De Sciglio’s mental coach: “Mattia was one step away from depression, but now we can say he’s happy again”

AC Milan's defender from Italy Mattia De Sciglio reacts during the Italian Serie A football match Atalanta vs AC Milanon on April 3, 2016 at the Stadium azzuri in Bergamo. / AFP / OLIVIER MORIN (Photo credit should read OLIVIER MORIN/AFP/Getty Images)
De Sciglio during Atalanta-Milan on April 3, 2016 at the Stadium azzuri in Bergamo. (OLIVIER MORIN/AFP/Getty Images)

Mattia De Sciglio’s mental coach has explained the work he’s done with the fullback as the player seems to be on the rise after a few disappointing seasons.

De Sciglio was called ‘The New Maldini’ when he was promoted from the Primavera to the first team but in the last couple of seasons, the promise that once was seemed to had been vanished as the player suffered from poor form and several injury set-backs.

Despite all that, Antonio Conte showed faith in the 23-year-old and took him to France for the Euro’s. De Sciglio is repaying Conte’s belief with good performances and will look to keep up the level he showed against Spain when the Azzurri face Germany on Saturday evening.

De Sciglio spoke this week about all the ‘sacrifices and the effort I made to return to the top‘, saying ‘this is a small reward for what I went through‘ and that he’s understood that ‘for many people you can be a champion one day and then be nothing the next. Now, I’ve found my balance.’

PARIS, FRANCE - JUNE 27: Mattia De Sciglio of Italy and Andres Iniesta of Spain compete for the ball during the UEFA EURO 2016 round of 16 match between Italy and Spain at Stade de France on June 27, 2016 in Paris, France. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)
De Sciglio and Iniesta during the UEFA EURO 2016 round of 16 match between Italy and Spain at Stade de France on June 27, 2016 in Paris, France. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

This ‘new’ version of Mattia can also be attributed to the work he’s done with mental coach from the Catholic University of Milan – Professor Stefano Tirelli, to whom he was sent by his parents. Tirelli, who worked in the past with David Beckham, Michael Essien and John Terry, spoke to La Gazzetta dello Sport about the work he’s done with the Rossoneri’s youth department product.

“At our first meeting Mattia had dull eyes. He was not depressed but yes, he was one step away from depression,” Tirelli said. “He suffered criticism from fans and the press and was hit by injuries. He would even feel guilty if he went out in the evening for a pizza with his girlfriend.

“His father Luca told me: ‘there’s Mattia the footballer who isn’t the biggest concern to me, and then there’s Mattia our son, who we love. Give us back his smile, and we’ll be happy.’ We started to work, a couple of sessions a week. We went on to explore motivational impulses and we unlocked the energy levels in the channels [that exist inside the human body according to Chinese medics].

“Our body is like a sea and is crossed by various currents. Those of De Sciglio were blocked. We liberated his energy channels and we restored his spark. We reactivated his feet, legs, and arms, using the system of acupuncture but with fingers instead of needles.

De Sciglio against Hellas Verona
De Sciglio against Hellas Verona

“Humans don’t have just muscles and bones. we have energy channels too. I realized that Mattia had made it [the change in himself] when I saw him fighting to stay in the match against Verona, in spite of the wound on his face. Bleeding, feeling pain, he would not come out but he had to be replaced.

“When I met him, I told him ‘This scar makes you more of a man, it shows how the new Mattia was born.’ Today we can say: Mattia is happy again.”

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We can see the talent , we just need the wins..


This reminds me of sebastian deisler pitiful case, regarded as once in a generation talent but his career fell short due to depression and injury. Clinical depression isnt laughing matter and i hope de sciglio doesnt go down on same path as deisler, gascoigne or g best


Depression sucks. Hope he recovers the Buffon way and becomes a Legend here


Fans do put enormous pressure on players, especially youngsters. And not just young players, there are fans who wish that Galliani dies. In what world is that normal???? Alot of us have said that problem with De Sciglio is mental and he has alot of talent and I still think that Mattia can be one of the pillars of new Milan. And yes, maybe he isn’t the new Maldini that we hoped for but he can definitely be as good as Cafu or Zambrotta and I don’t know about you guys but thats world class. Hope next season is your… Read more »


Dude, Cafu was up there with Maldini. Probably the best RB ever.


Yeah I can understand if you say that. Both Cafu and Zambrotta were true world class players and both are in top 5 right backs with Zanetti, Lahm and Thuram in my opinion.
BUT what I meant was that Maldini has definitely bigger status in Milan than those two.

angry birds

He plays well in Italy. Conte seems like to know how revive him well. in Italy, he plays better in Lb, it will make montella should choose between antonelli and him. The questions who will play RB? Abate? Fyi, rumor say calabria will go on loan.


Do the rumors say where Calabria will go on loan? I’m fine with loaning him as long as he is a guaranteed starter.


Most rumours are about Calabria going on loan to Cagliari which has been promoted back to Serie A. If he is a starter there, I’m okay with it.


Yea I agree a newly promoted team or even sassuolo he was rumored months ago would be great in my opinion. He’s got potential, he needs first team football and with the number of fullbacks we have he won’t get much space.


Calabria needs to stay and help the team. He is very good


we have 5 fullbacks, I think it would be better for Calabria in a small seria A team as a starer. He definitely have place in future cause 3 out of 5 fullback aren’t that young


I’ve always supported Mattia, even when he was performing poorly, as we all knew how well he was playing before, and because he still is young, it would be foolish to let him go. Seedorf said he is better at right back and everyone started following that and saying that he sucks at left back and thats why he isnt performing well. They had forgotten that his break out season in which he was outstanding, he played most of it on the left. And at the end of this season, mainly against Juve, where was he playing where he excelled?… Read more »

Milan Boy

I hope they keep Calabria and play him more regularly as this may be his break out season but if they loan him to a seria a club where he will be a starter then it may be healthy too.If Mattia continues like this, I think he wil play more regularly,swapping roles with Antonelli and Abate.It was a pity what he went through,i hope he has got over it now.


what happened to his face tho?


I’ve always believed in you mattia! It’s sad to see all the critics on you saying you were finished. It wasn’t him who was just under performing for a couple seasons, it was all of milan. But let me tell you this. You started off 3rd choice in Italy and byby the end of it nobody could take your position in the starting line up. You had a great tournament and you can walk away with your head held high! I want you on milan for 20 more years to come because you truly can be great! Future captain! FORZA… Read more »