El Shaarawy set to join Roma on loan with option to be purchased in the summer in a €14-16 million deal


Stephan El Shaarawy has found a new home and Milan are ready to send him to Roma, who will not be obligated to buy the player in the summer.

With Luiz Adriano’s move to China falling through, there is no space at Milan for another attacker and so the Rossoneri have decided that El Shaarawy has to go.

And according to the Italian press (Sky, Gazzetta to name two), there is an agreement between the Rossoneri and Roma for the Italo-Egyptian.

It’s reported that Roma will pay Milan €2m to take El Shaarawy on loan until the end of the season and will then have an option to purchase him for a fixed price (€12-14m) in the summer. Stephan spent the first half of the season at Monaco playing 24 matches but they chose to send him back.

il Faraone will be in the Italian capital on Sunday or Monaco and the medical check-ups should take place at the start of the upcoming week. Milan are ready to wave goodbye to El Shaarawy, again.

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I also read that Milan is interested in Sime Vrsaljko but Juve Barcelona are interested in him also he would be a great signing


Agree, Vrsaljko is a beast at RB… And he can also play sometimes as LB…

Anyhow, I hole that we dont regret selling SES, ok he was one season miracle, but still, I would hate to see Roma earn money on SES when they robbed us for 50m this summer…


He cant play as a LB. I mean he can, as same as, for example, Abate can. Vrsaljko is RB and nothing else. He cant be seen as a potential solution for both flanks.


They didnt rob us for that amount, Roma was a signing that was necessary, which means that he was worth the money.


Roma – ok but bertolacci?


I am convinced that there is a good player in him, but 20 million was too much. Nobody would complain if he was performing though, right?


Romagnoli was worth 30 m ? If Roma was selling El Shaarawy in his current condition to us the asking price would be around 30-35 mil , and don’t tell me Bertolaci is worth 20 mil and our player only 12-14 mil.


Juve (Allegri) really wants Poli…

Grant his wish Galliani pleaaaasee!!!

And get us Caceres in exchange please!


We need left footed right midfielder. Honda can’t be only choice.

veer khase

I would have preffered cristian tello as RM but he is snapped up by fiorentina.I think ben arfa or jese rodriguez fit our profile.


Adriano 29 ses 23 awesome deal love it


Thanks for the memories SES. That was an awesome four months back in 2012.


I really think SES will shine in Roma. I don’t understand that we payed 20m for him and selling him for 14m and he’s still 23. Give the man a chance. Give him 6 months in Milan and we probably can get our money back. He alredy experienced in seria a and he can Be the key for Roma to Succes this season and steal our 3rd place. When I used to watch him fit he was always giving he’s best. But g…..i knows best haha lol


Agree, I would have tried him a couple of times as Lm or Rm (Bonaventura injury is a possibility), way better than Honda!
And if we paid for Bertolacci 20 mio than Shaarawy should be at least 25!


That’s Milan management for u.. Buy for 20 sell for peanuts.. Who is Gonna buy berto for 20 if we decide to sell him oh wait he’s Italian yess Italian Milan piss off all of Italy’s players suck n ain’t going anywhere soon load of bull all over this Milan


All of Italy’s players suck? Wise up. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting a more Italian Milan, plenty of top clubs in all the top European leagues want academy players to come through their ranks and to have first team players from their own countries.


Exactly! That’s why the problem isn’t the coach or the team, it’s behind all that. The board don’t do anything right anymore. Maybe for 5-10 years now. Braida left us because he saw the problem. The old guy can’t handle all this on his own. We are more a team in the middle than in the top of serie a. I don’t trust in mr guru gall..i. I don’t think him alone will give us a world class squad again. We need a man like Maldini back. He’s the face and big big image for Milan. I really hope we… Read more »


Well said, for a fresh and new Mian everything must start from scratch . Berlusconi and Galliani don’t give a f”k about a football team at their age


No problem at all for me as long as Milan gets Witsel / Banega + Caceres / worldclass defender.


How many academy players do we have that can actually get us in Europe lolz. Wise up.. U clearly don’t see anything. I’m all for young Italian players y get rid of ses n u keep poli. Nocerino Adriano cerci no words. Inter napoli have a great team with less Italian players n where r they on the table hmmmm yeah that’s great aye u clearly know so much about football.. I don’t care where players are from if u r quality then u can come we want quantity of Italian players n get nowhere u clearly don’t get the… Read more »


Did you even read what I wrote, I said it’s a normal aim for teams to want young talent from either their academies or from their own country. I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be foreign players.


I would rather have a team that has youth from Italian academies (like Mastour who is Moroccan) and that is capable of competing than a team full of foreign talent. Along with improving stadia and infrastructure, Italy can have a stronger national side, a stronger economy, and a stronger league as well as attracting stars from other leagues.