Report: Milan and Genoa reach an agreement over Cerci but the player will have the final say

Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images
Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Alessio Cerci could join Genoa on a six-month loan as he’s not in the plans of Mihajlovic for the rest of the season.

Adriano Galliani tried to satisfy the desire of then-coach Pippo Inzaghi by signing Alessio Cerci last summer but the player chose to join Atletico Madrid instead.

After flopping there, the former Torino man arrived to Milan in January on a 1.5-year loan swap with Fernando Torres and this deal is set to end on June 30th.

It’s tough to argue that Cerci enjoyed any form of success at Milan and despite getting numerous chances from coach Sinisa Mihajlovic, he usually looked like a shadow of his Torino-self and it seems that with Prince Boateng re-joining (move to be official soon), the Milan hours of Cerci are limited.

According to il Corriere della Sera, CEO Adriano Galliani (still on vacation in Brazil) and Genoa President Enrico Preziosi have managed to reach an agreement over a six-month loan for Cerci, 28. However, the player will be the one to decide whether this move will happen or not. In any case, Alessio will return to Atletico in the summer and they will most likely try to send him elsewhere.

Torres will of course not return to Milan in six months as his contract with the Diavolo expires at the end of the current season. Cerci could soon go to Genoa and join Suso who’s already training there.

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I hope he will leave.. Next ones are Zapata and Nocerino, sell them and buy Witsel or Banega and that would be good transfer window.. If we also buy one cb like Caceres, it would be amazing…

———— Donnarumma/Lopez
El Shaa/Berto/Menez-Boateng/Kucka-Banega/Witsel/Monty-Bonaventura
——– Bacca/Balo – Adriano/Niang

That would be really competitive squad..


He has shown glimpses of quality but ultimately has been a flop. a Genoa move will be beneficial to all party. he should leave.


If we dont buy any usefull players this market then we will lose to inter again. Go ahead tmdislike this comment but u guys deep down no im right. We need a cb with romagnoli we all agree on that and we also need a midfielder and we all agree on that. 6th place we are half way of the end of the season. Just only 3 more ups and were there. Roma juvi inter fiorentina napoli all on top of us we have to nock out 3 and get up there at least


Guys what you guys think of imbula is he exceptional or what?


A very good left footed midfielder. He can dribble,pass and make good runs with the ball. He would be a big upgrade.


imbula is a very poor player. he has made only 6 appearance in the Porto team. if milan get him it will be like the kondogbia purchase. too much hype, end result is zero. dont get fooled by the youtube video


We send them Suso to develop then we add Cerci as well. Isn’t he going to hog all the playing time away from the kid?


Galliani for you. Maybe this guy inderectly own genoa.

Veer khase

I don’t think so because genoa will most probably be using cerci as a SS, not as a winger or attacking midfielder.


Cerci, Cerci, Cerci…. I wasn’t one of the 90% on this blog clamoring for you to join Milan and now finally you’re leaving thank god. What a waste of time.


God i hope we get some really good players this transfer window


If we could make the loan deal with Real Madrid for Isco, it will be one of the best thing latley. If we could loan Isco we would be serious in raceing for the Scudetto. Galliani has a great relationship with Fiorentino Perez so there is still a possibilty even tough it´s a small one. You are going to tell me to stop dreaming, but honestly we need to demand one big name player to change our game. Otherwise we will end up same way as last season. And why not give Fabregas a chance to sign also while he… Read more »


Everyone tweet milan the samething tell them witsell or banega i promise well get a sign if we all blow them up on twitter thats what madrid fans get an they end up buying them. Blow up milans twitter tell them a cb and witsell or banega


Omg Galliani is such an amateur. How can he be on a holiday in the transfer window, idiot. We are loosing out on potensial deals out there because of his incompetent ass is on Copacabana beach.


Let him leave it will be better for elshaa to come and then sell nocherino, de jong, zapata,


I hope Cerci is played as a seconda Punta at Genoa, and rediscovers his Torino form.


Milan are currently being linked with 32 year old Branislav Ivanovic who is currently struggling at Chelsea. 🙁 . i hope this is only a rumor and nothing more. It will only result in another Mexes or Alex type situation. these players have no future with the club and are only quick fixes.


Cerci got his chance but proved unreliable hence we dont need him again.


Its not looking good at all Boateng and now rumours are Fellaini Ivanovic they are making the same mistakes MIHAJLOVIC TELL THEM TO BUY ANDRIJA ZIVKOVIC he is from your country you can convince him to join us


Does galliani have some fkn dirty deal with Genoa or what??? Is this the only team we know how to deal with?


Also you guys are asking for big name players this window. Don’t get me wrong, I want a guy like isco to come but there is no way berly is spending a lot of money this winter. Id say Witsels price range is as far as berlu will go with his wallet