Tassotti: “Paletta and Matri could return to Milan next season, it depends on Europe”

Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images
Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Mauro Tassotti, whose job is to scout the players on loan, says that the two could be back in the squad if the Rossoneri play in Europe next season.

Milan need to either win the Coppa Italia final or finish Serie A in one of the top 6 places to return to Europe and it’s clear that the squad will need improvements in order to compete in Europa League.

The Rossoneri would have to have a bigger squad to compete in three fronts next season and former assistant coach Mauro Tassotti, whose responsibility now is scouting the players on loan, says two on-loan veterans could make their return to the squad in the summer.

“You have to see what the needs of the team are,” Tassotti told OmniSport. “If Milan are playing in a European competition they’ll need a deeper squad to deal with all the competitions. “Paletta is on loan at Atalanta and could come in handy, as there are several players in defence whose contracts are running out. Also Matri, who is on loan at Lazio until June, could return to Milan in the summer.

“Other players? I’m mostly following young players and they need more experience in smaller teams.” Depth is already a problem now as Miha has stated Honda and Bonaventura have no replacements.

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kaka's fan

Not sure what to say. But we can take halilovic and Pereira on loan for Europa league next season. And rabiot 2


Pereira from psv. Great player!


Palleta welcome back,Matri fck no,just no


nice dream but IT NOT HAPPENING


Seems like a logic solution since Milan will once again miss out on CL spot again and will probably sell Bacca and Romagnoli, De Sciglio surley… Got to balance them books u know!


Are we in the Europa league or what. I don’t get it. Do we have to win the coppa Italia or Juve to win the league please explain


Italy changed their rules. You must be in the top 6 to play europa league as a runner up, if we finish 6th and eventually lift the trophy we go directly to the group stage while 5th place plays the 3rd qualifying round. I think they did it so cos of italy’s d3cline in european competions as this rule would help present a more competitive team. If alexandria had beaten milan and gone to the final and lose to juve, juve is already in the cl the 6th place in serie a takes the runner up place. Thats why sassuolo… Read more »


either we win d coppa italia or make top 5 so we qualified 4 eufa cup


bring WHO back? matri? what is tassotti on? soap water?. hell no to matri. Here are players who are Free at the end of this season. Ibrahimovic(PSG), Sofiane feghouli(Valencia), Hatem Ben Arfa(nice), Miguel veloso(dynamo Kiev), Matin caceres(juventus), Gregory van der wiel(PSG). This are just a few we can go for.


What about pato? Milan could really use him to be bacca’s supporting striker.


I would love that to happened 😀

ACMilanSince 69

We got rid of him. Please don’t bring him back. We need players, not partiers. Barbara can find a new boyfriend. Let him ruin Chelsea.


Milan got rid of him due to his simultaneous injuries (hello infamous milan lab!) not partying. He was much better than anyone we have now, yes even better than bacca, scoring for fun against inter, madrid, even barca.
Romario partied hard too, whats ur point? This is football not sunday school or boyscouts.


Noooo please no , those two NO!!!! Paletta is old,last year he was horribly…. and Matri … I think he is not a good attacker for AC… And this season he scores only 4 times…. AC need something news, youngers… Not old without skills..


Obviously you didnt watch any games last season, Paletta was our best defender, and it wasnt even close.


once AGAIN. our STANDARD (which you and millions of milan fans have forgotten) is not paletta!

You can compare him with zapata and bonera and in your head make him our t.silva. BUT NO!

We deserve more. And dont say we dont have MONEY.

Spening 20 million (!!!!!!!!) on bertolacci, shows we do have money if we WANT.

If you telling me palleta is a step in right direction, please leave this forum


Yes Finally someone who has brain! Ac Milan needs to wake up! This legendary club was once a paradise for stars souch as Seedorf, Pirlo, Maldini, Nesta, Baresi, Rijkaard, Kaka, George Weah, Dida, Van Basten, Schevsenko, Inzaghi, Gattuso…. Should I continue? Because the list in endless……. Now milan is going for players like bacca? To hell with him he will never be Milans van basten or Inzaghi! I am an Inter fan but I beg berlusconi to wake up for the sake of Serie A


So of all the players on loan this is what he could come up with? Pathetic! Really pathetic!! Why not say SES must come back since he’s doing some nice job on loan at Roma? 6 goals and 5 assists. What should we do with Matri for gods sake. Paletta might be a good backup but not a starter. Milan should go for a solid starter. I watched river plate vs boca juniors last 2 weeks and I can say from the 1 game I saw, mammana is really a fighter. He completely neutralized tevez.


Carmichael. I will sign all them for free right now. Ten times better than what we have. Our team is a joke


Tassotti is on some strong stuff… no matri bro

angry birds

Kaka maldini nesta gattuso even basten had statement for us, to follow juventus step. Are we blind or whàt?? This our real problem, we can’t be top team again with player like matri paletta zapata bertollaci poli adriano balotelli and many useless player. Stop it, look at juve their management try to hunt wonderkid everywhere in europe in South America. In 2008 we have aubameyang, his agent said the reason we didn’t give him chance to play thats because our management prefer italian than foreign. This is why milan still playing shiity player like bertolacci instead of playing mauri. 20m… Read more »


1. How are players like matri and paletta improvements? Personally id rather take aging pirlo and kaka back from mls than seeing jokers like matri in rossoneri shirt.
2. Why do they think only if milan qualify for europe that they need improvements? No matter if u r barca or salernitana u need constant improvements to keep up with competitors.
3. Why doesnt he mention el shaarawy and mastour?
4. Why doesnt person who actually scout players to buy say anything?
5. Why doesnt anyone at milan say anything about berlu and galli quitting when talking about improvement?


1. They Are not improvments and thats not the point. We need to bring depth in to the squad. We gonna need more players to rotate if we gonna play more matches. 2. Its because this turnements bring sponsors and prize money. Hard to go for better players when you have no future income. 3. Because its out og his controll. Hachims loan contract goes for 1.5 years he wont return in the summer. And el sha will be bought by roma. 4. He does not scout New players. He only watch our on loan players. Wich he just talked… Read more »


1. I know exactly its for depth hence reserve squad improvement. Its pressingly needed as milan are only in 2 competitions this season and even now they are already exposed for lack of depth, honda as winger? Come on. Thats not the point. My point is why add garbage to already garbage squad? 2. No, europa league isnt as glamorous and significant in prestige and money as ucl and teams would get money during, not before, competition so i dont agree that milan could buy players using europa league money in this summer calciomercato. Beside, why r u talking about… Read more »


I think paletta would make a Great backup player. He was the only defender Who deserved to stay last season. Matri i agree on.

I never said anything about spending competition money.

Braida anf leonardo did not have the same Job as tosotti. They where always looking for talent from the outside. Galli is responsble for talent with in the club.

Jepp Roma has a buy out clause, so sad about that because roma will most likely trigger it.


Yes i agree paletta could be great back up, even as 1st choice once in a while, but dont forget it was him who requested to be loaned out as he didnt want to be romagnoli’s back up. If he’ll be content as back up player then im all for it. And yes u did say competition prize and sponsors etc thats called participation fee. Basically u said milan could only buy good but expensive players if they could get participation fee/income for playing in europa league. While i agree at some point, i think improving the squad is a… Read more »

ACMilanSince 69

There is something behind the scenes with Sharawy. He was not let go because of soccer matters.


i 100% agree. And im sure 100% he’ll bite milan’s ass soon pirlo and gullit style.


Monaco manager said. He was very talented but he was too egoistic and did not perform if everything didnt surround him.

He is the same as balotelli

ACMilanSince 69

We got rid of him. Please don’t bring him back. We need players, not partiers. Barbara can find a new boyfriend. Let him ruin Chelsea.


They still dont know what they are doing they take quantity over quality… in my opinion Honda should be a rotational player Bonaventura too they should buy a better players at those positions and buy a great playmaker and a great CB


Oh is tassotti still in Milan? Forget about these your old players who are not doing well. I think you tassotti needs to leave cause you like using dead woods players fu……k


Paletta to replace zapata. Matri to replace Adriano and Balo as back up. Add one more quality striker to partner bacca. Ben arfa belotti berardi I want Francesco with berardi for that rw gosh that would be fantastic. Improve the second squad yes it will be a big improvement but first team needs to be looked at first. Vasquez wijnaldum Witsel Moutinho mamanna VANGIONE pelle there all there


Damn, if all those players u suggest plus ben arfa and ibra really join in, next season milan will be, for lack of better words, dirty.

Perttu Junnonaho

Paletta can come back from loan, but hi”s only depf player and we need Mammana and Tonelli! Matri “s Milan career is over and we don”t need him. Best case ckenario for him is that Milan give Matri to Lazio for Balde or nother good young player.


Palleta is more consistent and reliable than Zapata and would definitely be better to pair Romagnoli next season. We can all pretend we dont know but that guy is a solid defender and proved most of us wrong including me last season with an overall good performance.

I dont want to see Matri anywhere near Milanelo.

Tassoti is following Galliani’s instructions on who to call back. Stephan unfortunately will remain at Roma and could turn out to become another Aubemeyang.


As long as Galliani is CEO, matri to milan is 100% possible. He will claim this is your mr z


Comment:what is matri?

ACMilanSince 69

That is the question. 🙂


JOKERS….!!! Still running the CIRCUS for their own entertainment….!!!