Official: Menez leaves Milan and joins Bordeaux on a three-year deal

Menez celebrates after scoring during Milan-Parma at San Siro Stadium in Milan on February 1, 2015. (GIUSEPPE CACACE/AFP/Getty Images)
Menez celebrates after scoring during Milan-Parma at San Siro Stadium in Milan on February 1, 2015. (GIUSEPPE CACACE/AFP/Getty Images)

Jeremy Menez is leaving Milan after two years; his contract has been terminated and he’s signed for Bordeaux.

The 29-year-old forward has today (Monday) signed a contract with the Ligue 1 outfit, leaving Milan one year before his contract was due to expire.

“Jeremy Menez has officially signed with Bordeaux after completing a medical,” a statement on Bordeaux’s website reads.

“The French international arrives from Milan. He has signed a contract for the next three seasons, until 2019.” Menez was a key play for Milan under Filippo Inzaghi but spent the majority of the last season sidelined with injuries. He scored 20 goals in 66 matches.

The contract of Menez was terminated and the Rossoneri released him for free. He joins Kevin-Prince Boateng, Philippe Mexes and Mario Balotelli among others on the list of those who’ve left.

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Free? well better gone than kept


Bye-bye,follow by matri,and sell bacca for reinforcement in midfield.for denfense m caceres is ok,he is free from juve since there is no fun for us to buy.if we can get paredes,zieliski or loan kovasic with caceres i hope milan can compete with top-4.
Guys how did you see (zaza and pavelotti) that milan is linking with.


New Zieliski is gone mate! Napoli have bought him. Parades say he want to stay I Roma and fight for a starting position


I swear if another person talks about selling Bacca as if that will help our team I’m gonna assume that you all are retarded beyond help. First off Bacca is the only one we have that is consistent. lets say he doesn’t fit the coaches system that he is trying to build. He can still be used. We have to see the ones who aren’t any help at all. Mari, Adriano, Monti, Bona etc.. That way we can rebuild our MIDFIELD by getting ride of MIDFIELDERS who aren’t any good. It’s common sense. What do we gain by selling our… Read more »


Milan does not “want” to sell Bacca….

Bacca is the one who has expressed his desire to be sold….

Are we to hold him hostage?

*(that word, “retarted”, is pretty offensive)


He has a contract keep


First Bacca was not our most consistent player and even tho he gave 18 goals but he wasted some(rabona attempts). The ones that you mentioned nobody wants to keep but also nobody wants to buy. Calling people retarded just because they have different opinion is,well,retarded. And get your facts straight Bacca wants champions league football, and he is 29 so he doesn’t have time to waste.IF he wants to go, we shouldlet him go. Milan had never wanted players which heart is not red and black.


The sad tale is – we are loaded with mediocre players and worse. There are a few standouts, however, this transfer window (predictably) has turned into an absolute farce.

We’ll be lucky to get Europa League with this current lot, and augmenting it with a few bargain bin moves isn’t going to help. We are crying out for real quality.

angry birds

Lol guys do you see? What’s our management doing? ..even without management knowledge you would know that we have a bad management. They don’t know how to get income unless they sold our top player, Kaka sheva ibra next bacca and de sciglio…change our management as soon as possible!!

angry birds

And do you know in last 8 years , we bought 17 Genoa players, has cost around 129m.


Bye Menez, one of most talented players in our squad, though he lack consistent-top-performance. He reminds me of George Hagi.


Gheorghe Hagi


Menez is nothing near Gheorghe Hagi, he is one of the best AMC Europe had, look youtube for goals and skills and tell me again if thats true… that dude played is a legend in my country…

Milan420 Sd

R u joking? We let one of our best players leave for free right when we need money the most. What in the hell is management thinking. We could of at least rcvd a few million for menez. Wow from the top down we need a total make over in the front office. We can no longer tolerate this joke of management. Hopefully this sale of the club is not a lie because I no longer believe what Fez and Mr. Berlusconi r telling us.

Ricardo Leite

Menez was never a bad player. For me he was a reason I enjoyed watching my team the season before 2015/2016. My only little problem with him was his over keeping of the ball. May be like me you may have always had that player that gave you excitement when you watched Milan play, like in our recent past: I enjoyed Ibra, I enjoyed Ricardo-Izecson-Dos-Santos-Leite, Seedorf, Pirlo, Shevchenko, Rui-costa, Rivaldo, even the short spells of Pato, Ronaldo, Gourcuff, Ronaldinho, were all worth keeping a fan in front of the screen n made our weekends enjoyable even when we lose games.… Read more »


The only reason we are considering selling bacca is just so we can keep De sciglio. Bacca is useful yes and it would seem he is way more useful to the team than De sciglio but we don’t see the sale of De sciglio bringing enough to buy reinforcement so selling him first would mean bacca would still be sold nonetheless.


I’m tired and sick of Milan, cus everything moving very sluggish.


Shame to berlusconi and galliani. The De vil will be surprised to have two masters who find it easy to lie. How do you sell a bacca for30 when inter is still holding on to icardi for over 65. If ADL were to have bacca. It cannot go for less than 70. Is icardi better than bacca. Empty heads sold IBRA and thiago so cheap to PSG for less than 60. No business brain. If Gonzalo huggain were to be a milanista. Berlusconi would have sold him for a little above 33 millions EUR.


zielinski had gone, why can’t we go for hakim ziyech he is fantastic try to watch his clips from YouTube or we go for Grenier, I usually feel sad when I watch players linked with Milan playing for other teams.
Vidal, pogba, teves, lukaku, brozovic. that shows how bad Milan management is.
if bertolasci is for 20m, zielinski for 20m, de sciglio should be 35m he is young, fast.


I read psg will trade marquinhos for bacca. That sounds like a fair trade

Enoch Broadstone

However his second season in Milan was anything but a success, as he was forced to sit on the sidelines for the early part of the campaign after back surgery in the summer. He returned in February, but could only manage two goals in 10 appearances in what would prove to be his final season in Italy, as he now looks to rebuild his career in France.