Teams news: Milan are without the banned Alessio Romagnoli as well as without Ignazio Abate, Philippe Mexes, Mario Balotelli, Jeremy Menez and M’Baye Niang. Napoli have a full squad available. Kickoff time for Matchday 7 of Serie A is 20:45 CET at Stadio San Siro.

Watch the match highlights

AC Milan (4-3-1-2) – Sinisa Mihajlovic
Diego Lopez; Mattia De Sciglio, Cristian Zapata, Rodrigo Ely, Luca Antonelli; Juraj Kucka, Riccardo Montolivo, Andrea Bertolacci; Giacomo Bonaventura; Carlos Bacca, Luiz Adriano.
Bench: Abbiati, Donnarumma, Alex, Calabria, De Jong, Jose Mauri, Nocerino, Poli, Suso, Cerci, Honda. 

S.S.C. Napoli (4-3-3) – Maurizio Sarri
Pepe Reina; Elseid Hysaj, Raúl Albiol, Kalidou Koulibaly, Faouzi Ghoulam; Allan, Jorginho, Marek Hamšík; José Callejón, Gonzalo Higuaín, Lorenzo Insigne.
Bench: Gabriel, Rafael, Strinic, Chiriches, Maggio, Henrique, David Lopez, El Kaddouri, Valdifiori, Chalobah, Mertens, Gabbiadini.

Referee: Nicola Rizzoli.

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Forza Milan!


Commen. milan on top


anybody got a link to a live stream??


Why always zapata, with another mistake


well someone had to replace bonera.


True , pitty no one to replace the good players , So far Zapata , Monto , Berto , Bacca , in fact all of em have done absolute nothing . Change & restart BYE BYE BOLDY


We need to get ride of those crap players , every match they do the same stupid thing Zapata OUT


Zapata ofcourse it is him… just cross the ball if u cant pass a ball


Nice one Zapata

rosso boi

zapata is a good defender but he sucks when he has to clear the ball


he is horrible in every aspect!


zapata cost us 6 points this season already!!! Miha Zap-Lover? Maxes better choice any day any time!

Blawz studios

Pls forget Monty as regista cos kucka can’t offer any attack threat. Pls play dejong, berto and bona as mid fielders. Both bona and berto can create while dejong defends. Kucka,Monty ain’t helping our play. They can’t score so they cripple our goal scoring opportunities. Pls Mija take note.


Man i tell you if they dont win this game then i am already giving up on this season i wont Watch anymore Milan this season i saw enough of this crap last season cant take Another season of this frustration


How many time i have to post that this zapata guy is horrible..he ruined my day again and again


get rid of bonaventura. his status is highly overrated.


I think berto and bona should swap position, bonaventura is trying too hard in cam, i believe berto can do better. Aside from zapata’s blunder, i think we played okay, many rooms for omprovement though. We did too many lost ball because of careless passing. Lets hope for 2nd half improvement tho


the problem is we got no time to improve! it will be a disaster not to play in CL next season! we lost 6 easy points already playing only one convincing game against inter which we lost!


get rid of bonaventura. he is highly overrated. this milan midfield cant dominate in serie A. 6th place isrealistic objective for them


Seems the players get confused when in the final third, useless passing and clear indecisiveness is costing us a goal……. But I believe we can get something from the game. Forza Milan.


Milan is shit! I don’t blame coach, we just have very shitty players


Miha should see this formation isnt working for us. All the time, i see Bacca and Adriano coming so deep to pick the ball, and befor gettin to the oponents goal, they are crowded. This formation wil only work when u have a mid field mestro who can hold the ball, bring other players to d party and dictate play.
Not even one shot at goal for us. Terrible.
N Zapata…..i feel so pained


Seems the players get confused when in the final third. Useless passes, clear indecisiveness. I believe we can get something from the game. Forza Milan.


Pls when is Menez coming back? He single handedly won us this fixture last season at home. This attackers making Koulibaly look like Nesta, when Menez sonned him last year


hahahahahahahahaahaha. Rubbish


What is wrong with our defense really, we gave away wayyy too many cheap goals

Kwabena Adu

What’s going on guys?


Did anyone else just see the Ghanaian trio? BOATENG, BALO & MUNTARI.


Comment:We need a better playmaker nd attacking midfielder,pls da scouting team should go to Brazil nd invest in Young hungrier talents who are willing to make out We needs players who are really gud in holding da ball.


So isn’t it still obvious this team needs a defensive midfielder? They say DE Jong slows down our attacks, yet with Montolivo on the pitch I haven’t seen any attacking worth highlighting. And we’re conceding goals easily. This team needs to keep playing with a defensive midfielder until they find a back four that is solid together and consistent. We need an extra defender in front of the f…..ING defense.


What a disgrace this team is seriously the most pathetic thing i have seen on a football pitch and they consider themselves a top club HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA even a bottom team would give Napoli a better fight i am done for this season


P.s. lazio lost 5-0 to them


On the other note, napoli has 3-4 shots on goals, and got 3 goals. Somehow i honestly believe diego lopez’s not in form too. I mean he is not making saves. Man, this is hard to watch and hard not to upset


Mihajlovic has no clue of whatsoever he is doing. Seedorf had worse players, was new to coaching yet he did something great with the waste boys he had. Now what is mihajlovic’s problem. He keeps giving excuses, yet brings no result. game after game, we keep hoping things get better. Truth is d way Milan is going we might miss out on next seasons champions league. Mihajlovic is crap so are his boys.


It’s just the same trend like that of last season . Napoli win us by 3 goals same mistakes by our defense . Genoa won us last season and the still won us this season . And yall still think it’s just about pointing out one player that does something right or wrong?? In an Ancelloti managed ac milan kucka, Ely , Bonaventura , bertolacci , etc won’t even be on the reserves (bench) . None of the people in this team right now deserves to wear the red and black . I remember most of you saying we didn’t… Read more »


Milan from management to players = garbage

Kwabena Adu

This is awful


In all honesty people. Counting that I am a die heart Milan fan as well as a heavy load of people on this blog. We all knew we weren’t going to win this match as much as I wanted to trust me. We just never gotten out of that whole. We got to many issues in all levels of play and in Every position. We have a long way.


Always said Sarri is a good coach but we choose Mijhalovic instead. Sigh!

We got rid of Paletta and Rami instead of Zapata and Alex. I don’t understand this club.

De jong should play in front of the defense and Montolivo as a trequartista.


Palleta got a red card on the 6th minute
And hasn’t done shit
But I guess Romagnoli and Ely would actually be better :/
Really very disappointed to even say anything anymore
Imagine staying awake till 2:30 in the night to watch this shit knowing that a tiring day would come the following day really very depressed
But what I know for sure is we have miha if nothing he surely will shout the Fuck out of the players
Lastly no hate on monto he has really been carrying the entire match

rosso boi

I have nothing against Miha but we would have goon farther with Seedorf. We should have kept him


Am done for the season. The milan management head has destroy milan. Its a shame, imagine teams like Lazio and fioretina better than milan that used to be a world class team. My question is, how can a top team like milan fall from grace like that??


like we are ahead 4 nil and miha saving the subs for time wasting


You guys just shut up we lost shut up now an stop post negative things……just let’s not talk and see where Milan will b this season an am still gonna b a fan till I die


You shut up Sergio and i will give you the answer to where Milan will be FAR FAR AWAY FROM THE EUROPE PLACES EVEN EUROPA LEAGUE i feel sorry for players like Bacca and Romagnoli they deserve a better team


Well just to ease the pain a little bit, while milan is struggled in form lately, napoli is in top form last couple games. So…yeah.. It sucks tho


I have been supporting Milan since I was 10 now am 30 it hurts to see this team with no hope of rising again.. If ever just bunch of average players no team spirit. No team focus. It hurts because I can find my self leaving this club that I grew to love so much but I can at least stop watching this buch of average players till the club raise again.. I hope I will still be in love because am burning in tears rite now…


Miha takes f****** long in making substitutions, i may say he is not a gud observer of da game base on his substitution in da previous games


This is not the Milan I remembered. Feel like crying


What do u expect from a defence comprising a nervous Zapata, an inexperienced Ely and scared De Sciglio? The only defender Milan can boast of in this game is Antonelli and despite just coming back from injury he looks solid and no single goal conceded from his flank. Mihajlovic sent an obvious GREAT defender out of Milan for stupid reason and who do we have? ALEX… ZAPATA…ELY. SMH!!! I am sure Bacca and Adriano wld wish they hadnt come to the Milan. Imagine AC MILAN looking so scattered and rubbish. I cant even look at my phone because my friends… Read more »


Wow, that was quite a difficult match to watch. Soo upset…. Had to watch it all tho. Forza Milan. The mentality of the players….. Appalling. They seemed soo scared.


International break now
I really hope we change our formation
Bonaventura needs to play in the mid not as a cam
Not in the mood to actually comment anything and I’m pretty sure all of us are in the same situation but guys we need patience miha is the right person trust me on it he will do the needful we will take time but in the second half of this season I’m sure we will be back and we will do way better
Don’t lose faith we are milanista’s we will be back


At this point it is just comedy all the way. Berto for €20m? Really? Sinisa seem to have lost his plot, he may not see the end of this season!! Proud Galliani cost us our UCL places. Seedorf seem to be the one with the plot. Ely, Monto, DeSciglio, Berto and Kucka gave nothing today. With the team we have HONDA is CAM Berto should be a bench player as a cameo for Bona. We need NDJ in front of defense.


Even Malmo FF from sweden who are in the CL would do a much better job than this team and i wont call them Milan again until they start acting like it… but i am done i wont spend Another second watching this disgrace team this season


Comment:This is very embarassing, we are totally masacred in our own stadium. A point of notice, did any team scored 4 goals against Inzaghi in both away nd home matches?


Don’t even bring up the Inzaghi coaching era. That’s a whole other discussion


only sacking Galliani would make me calm down!!! every thing they say is either a lie or idiotic! Transfer market, Stadium, Mr. Bee etc. …


Those crying for Paletta he got red carded in the Fiorentina game tonight…… Soo much for a world class defender er.