Mihajlovic could field an attacking Milan vs. Juve: Bonaventura in midfield, Niang and Cerci up front


Giacomo Bonaventura will return to the midfield against Juventus (also due to a reported lack of confidence in Andrea Poli) as Mihajlovic plans to continue with the 4-3-3 on Saturday.

The international break is nearly over and the Rossoneri will get back to the football pitch this Saturday and they have a very difficult and important match against Massimiliano Allegri’s Juventus.

According to Sky’s Peppe Di Stefano (as reported on Gianluca Di Marzio’s website) Mihajlovic is going to stick with 4-3-3. Miha is welcoming back Jack Bonaventura who was suspended against Atalanta and Di Stefano claims that with Andrea Bertolacci still injured and Andrea Poli unconvincing, Bonaventura is expected to start in a midfield position.

Sinisa keeps showing faith in Niang whom he thinks highly of and the Frenchman will most likely play with Alessio Cerci on the wings. It remains to be seen in what condition Carlos Bacca will return from international duty and he will only train with the squad for one day before the game. If Bacca can’t play from the start then Luiz Adriano will be playing between Niang and Cerci.

The international players with the exception of Keisuke Honda, Bacca and Cristian Zapata, have all returned to Milanello. Mihajlovic is just a few days to make up his mind against the encounter.

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Keep Zapata away from the squad pleaaaase Miha bcos he’s a serial liability.


That was my first thought too Jibola. Hope the only decent Colombian in our team is ready for the match though.


Btw, did anyone see Ibra against Denmark? Brings a tear to my eye when I think about how we let him go to “balance the books.”


I weap every time i think of Silva pairing Romagnoli in defense…


I “weap” every time I look at your spelling


I feel u bro… Let’s WEAP together then…


I weep in laughter everytime i Think of Bonera and Zapata playing together


2012 truly marked the climax in Milan’s failures


Yup. It was majestic. His curling free kick was outstanding. 99/100 times will he go for power, not this time though, and what a peach of a free kick it was! Aging like a fine wine he says…absolutely accurate i say.


@Ted and David… You guys have got me laughing crazy and WEAPING here… loooooooooooool
@Milanisti121, I saw those goals too, the free kick was so simple and precise, and Ibra could have actually scored more.

Nero Jr

Please give Jose Mauri and Suso playing time.
Hope for all 3 points.


cerci WTF,
niang and bacca in front, yes, adriano should play to,

by the way we are losing italiens greatest talent mauri, he jyst need playtime and some confidence too be shown on him by mihajlovic.
the same with ely, i dont understand why mexes and zapata and alex get so much to play when they are not better than ely, i rate him allmoust at the same level as romagnoli.

angry birds

Agree…kucka play like s**t…
We should give a chance to de jong or mauri..
For suso it will be better if we send him on loan


Forza Milan


Will you play Ely-Romagnoli versus Juventus. Remember the Fiorentina taboo in match day 1.


Two inexperienced defenders against the attacking likes of Cuadrado and Morata. Bad idea Miha!


Important match against Juventus , the players need 100% focus and discipline . Very important not to loose this match cause we will be further away from the C.L. spot ! Forza Milan , let’s show Juve what we are made of !


Milan and injuries, a familiar pair!


Again niang??

I dont like the formation 4-3-2

Playing with 10 its not a good idea


What was wrong with Niang last game? I thought he played really well, by greating chances. But you saw something else, please enlighten us.


Lol Niang was probably the best player after Donnarumma against Atalanta.


I think we should play mauri in place of kuco. Its time we gave him a chance


I agree but probably not in this game maybe in the next few weeks against frosi carpi and hellas


http://www.whoscored.com/Teams/80 pls visit this link to get abressed with our teams stats. In January we need to sign at least two beast ball juggling midfielders. any way buena suerte Milan


No experiments against Juve pls! Let d only new additions be “Niang for Berto” and “Adriano for Bacca” dat is if Bacca is nt fit enough… let suso and Mauri wait 4 other matches 2 prove themselves