Milan added just 1 player to their squad and said goodbye to 3 men (although more exits are still possible) in what was a very quiet and uneventful January transfer market.

Kevin-Prince Boateng (28, forward, Schalke, free transfer)Suso (22, forward, Genoa, loan deal)
Alessio Cerci (28, forward, Genoa, loan deal)
Nigel De Jong (31, midfielder, LA Galaxy, contract termination)


  • It’s unclear whether or not Genoa have an option to buy-out Suso at the end of the season.
  • Cerci’s contract with Milan ends in the summer so he won’t be returning then.
  • De Jong’s Galaxy move is still not official but should become so soon.
  • It’s possible that Nocerino and Luiz Adriano will also leave as selling players to clubs in countries where the transfer market is still open is allowed.
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I would like to see Luiz Adriano stay here, at least till the rest of the season. Balotelli gamble is over and he should be sent back to Liverpool. It’s great to see Menez added to the team, but we need to remember that he is out of professional football for about a year. And It’s not good idea to believe he would be back to his best immediately. Honda and Kucka are our jewels in midfield, beside Bonaventura of course. We have a good team, we just need the consistency, which we have been lacking for the past couple… Read more »


Balotelli wasn’t a gamble and, if I remember correctly, he’s going back to Liverpool regardless.
It’s just an extra body for worst case scenarios and second half subs.
Honda and Kucka’s quality comes and goes. I don’t think they’ve ever been necessarily bad, but there have certainly been games where they’ve been ineffective. That, in my opinion, is enough for the term “gem” to be hyperbole.


Keep Adriano and sell Nocerino…

We didnt buy this window but at least we got rid of Cerci and two midfielders (they didnt play for us so its better for them and for us)

If we also sell Nocerino it will be good window… (We could have gotten creative midfielder but eh… At least we got rid of some players we didnt use and Boateng could be good addition, at least from what he has displayed until now)


Anyone else still misses Kondogbia and Jackson Martinez? I won’t forget the pain they caused me. And God almighty, look at their contributions to their teams. Both of them are struggling to be even included in starting 11.


Martinez went to China for 45 million on the last day of the window!

veer khase

Well,we didn’t bought any new players but i am not at all disappointed. Well a creative cm would have been a welcome addition but i don’t think that is necessary(atleast for just 16 games). Instead of going for witsel, we should work hard to reach champions league & target a world class cm in summer(in my opinion toure or maybe gundogan!! ). I also happy that we didn’t sign a CB in january because alex is performing exceptionally well (& that is a sign that we are going to a sign a new CB in summer because zapata & mexes… Read more »


I am abit dissapointed we didnt buy anyone but i like that we let De Jong go so we can maybe play Jose Mauri more maybe that was the plan and lower wages ofcourse


De Jong barely played and he’s a defensive mid.
How was his presence a hinderence to Mauri?


Lmaoooo what R u talking about


I just miss two signing because i see no replacement for Honda. And i wish we have proper CB back-up but hey,well we just need to hope to avoid injuries this year and we have good chances for 3rd place. I would also like to see more of Mauri and less of Bertolacci on CM position,try him on the wing again maybe it will work for us.
Anyway —- Forza Milan!


Of course I would’ve liked another midfielder, a classy one that is. But for now I have no other complaints, we let go of Cerci and Suso, unfortunately De Jong, but truthfully, even though he won me over and I loved him and his attitude, we play better without him in our team, and it is important for the future to reduce his 3 million a year contract. And I also like Noces personality and professionalism, but he isnt good enough for Milan as an athlete, and if Adriano would leave, it would be nice to get rid of players… Read more »


i am bit dissapionted sinsa pot a lots of hard owrk in team we start to playing good lots of hearth living on pitch that how we should play both still compare to roma,inter,napoli and juve we still missing few good players i was expecting to make stronger defence and midfield this winter ther was so mutch romors about soriano,witsel and others and nothing happend ,we have a good team bot to fight for top 3 we nned still few buys i just hope we will play all time like wth inter and collect many points forzaaa Milan


snatching the ball from the opponent was the positive of what I saw from the players especially honda, bona, montolivo n of course kucka. defence was mind blowing especially romagnoli n alex. also abate defended great. didnt saw bacca much only when scoring n fell most of the time claiming foul. niang honda abate combination was great. defence n goalkeeper is reliable had full confidence on them.


really love El sharaawy…. bertallocci should be sold, Honda, Adriano, poli also


Comment: imbula went to stoke for 19 milion pounds.milan could have gotten him , if we ,really wanted to sign a midfielder.


A lot of u R saying we need to be done with balo. Give him a time. He played well before his injury and he came back two weeks ago and everybody is hating on him. We need to keep playing him and give him a start once he gains match fitness again. In terms of the past mercato, it is absolutely amazing what happened to all the players we DIDNT sign but were closely linked to. Jackson to china for 50 million. What a joke. He was a bust at atleti. And kondogbia hasn’t done anything but hes young… Read more »


What most of us don’t like is Balo’s attitude to work.. Our game play always changes for the worse when he comes in. I also have noticed he lacks understanding of Bacca.


How is POLI still in the team???????????

Pa ibra

Exactly David. I remember everyone saying positive things and jubilating his comback from Liverpool.. People here changes opinion on players like a little girl chances clothes I bet you’ll see alot of loving words once mario fire a brace or one good game. they overvalued a goal. Niang was awful in the derby before his last 5 mins and we were all seeing that but once he scored,people went like wow niang played good,super!!! lol I just smiled at them