Mihajlovic considers using 4-4-2 against Samp, Bertolacci is available but L. Adriano a slight doubt


Sinisa Mihajlovic could change the formation against Sampdoria and today he tried Niang alongside Bacca as Adriano has a neck problem.

Milan were dominated by Juventus last Saturday in Turin and everyone wants to see a different performance against Sampdoria. And so, there are reports that Miha is considering to use 4-4-2 against his former side (Saturday, 20:45 CET).

The idea is to field Luiz Adriano and Carlos Bacca together from the start but the Brazilian did not train today due to neck inflammation and according to Sky, Sinisa tried out M’Baye Niang and the Colombian together up front.

In midfield Mihajlovic fielded the couple of Montolivo and the returning Andrea Bertolacci (who will most likely be available against Samp) at the heart of the midfield and then tried Monto, who will play his 100th Milan game this weekend, alongside Juraj Kucka. Giacomo Bonaventura was used on the left side while Alessio Cerci and Kucka were both tested on the right flank of the 4-man midfield.

Luiz will probably make it for the game but if he’s unable to start then the young Frenchman could get his 3rd consecutive start. In any case, it seems that Miha is ready to change things up again.

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Cerci again.smh! Maybe i might be wrong,i think playing cerci always even though he isn’t performing well in order to boost his confidence back is not paying. Cerci is on loan and may go back to his club,why not give suso that oppoturnity since he is younger and also a milan player. Playing suso just like cerci would seriously boost his morale,that guy is talented.


i agree


Its because cerci is italian, berlusconi wants italian Milan… and suso isnt really italian, aND has different caracteristics than him, he just isnt yet milans pogba..


It seem rather that coaches doesn’t have trust in Suso, not only Miha, but Inzagi and Rodgers aswell. But he had AMAZING spell in Spain couple of years ago so talent is there. For me, Suso would be good as RM, especially when Honda and Cerci aren’t performing as good as we need and we should try something new. Atleast give him substitute before Honda.


The problem is that the managers you just mentioned didnt give him games consecutively and 2 of the 3 managers you mentioned were sacked due to incompentency. You improve a player by giving him games so i totally disagree with cerci who is on loan getting play time instead of suso who is a full milan player.


I hate it when the put loaned players on the pitch vs owned players…I think it sends the wrong message to the team. Honda, Jack, Adriano would feature better on the wing over Cerci…


Lord cerci yay

St Stephen

I think Cerci has been given enough time to improve, for me that chance should be given to another player. As for the midfield we need a midfielder who can be first choice in current top clubs. asides our goal keeper, Antonelli, Ramagnoli and Bonaventura others are backup players.


I think bacca and adriano should be on your list too.



cerci, bonaventura, bertolacci, alex, kucka.. and we wonder why we arent playing fotboll.


Alex+Romagnoli has been really solid


Roma is doing fine and we are lucky to have him. But sorry alex, too old, too slow.

Dont judge alex in games like hellas verona or cheivo. How do think alex would perform agianst big teams? Milan is not made to do “okay” against average teams, i remember milan was made to conquer europe and sorry alex wouldnt perform against a team like psg, real, arsenal. Maybe against teams that just made it to seria a, maybe he is solid then.


Yes, I agree with you. We need good partner for Romagnoli, but we really do not have anyone better right now, And it is sad, I agree. Hope we don’t buy Ranoccia in January, like there was a rumor.


Rugoni. Kid is talented and young If we could have both him and Romagnoli we could very well have the best cb duo in Italy, if not Europe in 3 years.


Bonaventura in that list ??? Seriously ??? He is National Team quality and excellent player


keep telling yourself that. arent we aming to become the milan we all remembered? And do you really think your “excellent and national quality team player” bonavenutra would be in the milan line up from year 2001 to 2008 ??? Bonaventura wouldnt even be at the bench, he wouldnt even be called as a water boy.

When u say bonaventura is great for milan, you lower the standard of milan right there. You think of milan as it would be atalanta. You are speaking about MILAN, not lecce, not atalanta, not cheivo. MILAN!


I think he would be on the bench actually. He has good abilities plus Pirlo, Gattuso, Seedorf, Kaka would make better. Just my opinion.


Comment:am very sure milan wil b in top 5 b4 the winter brk


Lets hope cos this team can fluctuate.


Comment:our 442 mid-field should be d-jong-berto-bona and cerci


More play Suso comments?. Did no one here watch pre-season? He has been given chance after chance and hasnt capitalized. He will be gone in January. Its really that simple.

Manwal Harb

If Suso was good as everybody says he is, he would have kicked Cerci to the bench. Same thing for Mauri. Have patience with Miha. We should focus on getting at least 12 points out of 15.


as I allways have said when you dont know how to put a team together or who to play where or dont have the brain to craate somthink then play 4-4-2 inzaghi should have playd 4-4-2 and even mihajlovic from the start of the season with adriano and bacca on the top,. we dont have a good playmaker to player with 4-3-1-2 we dont have fast and dribeling wings to play with 4-3-3 and forget all other compleks formations, that we dont have players like with 3 cb or with a defance midfielder. keep it simple mihajlovic 4-4-2 and do… Read more »


I believe its high time Miha plays De Jong and Montolivo together in 4 4 2. De Jong would do the dirty jobs while Monty mops up and set up play as he has a bit of creativity in him and with this Milan will be more solid defensively.


I dont think it would work so great as you imagine. Both are playing too deep and DeJong would not improve our technical difficulties in midfield. Especially with Cerci as RM we wold look against everyone like Real looked against Barca. Six players laying deep, than big hole in the midfied and 4 isolated attackers upfront. Anyway no formation will get us anywhere near CL spot. We need 2 quality midfielders. Playmaker type of CM + trequartista or RM/RW depending on system we want to play. Forget about new CB, defense is good enough for now, can be fixed in… Read more »


Im sorry to say, but it’s gonna take a few years maybe even never for Ac Milan to be competitive again.
3 seasons we don’t even have a tactic to use , #startagain, #thxGalliani


Bertolacci injured again. 🙁


“I remember I played once for United against AC Milan in the San Siro. I didn’t get a kick.

“The defence I played against Cafu, Jaap Stam, Alessandro Nesta and Paolo Maldini. That was incredible. And then they had (Gennaro) Gattuso in front of them. I thought they’d kill me if I got the ball.

“Oh, and then they had Pirlo and Seedorf, the strongest man in football. That was a tough night. I didn’t get near a shot
-Ruud van nistelroy.

I read this,i smiled..and i said “gone are the days”
Forza milan!


I miss those days! We should buy more Dutch player like we used to play in 89-90. Milan used to be the team who passed the ball the most! So many Dutch youngster right now!(anwar el ghazi, Bazoer, Maher..ec) I think Ac Milan doesnt have the Money to buy stars anymore! So they should think for the future and buy really good youngsters (not Suso level). Think that Romanogli was a very good buy (maybe 5 mio too expensive). Donnaruma is a bless! They should sign Rugani and Tielemans. And try really hard to get Banegas because Montolivo is a… Read more »


Champions leauge my azz

Nuraddeen umar Ranu

Comment:Balusconi suppose to start thinking about milan directly it paid us we need change immediately, we really want see milan to play for champion league but I don’t agree mihalovic can take milan to that level but if mihalovic stay up to end of the season and milan reach that position definitely balusconi must spend at this coming transfer market of 3-2 big name players