De Jong trains with the group but Antonelli suffers a minor thigh injury and will miss the Carpi game


Nigel De Jong will be available for Sunday but the first-choice left back will have to miss the match.

The next four matches will be critical for Milan as they face Carpi, Hellas Verona, Frosinone and Bologna so coach Sinisa Mihajlovic will need his best men to get all of the 12 points that are up for grabs.

However, the Serb will have to do without his starting left back Luca Antonelli at least in the next game (this Sunday, 20:45 CET kickoff), Milan have confirmed today.

“During yesterday’s training session, Luca Antonelli sustained a minor injury in the adductor muscle in his left thigh. The player’s fitness will be assessed again at the start of next week,” a statement on Milan’s website reads. Mattia De Sciglio will most likely step in for Antonelli who’s been in good form.

Luca won’t be there on Sunday but Nigel De Jong has returned to training and took part in today’s sessions (as did Rodrigo Ely). The Dutchman has spent the majority of the season on the bench but considering how Milan’s reserves played against Serie B’s Crotone in the Coppa Italia this week (ended in a 3-1 win), Mihajlovic needs every bit of quality he can have on his bench.

Mario Balotelli meanwhile is not yet training with his teammates but could be back in time for the Hellas match or the encounter with Sampdoria in the Coppa Italia in two weeks.

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Why do they always suffer from thigh injuries?


because they play soccer




Is milan the only team that plays soccer? Since 5-6 seasons now thigh injuries is the most common injury our players suffer from. If you are a real milan fan you will understand what i mean.


Agree, we should really change our medic and scout staff… (I have no idea if it is medic or fitness staff fault)


yet, another injurie….

i wonder if we can stay 1 week full health


May be they are training too hard…. Mija should take it easy with them so as to not affect our games!


Yes, he should maybe walk them in the park


we have the same problem with every coach, seedorf, allegri, pippo, miha

saddiq el92

milan always in my heart keep going guys i like u all forza milan

jus me

I heard that Milan wanna buy mirallas from Everton what do u guys think of that… and we will surely get the full three points against carpi this weekend fa sure


Well honestly, I whink we need creative center midfielder not another winger… And when we buy cm than we need right midfielder… So I dont get that rumor… If we do sign Boateng (I have no idea how will that work our, its a gamble…) and another mid like Witsel then we could go for other positions… Boateng – Witsel – Monty – Bonaventura With De Jong, Bertolacci, Mauri, Cerci as backup is kinda OK until the summer… What bugs me is why every Milan coach plays Honda in attack when he is not an attacker, I bet he would… Read more »


Boateng can always be backup for one of the midfielders,Cerci keeps improving at the RM position.So instead of Witsel who is expensive i would bring Tielemans.When we sell Honda we need one good winger and i would prefer young left footed one,ideally Berrardi. For me De Jong needs to play,that is not player for bench. There is a huge chance that i am wrong given that i am not football expert but i always think of him as Mascherano type of player therfore i want to see him on CB position.Be free to criticsise,this is just my humble piece of… Read more »


Well I agree on Cerci, that he is improving, but he is inconsistent. Honda was never a winger, at least he is not at his natural position… And if we want quality we must pay, and believe me, Tielemans is not cheap. Berrardi is a beast, but Juventus owns him… As for De Jong, that was my thought also, but he is short and slow… And cbs (usually) need to be either fast or tall or both… But I agree that that kind of player needs to play, he was our best player last season and I think its Mihas… Read more »


Tielemans is amaizing but could imagine is not that cheap.To pay 20 mio for such a talent is a very good invesment!Leon Goretzka is a really good alternative!
Think that Mirallas is a mediocre player and not the solution that milan desperatly needs.
Berardi is not own by Juve, but they have a buy back clause. Berardi is really good…way better than Cerci or Honda (also in the natural Cam or Cm or RW or LW position of Honda)


Cannavaro was neither tall or fast and he managed to be proclaimed for one of the best defenders in the world.Tielemans definitely not cheap,yes,but way younger than Witsel and i would imagine not worse than him. I agree with you about Honda,he is not winger but than again he is not for Serie A cause he cannot defend and every man in midfield have to know to play defense,at least in Italy. Berrardi can be bought in January but i imagine it would be very expensive to get him that is why i said ideally would be him. And De… Read more »


Training ground injuries are mostly caused by a rigorous training regime. Too much running, tactical/technical training will almost always put a lot of strain on the leg muscles. If you worry about injuries and do not work your team (as a trainer) you are guaranteed of dismal performances. Also, as the season wears on, those who play a more than the others tend to suffer such injuries because their bodies have to endure the grueling training as well as the matches’ physical mental and tactical demands for 95 min. Another point is the individual body structure. People with bulging muscles… Read more »


vote de jong for (C)


i dnt care who gets d injuries, al i wnt is d win on sunday, any hw it comes, i jst nid 3point on sunday

Michael Reks

What I don’t get is the whole talk of new players when we can easily keep the present squad till June before making changes. And I actually get why Milan is signing Boateng, he brings a lot to the table, he’ll adequately cover for Cerci, be a dynamic box-to-box midfielder, with incredible work rate, power, speed, and shooting ability. We have a squad good enough for champion’s league qualification and building on that is to prepare for champions league itself. So pls, for Christ sake stop the whole player scouting. Get well soon #Antonelli #Bertolacci #Balotelli #Menez!


Well, me and i presume many others dont believe this squad is good enough for CL qualification. I personaly think this believe is dangerous, because once we predictably dont qualify into CL, trainer will be unfairly blamed, kicked from club and next year we will be in the same situation with new trainer and same inadequate squad and same result at end of the year. Those returning players wil not help much. Our attack is good, its questionable if Balo and Menez are better for team then Bacca, Niang and Luis Adriano and only two strikers can play anyway. Our… Read more »


I’m not happy about this because Milan will lose a quality player in defence, De Sciglio has been so average at best but i hope he does better against Carpi before Antonelli gets back. Milan seriously need quality back up to our first 11 and this strength in squad is what makes the difference in every championship.

Galliani needs to work on a quality left back as a reliable back up to Antonelli.

King Bakz

I think injury is part of the the game but with growing number of the players at are injury is a great concern

King Bakz

I think injury is part of the the game but with growing number of the players at are injury is a great concern I hope come on Sunday we collect 3 points froza Milan


It is really going to be a normal situation in every matches! without injuries?? it is impossible!