De Jong suffers left thigh injury, Bertolacci unlikely to recover in time for Saturday’s Juventus match

Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images
Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

Nigel De Jong will undergo more tests next week and is also out of the Juve game. Mario Balotelli will meanwhile undergo surgery on Wednesday.

Milan face Juventus on Saturday at the stadium of the Old Lady and despite welcoming back Jack Bonaventura, who was suspended in the last game, coach Sinisa Mihajlovic will have limited options in midfield and on the bench.

Andrea Bertolacci missed the Atalanta game with a muscular issue and his situation is monitored daily by the medical staff. The player is doing physiotherapy to recover as soon as possible.

However, as reported by, Milan would like to avoid risking their €20m former Genoa man. Tomorrow there will be a consultation with a doctor to see if Bertolacci can be available against Juventus but at the moment it seems unlikely that he will be fit to play.

Miha has today lost another element of his squad as “Nigel de Jong has picked up an injury to his left thigh and will have to undergo further tests at the start of next week” according to a statement on the Diavolo’s website. It remains unknown for how long De Jong will be unavailable but he’ll obviously miss the next game.

The seven-time Champions League winners have also announced on Tuesday that “tomorrow Mario Balotelli will have surgery to correct a persistent groin injury in Munich, Germany. The injury has been ongoing for weeks and conservative treatment has not had the desired effect. The operation will be conducted by professor Ulrike Muschaweck.” Balotelli will not return to action before January 2016.

With Bertolacci and De Jong probably both out of the game, it’s possible that Bonaventura will be used in midfield with Niang playing up front. Another option is playing Andrea Poli.

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Well Miha didn’t planed to play him anyway,so at least we lost nothing in match setup.De Jong really deserves to play and we should switch for 4-2-3-1 or 4-2-2-2(4-4-2), and then he is one of the key players. As for Bertollaci he was huge creative power lately and we really need him in midfield, Kucka-Monto-Poli doesn’t click against Juve’s defence.Miha have to change something.
I just hope these are not one of the Milan’s injury series.


No Poli please. No need of headless chicken running around


Finaly!! I remember when milan was planing to sign poli in 2012 and everybody went crazy, oohh please sign poli!!! and everybody made lineups with poli included and they said poli is the new pirlo!

Why did they think that? Just because name poli is near pirlo abit, thats how smart milan fans here are.


Don’t get me wrong. If we win, well hell yea!! If we lose, I will not be shocked…by the way chances of Miha playing poli are real high sadly. If only suso and mauri got the chance 🙁


I haven’t realized what type of skills does Poli have. Why was he even signed for Milan in the first place? He was and never will be a Milan quality. We should start Bona-Montolivo-Kucka from the beginning. If one of them need to be substituted, lets bring on Jose Mauri or Suso on the field. Poli should be even behind Nocerino in the order.


I still remember more than 80% of milan fans yelling “sign poli…sign poli”. Same as armero. The whole problem is galliani.

Manwal Harb

Ever Banega has 7 months left on his contract. He would be an amazing addition to the squad.
A football expert once said:
“At his best, Ever Banega is one of the finest creative central midfielders in world football, combining excellent vision and anticipation with no little class.”


Yes “at his best”, he is talented, but very inconsistent, and he is showing no signs of becoming more consistent, even after five years… We dont need more inconsistent players, or squad players, what we need are world class players.


Would love to see that. Prefer him than paying 30 for Vazquez! He played really well against Colombia. He is definetly a good creative solution for Milan!


I want Mihajlovic to try Honda in midfield in his training sessions and see if he can work his way through (just as a test). Because I personally think Honda has what it takes to be a good center mifielder

muhd bello

pls mihajlovic try suso or José mauri in the midfield


I’m more bummed that Berto might miss out than De jong tbh. Although these injuries are annoying and the more players we have healthy, the better obviously.


Please tell me what you saw in berto that makes you want him playing for milan?


Finally Zapata cost Colombia too yesterday with his horrible defending. Hope Miha sees this and calls back a more reliable defender he allowed to go to Atalanta. Everyone is prone to making mistakes and hopefully Miha quickly realises this as Zapata alone has cost Milan minimum of 6 points this season with a red card to Romagnoli. As for Poli let’s face it, he’s not as back as what people here say about him. Poli is definitely not that top quality midfielder required to make a difference but he’s a very good squad player. My only reservation is, why is… Read more »




Totally agree about Mauri. I’m not impressed with Suso, and i dont think he will develop into a real class player tbh, but Mauri on the other hand, i like. Plus if you look at photos from training sessions, you can always see him with a smile, laughing and joking with several of the team mates, i love that.
I understand Miha for not wanting to experience too much at this point, but after the Juve game we will have some “easier” games on paper, maybe he will get his chance then.


Did anyone watch romania yesterday? How about that maxim no10 romania no 10?


Did you see Kevin Kampl against Ukraine?

Alex The Mauler (SWE)

Forget Kampl Forget Maxim no10 just look at what Ibra did yesterday to Denmark and i Wonder why Mihajlovic doesnt scout his home country for talent i Think it would be really smart to buy Andrija Zivkovic from Partizan in January or if they want to spend much try Felipe Anderson


Although I’m not a guy given to commenting I really want to give my two cents this time. My formation for the upcoming game is : Donnarumma, calabria, Alex, Romanogli, abate / antonelli, mauri, montolivo, kucka, bonaventura, niang, bacca, cerci. As for the upcoming transfer window I believe that we have a good squad that has enough squad players but we need stars to get milan going. Let’s ship out nocerino, zapata, poli, lopez and the like. Bring in lavezzi, witsel, palleta and a reasonable goalkeeper for now . The bottomline is the squad is good but we have to… Read more »


I am in love with this squad but needs two or more stars to make it moving..Forzamilan till rip..this is gonna be ma first comment hope it goes thru