the board at Inter. As long he is not making any signings, I think we will be moving in right direction. everyone wants Maldini as SD. To be honest, I prefer someone with experience in that role like Prade or Sabatini or Paratici. May be Maldini can assist them and learn the trade. Best option would be Rui Costa who has done brilliantly at Benfica. Or may be Rijkaard who actually did a better job at raising up Barca youth than his coaching. He integrated Iniesta and Messi into… Read more »


Remember those 15 millions were about to get from Chinese? Gone already, turns out Galliani covered Lapadula and Gomez acquisitions with that money now he begging Silvio for more money to waste. Wonder where the money from SES sale went


Sheva: i don’t think Milan10 is saying that Galliani is a top director and should continue in his role (absolute power and answers only to Berlusconi). What Milan10 is saying is that Galliani is not that bad and now that he’s leaving, fans should stop bashing him. 30 years of service is no joke. Even if you don’t not want to give him credit, there is no need to bash him after 30 years of service. Talking about leonardo or braida, seriously where were the both of them when we were dominating Europe in late 80s early 90s. Anyway, i… Read more »


Correct mate. Im 100% sure the chinese will take milan back to absolute top again, a zenith level if u will. Great times ahead


Ohhhh no. Suracho you can’t die. Can someone keep him alive so that he can witness the success Milan will have with oir new Chinese owners. Suracho plsssss stay alive. Your wife may have ran off with a rich chinese guy but plssssss do not attempt suicide. We need you alive!!!!

Coach Seedorf

First of all I don’t feel too OK with this sale as we don’t know for sure yet how things will turn out with these Chinese. Let’s hope it works for good. Secondly, the league just got seriously tougher with Inter appointing Due Boar as coach. I said it here b4 and will say it again, Juve will not get the scudetto this season no matter how they strengthen, they’ve won it 5 successive times already which has never happened in their history b4, following history, I expect a new team to emerge and the likely candidates to me are… Read more »


Anyway, the Chinese are business man. To spend 110 million on a player is impossible and will never happen. The Chinese will only bring us to a level that we can compete with the best clubs in the world with right players, managers and management staff. I am very sure our Chinese owners will never smash world trasnfer records on 1 player unless it’s kind of marketing stunt to draw more fans with a statement of intent.

Coach Seedorf

At Ck, pointing to what you just wrote, Man utd’s latest signing of Pogba is absolute nonsense in terms of the fee. How can you waste 150mil euros on a midfielder who gives you 10goals and as many assists in a season? We bash galliani a lot for over valuing players and selling cheap so what should we call the management at Man utd? If they don’t have use for money, they should keep it in their bank or donate to smaller clubs as charity lol. Someone earlier said he is jealous of Man utd but if Milan made such… Read more »


What is wrong with Bonaventura? I believe he can improve and probe himself if he have good players to play with rather than Berto and Monti… Milan can raise money by selling Monti and buy Kroos or witsel… Yhere ore versatile, can defend have good pass and long range shot.. These ate what monti lacks

Milan Boy

@ck. I agree completely, I see us making shrewd business in the transfer market,doing more of marquee signings and still achieving the objectives. Berlusconi has left a solid foundation of youthful players to leverage on, perhaps among then will emerge the new Baresi, Maldini, Costacurta, Tassoti etc.

Laverne Tagle

Welcome to Tuesday y all. We re now officially on a one week countdown before the transfer window has slammed shut and unsurprisingly, there is no news, which isn t at all like the s