Teams news: Alessandoria are without Vedran Celjak who is suspended as well as without Gianni Manfrin and Antimo Iunco. Milan have to do without Diego Lopez, Alex, Rodrigo Ely, Philippe Mexes, Giacomo Bonaventura and Jeremy Menez. This is the first of a two-legged Coppa Italia semi-final and it kicks off at 21:00 CET at Stadio Olimpico di Turin.

U.S. Alessandria Calcio 1912 (4-3-3) – Angelo Gregucci
Gianmarco Vannucchi; Cristian Sosa, Alex Sirri, Santiago Morero, Roberto Sabato; Gianluca Nicco, Massimo Loviso, Simone Branca; Manuel Marras, Michele Marconi, Manuel Fischnaller.
Bench: Nordi, Picone, Terigi, Mezavilla, Sperotto, Cittadino, Vitofrancesco, Boniperti, Bocalon, Iocolano.

AC Milan (4-4-2) – Sinisa Mihajlovic
Christian Abbiati; Mattia De Sciglio, Cristian Zapata, Alessio Romagnoli, Luca Antonelli; Keisuke Honda, Andrea Poli, Jose Muari, Kevin-Prince Boateng; Mario Balotelli, Luiz Adriano.
Bench: Donnarumma, Livieri, Abate, Calabria, Simic, De Jong, Bertolacci, Kucka, Montolivo, Nocerino, Bacca, Niang.

Referee: Massimiliano Irrati.

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Forza Milan!


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Foza Milan !


What’s your email address?


Official email isn’t available for the app yet, i will keep you informed. Thanks.


Milan line up is pretty shocking. Wow Miha is very bold with his tactic, i hope he know what he is going to do in this match. Forza Milan!!!! I hope to see at least 0-2 for Milan


I would love to watch this match but i can’t so could u guys update from time to time on how Mauri is playing? I have a lot of faith in that kiddo. Thanks


finally mauri starting. dont want to have high expectations just to end being disappointed but good luck today.
forza milan!


Interesting lineup choice. I’m happy he is finally giving Mauri a chance, may be too late though.

Here’s a link to the match:


Why is KuckaAnd i on a bench again? and instead poli plays…


What else can we say? is our club. Goodluck boys!


Anyway if balotelli plays like crap and create errors, i will really2 like he goes away soon from milan. No more “yeah he can make a difference, yeah he should be given a chance, bla2” words like that from Miha. O yeah one more thing, if Galliani proven wrong in the Milan’s tax fraud case, thats because a lot of milan fans cursed him. He should get locked up and no more get involve with Milan


I hope he gets 5 yrs. Poor Cannavaro got 2 yrs last year. I hope they will show Galliani no mercy.


Off topic. It’s kind of awkward to see Balotelli like that in the picture. I mean he looks like actually playing football like a professional lol. I hate his strolls on the pitch…


Luckily there is home&away semi-final fixtures, in case we screw this one up. C’on guys show us some pride!


its a good line up. this shows mihajlovic is very confident of winning the match. i don’t trust zapata. we need to buy a better center back to pair with romagnoli .i was expecting kucka to start ahead of poli…they are similar players but kucka offers more than poli.
forza milan !!


***y a w n****


Antonelli is our teams playmaker atm lolol


30 mins into the game and we cant even dominate against Lega Pro – third italian league club….

and we want Europe???

Some will say that we dont have many first team players – so what?? Bench players should want to prove themselves and try even harder than first team players….


Wonda wats rili wrng wit dis team? We knt dominate a lega pro team!


up milan we are winnin 1 goal down brother enjoy the night


I hope nobody will praise Balo for his penalty goal, he killed 2x 100% chances before (in addition to another 2 100% chances in previous matches). Sad to see Honda is offensivelly useless even against this team. Poor Luiz Adriano – a poacher without midfeild.

milanister till death

we are dominanting but have not scored


OK well… dominating in which sense?

We were better team – OK I agree

BUT how much better were we?? That is my point… Milan should have raped them 5-0 by half time…. instead of that we won 1-0 on a penalty????


This was an awful performance against a Lega Pro team. Shameful. This coach suck.


the coach sucks!!! In my opinion its not Miha’s fault when a player like balotelli struggles to score against a lega pro team. Also, when niang fails to score in a one on one situation is it still Miha’s fault? I really can’t see why you are putting the blame on the coach.


What a bad bad bad Milan display considering against who we played…


Tearful display. Sad!


the game was pretty meh… but in milan standards it was disappointing. i kinda wanna see a new formation used


How can we be so terrible? How “small” have we become…Disgusting, lame football, so low quality. I am out words. Every time I think that we’ve reached the bottom but apparently there is always worse.


You people should leave criticism.Lets enjoy this win for now.


Again a third division ACM played like that , in case final how we’re going to stand up again Juve


I miss this sooooo much…

————– Dida
Cafu — Nesta — Stam — Maldini
– Gattuso — Pirlo — Seedorf
————– Kaka
—- Shevchenko – Inzaghi

*just wanted to remember why I love Milan*


angry birds

And remember who was our coach at that tim? Carlo ancelotti!! most wanted manager now


Even our reserve team was good:

Dario Simic Kaladze Costacurta Janskulovski
Serginho Ambrosini Brocchi
Rui Costa
Crespo Jon Dahl Tomasson


We’re can’t ever believe our team going to win this anymore, always broken heart or think god after the game


Soo glad u turn a Milan fan 2014 soo I don’t cry when the play bad ,cause I wasn’t there when they use to play good….am use this crop…n as the commentary said milan just finish bad,of how much chance they had


brothers football changes, even if we are the strongest side on paper no team is a small team to brothers remember that dis team has beat Roma,genoa,pama, and all dis team the bet we Milan struggle among them in serie A so i thank God we won and i want to see the old spirit of Milan in our player and the team coach is not the problem


Agree asf…spezia knock Roma out ,Roma that is a better team than us….i just want to be in Europe


I’m not supporting him but respect your elders.

Pa ibra

This miha experience is turning to be an Allegri one. some victories felt like defeat


You guys please make up ur sense’s. The problem with Milan is not the coach, but the management and some of the players in term of standard qualities. Do u realize how allegri becomes Juve favourite now as a manager, but cursed while at milan. Maybe if Seedorf or even Inzaghi take Inter or Roma as a manager they are becoming favourite too. Have u all heard what Gailani said recently : He doesn’t even look care with how the standard of the defend, midfield, or anything. He insisted that 27 players is enough regardless who they are.


He wants to bring in pavoleti from genoa for 10m should incase adriano leaves. He is enriching his genoa club.