Teams news: Genoa are without the injured Mattia Perin, Alassane També, Cristian Ansaldi, Ezequiel Muñoz and Tino Costa as well as without the banned Issa Cissokho & Goran Pandev. Milan have to do without Ignazio Abate, Philippe Mexes, Jeremy Menez and M’Baye Niang.

Watch the match highlights

Genoa C.F.C. (3-4-3) – Gian Piero Gasperini
Eugenio Lamanna; Sebastian De Maio, Nicolás Burdisso, Giovanni Marchese; Diogo Figueiras, Tomás Rincón, Blerim Džemaili, Diego Laxalt; Diego Capel, Leonardo Pavoletti, Diego Perotti.
Bench: Ujkani, Ierardi, Gakpé, Izzo, Lazovic, Tachtsidis, Raul Asensio, Lazovic, Ntcham.

AC Milan (4-3-1-2) – Sinisa Mihajlovic
Diego Lopez; Davide Calabria, Cristian Zapata, Alessio Romagnoli, Mattia De Sciglio; Nigel De Jong, Riccardo Montolivo, Andrea Bertolacci; Giacomo Bonaventura; Luiz Adriano, Mario Balotelli.
Bench: Abbiati, Donnarumma, Alex, Antonelli, Rodrigo Ely, Kucka, Nocerino, Poli, Suso, Honda, Bacca, Cerci.

Referee: Paolo Tagliavento.

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link for game ?

wes <————–many links for games in the future

Manwal Harb

Great formation. Forza milan.


When will de sci finally be removed from the starting lineup? Also Kucka should be inserted. Early sign in this match are not in Milan favor


kucka was injured


He is available.


WAS injured so he is not fully fit

Nero Jr

Where is Mauri


Already 1-0… Sinking feeling here


from the first minute it was clear that we are going to concede early on! we play pretty bad as always we do


Damn!!! Why is de jong look like making a lot of errors


to be honest, there is no reason to watch Milan playing. they destroy my joy and every time. gonna turn off this crap


agreed, after 4 years of crap spending $ and taking the time to watch the games I am actually debating on maybe picking a new team to follow. Milan always has my heart but I am a bit fed up with the lack of a quality decisions from management to the coaching staff


We’ve made some stupid fouls but holy hell tagliavento is soft.

Ross Oneri

So we rather ruin a dangerous partnership between Bacca and Adriano for the so called rejuvenated Balo?


kucka must in for de-wrong, ely 4zapata, barca in for balo or andrian0


I didn’t like the idea of benching bacca in the first place, the guy is simply a beast. Also since antoneli is back from injury, i see no reason of benching him. Lastly put kucka in the place of de jong, and we are good to go


There’s Zapata in possession. Poor as always.


2nd yellow for Romagnoli, so the rest of the game it’s 10 men on the pitch. With Genoa playing with a much more threatening attitude & tactic, I really can’t see us getting back into this one, unless Sinisa tears the players a new one in the locker room at half time.


Zapata ruin the game…


I honestly think DE Jong is finding it difficult adapting to this new position.


useless ZAPATTA!!! his 2nd horrible fail pass!! I have enough of this sick Mian!

Nero Jr

OMG!!! Are we going to lose two in a row(next match vs Napoli)


Zapata!!! kick this guy out! he can’t pass the ball and every time his killer mistakes ruins the match. USELES tactics we are the same horrible Milan from last season!


knew we would regret loaning paletta


I hate when we play like this i have turned off the tv so frustrating makes me really mad i wonder if Mihajlovic is as angry as me right now because i would give the players one hell of a beating in half time where is the intensity????? and the movement of the ball they are just Walking on the field F***!!


So why did Milan sell Rami instead of Zapata? And why did they get rid of Paletta instead of Alexi? And why we spend 30+million each for Romagnoli and Bertolacci who are average players instead of buying world class players?

I don’t understand what’s going at Milan. Galliani should do us all a favor and retire.

I would of rather if Milan had signed Prandelli instead of another inexperienced coach like Mijhalovic


R magnolia is a world class defender though I can’t say the same of bertolacci. Our problem is not the players anymore bit the coaches, it is never easy to find a coach that is the right fit. It happened to Madrid, berca, man u, chelsea, and it seems mihajlovic is also not the right fit for milan playing de Yong on the wing is simply stupid ….


Milan do not deserve their fans!


So many things are wrong.
1. Zapata
2. De Jong is not and will not be a wing midfielder
3. Bertolacci is utter useless as usual. Milan midfield looked better in last games without this guy.
4. Balotelli is playing for himself to satisfy Conte in the stands, i hope he finds his magic though.
5. That ref is horrible for that 2nd yellow.


Comment:Mihajlovic has ruined this match from the 1st minute. When will he realise that Balotelli is not an attacker, he’s a damn triquaster, and If dejong will not play deep then the bench is the best, Bertollacci is just out of injury for God’s sake, he’s not messi he should be benched and introduced later. Bacca-Adriano is the best partnership.


I totally agree with you


100% spot on. We played technically with 2 men disadvantage from 1st minute.


what a player dejong, can’t run, can’t pass, can’t tackle, can’t header, putting young calabria under huge pressure. now dejong fans come at me


You fans no nothing about football but talk…i wish you all are players and i wonder which team you guys will be playing for…


Anyone could have played in the attack, the game is defected in the midfield, i dont understand why play Bertolacci and De Jong together with Monto in the middle… we could simply play Jack and Kuko together with Monto in the middle, we ought to try out Suso behind the strikers, obviously we need creativity and hardwork in the middle, at this point, the forward does not really matter, Balo, Adriano and Bacca can give us goals… FM


The coach seemed to have asked Berto to up his game… seemed sharper this half, that said Miha some subs pls, Genoa dont look like giving this match away, we need aggressive workers now… advocating for Kuko now… FM


I think mihajlovic has issues with squad rotation. is he probably going to bench romagnolli now for the red card like he did with ely? I’d have preferred if kucka started the game in midfield with bonaventura also in midfield like before. if any change was to happen for bertolacci i’d have put him in place of honda because with the way he had been playing we probably could have played a defender there. Bottom line is that Mihajlovic needs to get his winning team and make as few variations as possible. Right now the momentum is all we need.… Read more »


balo can only score frm set pieces sake of his style of play,he draws too deep


Drawing deep to help the dilapitated midfield and staying in the 18-yard box without receiving a pass,I ask you, which is better? Balo is easily flexible, versatile, He can play in a number of positions due to his intelligence, if and only if Balo has supply of passes, he would stay in the box and score goals like he has done at some point… we lost, not because the boys arent good enough, we lost because Miha made the wrong selection… Miha needs to keep quiet and simply take blame for this loss like a man… another 3 points lost

Ross Oneri

Nope not really, what does he do when he gets the ball? he keeps it until others players are out of position, he lose it and then walk around like he didn’t just lose a ball. Do you notice when Balo plays our midfield seem to run out of ideas? it’s because he doesn’t move like a forward. You rarelly see Adriano in one place same as Bacca. Blaming midfield wont help, midfielders pass forward when attackers move in free space. When Adriano plays along Bacca thats when our Mid can push forward. Balo hasn’t done anything expect that free… Read more »


Ross oneri i couldn’t agree with you more. 100% spot on…the so called rejuvenated balo is costing us with his style of play, yet he is the one getting most attention, which i think isn’t good for the team


The coach got us down in this game.Why change ur winning team, nd replace it with a player who just got back from injury


Noob milan mediocre here we go again 🙁 well done romagnoli. Zapata dejong. This is perfect.


Well done milan. Beautiful game. Ruin our great run. Yesss


Beautiful game?? lol


Miha is soooooooooooo bad!


It’s the formation, its just s**t. Montolivo cant play in front of defense with out having cover from some one, he can create only than but when he comes to defend he is the worst. He will lose the ball easily and that is what is happening. Our midfield is not fast to react. I hate this stupid formation. F… this S… Every week the same crap… why we play the same formation when we know our opponent has more man in the middle and we are out numbered. Why wait until getting red card, and our players were always… Read more »


The Coach must get it into his head that Bertolacci is not a starting material right now because of his poor form, He must play all his attackers(with ballotelli in the middle as an attacker nd a midfielder as well. Because da best way to defend is to attack ur opponent, using Barca as an example. So far his Best midfield pairing is Kucka, Montolivio nd Bona, With Dejong as a sub. Rule no 1 in football, never change ur winning team


This was a very bad loss. Totally on Mija and his personnel decisions. We didn’t have the best 11 starting.


1-Zapata is mediocre useless player and must leave
2-De Sciglio doesn’t have even the right physic while moving the ball and didn’t grow since 2 years. he is our worse LB/RB in my eyes.
3-Too much space between defense and midfield!
4-De Jong is only useful in 4231
5- Rami and Paletta were our best CBs and we got ride of them
6- We need a REAL CAM desperately!
7- Bacca must play in every game if we want to get those points!


De jong as always back pass to zapata as always short pass and costly mistake,balotelli as always playing on the wings instead of the middle and close to the goal. I think miha listen to all the nonsense praises showered on balo especially by galliani,he can never be better than bacca. Bacca-andriano should always be our attack.imo since balo came the only good thing I have seen is that free kick he scored. the his arrival and subsequent praises from galliani and allegri that he was the one that made us to qualified for cl,that killed the moral and believe… Read more »

saint ugoo

Comment: why do I hv dis feeling dat we would hv won dis game if honda played…


exactly! he is not world class but brings balance to the team!


Isint that the same Honda everyone criticizes here?!


we lost from the start of the much becouse of d.jong side …. i’m sorry for the bad formation


Comment:Naming a player as ‘striker’ doesn’t make him one, his qualities are the criteria to consider in regarding him a striker or otherwise. Balotelli’s qualities right now suggest not that of a striker but a perfect no 10 behind two strikers. He completed 44 passes in our game VS Udinese, that isn’t typical of a striker. Liuz Adriano may be wasteful but he has a quality that non of our strikers possess, his movements (runs) between defenders is exceptional, his ability to create space and break offsides are very good. These plus Bacca’s power and detrimental eyes for goal is… Read more »

Ross Oneri

Patience and favoritism is what is killing Milan, We have Romagnoli and Ely which we can build a solid defense and they complement each other nicely, we have good midfield we can set up and hard working forwards in Bacca and Adriano. But Milan fans have turned out to be like the very Management they seem to be criticizing. Why do you guys have soft spot for Balo and some players when in actual fact when they start the game we never play well? desperation to go back to the top is messing coach, fans and management. There’s no way… Read more »


I totally agree with you ross oneri. Spot on as always


Hey Mister, the fans so-called “favouritism” or “impatience ” has not affected the games in anyway, the fans have every right to air their opinions, you talk patience, do we need patience to beat a Genoa side like this? did we need patience when Empoli outplayed us at the San Siro? I mean we say what we see, a player who deserves to ply should be allowed to play, we all know Honda isnt in the best form to play much right now, you cant take his pedigree away from him, we all know his contributions at critical times last… Read more »


This happens when galliani think we have “alot of options behind strikers” we dont have even ONE option.

We force bonaventura as trequartista just because we dont have any other (honda should left in the window) and we play that 20 million useless bertolacci.

Zapata zapata zapata… like a child. Can do very good things, but ALWAYS make child errors.

I blame everything 100% on Galliani, everything. Galliani never realise what this team ACTUALLY needs. If we need defenders, he signs strikers, if we need midfielders, he signs 3rd goalkeepers..

Pa ibra

thought kickoff was 15:00, turned tv on to start watching and instead saw analyzers with a 1-0 on the corner of the screen. so it’s a defeat

Pa ibra

seems bertolacci didn’t do to well. bonaventura was having a good time in central midfield I think coach should’ve just brought in suso for honda as the only chance from the last game. hope bertolacci would start from the bench next game.


you just made sense bro…

angry birds

Last game most of ppl said that we should bench honda…now they said we have to play…

This formation is like what you said before, you said that we should play berto dejon monty bona…

Our problem is galliani guys…look what inter did…
Look what they had with low spending money…
Bertol 20m lol.. Genoa player much better than him..
Rogma? Hmmm..still far away from what we expected..

We always have same problem for 3 years…


Believe it or not! We need Mexes to command and lead the back line…. Romagnoli and Ely can only learn and dvelp with him not with Zapata, i hope sinsi will play him when he recover and play Menez behind the strikers! Bona Monti Kucku … Barlotaci Poli and D Jong as back up …

Pa ibra

I belief in honda but he wasn’t great in the last two games and therefore was fair to sit him