Teams news: Carpi are without Matteo Fedele, Igor Bubnjić, Wallace and Raffaele Bianco. Milan have to do without Diego Lopez, Luca Antonelli, Andrea Bertolacci, Antonio Nocerino, Mario Balotelli and Jeremy Menez. Kickoff time is 20:45 CET at Stadio Alberto Braglia.

F.C. Carpi 1909 (4-4-2) – Fabrizio Castori
Vid Belec; Cristian Zaccardo, Simone Romagnoli, Riccardo Gagliolo, Gaetano Letizia; Lorenzo Pasciuti, Isaac Cofie, Lorenzo Lollo, Raphael Martinho; Kevin Lasagna, Marco Borriello.
Bench: Brkic, Spolli, Lazzari, Di Gaudio, Marrone, Matos, Mbakogu.

AC Milan (4-4-2) – Sinisa Mihajlovic
Gianluigi Donnarumma; Ignazio Abate, Alex da Costa, Alessio Romagnoli, Mattia De Sciglio; Alessio Cerci, Juraj Kucka, Riccardo Montolivo, Giacomo Bonaventura; Carlos Bacca, M’Baye Niang.
Bench: Abbiati, Livieri, Calabria, Rodrigo Ely, Mexes, Zapata, De Jong, Josè Mauri, Poli, Suso, Honda, Luiz Adriano.

Referee: Massimiliano Irrati.

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I see a 2-1 or 2-0, hopefully 5 -0 !!


omg zaccardo is back


Comment:Not in our team,he plays for carpi


oh look its the return of Zaccardo (own goal specialist) and Boriello (a waste since he had boots)


Comment:GO MILAN ^_^


We have a solid eleven right now


So there is two Romagnolis lol


maximum point…..i hope


Streaming link for iOS and Android Ive only tested it on iOS so far


If we win this match we are 6 points from top of the table which is very very nice situation… Come on guys!!!


7points. Inter 33.


oh… my bad 🙂 still its impressive


you mean when we win, because we will surely win. forza ragazzy


Well, I hope so.. 🙂 i have joined now, how did we play first 30 minutes?




Galliani’s boys back to where they belong. Zacardo and boriello.


Cerci and offsides in this game is a better love story than any…


bein sports and super sports, fvcking tards.


At the end of first half,,,,, Alex(idiot) abate(is he on d pitch?) Cerci(fool) dona(good) desciglo(don’t know wat to say) kuco(average) monto(average) bona(trying) bacca & niang(OK)


Milan will win


First half analysis? Anyone….don’t have the opportunity to watch the match.


We need a better quality right winger who has some consistency, way too many mistakes and mental lapses from cerci


Oh how I remember the days of 90% of people on this blog begging for Cerci to join us…


come on Milan, scoree!!


Bologna Roberto donadoni is better than AC Milan Mihailovic 🙂


Well , no victory, just not good enough, should have played crotone with starting 11, we need consistensy, no europe without cup.

Euh the ref made the worst descisions…..on every angle he got it wrong XD


I tink we jst draw this game.
Good night fellas.


Doesnt matter, we have our golden ball winner bonaventura, we drew today because we missed our superstar bertolacci. Forza milan!! And our coach is great, he speaks from his heart! Galliani is great, thanks for kucka and bonnaventura!


0-0 with Carpi , just where we stand ! F**k up with a weak team , this is where we stand

Gifted Italian

Even though milan didn’t score i actually see a good partnership between Romagnoli and Alex, i feel more confident when i see them play together as opposed to Zapata or Mexes


that game was a waste of my time..


Milan is pathetic today. no enough chances created, the little we had fell on cerci. speechless.


I regret watching d match… Total waste of time


Classic case of lack of quality on sides. If Jack have a bad day, nobody do anything. Cerci only positive is that he is better then Honda and Suso and fullbacks offensive help is not existent with MDS and Abate. I feel sorry for Bacca, he get averagely one chance per two matches created for him. B+G should stop talking about CL until they bring better players, starting with right midfielder.


Maldini said it all. And to those praising cerci,i think you have seen it for yourselves today. For our coach? He would try another formation tmrw.
Goodnight brothers!


How can I even sum up this match ? One game we’re rampant & the next one just the exact opposite. Apart from Donna, The whole back unit were exposed tonight, Yes, Including Romagnoli. Abate was always out of position & barely had any attacking presence, Apart from his passing which was really offensive… football. Alex made Borriello look like the second coming of Totti, While De Sciglio is….well, De Sciglio. In midfield we had Captain Ricky too scared to actually try & dictate the tempo, Instead, Just cannon the ball at the slightest of pressure. Kucka was trying, too… Read more »

Kwabena Adu

We need a competent coach,too much inconsistencies.At least we should’ve been able to beat a lowly side like Carpi.They way we are dropping points will cost us.Mihajlovic had a full pre season to acesse the players but his system is not working.we are dropping easy points


Miha has roughly, a 30% win percentage as a coach for his career.


If we can’t beat carpi i dont think we can finish in top ten talkless of finishing in top 4.and i’m begining to lost hope in our coach.

Yeah Yah

How pathetic. Can’t even beat a second last placed team.

Manwal Harb

Oh come on, they had a 9 players on the goal line. Did anybody see that? How are we going to score against that?


with shot on goal


Well honestly, if we had Antonelli on LB and Calabria on RB we would have more firm back line and full backs who drag the attack… Guys, I just dont get it, why do you think Calabria isnt better than off-form Abate?? Calabria showed great performances and he needs to be played! Also, those who are defending Monty… He is a captain and he is in the role of creative midfielder, he MUST be the one who creates pressing, the one who controls the play… And he is too damn shaky to do that… If he cant control the game… Read more »


Did anyone see that moment when Cerci was being subbed and he draged himself to the line and Monty pushed him to run cause we needed time to score and he was wasting it??

I think that says it all… And honestly, Im suprised that Monty did that…

But, if you think about it, boss like Maldini or Stam would slap the face out of Cerci that moment…


In all honesty, we should not expect that Milan will win in every game regardless of who we are playing with. Carpi were really impressive. They needed the point because it could be useful at the end of the season. Borrielo did very well. However, i think i now understand why De Jong is on the bench, Juraj Kucka is doing excellently well and montolivo is not doing badly too. May be we should be a bit patient with the team. The team are doing okay, our keeper has shown high level of present of mind. The only shortcoming is… Read more »


YAAAYY…. We drew Carpi at home.. “Wow” We must have played our hearts out as usual…!!! Oh, I shouldn’t have missed this match, just like I’ve been missing the others… Oh, one point isn’t bad, after all, we’re still in the EUROPA LEAGUE ZONE.. looooool. “Reality Check” LEICESTER city’s topping the English League at the tail end of the first half of the season.. Interesting!!! just look at their PAYROLL and look at Milan’s. I can bet that for 100 million Euros, I’ll sign CARPI’s first eleven… loool Oliver Fisher, where are you? I need those 5 lessons again, cos… Read more »


With you on that one . F***ing Carpi was a win or lose type of game for me , all in or nothing and i won’t even start on Boateng , another player we don’t need ! WTF , one step forward and another 10 back


I didn’t see 9 players on the goal line Capri created more action then us at the beginning the first half and played 90 minutes liked a normal team


What I really think is that the fault goes to galliani for wrong transfer,really don’t knw what cerci,de sciligio Alex doing in that team,we really need both wingers intact,when is menez resuming brothers???………..m…. awful Cerci


When I saw Cerci at the World Cup I knew those clamouring for him knew next to nothing about football or Milan quality! I wonder how we kept Abate but let Darmain and Pierre Emerick Aubumeyang go.

In my opinion the team misplaced a lot of passes which could have made the difference. Carpi played a system we were not prepared for nor have the personnel to unlock a compact system. I am irked at the draw but that won’t stop me acknowledging the spirited performance of the Carpi team.

Cerci is not better than Honda. He will never be.


Now I understand why seedorf wanted to get rid of most players in this team


I never had headache for so many years regardless of the situation but it started yesterday about 70mins into the match. I’m now fully recovered from the DRAW HEADACHE and can say something now; 1. A badly built teamwill lack consistency in result and this is a result of quantity signings by GALIANI over the last 4 years. 2. Cerci should leave Milan like an ingrate wife ASAP 3. The Antonelli effect was clearly felt as De Sciglio was average (not poor) yesterday and couldn’t make himself dangerous despite seeing a lots of spaces on the left. 4. Milan need… Read more »