Team news: Milan were without Michael Agazzi, Diego Lopez, Mattia De Sciglio, Leonel Vangioni, Cristian Zapata, Keisuke Honda, Juraj Kucka, Manuel Locatelli, Riccardo Montolivo, Carlos Bacca, Gianluca Lapadula and Alessandro Matri. Kickoff time was 20:00 CET at Stade Armandie.

Goals: Suso (28′, 38′), Malcom (74′).

FC Girondins de Bordeaux (4-4-2) – Jocelyn Gourvennec
Jérôme Prior; Frédéric Guilbert (45′ Milan Gajić), Grégory Sertic (67′ Théo Pellenard), Nicolas Pallois (72′ Baba Traoré), Diego Contento (45′ Maxime Poundjé); Jérémy Toulalan (72′ Frédéric Guilbert), Thomas Touré (72′ Malcom), Valentin Vada (67′ Mauro Arambarri), Malcom (45′ Younés Kaabouni); Gaëtan Laborde (72′ Enzo Crivelli), Enzo Crivelli (45′ Isaac Kiese Thelin)
Unused: Mandanda.

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Vincenzo Montella
Gianluigi Donnarumma (45′ Gabriel); Ignazio Abate (58′ Luca Vido), Gabriel Paletta (58′ Rodrigo Ely), Alessio Romagnoli (67′ Jherson Vergara), Luca Antonelli (45′ Davide Calabia); Andrea Bertolacci (45′ Jose Mauri), Andrea Poli (72′ Mattia El Hilali), Giacomo Bonaventura (45′ Niccolò Zanellato); Suso (45′ Luiz Adriano), Jeremy Menez (58′ Ivan De Santis), M’Baye Niang (67′ Giovanni Crociata).
Unused: Livieri, Gabbia.

Referee: Olivier Thual.

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Suso, Menez and Niang? Lovely, really curious what they can do together


Menez will have a heart attack…you can’t expect serious football from him…


Suso is the guy I am most interested about this game. Also Palleta-Romagnoli.

Veer Khase

Good lineup overall except using bonaventura in the middle.He keeps on drifting wide even when playing in centre & leaves spaces that make us vulnerable to counterattack.Either we should use him on flanks or we should move on from him.


Does anybody knows if/how we can watch the game?


Where do you live?


im from india…where can i watch the game


USA Goals


thank u


Looking good so far. You can see how Montella want them to play.


I dont like Menez he must leave they should use Niang as CF


Menez made it clear a while back he doesn’t want to play for milan. One of the most talented but one of the worst attitudes


Great, just great . . Verdi scores four on his Bologna debut – including a five-minute hat trick . . # off topic, but … #


SUSO!!! I just can’t believe why Milan would want to get rid of him


Yeah he is good i think he will thrive under Montella’s tactics


Suso goal after a Bordeaux defense did a blunder

Atlanta ga usa

Suso my boi




The Suso Show


Had to drop by the toilet. How was the 2nd goal?


Suso is too good he’ll probably be included in a deal for Pavoletti


Just like last year, the whole midfield sucks. We need urgently 3-4 new midfielders.
Generally, other than Suso, I don’t really see anything different than last year(s). Poor possesion, complete lack of creativity, and plan. Suso is indeed a very pleasent presence so far – and not only because of the goals. He is the only one who can keep and carry the ball for few meters and create something.


Well now lets put some youngsters on and see what we got!


Chill out. Need times to see an improvement. Remember this is our first training match. Even chelsea conte lost 2-0 to rapid wien


Correct, it’s far too early. I mostly want to avoid false enthusiasm: “already better”, “Montella’s style” etc.
The most worrying is to keep seeing the very same attitude. But of course this doens’t change in few weeks.
In any case, I insist: complete midfield reconstruction is needed.


mauri is on now.Expect our midfield 2 change


Good Maurice is on


Vergara is terrible to pass the ball


This zanellato kid interests me. Seems a tall lad and seems confident and showed some flashes. Id like to watch all these kids in higher quality lol this stream isn’t the easiest to follow the players.


I wanted to say the same thing!


Im impressed with him too. Never heard of him until now.


I thought the same haha, at first i thought it was locatelli… He looked so much like him, kind of weird, but he looked very promising! Cheeky, confident on the ball. It might be too early to say, but its about time for a new Albertini from our academy!


There came the equalizer against the defense with just youngsters


Gabriel won a one-on-one duel, bad finishing by the Bordeaux nr25 attacker though


Their number 25, Malcolm looks good, 19, moved from Corinthians in january, plays across the attacking mid line


Pathetic team. Still bonaventura poli and bertolacci.


And I can already see you cry whole season about Suso “our magician, saviour, who can only score against Bordeaux friendly…”



Yeah, and Bona, our JACK our WIZARD has chosen the number five, who used to don the number five… Zidane?
Hahahaha, you have to be fuming.
I honestly dont get your hate about Bona, sure he wouldnt have fit in our line-up from 06/07, but only Messi, CR and Ibra would fit in at that side, so its not fair to make that judgement. Bona has been our best player for the last two years, and he has also improved since his first season.
And I dont hear anyone talk as much about Bona as you do on this site.


Very true mate. But excuse me for saying this: 06/07 milan were far from a great team. Cafu, pancaro, serginho, dida, costacurta, ronaldo were done while nesta and maldini were plagued by injuries. Not to mention players galli bought like r oliveira and gilardino were dissapointing. They won ucl, super cup and club world cup due to ance’s brilliant tactics, their winning mentality and individual brilliance.


Maldini and Nesta weren’t that plagued that season, it was the season after if Im not mistaken… And I dont think Pancaro was still playing with us at that time? But even so, whether they were done or not, that team is far greater than a lot of the supposed “top teams” of this generation.
Just like the old Galactico would slaughter the current galactico.


Maldini didnt play for 2 straight months that season and hes already 37 at that time. Nesta even had worse injury that hed suffered since wc 06. And no that team wouldnt beat any current great team. Inter did a double against milan that season and theyre not even that good to wear scudetto but they won anyway. Now milan 04-06, or milan 88-93, Thats whole different story. Current madrid is more direct but deadly on counter attack and have more balanced mf and solid defence than galactico, so no i dont think they would lose. Cr7 and bale would… Read more »


well done Milan!! hope you guys build up on this performance.

Zvonimir 10

Bertolacci, poli & Mauri are too slow….They got confused in the middle….no contribution at all….get rid off vergara….Menez is finished…
Milan must have a leader in the middle….player who can dribble like Xavi or Iniesta…if we don’t buy a new player this seasons,,,don’t expect to much….No CL next year…last but not least keep Calm and support our beloved team….No Milan No Party….FORZA MILAN!!!

forza milano

Bonav, Bertl, and poli they are nothing trust be we need 2 midfielder


Thanks!! Finally a fan Who woke up. How about the rest? They still sleeping zzzzzzzzzz *yeah bonaventura jaaaack. .poooolii. . Bertolacci 20 million…what a Great team we have* zzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzz

NO CL? Who cares. . Zzzz *we have bonaventura. ..yeah* zzzzzzzzzz jaaaack jaaaack. ..zzzzzzzzzz


There’s two of you???


Milan and their allergy for a clean sheet . .

odunayo sonoiki

Comment: y Milan want to sell Carlos bacca without a better replacement, I like d guy as a good striker .


I don’t really care if Milan sticks with this defence and attack (minus Menez) for new season, but they need completely new midfield and I mean really, a total makeover, a whole promised 4 year Chinese warchest to be spend on it in this mercato!


Buy new midfielders is good but its not as important as playing as a team, first Milan need coordinator, as for me I see no leader in this team .. The defense line , I remember watching Nesta pointing bus finger to direct the back like and pirlo controlling the midfield and ready to receive pass at any point in time, with seedorf creating space and Gattuso chasing and cagging opponent down… I also massing Cross from the flank by serginho and cafu Cross that can cause own goal… All this style and quality are missing and I notice we… Read more »


it’s a normal pre-season performance. nothing to be hyped over.


Comment: believe me guys, forza will be great this 16/17…..

Eka Nugraha

Must keep Suso..