Inter beat Milan 1-0 to win the 2015 Berlusconi Trophy

Calabria and Biabiany during the Berlusconi Trophy match on October 21, 2015. (Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images)

Kondogbia of all people scored the winner in a match that featured mostly reserve and Primavera players.

Milan’s bad spell continued on Wednesday when they hosted Inter at San Siro for the annual Trofeo Berlusconi.

il Presidente was at the stadium sitting alongside Adriano Galliani and it’s hard to believe that he was pleased with what he saw from Sinisa Mihajlovic’s side.

Miha paired Alessio Romagnoli with Philippe Mexes, who has been barely used this summer. After 12 minutes the Frenchman showed why he’s usually kept on the bench as a moment of complete loss of concentration by Mexes allowed Geoffrey Kondogbia – over whom Milan fought with Inter in the summer – to beat Gianluigi Donnarumma to make it 1-0.

The woes continued one minute later as Bertolacci picked up a knee injury and had to be stretched out by the medical team. Bertolacci was taken to the hospital and according to “the exams carried out have ruled out intraarticular lesions. He will be re-assessed in the coming days.”

Inter managed to keep this score until the end but Milan were better for most of the game and came close to scoring mainly through Keisuke Honda, Kevin-Prince Boateng and Rodrigo Ely with the last two coming on as substitutions. The former Ghana international, who is training with Milan these days at least until January (they may sign him on a contract), played in the false 9 position.

16-year-old goalkeeper Donnarumma, although rarely actually tested, provided a good performance and there are voices that he could replace Diego Lopez against Sassuolo in Serie A this upcoming Sunday. Inter eventually got the win and Milan failed to win their 4th consecutive game.

Milan: Donnarumma, De Sciglio (Abate 62), Mexes (Zapata 62), Romagnoli (Ely 46), Antonelli (Calabria 46); Poli, De Jong, Bertolacci (Jose Mauri 14); Cerci (Suso 46), Luiz Adriano (Boateng 46), Honda (Vido 80).

Inter: Carrizo (Berni 78); Montoya (Gyamfi 68), Ranocchia (Antonini 69), D’Ambrosio (Rapaic 68), Telles (Dodo 46), Biabiany (Popa 66), Gnoukouri (Delgado 67), Kondogbia (Tchaouele 46), Nagatomo (Baldini 46); Palacio (Dimarco 65), Manaj (Dellagiovanna 66).

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I’m having the fear these days that we might become a mediocre club in near future, if we haven’t become one already. Like one of those clubs whose goal is to get the spot to Europa League somehow. Our goal was to win the league when we started. After spending that much money, we were all hoping to see some change. And Bonaventura says now they will try to finish in top 5. Bravo! This is not the Milan that made me love football and this club. The management and players have destroyed the club already. Now it’s a matter… Read more »


Top 5 by Christmas he said….an if you using this match please don’t even doe it wasn’t important we dominated an could of win by 7 r 8


Yea, it’s kinda too late, if we’re being honest. We’ve become a mediocre club. The road down is always quicker than the road back up, but we can pull out of it with more brave choices from everyone involved with the club.


Yh but why not just support…we have been negative on ere soo long an we still haven’t get anything done an galliani is still there… Am tired of arguing an all that I will be the last milanista if its soo I’ll support them in serie d


Just because we’re complaining doesn’t mean we don’t support Milan.
In fact, we’re complaining because we DO support Milan.
We want to be as great as we should be, but we’re horrible for the moment, and that’s frustrating.
Complaining on here is simply a way to let off some of that frustration.


Spot on..!


when Inter brought in a whole host of young promising players and we just had the likes of Nocerino to bring in, that for me was hard to swallow


Mauri ,Calabria,Ely,romagnoli etc are what genius I wonder if you guys think when before talking


lol the answer is no, a lot of us don’t.


They are first team players, it’s not compareable to all the youth players Inter let play who still plays primavera football. They did this also in the summer against us in China.


I heard about Donnarumma replacing Lopez on the weekend… I know I’ve missed the last few games but wtf? Has Lopez turned into Dida or something?


lopez have never been good in milan. I never understood how he could replace abbiati, just because he was in real madrid, he is one of the best goalkeepers automaticly?? I trust ancelotti, when he came to real, he replaced lopez with iker directly.

Only Mourinho liked lopez better, and who is mourinh anyway? The coach who destroyed two milan golden ball winners??? Sheva at chelsea? And kaka at real?


Lopez was the goal keeper for real in the league while iker was keeper for champions league and that was only due to iker being a legend otherwise it would have been lopez all around and to say he was never good is an exaggeration he had quite the saves last year to say he’s the best ever is an exaggeration too but he was for sure top 15 in the world last year

ACMilanSince 69

Abbiati was horrible. He was making too many mistakes. That’s was why Lopez was brought in. Lopez is not great, but much better than Abbiati. My hope is that Donarumma will raise the bar.


I’ve seen some people complaining about mistakes, but IMO, he’s been as solid as a GK can be with a backline like the one we have.

Donna has been very good for his age, though, so I wouldn’t mind him getting the nod ahead of Lopez.


Cheers man. Zapata, Abate, Mexes, Alex madness is obviously rubbing off on Lopez.


I dont think thats a valid assesment, Lopez hasnt been good with or without a solid defence this season. Thats his job, he has to bail out the team and make some saves, just look at de gea last season, he had no protection from his defence but he still produced the goods. Whether its for Donnarumma or Abbiati, its fair to bench Lopez and hope he comes back stronger.


not again…. come on,
wat is happening, with this team, i dont want to say it but we can forget CHL next year :/
i will just like to se mauri play more games instead, right now. the same of ely and calabria.


Where is the blind fans here??? We need you to step up here and be positive and remind us to say forza milan and and keep faith. Where are you fans???? Com on and say we are plastic fans.


plastic fan


Lmao by your name i can tell you are a fan since summer. you dont know where milan were once a time, u dont know what milan deserve beause you dont know.

Please get lost

Coach Seedorf

what was d point of a Derby friendly match in d 1st place at dis point in d season? To injure more of our players & still dampen our moral?


So they play only bench reserve players , we play main players and loose . Ok . I guess we are missing Bonera.


0_o what are you talking about? Rannocchia, D’Ambrosio, Biabiany, Kondogbia, Palacio, Nagatomo aren’t bench/reserve players or scrubs. Both teams played a mix of starters and players that wouldn’t normally get chances. That’s kinda the point. Both teams want to balance their desire to win and to test out their other players.


Lol quick to jump the gun but verify your facts. the players you mentionned besides Kongdobia ( who is new) ARE subz , so well yeah milan sucks now :/

Kwabena Adu

Mihajlovic will say (the players were suffering from anxiety as usual)


He will also say i think they played better than the last match against Torino.


I really liked what I saw from Mauri, Suso, Calabria, and Donna. I nice to know we have promising young talent. It’s just sad to see us keep using players that have shown little to nothing. Hopefully that will change soon. Also, funny little sidenote (and Meytar commented on this on Twitter as well) but Boateng, who I was kinda shocked to see play, was more dangerous than Adriano. I mention that because it’s just funny how people who don’t and won’t play anywhere near as much as our usual starters seem to play with more desire than those who… Read more »


How did Mauri play?


another day, the same sh1t!
go home Milan you are drunk!


Calabria was sumn else man…he played better than all of inter n our team except inter goalkeeper that guy is good


We need a way better coach if alegri took these players to the champions leauge then any great coach can


I always think that if he managed to get up in the table with samp last season the he’s not a ba Coach.. i actually agree with him, when one watches milan playing it seems like none of them really wants to run that extra mile, there’s no spirit they look like they want to go back home idk.. just Jack and Bacca want to win.. i see Bacca lookin everywhere like saying hey let’s go get out of our midfield we need more pression up but no one even cares.. it’s sad, and i think that there are certain… Read more »


and did you see how Cerci play last night? idk about him lacing match fitnes, but how can he just walk when he supposed to defend, not mention how he’s been misplaced his pass the whole match. i would not play him for the rest of the season if i were Miha


Did you watch our youngsters? They had the desire we’ve been aching for.
Hell, even Boateng showed more desire than some of our starters.

That’s my only issue with Miha for the moment. If you want desire and passion, stop looking to the same duds who have been lacking match after match. We have plenty of talent that haven’t gotten their fair share of chances yet.


its his job to make them run that extra mile


Just clean out the team. I’m done watching Milan fail

segun olumide

Comment:I think the coach is the problem he dose not no how to use what he have,milan is too big for him to coach sack this man and look for another coach


I humbly believe that the best formation for this team right now is the 4-3-2-1 (christmas tree formation) it focuses on the build up play from the back, and it gives more possession on the ball which is what we need right now. Mihajlovic said that the formation won’t affect the results unless the right enthusiasm and attitude from players is present on the field. He’s right but formation is essential for sure and we need to stick to a formation or 2 and play. Enough experimentations. We knew already who deserve to play and who don’t. let’s play like… Read more »


I hate the fact that Mihailovic always blames the players and I believe he is in fault as much as some players. I don’t think we should let him go yet, we have to give him what he wants without going € crazy as in Romagnolis case. I have to say it; unfortunately we need to let go almost 60% of our actual team. If you want to see a radical change the first think to do is change the everyday routine, which means changing the squad and eventuality the game plan. Milan need to bring back some of those… Read more »


bertolaccis injury might be a blessing in disguise and might allow mauri to play more. Bertolacci has been useless so far this season and his absence through injury will not be felt at all.


Maybe, but I think poli will get the nod. And I actually like poli compared to most people here. Someone above was talking about lack of desire in the team, poli is one of the few who brings that.


Totalt agree with you! And he has much better technique than some people give him credit for. They say he just runs around, yes he runs and fights, but thats his playig style, he wins the ball back and holds on to it and spreads it around. Hope he starts and Mauri comes on as a sub.


Those people that invested in Milan might be watching these games like “whats going on?” lol


Im SO mad over bertolaccis injury. Now Galliani can lay back and say. Look we just hadnt luck with him, look he got injuried, we were unlucky! Now bertolacci can show himself how crappy he is and how wrong galliani was when he spend 20 million on him


Im almost 100 percent positive now that Galliani spent 20 million on Bertolacci and Preziosi gave hime 15 million back to put in his own bank account.


I wonder how much berlusconi gets to keep galliani


IMO,i think the problem is we,ve rarely had more wins nd its hits the players when they get losses instead,we can only get to the peak of our dreams as milanistas is of course get a midfielder that could be as outstanding as the likes of kaka,dinho and seedorf. defence is also a problem but i believe that the likes of calabria,ely and noli can do well .Please give Suso and Mauri a chance.Forza Milan


I hope Donna will become a beast for us. He is pretty tall for being only 16yrs old, he might pass 200cm hehe. Let’s hope for the best, he could play for us til the year 2030!. I don’t think Gabriel is going to become a good goal keeper, + he is short. We need a tall bastard like Donna.


Comment:I think we should go on a fasting and prayer session for this team ‘cos its like it is now spiritual.


Sometimes i envy even genoa fans cos they watch their team play good football. It is really difficult and shaming to be a milan fan now, i know some pple would say “go and support another club” but the pple who knows what Ac milan means will understand my point.


Isco doesnt get enough playing time in Real, and I heard Arsenal is chasing him.
Why dont we just try to get him, at least on loan?
He is young, creative, and much better than any of our AM.


That would be the obvious thing to do, yes, but Galliani will re-sign Boateng and say “our midfield is complete.”

Alex The Mauler

Berlusconi will never learn he now wants to fire Mihajlovic he has asked Uncle Fester when he will fire Miha? When he should fire that bald F**K!! MAN I AM SO PISSED CALL ME A PLASTIC FAN OR WHATEVER I DONT CARE BUT IF U DO THEN F**K U!! I DONT CARE ANYMORE ABOUT MILAN THE ONLY THING THAT IS PLASTIC RIGHT NOW IS MILAN


Miha is a inter agent ;D Just destroying the team he should never be positive towards such a shamefull team spirit Montolivo cant even keep his ass above his knees when doing flexible movements in the league games Zapate is a defender with no brain cells at all If we are doomed for another season as fan Than atleast play youngsters they will grow up playing together Thats how you grow key players Isco would be the perfect cam for milan Balo will do good i think Damn man without a kaka type of player qualty in the team milan… Read more »


They’re 2 big problems in this team : – First, Galliani , he is responsible of the buys , we have in teh last 10 years bought bad players , starting from the replacement of Shevchenko , who was the flop Oleveira. We have seen Constant, Emanuelsan, Aquilani, Amelia , Agazzi , Torres, wow , and the list goes on and on , So when someone does his job badly , he gets his nipples pinched , but after such a long time , it’s time for an agreed retirement – Secondly is our Doctors , From Pato to El92… Read more »


idk man…the core of milan problem wasn’t solved properly. we should have stick with seedorf if anything we know things would turn out like this. At least stick with one headcoach would bring stability into the team. Now, that can’t be done, and all we can do is either give mihajlovic all the support and backing or doing the radical way as with swoop everyone damaging the club out to the abyss. That included berlusconi and galliani, both guys stuck in the past…