Report: Suso close to joining Genoa on loan until 2017 with an option to be purchased


Suso has found limited space and is likely to go to Genoa next month where could stay at least until next year.

The Spaniard joined Milan from Liverpool last January but didn’t manage to convince Inzaghi or Mihajlovic as both coaches barely used him in official matches.

Suso’s agent said at the start of the month that they will be considering an exit and according to Sky Italia’s Gianluca Di Marzio, the 22-year-old is on his way out of the club and is ‘one step’ from Genoa.

Suso declined Genoa in the summer but is now ready to join them on loan until the end of the season. In addition, Di Marzio reports that the Grifone will have an option to extend the loan for another year and in the summer of 2017 will be able to purchase him for a certain amount.

“The transfer market? I won’t talk about Boateng and Suso since the transfer season only officially begins on the 4th of January,” Adriano Galliani said yesterday. Suso is not in the squad to face Frosinone.

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Suso and Honda out, Boatang in and Menez back ⚽


Good,good. My only doubt is purchase option. If he proves his worth, he will for sure be bought by Genoa. If he fails (even for Genoa standards-not Milan), he will return, but wont play for sure-if he isnt good for them he wont be good for us either. Either case it seems his ACM career is over.


@seba you should be protesting that players as Nocerino,Zapata,Cerci should go not Suso and Honda! When last have you seen Honda starting a match? How can he prove his worth with just petty mins to play?


Honda has been here how long… Cam cm winger he is plane crap.. Cerci is ahead of him n that says it all.. So please Honda has got to go SUSO is just young but not what we need right now… As for the rest of the second squad atleast half of them gotta go now


i think meny of you are talking to soon, honda has not ben very usefull yes, but that is not because he is bad see him play with japan and talk. we can not get the best out of him because the way we play. you saw today when we dominate and have the ballposition how usefull he is. suso is great talent the same with mauri and ely, they can become word class players. but mihajlovich don’t want to risk to play those and lose a match, he dont have trust on them. when he will trust them and… Read more »

Yusuf Toheeb Ayinde

Comment:Mr. galliani don’t let suso go or else Milan will regret if suso sign for Genoa permanent I swear to god ac Milan team will regret of sell him.


That buying options must be a joke… Suso can be great if hell get season or 2 in middle table team. He just need to play constantly to show whats in him. And i hardly doubt that he can be worst than Honda…