Mihajlovic: “If we keep this up Milan can fight for third, Honda and Montolivo turned jeers into cheers”


Sinisa Mihajlovic was left satisfied as the Rossoneri defeated Genoa 2-1 at Stadio San Siro on Sunday.

Milan have been in a good form as of late and continued their fine run with a 2-1 win over Genoa at home this noon.

Carlos Bacca and Keisuke Honda scored the goals for Milan while Alessio Cerci (of all people) beat Gianluigi Donnarumma (who had Barcelona scouts watching him) and the Rossoneri keep themselves in the hunt for a place in Europe.

“Today we had to win and we have done that. We played well and we gave away very few chances,” Miha said to the press. “Matches have to be killed off though otherwise the result is always hanging in the balance. The team played well against a side that makes it hard for you and frustrates your play.

“We deserved to win. I only talk based on what I see out on the pitch. Looking at our rivals, we are in better shape than them at this moment in several areas. If we keep these performances going, and keep improving in front of goal, we will also be in the hunt for third place.

“We should’ve scored a third goal and not risked at the end. It is also my fault, as those who don’t sacrifice themselves for the team to the 94th minute will no longer set foot on the field. It wasn’t just Balotelli, there were another two or three as well as him, they know who I’m talking about.


“Where can we improve? There are many areas, as when Balotelli and Menez are fit we will have more attacking options and it’ll be more difficult for the opposition to close us down. When the team is playing well, it is difficult to change. Abate and Antonelli have played well and I see De Sciglio as a starter and today he took his chance. This is the right attitude. Every time a player is called upon, he has to give his all.

“Like I said after the Frosinone match, if Honda (who played 90 minutes and had a very good match) continues to play like this, he will always play. In the past he and Montolivo were criticized. But they have shown that with work and sacrifices, you can turn jeers into cheers. I congratulate both of them.

“Honda has been playing well for a while and he was just missing a goal. He had to take shots on goal today and I am happy for him. Niang? He wasn’t very happy when he was taken off (he was replaced by the returning Menez) but that’s normal, no one is ever happy when they are taken off.


“We know that Napoli and Juventus are the two strongest teams. Napoli? They have incredible potential in attack with Higuain. But it won’t be easy for them facing us. It will be a great match and we will play our game as we always do. At Napoli we are going for the win, as I have always done in my career.”

As Mihajlovic noted, “in the first 6 matches, we collected just 9 points. We have now collected 14 points from the same amount of matches.” Milan’s next match against the Partenopei is away from home.

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yan bah

I see a great improvement forza Milan


I’m glad Cerci scored,thankfully not at our expense

Gio torri

Good win today lads. But if we are going to get in the top 4 we need to be consistent. I would love Milan to go and beat Napoli but a draw would be absolutely brilliant l. Hope we play well let’s stick with the lads forza Milan

Bossman Bremawuo

Comment:Ac milan needs creative midfielder

ACMilanSince 69

Who were the other players he was criticizing? Menez?


Napoli? We would beat napoli with atleast 2 goals. Mark my words

angry birds

miha was right, I saw last ten minutes we didn’t have desire to play, baloteli most. In the other hand, for Honda hater and montolivo. You could see why miha still play them. Because their hardworkinG!! Niang play bad, but who can replace him now. Balo? Menez? Those player didn’t show us desire that’s why miha angry. Also bertolaci, he had worst game again, but who can replace him? For now, our anchor in midfield aare bona kuco Honda monty, hope something from mauri, so he will replace berto. it’s enough to give him chance, he doesn’t improve!!! our quality… Read more »


go mihajlovic and go milan . mihajlovic is what we need and nothing else what a coach ! he has papered over the teams obvious deficiencies . so far I rate him as second to Ancellotti in terms of the attitude and character he has given to an incomplete team like ours . muy bien mihajlovic . buena suerte para siempre.


I love milan

Mr. g

We need 65points at the end of the season. Grab third and buy à better bench. 1 dc 3mid and 1 forward.


I feel milan will defeat napoli. milan are more dangerous when playing with stronger team.


Comment: if we want to beat napoli, our chances must convert to score not losing goes nd we need to defend our back. Forza milan


Bertolacci needs to forget his price tag.. He is just looking so lacking in confidence. He did not have a bad game but he is not having great games either.. he is just trying to support Montolivo and Honda rather than take things into his own hand the way he did last season.. May be it is because he has more of a safety first approach now as part of a 2-man central midfield.. He did play really well as the wide midfielder in 3-man midfield in those games against Lazio, Sassuolo, away game vs Genoa etc.


Balo will be sent back, we saw yesterday that Miha cant stand him (his work rate)…

We are lucky that Miha is that kind of coach, he wants our players to give all every minute of the game..

Look at fiorentina, how many times this season they won/scored so late in the game…


nothing said about |Antoneli’s game he was fantastic! a lot of effort and determination were given by him! i like the way he help the attack and do his job at the defense! Balo must leave the team and never to return!!! waste of a talent….
Happy to see Menez back on the field!!



I like that Mihajlovic called Balotelli Lazy yesterday he told him exactly what he thought of him with all right because he didnt give his all when he came on and mentioned a couple more guys who didnt give Everything… Really like Mihajlovic he demands that everybody give everything or they wont play he is the manager we need Berlusconi better not fire him because he push everybody to do better Love that


Cerci didn’t score yesterday, d ball fell on him by mistake and rolled into d net. the guy is still useless. as for ballotelli and poli dey shouldn’t even make our bench. Mihajlovic is underrated, he should be in charge of Milan for years to come


Please, has anyone been added to the Ac milan whatsapp group cos i’ve given my number atleast three times and i’m yet to be added to any group…. i sincerely hope it’s not what i’m thinking…

Don Lawrenzo

“We should’ve scored a third goal and not risked at the end. It is also my fault, as those who don’t sacrifice themselves for the team to the 94th minute will no longer set foot on the field. It wasn’t just Balotelli, there were another two or three as well as him, they know who I’m talking about. ” Talking tough” A team like barca had it all high and coasting because they v been able to maintain one vital ingredient to success, and that is “DISCIPLINE”, from the back-lines to the forward-lines. Even the idolized Messi runs the barca… Read more »


Messi doesnt run the whole game he is walking alot its just that his iq is high enough for something like that


I am getting abit worried ahead of the summer transfer window there are rumours that Chelea has contacted Milan for Donnarumma and Barcelona scouting both Donnarumma and Romagnoli WE MUST RESIST EVERY BID FOR THOSE 2 we must build the team around both of them it is Milan’s only hope


Yes I an worried as well. Especially about gigi


But you know, its good that scouts are after our players. Its been years since it last happened. It means they’re doing something right. Both of them are extraordinary. And Milan is stupid, but not that stupid. Plus, both of them are Italian, and know the history of Milan, and Gigio is living his dream as he has dreamed about this, plus Roma is playing in the same team as his idol and will use this as an incentive to keep moving forward with our colours. So dont worry, just take everyday as it comes, and enjoy our young extraordinarily… Read more »


Bravo Miha,you did well and it is good for a coach to criticize his players even publicly. That means he is not afraid of their opinion and he can handle them. I love Inzaghi and he is legend of Milan but he was scared of players and he thought if he supports them even when they are unwilling to run on the pitch everything will turn out great. But no,group of players that we have need someone like Mihajlovic,they need someone to kick them hard when they slacking and show them their place. Believe me fellow Milan fans this Milan… Read more »


Can i know why Balotelli is responsible for the goal ACM took after Romagnoli made his mistake


Because he didnt even try to pressure the genoa players when he came on with fresh legs and he just walked around showing no signs of will or hard work Berlusconi was right he is an rotten apple i prefer we send him back to Liverpool at once… He is more interested in making videos on Youtube with freestylers like Touzani and being on Twitter than helping Milan he is not a professional football player he might aswell sign with Red Bull and live on making videos with Mastour i have had enough of him now Milan has given him… Read more »

angry birds

Guys I like to say something like this, balotelli potential player, skill full but lack of discipline and lazy. in the other hand, Honda just like Honda hater said he is slow, doesn’t have skills to keep the ball, and his finishing worse. But Honda hardworker, he always struggle to be useful, to improve, always fight. We can see the result came out.
I rather to keep hardworking player than talented but lazy.


Don’t know why Milan resigned Balotelli especially after Berlusconi called him a rotten apple. Is that the kind of player Milan management wants in the team? I am convinced Galliani and Berlusconi are crazy. Mihajlovic was upset with Balotelli and Jeremy Menez. Don’t know who the 3rd person is but I think it’s Bertolacci since he gave away the ball a lot and didn’t show the intensity Mihajlovic likes to see from his players. Milan should seriously let go Balotelli and Menez this summer. They really shouldn’t be playing ahead of Adriano and Boateng. Milan will possibly sign Hatem Ben… Read more »

ACMilanSince 69

Agree. All Menez wants to do is backheel. O


Guys this game is about confidence. You guys are flat out calling Balo sh*t and saying that (AFTER ONE GAME SINCE COMING BACK FROM INJURY) Menez should be let go. Same goes with berto. Show just a little respect. I understand that these guys are highly paid athletes but calling them sh*t when they have shown potential is rude and absurd. Balo is a star but he has bad luck. He was playing well before injury. Berto was playing fantastic before he got injured mid season. Anybody remember that? No you guys just bash players when they are doing bad,… Read more »

angry birds

you are the fake fans, we are blaming balo not because he’s playing bad, but he’s attitude towards the game!! And read miha interview about that!! Or did you watch the game? Balo didn’t have desire to play when miha gave him chance!!! That’s different from monty Honda situation??!! do you notice that Honda n monti always fight whenever they are playing, even in their bad time. Now they get the result from their hardwork!! Balo?? open your eyes dude!! I already told you, hardworking player more valuable than talented but lazy!!! Look at zaza he always give his all… Read more »

ACMilanSince 69

Balotelli and Menez strut too much and hustle too little.


Bona Vasquez Ben arfa
Banega Witsel
Anto Roma mamanna abate


Milan should build the team around Bacca. He is such a good finisher that he can score on any stage.


Banega is already going to inter bro. Sorry lol


Anybody can hijack him. It’s not done deal yet Chelsea,ManU,Arsenal and even Juventus are now after him.


It’s not official yet. Is it. But knowing Milan will sign fellaini Ur fave player aye


My fave player? See. I try and make a normal comment and yiu say something like that. Fellaini is not my favourite player. My favourite player is Maldini. Do you remember him? Probably not.


What do you guys say about Selling Luiz Adriano and buying this guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DURyFFYNMIc


Luiz Adriano should be sold he earns too much money to be on the bench i Think Milan should buy an Young and Italian striker Andrea Belotti would be a great addition to the squad here is some highlights if u dont know of him youtube.com/watch?v=DURyFFYNMIc


Maldini I think every football lover will know that name. Lolz come on now. Banega is a free agent I only put him there cause he’s free lolz yess he’s a great player. Argentinian for sure will end up at inter. Oh well. We have berolacci the genius next pirlo


I also would be lazy if i was balotelli if i had hona bertolacci montolivio and bonaventura behind me. I mean NO disrespect.. but please. just say the names for yourself once.. bertolacci.. montolivio..poli.. honda..bonaventura… PLEASE we have the slowest midfield in the entire seria. Its one thing to have slow legs and another thing to have a slow mind. our midfielders with a little bit of exception of bonaventura both have slow legs and slow minds. even messi would give up if he had poli berto monto honda behind him. run for what? I said it before.. i say… Read more »

Forza Milan

Stop dreaming. Accept the reality. Kaka, Seedorf and Pirlo era is gone. Good things happening in Milan right now is we are slowly getting rid of dead weight and building team around youngsters now. Regarding Balo, when you are getting paid for being a player you must respond to your coach. Remember Bacca is doing the running with the same midfield behind him and so was Adriano. So if Balo can’t run then he isn’t fit to be on the field. He isn’t running for free or for charity.


Are you seriously blaming Balo for being lazy because of the midfield? Are these words seriously coming out of you? This is the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard. I guess Bacca, Niang and Adriano are lazy too in your eyes? No they run like they do, no matter who plays behind them. This reasoning is absolutely ridiculous. You should be ashamed of yourself. Balo has been lazy no matter the midfield he has had behind him, stop kidding yourself. You might think of Euros 2012, yeah he was good, but how about WC 2014? Super lazy. So just stop, you… Read more »


Sheva you forgot totake your pills today..

Usually you make some sense but this is just silly… For what football players earn today, they must run a whole day, not just 90min…
And ok, our mid is lazy, but if Balo would run all over the place he would drag the defence, make holes and make place for long balls..

He is just standing there for how many millions per year??


Sheva a real top player Always give his Everything no matter how bad your team mates are how else are a top player supposed to be the best if he cant live up to his potential and push himself to Another level… Balotelli is weak mentally and thats why he will never be a star


This man is great, I am so happy he is still in the team, go man go. We can go to CL again Forza Milan, Forza Miha


I dont want Vazquez in our team..he was always so angry against us when he couldnt score and I didnt like him at all..I dont mind if hes a great striker but I think even Torres is better than him right now! Balotelli is one of my favourite players but I think he should work harder finally,he is 25 and he shouldnt spend all the upcoming years with such a lazy way! I want him to stay but he should convince Miha not to suck him.. Nocerino goodbye and good luck in MLS! Menez isnt in 100% condition so dont… Read more »


Ben arfa is a free agent at the end of the season. If we spend 60m we should be winning the Europa league if not competing against top teams in the UCL we should really go for some great free agents right now we don’t need to spend Crazy just smartly

angry birds

Lol miha angry with balo, because he is lazy, but still some fake fans try to defence baloteli for being lazy!!!
Some fake fans, wanna see us lose the game??!
Balo is potential, talented but lazy..
Honda is average but hardworker.
See the difference between them? Some of you, prefer balo than honda? Funny!!!


Off topic, last night I watched performance of R. Sanches he is a beast. I know he would be too expensive for us but my god he is already three times better than our Bertolacci. And i only imagined him in this Milan squad and with him we would be a lot stronger.


Also off topic, Juve are going to get Simone Ganz on a free from Como at the end of the season. Another youth player, a son of one of our players, leaving us, this could be like Darmain, Abu etc 10 goals in Serie B this season already. We need to keep hold of players like this, it’s unacceptable

Barkum Abdullahi Abubakar

I hope AC Milan will keep it up. Forza Milan