What has happened to our beloved Milan?

AC Milan's Brazilian forward Luiz Adriano reacts during the Italian Serie A football match between AC Milan and Napoli at San Siro Stadium in Milan on October 4,  2015. AFP PHOTO / OLIVIER MORIN        (Photo credit should read OLIVIER MORIN/AFP/Getty Images)
Luiz Adriano during Milan-Napoli at San Siro Stadium in Milan on October 4, 2015. (OLIVIER MORIN/AFP/Getty Images)

As I sit here in the aftermath of the 4-0 shellacking at the hands of Napoli at home, I have many questions in my head. What is there to say about our beloved Milan anymore? Where did it all go wrong? Is there any silver lining to give the die-hard fans hope? What is the ideal solution?

Let’s just be honest, what is there to say about our beloved Milan anymore? Any die hard Milan fan will tell you that the story has been the same for the past 4 seasons now. Ever since the team was forced to sell their two best players, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva respectively, the tide has turned for the worst and has never recovered. Transfer money has been very scarce since then and the management has made poor market moves to say the least with whatever has been made available. Previously one of the best transfer market guru’s, Adriano Galliani, has been reduced to a laughing stock as he tries to put together a club that can function.

Take for example, the transfer of Andrea Bertolacci from Genoa for 20 million Euros this past transfer window. Here is a guy playing for a relatively mediocre club, put in one solid season and had a few games at international level. It is no secret that the transfer market is over-inflated, but this deal was a bad piece of business. Looking back at the previous few transfer windows, you will see moves similar to this (maybe not for the same amount), players of relative mediocrity who are brought in in hopes of turning around Milan’s fortunes. Rather than focusing on the obviously glaring needs in defense, the team opted for midfield and attack, neither of which have really panned out to this point. A solid defender in Gabriel Palleta, with international experience, was loaned out for who knows what reason and we are left to put together a center-back pairing with probably the Serie A’s most hodge-podge players with the exception of Romagnoli, who is also a youngster and a work in progress.

Where did it all go wrong? Well, in my opinion, as I mentioned before, it all started with that double transfer of Ibra and Silva to Paris Saint-Germain. The club was gutted of both its world class players and was left with mediocrity. Poor results and form were blamed on the coach. Rifts in the squad and between management and coaches began to arise. The sad and horrible departure of our beloved Clarence Seedorf in the fashion that it happened. Appointing Fillipo Inzaghi, who previously had no top-flight experience and only a Primavera trophy to show for. Introducing the younger, Italian project that never took off. There are many more examples and any die-hard fan would know them by heart.


The real problem at the club is no secret. The management. The way they run the club, the philosophy, the transfer movements, the lack of spirit, the lack of teamwork, appointing mediocre coaches for a giant club, alienating club legends like Maldini and Nesta, loaning out our most talented and highest potential youngster (Hachim Mastour) to a team for 2 years with an option to make the deal permanent, the list can go on and on. Without a firm change in philosophy and upper management at the club, I’m afraid all of us die-hards must strap our seatbelts and take a seat because it is going to be a long, long ride back to the top.

Is there any silver lining? It is really difficult to find any silver lining in the current situation. The club is performing to levels equal to last season and it could be argued worse. The two transfer market attacking additions, Luiz Adriano and Carlos Bacca, have yet to create the magic that we were expecting. A lot of that is due to one glaring problem that Milan has had for the past 2 seasons, at least. Creativity. It is not that the team lacks creative players. Inexperience is the only problem, but frankly, with the squad so absolutely hard pressed for creativity, it won’t hurt to throw the likes of Suso in and see the result. The Spaniard showed glimpses of brilliance in the pre-season and should be given a chance to show his merit.

What is the ideal solution? Well, as an outsider looking in, it is very apparent that the whole organization lacks any heart, any fight, any drive, any love for the club. This needs to be the foundation of everything in order to begin a rebuilding phase that could be as quick as a season or two but could last up to five or more if everything goes as it has been the last few seasons.


Step one would be to bring in our most beloved player and one who has the respect of the entire footballing world, Paolo Maldini. The guy is the epitome of class and has the right attitude and the experience to come back. Not as a manager or coach, but as a front office executive, pulling the strings to lure the best talent back to Milan. In any die-hard Milanista’s perfect world, Maldini would come back as Technical Director and replace the aging and delusional Galliani. From there, Maldini would need to surround himself with like-minded, equally driven and hungry people to begin putting back the pieces of the once footballing powerhouse known as AC Milan. This is a dream for me and I firmly believe with this solution, Milan would be on the right track to improve and return, otherwise we will continue to see transfer market blunders, unfit coaches, mediocre players and poor play indefinitely.

This article was written as an opinion piece, I know some will disagree and others will agree to certain points. I am a huge, huge fan of Milan and this blog brings us together to share our love for the club and the beautiful game. I want Milan to get back to the days of Maldini, Baresi, van Bommel, Crespo, Kaka, Pirlo, Ibra and Thiago Silva.

As always, Forza Milan!

Article by Abdelrahman Kurdieh

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Sadly for Miha, he has failed to understand the dynamism of the game and the limitations of his squad. On that point, in Milan’s recent history, only Clarence Seedorf who had no prior coaching experience before taking up the role realise this fact. First, before I say negative things about Berlusconi, I must thank him for bringing the money out to improve the squad. Unfortunately, Berlusconi lives in the era where Milan played champagne football with a particular system mastered by Carlo Ancelotti. With Seedorf, after the decimation of Milan’s playing style by Mad Max, he introduced a 4-2-3-1 formation… Read more »


You obviously could not tell that we didn’t have proper wingers when Seedorf opted for 4-2-3-1


You ask this in wrong forum. People here is like..

Problem? What problem?? Forza rossoneri!!! Always support milan. Give milan some time!

Galliani? No.. he is our transger guru. We should even take bake braida!!

Our players? No..we have bonaventura. Best player last season. Bertolacci poli!

Coach? No.. the best coach we can get.

I dont see any problem with milan at all. Just forza rossoneri, keep faith. Give milan 145 years to raise. Always support..

If you dont.. u are plastic fan.


0_o there is always criticism on this blog. People on here talk down on Galliani pretty much in every comments section.
What are you even talking about? lol


this is cynicism and doesnt help… the article is constructive…
i would love to see maldini back at the club!

Alex The Mauler

Exactly Sheva people are blinded here on this blog


As if we can change everything on our own, you better schooled B&G.. The owner seems doesn’t care about its customers(fans) anymore.. maybe for next election if he plans to..


First of all, I would like to salute all of my fellow Milan Fans. We are passing through the worst time of the club, and being its loyal fan has brought mostly embarrassment and agony in the past few years. Here are some of the points I would like mention- 1. We have been in the downward spiral since forever. How many coaches have we changed since Ancellotti left? Well, right now we have 3 managers on the paycheck. And that says a lot about the club. I’m hearing the rumor of Spalleti or Donadoni might replace Sinisa. This is… Read more »


Im with you brother but my crying is about management with philosophy of Milan playing,i dont understand why Balo and Gallian dont want to change the philosophy of milan,this type of playing needs creative and best players as milan had before,


You mean Berlu? 0_o
And it’s because old people are set in their ways and too used to power to give it up to a younger generation.


Milan problem is simple to solve,galliani must be sacked or made to resign and I bet you things will begin to fall into placeplace naturally.


The problem isn’t as simple as getting rid of Galliani. We still have Berlusconi to deal with.
The two are a less-than-dynamic duo.
When they were good, they were really good.
Now that they’re bad, they’re really bad.


I think Galliani is main culprit. Getting rid of him is a big step in the right direction.

Berlusconi spent about 100mil. 20mil was spent foolishly on Bertolacci, a Genoa player.

I believe Galliani is making money from these deals since we seem to buy a lot of worthless Genoa players.

Manga la Figa

True, but Silvio is in a state of deniel. Once the sale goes thru the knives will come out for Fester from the board. I think this is his last year. And good ridence to that POS.


I think Miha should give other players a chance, Suso and Mauri are sitting in the bench every match watching the same thing happen over and over.. Cerci and Poli in at 75′ or so, without any positive effect on the field.. If the team is losing 0-3, why not give a chance to either Mauri or Suso? I mean, given the form of the team in that match it was obvious that neither Cerci or Poli had the mentality change factor required, so just give other players a chance, we already know the outcome of Those Cerci-Poli substitutions..


Comment:the only Milan problem is this two galliani and berlusconi and they must step down,then Milan returns to glory days of the best football team in italy and rest of Europe.

Olalekan mojeed

Nice well said no argument on dis article.we need our milan back,until MR Berlu stops the transfer of only italian players in our belove club,and call back our legend that is when we can come back to our nick name Champions of Europe,if we looks back to 2002 which we have italians,brazillians,portugess,ukraianian,czech,all over the world,but nw 80% of our squad are the italians mediocre.i cant blame the management bur the curva sud and all the strong fans there cos they do nt fight to the call


Why everyone is talking about mediocre…before the season start we had a better side than Napoli and fiorentina but now we have the worst side……an y is it that no one is saying we play better than Napoli in the first half………these players don’t run for the ball enough….there lazy asf…….

Olalekan mojeed

Even the blame also goes the coach,bcos either you won or lost every credit goes to the coach or blame has a coach u dont have too stik on the management philosophy you should use the best of urs,mauri,mexes,suso has turn too a bench warmer by january the tripple will be loan out again.lets take an example of CO quellin,bellerin,wenger gave them they chance too prove their self but nw they are one of the best players in EPL.Mastour,El sharawwy to loan

Manga la Figa

He wanted Witsel or Sorriano and got Kucka. Are you kidding me???

Olalekan mojeed




FORZA BONERA! #comebackbonera

Pa ibra

the problem right now is galliani putting pressure on the team to win after defeat at genoa which led to even more pressure. let the players play in peace…when they’re good enough ,they’ll deliver naturally.when not good enough then there’s not much trying to overmotivate or pressuring can get them


I dont waste my time about pools men G&B,they are too old.they deserve to die only.FORZA MILAN


We could actually be competitive top 4 this season but the constant lack of attention to creating a strong, proven defense and center midfield will always be our downfall. The amount of goals we give up past 3 years is unreal…


Steps I would take:

Yes we need Maldini back in some capacity. Gattuso too. Why not Roby Baggio.

Be real about how good/bad Diego Lopez is.

Never play De Sciglio at left back ever ever again.

Perhaps a change in formation – lets see this 4-4-2.

Stick with Sinisa.

Get rid of a lot of players Alex, Nocerino, Montolivo, Honda, Suso.

Replace these five players with some intelligent buys.

Calabria Tonelli/Bernardo Romagnoli Antonelli
Caligiuri Gundogan Xhaka Bonaventura
Bacca Balotelli

marc zaccaria

There are various issues surrounding Milan’s downfall. The old hierarchy are living in the past, they refuse to tackle the problem head on and make sound decisions that they stick with. The transfer market was an absolute disgrace. There used to be a confidence about how the transfer guru conducted business, Milan always got the players they wanted, in fact players would be lining up to join the Milanese but today, average players don’t even want to join. Example – van ginkel was a loaned to us but against his will. This average player was prepared to sit on the… Read more »


Well, it’s a shame we have to live with. Everyone in Milan must share from the blame. From the Management, the coach and of course the players. Why will you EVER allow a quality,intelligent,experience and still much useful defender in RAMI and PALETTA leave just because you want a growing Italian young player? Yes ELY and ROMA are good but not at all in the class RAMI and PALETTA. Milan even had to spend over 25m euro on ROMA. As a matter of fact, that boy with all due respect do not worth more than 3m euro. In the midfield,… Read more »


You really haven’t watched the games if your saying Roma isn’t worth 25 million. That’s a bit overpriced (probably worth about 15-20) but hes a smart defender and he makes great plays. And HES ONLY 21. Unlike bertolacci who is just entering his prime and playing like poo, Roma isn’t even in his prime and he’s playing great. Bertolacci is just like cerci, one good season and people want him. Scratch that, MILAN R the only ones that want him smh

Mark N

Its not the worst Milan side, that was in the 80’s when we were relegated. The reason we are not doing well is the club is badly run; poor transfers and managerial appointments over the past few yrs. Berlo and Galliani have done a great job in the past & had 3 great era’s (sacchi, capello & Carletto) but football has moved on and so must they. Most important thing is to build our own stadium (or buy & renovate San Siro) for revenue or we won’t compete at home or abroad. Club needs identity back I.e. bring Maldini, Billy… Read more »


A great article you have written my milan brother. I make a list of players who grew up supporting milan because of our legends Honda,lamela,pastore,balo,…. i wonder if there is any child that is looking up to any milan player ,then that child doesn t have a dream. Galliani has single handedly ruined ac milan with his transfers and he hasn t stopped his bringing back boateng and emmanuelson soon. I give him all the blame cos he was given 150m to spend, as he was spending in the wrong direction berlusconi stopped the spending to avoid players like bertolacci… Read more »


Galliani must retire. Thank you for all you did, but those great moves are further and further in the past.

Coach Seedorf

Sacking Miha to appoint Spalletti or Donadoni is a waste of time. let Miha do his job, if he must be sacked, B&G should swallow their pride bring back Seedorf, he would do wonders with this team. As far as I’m concerned, Miha should take d blame for our loss. B4 d season began, while we were celebrating about having our best transfer market in some years now, I said that no matter who we buy, a lot will depend on d coach & that’s what is playing out now. in my opinion, a 4231 is d way to go… Read more »


The best Milan can do is to bring back Leonardo, Maldini and Seedorf (coach ). Sack Adriano Galliani, he’s hurting Milan


I think the root of the problem lies in 2007/8 season; lack of vision/direction and failure in regenerating the aging squad. Milan havent been competitive against the very best foot hall has to offer since after they won the bog ear (ucl match against arsenal in 2008 and constant thumping from shinter can testify to that) B&G literally let nesta-maldini pairing grew old like some happy ever after disney tale. same thing happened to milan’s midfield and forward. During 2008-2014 period, milan failed to find replacements for pirlo, seedorf, ambrosini and others. What exceptional players milan had they sold for… Read more »


main central defence should consist of romagnoli and ely. abate, de sciglio, antonelli best for full backs. best defensive midfielders are montolivo and de jong. no good wingers. playmaker should have most of the ball for setting up for forwards but other players dont give the pass in this 6 matches and in 2014 also. game should be played around the playmaker if 4231 formation is set. bacca is great but dont get the support. adriano is quick but don’t hv the finishing touch.


This Milan drives me crazy, I really missed those days with full of world class players who fought for team! But now, I can’t see that sprit in players.
I have a question, is there any way to write a complaint letter with sign of fans to ask for something like bringing back Paolo Maldini to Milan?

shev jhb

“Milan’s problems are clear, as they are always the same,” he told reporters after the game on Sunday. “If we don’t learn from this defeat, it means that we are far from rebuilding this club. “Looking at the past few years, I think it’s clear this club can’t start over unless a lot of money is spent, like PSG or [Manchester] City. “You either do that, or you have to re-examine the structure of the club. Management, coach and fans must be aware of the situation.” The Japanese international also hit back at coach Sinisa Mihajlovic, who said the main… Read more »


I couldn’t sleep on sunday night,before that game I was pretty confident that Milan will beat Napoli by 2-1 with pretty football too….. I guess I was day dreaming……. I guess I was hallucinating……. Enough of the blame games from management to players to the coach……. Its useless and pointless now if you ask me,no use crying over spilt milk. What is the way forward?Change of formation? The only postive I took out from that game was the manner the kept possesion in the middle of the park,atleast before we went 2 goals down. 1)I think we need to switch… Read more »



Pa ibra

well now honda’s in deep shit. said some hard truth about how management still not running the club right and galliani might wanna deal with him. poor honda


First of all i think the problems have been there long before ibrahimovic joined the club. If you’ve been following Milan for a really long time, you’d know that milan problems started showing its signs from the last days of ancelloti through leonardo to allergry and the rest. What’s annoying is that our players go out and perform better in other clubs because something is missing still. you don’t bring players to create the culture for you, you bring players who match or improve your already winning mentality. Also i don’t agree with you on bringing Maldini back, it doesn’t… Read more »

Manwal Harb

Ancelotti on Milan: “People have short memories,” Ancelotti told Corriere della Sera . “Protesting against Galliani at Milan is like protesting the Virgin Mary. For me he is still the best director in Italy. Mihajlovic is someone with character, with good experience in Italy. We have to give coaches time. What is wrong at Milan? It is an amalgamation. But we can’t lose faith, we have to keep going. What’s happening at Milan is like what is happening at Juve after reaching the Champions League final.” Ancelotti turned down the chance to return to Milan after being sacked by Real… Read more »


I believe that after these unsuccesful and without chemistry matches (especially speaking for our midfield), coach should risk and throw new faces in the starting line-up, who are younger and they must be tried if our starters cannot achieve the wanted results. I mean Suso, Mauri, more playing time at Poli, even Nocerino as a sub. Mastour maybe could give us a solution to the trequartista problem.


As Chris says Milan’s problems started way before letting Ibra and Silva go. They started in 2007 when the only player we brought in after winning the CL was washed up Emerson. Then hiring Allegri and letting him decimate the squad, alienate the legends, playing three DMs, not selling Pato for 40mil, not buying Tevez, letting Pirlo go to Juve yadda yadda yadda. All of that was pre Ibra/Silva departures – just bad decision after bad decision…


In as much as I loved Maldini and want him back, I don’t think he has the necessary resume for the post of technical director because he’s not working in that capacity anywhere presently. I think the first thing to do is for Belus to realised that he is to old to be taking decision for Milan and sacking of and replacing with a younger and success-driven technical director of Galiani, also, giving free hands to everyone at the club including the coaches will give confidence than naivety. With these Milan will get back to being great again.


How is this Mihas fault??? Why are we blaming him??? Why R we blaming our STRIKERS (with the exception of luiz adriano, hes crap)? LOOK AT OUR MIDFIELD FOR CHRIST SAKES! These guys are reserves on an actually good team. I’m quickly losing my patience with bertolacci, Bonaventura makes one nice play a game and people go crazy, honda is…trying, and monty and de jong are not serving their purpose. The ONLY player I see playing with heart is Kuco. Another player from Genoa FFS. When you rebuild a team you start from the back. You don’t do what that… Read more »


we need kaka 🙂


we need maldini


In my opinion for Milan to get back to winning ways we need a player that has the same quality as Pirlo or let Honda played the false 9 role. Honda is good player or maybe He could be the play maker for Bacca and Adriano. We need a player with a creative mind. Maldini he need to be in as the backroom staff or the head coach because he know how milan works and maybe he could seed the milan mindset into our player