Teams news: Milan are without Ignazio Abate, Luca Antonelli, Rodrigo Ely, Jeremy Menez and M’Baye Niang. Roma have to do without Norbert Gyömbér, William Vainqueur, Seydou Keita and Diego Perotti. Kickoff time for the last matchday of this season’s Serie A is 20:45 CET at Stadio San Siro.

Goals: Salah (19′), El Shaarawy (59′), Emerson (82′), Bacca (87′).

AC Milan (4-3-1-2) – Cristian Brocchi
Gianluigi Donnarumma; Mattia De Sciglio, Alex da Costa (66′ Davide Calabria), Philippe Mexes, Alessio Romagnoli; Juraj Kucka, Manuel Locatelli, Andrea Bertolacci (57′ Giacomo Bonaventura); Keisuke Honda; Mario Balotelli (46′ Luiz Adriano), Carlos Bacca.
Unused: Abbiati, Diego Lopez, Mauri, Poli, Montolivo, Simic, Zapata, Bordi, Boateng.

A.S. Roma (4-3-1-2) – Luciano Spalletti
Wojciech Szczęsny; Alessandro Florenzi, Kostas Manolas, Antonio Rüdiger, Lucas Digne; Radja Nainggolan, Daniele De Rossi, Kevin Strootman (63′ Francesco Totti); Miralem Pjanić; Mohamed Salah (85′ Edin Dzeko), Stephan El Shaarawy (78′ Emerson Palmieri).
Unused: De Sanctis, Castan, Maicon, Falque, Torosidis, Zukanovic, Umar Sadiq.

Referee: Nicola Rizzoli.

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Hope you give us a surprised victory tonight and am happy Locatelli is starting ahead of Monty.


Very weird line up. I understand you need to rest some players, but why no Calabria? And Romagnolli as left back… At least we get to see Locatelli from the start. Forza Milan!


I am impressed with calabria whenever he was called upon. This brocchi. Berlusconi”s garbage. 2 old men as center backs against a quick roma side. This is suicide. This noob. We need tons of luck


Kinda a slap in the face to Calabria. The lineup obviously says brocchi doesn’t trust him.


Isn’t that a risk to playing Locatelli on Montolivo at this time, I know Montolivo not good, but????


Guys any live streams.. Gotta cheer for my team one last time this season ! hopefully the surprise us. thanks

st always works for me. Not the best quality but you don’t waste time searching for working links


Any live streams for the game on iphone


As far as i love locatelli, he isnt ready yet. That goal was his responsible, alongside alex who looks like a bonera. And wth happened to kucka, he plays very bad. Wrong passess, not enough grit etc.


Inter seem to giva a f…, and Sassuolo are up 2-0.


Why isn’t Abbiatti playing? It’s his last game and he is a legend!!! Brocchi you sucked as a player and you suck as a coach!


Idiot team…. loser.


What ever happen today all blame goes t Berlusconi who sack miha seven matches to end the season. I am praying to God everyday that he sell the club cos I believe without his constant interference we would have been fer better.




I almost cried watching the 1st half to be very very honest because we looked sh1t. Roma looked like Real Madrid, Bertolacci is garbage, Locatelli is mistakes a teenage wld make against a great side and our attack? Bacca would wish he never signed for Milan.

I said it after Brocchi’s 1st game that he’s destined to fail but some thumbed me down, can you see a sign of hope in Milan with this laboratory assistant? He is the definition of failure not Wenger.

Lastly, I wish Berlusconi greater pain than i go through now.


This team is trash!


haha, yes I remember people saying “give him time”… Obviously not the right man for the job though – probably worse than Inzaghi


Games with the likes of Hellas Verona, Carpi, Frosinone etc and Locatelli did not start. And Brocchi starts him against and inform team. Playing Romagnoli out of position while Calabria is on the bench. Honestly, I hope we loose very bad and we loose the final.


It had to be him, El Shaarawy


Haha i think we all knew he would score against us and somehow i feel so good about it 🙂


if this was wrestling next match the lights would dim and on would walk sinsa and niang with epic music and smoke in the background then they would go in to play a 5-0 winner with niang scoring a brilliant hatrick and bacca scoring two which where assisted by bonaventura. but this is real life so they will lose 3-0 or 4-0

angry birds

When you had player like pirlo,saponara and elsha, you kick them out!!! then you end up buy bertooacci and balotelli This is what happens, gallian!!! Hahaaaaahahaha…
I don’t blame you for being stupid, it’s all because berlusconi more than stupid keep you if he kick you out early. We don’t have to lose El sha saponara pirlo even Torres Lol…

You give balotelli and bertolacci chance but elsha pirlo saponara not, I hate you Mr. Galliani!!!


I agree that the blame goes to Kojak and Bunga for this team being so bad. But the blame goes to Brocchi for not letting our legend Abbiati play at all today. It’s not like we are going to win this game anymore, why not let him get in for one last time???


I came home when it was half time and just after a few minutes of watching second half i turned it off…


Is Brocchi for real?? 10mins remaining of Abbiatis career and he is still sitting on the bench


Oh well hahaha. People were criticizing Miha and said his sacking was what he deserved. Under him, milan were not pretty tonwatch but at least everyone knew their roles & positions and we were getting some results. Now, even kuco is lost. Nobody knows what they were playing. people were saying Honda should be a trequartista. Look at his performance as a trequartista hahaha. People were saying Montolivio is bad so why didn’t miha replace him with locatelli. I believed miha was right as you have all seen that locatelli is not ready. No matter how bad monto is, locatelli… Read more »


Im still saying it and i will back it up untill the end of hondas carrier, he is a attaking midfielder. He is not a trequartista as that is a player with pace, workrate, dribbling. He is a playmaker. a character who likes to hold the ball and dictate tempo, and play through balls. if there was anyone in the team exploiting spaces like Mohammed and Stephan there would be alot of assist from honda. But he dont fit as a trequrtista in a 4-3-1-2. That job is for someone with lots of workrate and are able to be all… Read more »


Mate, sorry to rain on ur parade but honda IS a playmaker/ 3/4tista/ am. Diff terms same meaning. Zidane, riquelme, effenberg, totti, veron, even milan’s very own rivera were slow too but what they lacked in speed they made for in supreme technique and vision. Honda is just not good enough, as are other milan players


I think u got it all wrong. Honda is not good enough to be in the middle of the pitch. In the mid, opponents close you down much faster. He doesn’t have the dribbling skill to beat defenders and the ball control to keep the ball. The only time he can dribble is during a counter attack when there is more space. Furthermore, his passing is atrocious. He is good at crossing but his passing is quite bad. Let me correct you one trequartista. A trequartista doesn’t need to have speed. Zidane is the best example. He has dribbling skills… Read more »


Balotelli, bertolacci, Honda, mexes, and Alex are all washed up. this team is dead


A playmaker and trequartista is the exact same #10 position


Be strong, team !


It’s official Calabria is our only fullback who can cross


Yeah that’s why i don’t understand why everybody is saying that Antonelli is fantastic. Anto needs to get to the byline eveytime before he can drill the ball into the box. This is so tiring and so difficult as we are not playing in Serie C whereby he can beat all full backs. As i have said, this team lacks quality.


“I dont understand why everybody is saying that Antonelli is fantastic” … @ck, no disrespect, I think I understand your point. As a youth my coach use to preach “early crosses” and “drop sixes”…in other words, if you beat your man wide, cross the ball just before you reach the 18, but if you cant, then take it to the end line and drop 6…. I get it, early crosses are deadly, especially because they dont have to be in the air, when you cross early you can play the ball to your teamates feet or in to space…i get… Read more »


If our best player is not good enough, Berlusconi should sell asap. Enough of this mediocre squad


Thank you Abbiati.


Ciao Abbiati, the last of the remains worth mentioning… Forza Abbiati!!!


Thank you and love you Abbiati. Still remember your one handed save against Perugia that won us the title. It was your debut season as well. Time flies. Best of luck Abbiati.


Perfect Berlusconi! !,just Perfect!


1) with that questionable line up at best, brocchi deserves to lose. Hes spineless puppet period
2) el shaa scores, a poetic justice
3) a team should prioritize character and stability, especially at the back, before jogo bonito bullshit to get results thats why people critisizing miha’s milan for pragmatic displays are stupid. Just ask brazil in 82 wc
4) this result is culmination of berlu and galli’s work and if this doesnt prove how incapable they are then nothing will.
5) milan start to act like madrid which is treating their legends like total crap

angry birds

Abbiati is our legend, brochi should respect him. Brochi aint a legend


Yeah mate, abbiati shouldve played as starter in his last day at san siro.
Broccoli is a legend too you know, a legendary failure


Italy played very dirty against Brazil in 82. With a fair referee Brazil would have won that match.


Yeah, they literally ripped zico apart. At some point he had to play half naked. Thats dirty juve backline for you. But thats my point; solid backline beats fancy jogo bonito. Its not italy’s fault the referee was permissive and certainly not referee’s fault brazil couldnt defend

angry birds

Saponara love Milan, pirlo love Milan, and El sha too..
Galliani said we don’t need them Lol..
Thanks galliani..

Then came the day pirlo saponara elsha made us concede, really i dont understand why you keep bertolacci balo monty.(three of them become flop player of the season), instead keep saponara pirlo elsha, i dont get this point


The only way, and i mean THE only way this could get worse is if somehow berlu refuses to sell and then change this club name into ac bunga bunga


Most were sayin how SES cannot play up front in a 4312 formation, Spaletti put two wingers, both SES and Salah up front and demolished us!


The funny thing is both salah and el shaa aint even officially roma players yet. And they appointed spalletti at appropriate time so he could instill his mentality/personality and implement his tactics. Those americans know what theyre doing and it shows


looks like the retards in charge have managed to take the 12th most valuable team in the world and finish behind sassuollo and every decision made was the “right one”. to add insult to injury… El Shaarawy scored the goal that beat us… what a bunch of incompetents.

kaka's fan

1) we need a new coach, preferably emery or pellegrini
2) we need to get back saponara and SES
3)this club needs new ownership
4) we should miss Europe and start over from scratch
5)AC Milan should listen to the fans
6) inter should be penalized for throwing the game



Giving Up

I’ve made up my mind. I will not watch any more Milan matches until Berlusconi has sold the club.


Good. Leave now Giving Up


The tactical situation at milan is crystal clear even amateur like me knows: milan dont have legit playmaker, so why does berlu always force these puppet coaches to play with 4-3-1-2, practically the only formation which needs geniune playmaker to pull the strings of play?


i’m glad we missed Europe this time cause if we took this team to Europa leauge we will become the joke of Europe. smaller teams will shred us apart. let’s just hope that the sale gets through so we can start afresh with an experienced coach, new players and new management.

forza milan…. we’r waiting for u no matter what!!!


Both Donnarumma and Romagnoli form dropped, thanks to this brilliant idea of Berlusca to sack Miha before the season ends. Now they’ll have an excuse to sell them both in the same fashion they did SES and Saponara. It’s all politics


I don’t think its the players to blame. How can one even have the motivation to play when you know the whole club is going to sh*t? I honestly don’t think our starting line-up is complete cr*p. Sure it’s lacking and unbalanced, but with a confident set of players and a good coach, this same squad would be shooting for 3rd or 4th place. Antonelli comes up to mind when I think of the overall decrease of confidence in the players. Before he came, he was one of the best left backs in the Serie A. What is he now?… Read more »