Teams news: Milan are without the banned Alessio Romagnoli as well as without Ignazio Abate, Philippe Mexes, Mario Balotelli, Jeremy Menez and M’Baye Niang. Napoli have a full squad available. Kickoff time for Matchday 7 of Serie A is 20:45 CET at Stadio San Siro.

Watch the match highlights

AC Milan (4-3-1-2) – Sinisa Mihajlovic
Diego Lopez; Mattia De Sciglio, Cristian Zapata, Rodrigo Ely, Luca Antonelli; Juraj Kucka, Riccardo Montolivo, Andrea Bertolacci; Giacomo Bonaventura; Carlos Bacca, Luiz Adriano.
Bench: Abbiati, Donnarumma, Alex, Calabria, De Jong, Jose Mauri, Nocerino, Poli, Suso, Cerci, Honda. 

S.S.C. Napoli (4-3-3) – Maurizio Sarri
Pepe Reina; Elseid Hysaj, Raúl Albiol, Kalidou Koulibaly, Faouzi Ghoulam; Allan, Jorginho, Marek Hamšík; José Callejón, Gonzalo Higuaín, Lorenzo Insigne.
Bench: Gabriel, Rafael, Strinic, Chiriches, Maggio, Henrique, David Lopez, El Kaddouri, Valdifiori, Chalobah, Mertens, Gabbiadini.

Referee: Nicola Rizzoli.

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Kwabena Adu

Someone have to answer for this humiliation,Berlusconi have to be bold.This is unacceptable


hahahaha, i laugh at this result! This is not a team and we have no coach! Miha is not good enough, i said it before on this blog and they said i was hating! I did a research on this guy, his winning ratio is poor! See my analysis on Miha here:

He is either getting fired or battling with relegation. No negativity, he certainly not the man to lead Milan back to glory.


there is no conetion betwen the players and the coach and nowbady, is like they all playing solo.
NO TEAM IN IT…. sad to se the third year this whay.


berlosconi is not the problem he gave money to them, to get a good team… but we have not,
I was strong againts bartolaci and kucka, they are not milan standard, i will rether investet those money on gundogan or xhaka.
zapata should have ben sold the same for alex, and get a stabel CB someone like gili or dede so ely and romagnoli should look up to, gabrel and el sharrawy should have stayed.


Berlusconi and Galliani are the problem. The game has moved on, and milan has stayed the same for 7-8 years. its no shock


Do you know that it is Galliani who buys the players and not the coach? It is all Galliani fault.

And by the way it’s Berlusconi money not Galliani.


I agree it’s all Galliani Fault, this result is Humiliation for a team like Milan, I hope ALL the Milan fans not buy all the tickets for a team this seasons!!


This is what u get when you try to pass players like luiz adriano and honda off as ‘Milan material’ 95% of this starting 11 is not Milan material. You know what ‘Milan material’ is? Messi. THATS Milan material. Of course I don’t expect us to get messi. But Milan have always been that calibre of football. Not honda. Hell, the 95% of players i mentioned would be bench players on any other big club (Man U’s, RM etc) When did we settle for mediocrity?

Oh yeah…when berlusconi went into debt and we sold thiago silva and ibra. Smfh


Yet, some freaks on this blog still think this team is an upgrade… Apart from Carlos Bacca & Adriano, all we got were replacement, not upgrades. We f…..ING had 100 million and wasted a quarter of that on Bertolacci looool..Yes, Balotelli is back too.. What a big joke My Milan has become.


True. I’d say 80% of the people on this blog had an orgasm when we got Bertolacci. And then claimed “We don’t need Ibra.”


There’s no point in getting ibra at his age. Hes 32 or something like that. There’s no point in spending money on old Milan players. We need a refresh. F*ck, why don’t we go after Reus? Lacazzette? YOUNG players. I love bacca, but hes 29 years old. Not old but def not young either


“Orgasm” looool that was so funny Dejan10 feel your pains bro. Until Galliani is gone, these seasonal nightmares will never end.


There’s something wrong with the air at Milan. It turns good players into garbage.

forza milan

My God, what a defender we do have at milan Zapata I have nothing more to say about this guy nothing.
our best players on pitch today monto and rodrigo Ely


Milan became a caricature of himself.

3 years making mediocre buys.


why most zapata start for God’s sake…fuckking frustrated here


As soon as Zapata hoofed the ball straight to Napoli 5 minutes in and they scored I switched off. Come back and see we lost 4-0. Unbelievable that this time last year we had more points under INZAGHI of all people.


yeah .. fiking inzaghi had won more points last season


where is that creepy guy who said ” de jong should rest degong this dejong that ” ?


Where do we go from here? 9pts from 7 games. Ive had 4 years of this, i seriously can’t take another year. People on this blog needs to stop complaining about the players that we currently have because it cannot be changed until January the earliest. Between now and then pls stop the “we need or we should or if only” it makes no sense. Napoli was far better than us today in every aspect of the game. The better side won. Next 5 matches: Torino v Milan (a) Milan v Sassuolo (h) Milan v Chievo (h) Lazio v Milan… Read more »


I just want to kick galliani’s a33! let hire 5th and 6th coach all in the same time!


I don’t like this team anymore.


good, milan dont need fans like you..


team ,5tupid,not club. your one of those who just can’t wait a trigger to post that comment


I really liked season 10/11 and 11/12 so i just look back at videos


How I wish Seedorf could come back. Let’s face it we are not going to get any better. It’s not that we have weak players, we need big changes in the club.


We played better and attractive football under seedorf! Since then we have been playing like garbage


wow, so many boys in this forum show up with useless coment… so if dont like milan you can go to another club… and dont worry milan dont need fans llike many boys in this forum…


Most teams play with 2 CM’s, the fact we play 3 means its okay to have 1 dedicated to defense…this is why players like de jong exist…it should be up to the other 2 mids flanking him to create… Pirlo is a rare player, so were Gattuso and Seedorf. We cannot recreate that dynamic, we must create a new one. In other words, stop expecting our CDM to be a regista, they are not the same thing. Monty is a regista, Pirlo is a regista, Cristante was a regista. De Jong, Van Bommel, De Rossi, even Matic, these guys are… Read more »


This is exactly what I have been saying… Obrigado!


What are u talking about? CDM is a position, regista is a role played in the CDM POSITION. Both pirlo and monti play CDM. Just not the same role as de jong etc.


@Misund I understand you perfectly, just as I understood what @JaRossoneri was saying. My question to you is, does Montolivo have what it takes to play as a Center Defensive Midfielder? DE Jong is a natural and pure Defensive Midfielder while Montolivo is a Center Midfielder. And the major difference is. CM can create attacks from mid while DM can stop attacks from mid. Right now, we need a mix of the two, cos we still don’t have a solid and consistent back four. DE Jong needs to keep playing in front of the defense until we find stability at… Read more »


@ misund, you said exactly what I said in a different way, same position, different role…thats my point…

, yep, so for now, wouldnt it be best if monti and ndj learn to coexist?


Agree with you except Bona is better than Montolivo at LCM. Bona is better in long shoot and workrate. Kucka will gives us areal ability also. But the problem is Montolivo is our captain. We should find a solution here


Yea, your probably right, i was 50/50 on that.

Focus More

I rarely comment, but I saw so much bashing of individual players that I really needed to say something about it…The problem is not the capacity of our players, they are fine…and some are actually pretty good…world class quality. To know the problem, you have to have seen with what spirit these players played today? If you didn’t, I’ll tell you: None…Players should fight for the ball, they should show tenacity, hunger, motivation, aggressiveness on the field, but they didn’t. They were relaxed, but have you seen Napoli? much, much better. I promise you that the quality of many of… Read more »


ok you say we need someone else to be our leader right someone who is goin to carry this team far but i have one question for you ok right say we sack miha who are we goin to get to do that someone who goes harder than him. yh he not getting the job right now but look at the state of milan and what we have been through, they play like a mid class team and that is why we buy mid class people. this is like the hardest job for a coach all across europe. kucka could… Read more »

Focus More

You like miha because he blames himself???? He can blame himself all year long, that’s not gonna make us win. There’s one question I ask, can he do the job? in other words, can he make the team win and can he blend it again? The answer is clear. otherwise, I couldn’t care less about him blaming himself or others…..


I wonder when it gonna be over for us ACM fans !! Sad, sad


Zapata is the most crap defender milan ever had. I just couldn’t believe after last match against genoa he made blunder that cost a red card for romagnoli, he still put to play again for napoli match from the 1st minute. Yet he made another mistakes with his pass. Next match put him down at the bench, let see if there is any diffrence.

angry birds

Lol we did better with inzaghi last season…


ha3 even honda is blamed who was on the bench. grt. what a mentally well person. judging a player on da bench is awesome. well said. ha3 funny


Guys I promise if I received the money payed to our players I would become Messi within a year

angry birds

Lol what happened to us, we chose wrong player wrong coach. Stupid management!!


That’s the result what you get when you change the squad every year or every transfer window with the same mediocre level players, team needs stability even mediocre players would have played better if they didn’t change the squad so quickly. We only needed 3 or 4 quality players and we had investment, but again we signed some shit , we didn’t even try to get rid of Honda or Menez or Cerci we lost El Shaarawy maybe the best talent we had last years, now we have more strikers than we need. They talked about primavera players but we… Read more »


What brings milan down is its own relaxed, sleeping, calm, positive fans that says milan will get better, or say “dont be a plastic fan, support the team” you what WHAT?

Im gonna be a plastic fan, im not going to sleep, im not relaxed, im not calm and not postive because what i see IS NOT MILAN.

Seedorf was absoletely right, 75% this squad is trash.

Big icon

Even though I prayed to see Muntari and Boateng leave Milan for good, yesterday for the 1st time ever since they left I wished them back on that pitch rather than see them watching from the stands. At least they have a good work rate which was completely lacking from Milan.

To think we don’t have a red card I will say this is the WORST Milan match I have ever seen.


Why nobody writes how poor Ely was? Or De Sciglio? On this site there were always usual suspects in the likes of Muntari,Bonera,Essien,Matri and so on. Now, they are all gone, but results are the same… My two cents are: 1. De Sciglio is bad. He produced some nice performances early in his career, but for the last 2 seasons he is bad. I believe this is not a matter of a bad form, its simply his usual capacity. He is niether good going forward (not that quick, very average crossing), nor staying in the back(bad positioning). For sure, he… Read more »




Sadly for Miha, he has failed to understand the dynamism of the game and the limitations of his squad. On that point, in Milan’s recent history, only Clarence Seedorf who had no prior coaching experience before taking up the role realise this fact. First, before I say negative things about Berlusconi, I must thank him for bringing the money out to improve the squad. Unfortunately, Berlusconi lives in the era where Milan played champagne football with a particular system mastered by Carlo Ancelotti. With Seedorf, after the decimation of Milan’s playing style by Mad Max, he introduced a 4-2-3-1 formation… Read more »


Well well well………..I still stand with the Fact that De sciglio(forget his age) is the worst overhyped full back ever….. jeeeeeeez!! I can tell you 100s of goals Milan conceded coz of these dude and goals we missed coz he can’t give a good cross…. and he fucking has no excuse coz he has been played even at these…. it’s high time he gets dropped and be shipped off……..I prefer watching calabria make mistake……..have never liked Zapata for once……how can a defender be shaky at all times and u a professional? A job that puts food on ur table? Cant… Read more »


De sciglio……. zapata…….bertolacci………goshhhhhhhhh………I hate seeing these guys…….they piss me off real bad…… am afraid of where we will end up these season…… painful……. balotelli dint play that’s why I dint mention him…….I hate seeing him as well…….I don’t see Milan getting all 15 in their next 5games……maybe 9 or 10…..started supporting Milan in 2002 and enjoyed every bit of it…..even the 2005 UCL final against Liverpool is not as painful as the present state we are now……I feel pain everyday…….. until galliani. Leaves things will always be like these……I wish them all the best