Official: Montella appointed Milan coach, signs two-year deal

Vincenzo Montella manager of UC Sampdoria gives instructions during the Serie A match between ACF Fiorentina and UC Sampdoria at Artemio Franchi on April 3, 2016 in Florence, Italy. (Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images)
Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Vincenzo Montella is the new Milan coach, the club confirmed on Tuesday evening.

A bit over a week before the start of the preparations for the 2016/17 season, Milan have appointed their new coach.

“Vincenzo Montella is our new Coach, he has signed a two-year contract which begins on July 1,” Milan confirmed through a statement on their website. “It is the belief of the club that the style of play of the new Rossoneri Coach will be the basis of a fruitful and positive collaboration.

“A heartfelt thanks to Cristian Brocchi for the enthusiasm, preparation and intensity with which he approached his career as Milan Coach with the youth team, the Primavera and the first team.”

Montella had good years at Fiorentina finishing in 4th place in third consecutive seasons. Last season however he nearly saw his Sampdoria side relegated (he was appointed in November, replacing Walter Zenga), finishing in 15th place with just two points more than 18th placed Carpi.

“We start again with Montella,” Vice President and CEO Adriano Galliani told reporters outside of Casa Milan moments after the official announcement, as reported on “There’s a lot of satisfaction, we believe we’ve made a good choice. Let’s hope it goes well. “When did we come up with the idea of Montella? I don’t remember, I haven’t eaten all day…”

It’s believed that Montella will earn €2.3m per season (Mihajlovic earned a reported €2m, for comparison). Silvio Berlusconi pushed for the reconfirmation of Cristian Brocchi but the former Primavera coach decided to leave and join Brescia in Serie B. The Chinese chose Montella.

The former striker has a difficult task in hand as after a few seasons of disappointment and failures in reaching Europe, Milan, perhaps through immediate foreign investment, will look to return to Europe.

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Not the best start for the new management.. Could have been better


Well. things are escalating quickly


Great choice! He should have been Milan coach a few years back even. I guess better late than never.

He’s one the most talented next-generation Italian coaches and will do well. You’ll see.


Great coach, next sir Alex Ferguson


I hate to be that guy but ill take one for the team: HELL NO


I think he is good, though I desperately wanted de Boer. let’s see what players he will request first.


Best of luck to montella, hes gonna need it


4-4-2 plz Montella. Really would love to see Milan play like Atletico Madrid. at the moment we have only 13 – (Lopez, Gabriel, Abate, Antonelli, Calabria, MDS, Ely, Kucka, Locatelli, Monto, Mauri, Suso, Lapadula) normal players and 5 – (Donnarumma, Romagnoli, Bonaventura, Bacca and Niang) great players. in my opinion Mauri, Simic should be loaned out and the rest – (Agazzi, Zapata, Paletta, Vergara, Bertolacci, Poli, Honda, Vangioni, Verdi, Luiz Adriano, Matri) should be kicked out from our precious Milan. terminate, sell, do whatever you want just get rid of them. with Saponara, Pjaca, Yarmolenko, 2 CBs and a striker… Read more »


You better keep dreaming. The way Montella expects his teams to play is the complete antithesis of Atletico Madrid.


I won’t judge him until I see the team play under him. I’m hoping with the impending sale that Berlusconi doesn’t come in between the coach and his players as he has done in the past. Also hope Montella requests some players worthy of our shirt


Personally i wouldve wanted Giampaolo or Donadoni over him. But i was a fan of his a couple of seasons ago… But like always, when we appoint a new coach or sign a new player, he always has my support. All the best of luck Vincenzo!


Comment:great coach for great club his team football is attractive he has been in the wish list of Milan for long time he is one of the next potential Italian coaches
i hope he will able to rediscovered the form of montolivo that inspires Milan to sign him from forentina
and i still believe with with 3 or 4 significant signing in transfer we will make e it


Mixed to positive feelings. He showed great things (results+good football) at Fiorentina, poor last year with Samp.
Clearly ahead of Giampaolo due to much better experience (3 years in Fiorentina vs 1 year in Empoli), on par with Donadoni and DiFrancesco but certainly behind Emery and probably De Boer. At this moment, given the deep problems of our team, I would opt for an even more experienced coach (someone like Van Gaal, Capello,Lippi, Pradelli). Unfortunatelly our bench is extremely difficult right now…


Comment: best luck to our new coach #weareacmilan all the way from mushin , lagos nigeria.


The squad needs a complete overall. A lot of players need to go.

Montella can be the right man for the job if given the right players. Just look at Allegri at Juventus.

I would have preferred a coach with more experience like Prandelli over Montella.

But it is now up to the club owners to give the coach the right players.

I am not 100% happy because Berlusconi and Galliani are still involved with the transfer market and coaching decision.

If you want champagne football you need world class players.


No wthe next question is wat players will he sign to fit his formation of 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3… After all said… first step is to keep our important players… MDS, Calabria, Romagnoli, Antonelli, Locatelli, Mauri, Kucka, Bonaventura, Suso, Niang, Bacca and from here we can start building a good squad… Benetia, Mammana, Saponara/Vasquez, Kovacic/Parades, Pjaca, one LW, in striking if bacca is sold i would love to see milik joining our squad…


Comment:wtf is milik??


polish striker playing for ajax


What formation does he even play? I think I saw last season against Milan he played something like 3-4-2-1…

AC Milan Lover

Guys, Kamil Glik is signing for Monaco for 11.5M Euros …. We should have gone for him …. I would want an experienced performer like Glik alongside Romagnoli to aid his development and Glik is a Serie A proven defender … Shucks …


Milan are interested in Ljajic, requested by Montella [Sky]. That’s his first request.


The transfer market targets for Milan so far: Soriano, Pavoletti (if Bacca leaves), Pjaca and Ljajic [GdS]. I still think this Chinese deal is a scam.


Goodluck montella, Please do everything possible to bring milan back to where it was some 20yrs ago. Dnt listen to b&g, just make your decisions alone. Forza milan!


I’m more optimistic with montella’s appointment than miha’s last season.
I prefer giampolo over him though.
But,what’s done is done.Let’s support him through the season.
And if (hopefully not) he failed this season,we will get giampolo next season since milan always pick samp’s coach for the last two season as their coach.
And let the transfer festivites begin!!


Welcome to Milan Montella, I wish you all the best.


Welcome to Milan L’Aeroplanino, I’m glad we’ve chosen a coach that all parties can agree on, although originally I would have chosen Giampaolo, Montella has a good record of attacking football and good results with Roma and Fiorentina. More worrying are the results with Samp last season, although that is also due to Ferrero’s choices off the pitch, Zenga’s sacking and transfers of key players in December. I think Montella likes to play with a 3-5-2 If he continues that with Milan we’ll need two new CBs for that But it would allow Antonelli, Vangioni, Abate, Calabria and De Sciligio… Read more »

Milan Boy

I had my reservations before now but as a full blooded milanista, i wish Montella the best.His request for Pjaca is a good signal,i hope he addresses key areas also.Best of luck Montella and welcome to Milan.


Selling Bacca, Niang, MDS, Kucka, or Gabriel would be foolish, as would loaning Calabria, Verghara, or Ely. We’d do better both on the pitch, and financially by selling our overrated veterans like Monti, Poli. and Honda… Montella will be flexible with our formations, but assuming a 4-3-1-2 is our base, this would be my “realistic” starting point if I was Montella: GK: 1. Donnaruma 2. Gabriel RB: 1. Abate 2. Calabria/MDS RCB: 1. ? 2.Paletta/Verghara LCB: 1. Romagnoli 2. Zapata/Ely LB: 1. Antonelli 2. Vangioni *buy a starting calibre RCB. **develop both Verghara and Ely, gradually improve MDS’s confidence. RCM:… Read more »


With your statement stating we can’t sell MDS or loan Calabria is understandable but unrealistic and probably foolish. We can’t have 5 fullbacks with us not playing in Europe. One has to go. They are both still young and we can’t halt their growth. Calabria on loan with no option to buy would be preferable as a month ago sassuolo wanted him to replace vrsaljko. And please let us all be honest with ourselves, MDS played a good coppa final and is doing well in the euros. And the entire club season where was he? He had consistently timid and… Read more »


That may have to do with coaching. He’s playing incredible under Conte. Saying he doesn’t show up in big games? He was a monster against Spain. Arguably the biggest game of his career just saying


I said “he can’t just show up to big games” meaning he DID play well I’m big games. But he was non existent in most league games. He can’t show up for 3 games a season. And yes it could very well be coaching having an effect.


@RKay, Good point, about not wanting to stunt their growth…If I had to choose between MDS and Calabria, it would be Calabria based on recent performance, plus we would get more money for MDS… However, I like the idea of Abate/Anotnelli/Vangioni being our present while we groom MDS/Calabria for the future… We should learn from the relationship Juve has with Sassuolo, I thought Carpi could have been our Sassuolo, but with Oddo coaching Pescara I hope we direct most of our loanees in his direction. So if we loan someone like Calabria, or Ely, lets loan them to the same… Read more »

Ricardo Leite

@Deku: Do you really support Milan. You condemn wrong players you are not suppose to. Whats your problem with Vangioni…abeg o Welcome L.Aeroplaino and all the best. Please dont play no 3defense. We have not got those solid men in defense yet, let alone the needed understanding to run an effective 3man defence @Abbey: Are you sure you’re not a scam. People are being hopefull about good things n optimistic but what some you guys have to offer here is just almost always a negative form of thinking. We are begging you please keep such thought in your head, dont… Read more »


Source: They’re quite reliable… It’s not just a thought. It’s a compilation of facts.


Oh well…


What a shame! Even with 100m Euros, our best buys are going to be Soriano, Pavoletti (if Bacca leaves), and Ljajic
That is what you get when you hire an average coach with an average mentality. Juventus is aiming for Gomes, Napoli for Witsel, Inter Milan for Yaya toure & all the mighty Milan could scramble for in the midfield is Soriano…….


Witsel is older now…. Playing good in Europe but best days behind him in club play. He’s no longer box to box player. I’d love to have him at milan, but honestly Milan need to buy a lot of parts and there are better players to splash a big cash contract with. Witsel will get paid a lot but in 2 years Will be overpaid as I expect his style that makes him great deteriorates.


Finally someone has spoken the truth:( chinese have no footballing brains


Milan should try to sign Alexis Sanchez reports say that he wants to return to Italy and his price may be around 45 million


I am really worried that Galliani now has 100 million to spend… I wonder whats going through his mind right now Quantity or Quality?? But i already know the answer and i beg that is not the case

dibal clement badibanga

I’m happy we are signs coach montella


Galliani: montella is a fresh start.


Galliani, your death is a new start! When will you die? S


Hahaha. I read some stupid comments. Milik? He need 20 good chances to put the ball into the net. Ajax have dropped him. With 100 million and so what???? No champion league football & rebuilding from scratch. What do you really expect? When Man C and PSG first started did they have all the top stars? Anyway 100 milliom is not alot in today’s trasnfer market. A rubbish sterling already caused aboit 50 to 60 million euros. I urging real fans to be patient. Montella, mixed feeling. His squad does plays attractive football but defense is always his demise. Just… Read more »


good write up from bleacher report, on Montella.

I am fairly optimistic, but waiting on more movement in the market this summer.

Forza Milan
Good luck Montella


Looking at things so far, it looks like the Chinese deal may be a bust or the Chinese have sided with the current Milan management on summer targets. I am not really convinced with Montella as Coach. The transfer targets don’t really inspire much. Considering that Bacca and a few others could leave, Soriano, Pavoletti, Ljajic are good players, but wont really give Milan a step up in quality by that much. Looks like the management are setting their target on a 3rd place finish. I’m afraid that by doing so we may not qualify for CL again. Last minute… Read more »


Not particularly inspiring to me. With some of the names banded around the Chinese take over – if it ever happens – you’d be somewhat disappointed to find Montella being appointed. After a few good starts, he’s shown a worrying inability to sustain good form – actually collecting points – and perhaps an inability to turn a ship. I sincerely hope this in not harbinger of the fact we will be continuing on the cheap, as make no bones about it, we need serious investment – an actual plan – if we are even seriously talking about competing in Europe… Read more »