Emery the number one choice for the Milan bench – but only if the Chinese buy the club from Berlusconi

Sevilla's Spanish head coach Unai Emery waves prior to the UEFA Europa League final football match between Liverpool FC and Sevilla FC at the St Jakob-Park stadium in Basel, on May 18, 2016. AFP PHOTO / JAVIER SORIANO / AFP / JAVIER SORIANO (Photo credit should read JAVIER SORIANO/AFP/Getty Images)
Unai Emery prior to the UEFA Europa League final between Liverpool and Sevilla at Stadion St Jakob-Park, on May 18, 2016. (JAVIER SORIANO/AFP/Getty Images)

Silvio Berlusconi would keep Cristian Brocchi if it was entirely up to him but the Chinese are reportedly very interested in the idea of hiring Unai Emery, who is under contract at Sevilla.

The next two weeks will be crucial for the future of Milan as talks between Silvio Berlusconi (& Fininvest) and the Chinese consortium (through Galatioto Sports Partners) are continuous.

And judging by President Berlusconi’s (many) words in recent days, it seems like a deal is heading towards a positive conclusion which will see at least 70% of the club bought by the Asian investors, whose names are now finally known to Berlusconi and his family (a confirmed list of names hasn’t leaked yet).

The negotiations with the Chinese will obviously have a direct impact over the next season starting with the position of the coach. Berlusconi has already stated that if a sale doesn’t happen then he’ll keep Cristian Brocchi and together they’ll build a young Milan based on Italian players.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport and il Corriere della Sera however, if a sale does happen, then the Chinese are pushing for the name of Sevilla’s boss Unai Emery, who has taken over Manuel Pellegrini in the list of possible Milan coaches for next year. Emery was courted by Milan last year as well but eventually the Rossoneri appointed Sinisa Mihajlovic, who was fired in April.

Emery, who won the Europa League three times in a row with his Rojiblancos, is under contract and CorSer reports that it will take roughly €1.5m to free him from Sevilla which will have to be paid by June 30th 2016. The 44-year-old is also wanted by Everton from the Premier League.

A lot will depend on if the Chinese buy the club or not. Berlusconi is looking to assurances that they will be willing to spend €100-200 million per season in the club to get it back to the top.

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Ive liked emery’s work since his valencia days. His team always play attractive modern football, kinda like seedorf’s milan only with more organized defence. 4-2-3-1 formation will be more suitable for milan as it provides balance in both defence and offence than 4-3-3 as milan dont have world class midfielders yet.
No offence to brocchi, my guts tells me he’ll be good coach in time, but in this delicate time i think emery is a no brainer


You are definetly right, if milan gets sold, than he would be a great coach for milan right now. With some money and new players he can build a very strong milan for the next seasons, but considering he didnt had so much money at disposal at sevilla i hope he brings the right players with that amount of funds at disposal. 100-200 mil for transfers is enourmus even for premier league, if thats true. Forzza Milan.


Agree on most of it, just 4-5-1 is the most balanced formation out there, you need two fast wingers for the 4-5-1 to work, as you can see in rome and barca. Milan dont have that. while 4-2-3-1 can be very tricky for the defenders, since in the 4-5-1 u have a ankor man helping the defence at all times. If the coach get the whole team to defend and attack then 4-2-3-1 will work, but i can be very leaky in the back. As u can see with mourinho teams, the play very deep and defensivly because in the… Read more »


I get what u mean, most modern teams using 4-2-3-1 ,including emery’s, have fast and skilful wingers with 1 am in the middle orchestrating the play, just like valeron’s la coruna that beat milan 12 years ago. But it doesnt always have to be like that. Del bosque teams for example, he often uses 4-2-3-1 but very rarely plays with pure wingers. He likes to use slow playmakers (zidane, figo, iniesta, d silva) on winger/wide positions and uses full backs (r carlos, salgado, alba) as real wingers who sprint up and down the pitch and provide crosses, for trequartista position… Read more »


Everton have somewhat settled on Koeman as recent reports suggest.. which means we now have a clear shot at Emery.. It is highly important we make the right moves.. Inter are also close to a sale.. It is highly important for Italian football in general that the biggest 3 clubs- Milan, Juve and Inter represent the league every year in UCL.. I hope this year would be 5 horse race between the big 3 and Roma-Napoli for Scudetto.. But a top coach is just a start.. We need a massive clear out of dead wood, plus smart investment. Like you… Read more »


Finger cross


Great tactician with a great vision, good at picking a players, very good chemistry within the team. He is everything that we need.


Milan is in italy!! not england or spain. In italy, espeially in milan, the coach have ZERO power over signings. ZERO.

Even if emery would arrive, he would deal with the players galliani thinks are good. like traore, zapata, constant, acerbi, agazzi, destro, pazzini, matri, muntari, etc.

So “good at picking players” is out of the question


Mihailovc pushed for the Romagnoli transfer so yeah.. I don’t understand how you can say that Acerbi tranfer was bad? Yes he didn’t perform well but he was promising player that time and you have to make the camble sometimes. The same goes with Destro and honestly, I would rather have Destro in our team than Menez or Balo. And Zapata was great in Villareal.
But I do agree on Muntari, Agazzi, Matri and those guys. Total nonsense tranfer that are Gallianis fault.


acerbi is the worlds slowest footballer EVER. we cant have a centerback that runs like turtle.

I would rather have el92 as cb than acerbi. I seriously run backwards faster than him, im 100% serious.

Romagnoli has yet to proof his worth. I havnt seen anything from him yet to be honest.


Agree, Romagnoli was good this season but he made mistakes so lets hope he keeps improving


First of all Emery won’t come if they don’t let him deal with transfers and second of all even with this team coach like that would take 20 points more than Miha and Broccoli. In one word he is great.


Galiani is not in the picture after the sale goes through. There will be no Emery-Galliani relationship , or if there is trust me Galliani won’t have the power he has now


I hope this happens


I found it’s strange Berlusconi just found out the names of investors recently after a few weeks since the first time the news of acquisition of Milan emerged. And it becomes stranger Berlusconi always talking about the new investors repeatedly in the media. I hope it’s not just another gimmick by the management.


Things looks interesting with the Chinese consortium. But they are couple of question marks with the whole thing. Yeah, they might be guarantee us 100 – 200mill, but how will that work out with FFP? Milan have had red numbers for some years


Well ffp cant do much when we cant even qualify.

Veer Khase

@Fdl uefa provides a 2 yr transitional period to a club which has undergone a change in ownership in which financial restrictions are relaxed to some extent. It also depends on yearly revenue. More revenue means less restrictions. The aim of FFP is to protect clubs from any financial damage. Though milan have significant debts, their yearly losses have been written off by finnivest. Moreover, despite recent performances, milan collect second highest revenue after juve (which is to the credit of us loyal fans). So in any case, I don’t see FFP becoming a hurdle in our way especially if… Read more »


Berlusconi should stop making a f00l of himself and sell this club as soon as possible. In an interview today he said the consortium haven’t given him the guarantee that they would make a yearly investment of at most 200million so the deal make not go through. You cannot tell me how to live in my house after you sold it to me, and besides..if you love milan the way you claim you wouldn’t have brought it down to this level. Stop the child’s play and sell asap


It seems the Chinese know what they are doing after all 🙂

Pleaaase dont ruin this deal Berlusconi, we really dont want Brocculi next season…


Omg. Now Berlusconi cast doubt on the chinese consortium. This farking old man. Get lost idiot. Inter yas already overtaken us for their sale to chinese consortium. Stop meddling. Stop forcing people to let you run the club. No morons will let you run the club as you have been running it for the past 30 years and more importantly u have been losing money every year for the past decade with no success on the pitch. If you are arsenal, average success but highly profitable u can still convince people to trust you. Losing money plus a shittier team… Read more »


We haven’t got a bad squad, probably similar to the quality Emery has at Sevilla. So even without the injection of much money he should be able to get us back to at least that level (we are definitely below Europa league winner quality at the minute). Assuming we get a decent transfer kitty we should be able to achieve top 4 next year. Just need to be able to match/better Roma and Napoli. There are only a few players I could keep in the squad; Donnaruma, Abate, De Sciglio, Antonelli, Calabria, Romagnoli, Zapata, Ely, Locatelli, Mauri, Kucka, Montolivo, Bonaventura,… Read more »


We got a decent squad because we spent 25 and 30 on romagnoli and bacca respectively. We have an atrocious midfield and a huge hole in center back. Now Berlusconi wants to hold up the whole chinese deal because he wants to have a say in transfer and manager. He spent last season because he believed that Bee Taechaubol’s deal is done. Without this present chinese consortium, we will be selling donnaruma romagnoli n bacca. He has no bargaining chips yet he want to make decisions. This consortium, each individuals are richer than him and he wants to control and… Read more »


who ever buys Milan they number one problem to solve is to get Galliani out, milan will need a new sporting direktor, in my opinion it should be 2 man who should dicide who to get bought and who should leave, plus the coach. not like it has been only Galliani dicided who should be bought and sold, over 50% of the transfers he has don has ben a fail and waste of meny millions. and milan has lost meny great talents becouse of him that today we wish we had… I belive berlosconi has to sell the club now… Read more »


And Berlusconi is now saying he has doubts about the Chinese. What a heartbreaker.


Yes please! And bring Krychowiak with you!


Emery, Pellegrini, Donadoni I don’t care – just bring in someone who knows what the heck they’re doing for a change.


Someone please add me to the Whatsapp group +264816728863

sani ba la

Comment:galiani should go first cos he has fail since 2007 when milan won CL that time milan had enough funds to reinforce the club but did’nt do that Galiani when bringing free transfer players and they fail we got ibra and T silver that’s y we the seria in 2011 galiani sold them to PSG since all milan fans are not happy no trophy no CL 4 good 3 years and balosconi is saying if chinese sell fails he will bring young italians to show u that he is fucking tied with the club what will u expect 4rom only… Read more »


Sorry man i wont ever change the club.. this is the club that i have supported and will support milan… in all good and bad…


india lmao. india..



We are back to Martinez, this guy refused to come to Milan and joined Atletico, did nothing with the club he is 30 years, so i hope he will refuse again, if anyone will make an offer.

angry birds

Inter Milan are to have new owners, with Chinese investors Suning Commerce Group taking a majority 70% stake in the club. lol..
i really hate berlusconi, moratti and thohir showed us they are loved inter, berlusconi if he love milan ,SELLL IT!!


This transfer campaign will be a big fail once again, they are about to miss up on Ibra, Kovacic and Vilhena, while pursuing J. Martinez and Pavoletti


Berlusconi will not sell the club. Mark my words. He’s a fascist, racist, senile old man that will only play his usual dirty tricks to get the fans to support him. The time has come for me to start watching another league. I had enough of this clown and Serie A..

Milan is a circus. No wonder Maldini doesn’t want to be a part of this foolishness.


What is wrong with Berlusconi and Italian players??? Why is he so specific about Italian players.. Looking at roma Napoli how many Italian players do they have and yet they perform more than us its high time the idiot should get that mentally off his empty brain and focus on players who would give their all for Milan


Zapata was on fire with Los Cafeteros against USA, he’s always solid with national side, so the only reason he is underperforming with Milan is lack of real coach. I always had a soft spot for Zapata remembering his Udine days so a good coach, perferably Emery could be the man to awake him


nobody can wake zapata up. He plays 1 good game 3 bad games, he play 1 good game plays 4 bad games, he play 1 good game, play 2 bad games.

etc etc. We cant afford havning a player like that when we are about to BUILD something for the future


I support Berlusconi’s idea of an italian Milan.. after all we are an Italian club and should not be like Inter.. But in the past we had the best Italian players not 2nd grade national team players.. If we moved for and signed good, promising Italian players like Insigne, Florenzi, Verratti, Rugani etc I support the Italian project. But the most promising young Italians are snapped up by either juve or Roma or sassuolo and we are looking for Pavoletti.. even if we were going for Belotti, it would have been better.. Serious lack of ambition


Berlu only want players from the youth academy, with his facist plans, we’ll be a midtable club for years to come..


I fully understand why, in their frustration, some milanisti say our usual berlusconi this galliani that, i understand and sympathize completely. but when self declared milanisti say garbage like “i hope milan lose to arch rivals juve 8-0 in a final” or “im done with milan, i wanna support another club” then i draw the line; thats going way too fking far. Have faith people. milan has survived much worse days than this and believe me, milan will rise again somehow, chinese or no chinese



Rossonero 23

Emery + Monchi + Maldini at club would be perfect start.

Unai and Paolo would convince great players to come to Milan!

Ricardo Leite

Let’s keep our hands crossed guys, its about 10days to go. Behold dear friends; the rebirth of our darling Milan


Well i can see now that Berlusconi wont sell he is doing everything he can to destroy the deal with the chinese… I am really pissed if the fans buy season tickets next season if he doesnt sell the club


Looks like the chinese deal won’t go thru. Berlusconi wants to scupper the deal. In my own belief and opinion, i believe the chinese won’t listen to him – 1)keep broochi, 2) appoint another technical director to deal with transfers hence limiting galliani’s role, 3) giving too much power to Berlusconi. Gark this old fart. U think the chinese will spend 1 billion to let u ruin their money. Wake up your farking idea


Can fans in italy milan stage a protest. This guy is destroying Milan. I wouldn’t mind if he has a plan to build milan from scratch. But this old senile mindless idiot has no plan. His words say that he wanna go woth youngsters next moment he signs all the useless free trasnfer overage players hoping to get into champion league. He has no patience for managers and youngsters but he in turn says that we fans have no patience. What an iDIOT


Comment: am very sorry, the old fool will not sell the club but he will sell when the club is not valuable again bcos they offer 600m for 70% he will sell when they offer 300m for 80% am sure of this bcos of the stupid comments he made about Chinese

milanisti indo

His comment really stupid…why he had to give a silly jokes like that..it hurt rossoneri fans in china.


Comment:inter just had new boss,ac milan?


I don’t think Silvio will sell the club.look at inter they mean business.what Milan now is talk and talk but nothing comes out of the talking.the future of Milan under this management is melancholy . Inter are going to be strong not to talk of Barcelona ,Bayern will soon over take us interms of glory.madrid is already gone.