Bertolacci could be relegated to the bench against Carpi, Boateng to play as a trequartista?

Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images
Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Giacomo Bonaventura, Andrea Poli and Riccardo Montolivo will start in midfield according to Sky Italia with Kevin-Prince Boateng playing behind Mario Balotelli and Carlos Bacca.

Milan won in Cristian Brocchi’s managerial debut on Sunday against Sampdoria but the new boss is going to change things up in his first San Siro match on Thursday against the 17th-placed Carpi.

Juraj Kucka is suspended for the match and according to, he will be replaced by Andrea Poli (Jose Mauri was also tried in training today).

But it seems that Andrea Bertolacci could also sit this one out and for different reasons: the €20m Roma signing has been a huge disappointment this season and could pay the price for his uninspiring performances on Thursday.

Di Marzio’s sits suggests that Bertolacci will start the match from the bench and Giacomo Bonaventura will play instead of him in midfield. This could push Kevin-Prince Boateng to the trequartista role which is the role in which he made a name for himself in 2010-2011 at Milan.

Brocchi did say that he wants a certain player as a 3/4tista, not necessarily an entirely creative player, which could also explain why Keisuke Honda is so far being excluded from the conversation. But of course all those things can change until the match kicks off at San Siro at 20:45 CET.

Mario Balotelli and Carlos Bacca will keep playing together up front with Gianluigi Donnarumma, Ignazio Abate, Alex da Costa, Alessio Romagnoli and Luca Antonelli in defense.


    • i almost 100% agree with him, the thing that baffles me after all this time is to why Poli makes a starting lineup….?

      • The one who performs plays, and last game he did perform. Thats why. he bearly played this season so what do we know about his development in training. maybe he got just a little bit better xD who knows. he was once a good talent. But im not getting my hopes up.

  1. Finally some balance in the middle! Jack cannot play behind strikers, he is more of a wide midfielder and will fit in nicely in three man midfield as mez’zala. Brocchi is making some smart moves but I would finally love to see Honda as a trequartista after two and a half seasons of misfiting

    Abate, Alex, Roma, Antonelli
    Poli, Montolivo, Jack
    Balotelli, Bacca

  2. Wow! Seriously brocchi?! No honda in the line up? Boateng as a trequartista? My main man keisuke deserves a go at his natural posish!

  3. For the games after Carpi, below formation would be better:
    Abate, Alex, Roma, Antonelli
    Kucka, Montolivo, Jack
    Balotelli, Bacca

    Why Miha did not do this and always play Berto?

  4. The C*nt Boateng from start LOL that overweight MF is not even good enough for the primavera… Really dont like him

  5. Unbelieve. How on earth can KPB play in the tri. Honda is the man. Clearly this is unacceptable. Brocchi is trying to put KPB back into the limelight. Against Capi, any Tom, Dick or Harry could play in the tri and Milan will still win. Very political of Brocchi.

    I would’nt fancy Brocchi to be a long term coach for Milan. From this selection, we know he is bias.

    For the future of this club, I hope Capi wins this time and bias lose.

    For the sake of our future Milan, sorry but I hope Capi wins this time.

  6. Hasn’t Brocchi watched any videos of Boateng playing as trequartista in Allegri’s mash up? Surely even the most boring #10 in Milan’s history, Honda, would be better in that position?

  7. To play with 4-3-1-2 you need a playmaker of zidane, platini, totti, veron, riquelme, or kaka’s caliber. It wont work any other way because with 4-3-1-2 you’ll have very limited attacking patterns as this formation wont allow interchangeable positioning to occur due to the players already having clear definite roles. Its very compact and solid in midfield with the trequartista as center of the play.
    Now, who in current milan roosters has all the requirements of a world class playmaker?

  8. here we GO AGAIN!

    headless chicken poli is starting again! we once again will play with 10 men.

    we want to play in CL and we start poli! Why? because he has “heart” to run 100000 miles. but he has no “feet” to do something with the ball.

    the day our TRASH italian trio poli, bonaventura, bertolacci is sold. we might might have a chance

  9. The coach is actually at training to c who is playing well enough to start. U r the bias ones and headless chickens because u want ur faces to start. And TRUE Milan fan would wish for us to lose. Go support juve, Roma, and inter but leave Milan alone. FAKE FANS!!!!!

  10. @sheva u keep talking trash… and some saying BOA isn’t good at that position, isn’t that d position he played in allegri’s squad? he was on fire if I could remember, and I’m 100% sure all y’all criticizing him are some white boys… and wait were u there during d training sessions? let d coach do his job! for sure I love Honda but I wouldn’t make bad comments on d coach’s decision…. even if he play locatelli in that position I don’t care, all I want is a win for Milan’s sake…. also @David I’m sure you’re not a Milan fan u must be an inter or juve fan… Forza Milano

    • Wow, playing the race card. Very clever.
      And anyone who watches milan knows boateng is not a playmaker. He only thrived there because ibra, cassano, seedorf and pato kept feeding him the ball, which he shot waywardly. Allegri only played him for his dynamism, and now that he losses it it seems illogical to play him there again

      • Zlatan, cassano and Pato can’t feed feed Boateng as much as Boateng feeds them. football is play forward nt backward. Or has fifa developed a new rule we don’t know of? Miha was a mess! Managers influence players, see wat d dead Torres is doing wit simeone’s impact, see wat pogba became under conte’s influence, see wat our El shaarawy is doing at Roma after rejection from his mother club Milan and Monaco (we saw wat he did wen Allegri ws der) d list goes on and on. Why wn’t Boateng resurrect again?

  11. Bertolacci have had really bad season under him and the pricetag of his is a nother reason that may have being big reason for his poor play, but that”s not a excuse, but if we have had better negosiator then Galliani then this mistake have being corrected and we have never sign Bertolacci in a first place! Our only really good signing of the last summer is Romagnoli and he would not being possible unless we have had Mihajlovic as a coach so Galliani is never being able to do that!

  12. Boy,am black two,nobody has said anything about BOA being black,so,keep the race issue out,FORZA white,FORZA black,we all bleed black and red,we Milan family

  13. This man has excellent visions… Play Boateng wia he belongs and he’ll deliver as long as der ar gud attackers up front (and we hav dat for sure). I remember boateng playing behind Zlatan and Pato. Mehn! Dat dude deserves some respect



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