Berlusconi: “Sale to Mr. Bee a formality, I think Milan will stay at San Siro, the derby? Finally a great game”

MILAN, ITALY - DECEMBER 04:  Silvio Berlusconi and Francesca Pascale (L) attend the UEFA Champions League group C match between AC Milan and Zenit St Petersburg at San Siro Stadium on December 4, 2012 in Milan, Italy.  (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)
Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Silvio Berlusconi has claimed the deal with Bee will be signed at the end of the month and announced the plans for a new stadium are pretty much irrelevant right now.

Berlusconi and Mister Bee met at Arcore last night for a brief get-together as the two are planning to sign the papers that will see Taechaubol and his group getting control of 48% of Milan in 2 weeks.

Silvio spoke to the press afterwards, providing an update on Bee and also putting a stop to new stadium plans, saying they’re likely to stay at San Siro.

“Our goal is to return to being the protagonists in Europe and in the world,” Silvio said. “The deal with Mr. Bee? It’s very sensible. We have looked at different points of collaboration, all good. We focus on marketing the brand of Milan not only in China, where we have 242m fans, but in all Eastern countries.

“We have a very serious marketing plan which should lead to an increase in revenue for Milan of over €100 million a year. If the signing is just a formality? I think so. Bee is handling himself very seriously and he’s a welcome partner. I think we can do excellent work for Milan. If the deal with Taechaubol will be closed on my birthday (which is on the 29th of September)? No, it will be closed a couple days after that.

“A new stadium in the Portello area? I think there have been many considerations and insights that have been negative, so I imagine that my feeling of affection towards San Siro will prevail. I know that San Siro is being prettified because next year it’ll host the Champions League final. I remember when San Siro was, among Italian stadiums, the best because it was created for football and there is no distance between the fans and the pitch. If Bee shares the idea of staying at San Siro? Yes. he is also very fond of it.”

Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images
Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Berlusconi added: “The derby? I finally saw a great game, with a very strong and good Milan, with good performances by all 11 members of the XI. I appreciate everyone. Also Balotelli strengthened the team when he came on. I have called and complimented Mihajlovic on the performance. The league is strong very long. A draw in the derby would have been a fair result considering how the match went.

“Balotelli? Mihajlovic met with him and some specific behavior rules were established: he gave me guarantees on Mario who so far has been impeccable. In a phone call I told him that this is his last big chance to show he’s a champion and he shouldn’t leave a bad memory.

“I spoke with Mihajlovic about the possibility of playing with three strikers. He will make the decision.”

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stay at san siro?? so inter will build new stadium? or??

ACMilanSince 69

San Siro is the best. I hope the city of Milan will let Inter and Milan take more revenue. The only reason teams build new stadiums is that they can take 100% of the sales, sell corporate boxes and build shopping areas around. Let the two teams pay for the renovations and keep more of the money. Otherwise if both teams leave the stadium ends up being torn down.


well honestly, after some thought, I dont care where we play if we will get CL back… if buying great players and getting back to the top of europe again is why we dont get new stadium than go for it…

BUT if this was only story for media and nothing changes, we are screwed…

Jaycee dah jahsrael

If barca, Luiz and balo cn play together… Our attack will b fearsome..
Again our midfield should b dejong/kucka – monto/Mauri – bertollaci/Bonaventura…


our midfield needs at least 2 new players if we want CL and not be knocked out in play offs… Veratti and Mkhitaryan should be our targets, together, we can buy them for 100m… and I guarantee you, they will add quality and creativity which we need most…. i dont care how “good” monty was last match, he has been bad for last 2 seasons… just look at players we have in midfield!! only de jong could be on the bench of a big club like Real, Barca, Bayern…. others cant even compete with their youngsters… Poli, Honda, Kucka, Monty…… Read more »


To be honest, i wasnt so excited with that new stadium to begin with. While others are building big,grand stadiums, we were planning on building a stadium with quite average capacity, and with appereance that didnt have that ”wow” effect. Just look at new santiago bernabeu and new roma stadium and compare it with our plans….

Nero Jr

I totally agree wid u pippo


Hmmmm, I guess I share that same passion… As much as the new stadium talks were sweet to hear, the thoughts of leaving San Siro to Inter Milan as always bothered me. I love the San Siro, if Milan can generate 100 million Euros in revenues yearly from other marketing departments, then I am more than okay with staying at San Siro.
San Siro’s HOME….!

Nero Jr

I totally agree with you

Pa ibra

criminal after long discussions of a new stadium now saying your love for san siro prevails you since knew you wouldn’t build a stadium anyway just exciting us with false hopes as always

ACMilanSince 69

Stadiums in cities are hard to build. All the politicians line up with their hands out, otherwise they will block the stadium with some excuse.


It is a ploy to make people believe that Milan are no longer interested in the Portello so as to put pressure on the Fondazione guys to reduce their price and demands. Initially cost was estimated to be below 200 million, now it was said to cost nearly 250 million.. Seriously do you think a woman like Barbara who within a year in the board became as powerful enough to almost kick out Galliani would pull out of her dream project. Milan spend a lot of cash for the design and consulting work of Arup, both Galliani and Barbara have… Read more »


Lol, where did you get those numbers from?Bayern would never build a stadium with only 51 000, even with expansion possibility’s. It was build with the capacity of 69 000. Now it can fill up to 75 000.

”Seriously do you think a woman like Barbara who within a year in the board became as powerful enough to almost kick out Gallian”

Well, if she is as powerful as you make her sound, she would have kicked out Galliani already. She is only where she is because of her father not because of her qualifications.


I don’t get you people. You say you don’t want to leave sans siro, are you planning to buy it outright and send inter away to build theirs or continue ruminating on past glory while sharing a stadium? Pls name one big club in Europe that shares a stadium with another team? Answer is none.


No, the anwser is Bayern Munchen and 1860 Munchen share Allianz Arena although 1860 Munchen have no ownership of it since they sold their half to Bayern in 2006 but they still use it and play on it, in other words, they share a stadium


@Rosso, you see? loool You got an answer…! Nice one @Ted

ACMilanSince 69

There is nothing wrong with sharing stadiums. Stadiums which are used frequently have life. The major problem is that the municipality is always demanding a large cut.


Roma & Lazio


I too was really happy about new stadium, opening a new chapter, a new successive cycle of red and black

All the wrong moves!

anthony milan

i believe it’s time for us to go . we need to be generating close to half a billion euros in revenue in order to compete with the likes real Madrid , barca and Bayern Munich . and now the new billion pound TV rights the premiership is expecting soon . we won’t be able to compete for our own italian players people like varreti , darmian it’s not a sentimental choice ,it’s just the only sensible decision .Paying seventy million euros milan for the likes of suarez, ronaldo can’t be achieved with us being in the san siro .… Read more »

ACMilanSince 69

You’re right. Unfortunately the Italian economy is in the tanks. I guess that’s why they keep talking about the Far East. Look at Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord which used to be great teams (I’m betraying my age). The Dutch economy and spectators can’t create that much money. Maybe abolish free agency and let teams own the players they helped create.

Manga la Figa

The Dutch economy is and always has been strong. Even in a bad economy people will always have money for entertainment. The bad Italian economy excuse is pure BS as management has used it to cover their own greed and incompetence. We need a new stadium. San Siro is old and inefficient people look at the capacity and keep knocking the new stadium plan because there seemingly are not enough seats. Well That’s not true. You have to look at average attendance. That’s all important. For big games people will pay big money to see so there’s more money there.… Read more »


if only Berlusconi and co had such insight…The intention to stay at the San siro is more emotional than rational..


Renovate the San siro to about 70 k stadium capacity n refurbish the whole thing buy it out from the council n inter can leave it will be ours n ours alone whole brand new San siro of ac Milan. But I must say the new look stadium had me going I really loved the look of it 48000 was just not enough maybe 60k would have been perfect.


As much as its bad news for the stadium has anyone else noticed how much Berlusconi’s daughter has done for us in the past few years. As much as I thought she got the job because she is his daughter she has done so well, I mean great teams win champions leagues but today marketing is equally as important, look at the epl. She has done this so well even small things like casa milan the logos the way milan is written on the socks the kits social media the website commercials everything she has just helped us market ourselves… Read more »

ACMilanSince 69

She also plighted us with her boyfriends Pato and Inzaghi.


Its frustrating to see rejected players like saponara and matri doing so well at their respected clubs in the same league as milan. I can see saponara going on to being player of the tournament and matri scores goals anywhere but at milan.

ACMilanSince 69

That’s what I’ve been saying. You bring in an incompetent like Inzaghi and then blame the players.




And the worst thing is we still part pay some of their wages


I agree too, if a 48k stadium was meant to build i rather stay at san siro

Milan Fandango

I think Mr. Bee was the one who pulled the plug on the new stadium idea. Perhaps, the agreement was to use the historical value of San Siro as one of the attractions in their marketing plan. While other teams have built modern new stadiums with less or no historical value; AC Milan will use San Siro as Italy’s Colosseum and go retro and classic.
I for one will remember my experience watching a Milan game at the San Siro instead the CASA stadium per se.


Comment:can’t we just buy the stadium and send inter packing?!


The San Siro has just been revisited , with that being said they are hoping for more people to attend games . The derby was sold out , there is no rush to move ; Mr .Bee is working in the background to developpe us in china & co . Be patient..


Man watching the champions league today really makes me miss Milan being there. we need three points against palermo


Happy staying at the San Siro, just fix the pitch.


If Italy had the same TV right as England the League would be so much better then the epl. Its just Incredible that something so simple as TV Rights can make the best League in the world.


Completely agree. England has a very entertaining league no doubt. But the league is so competetive because they are so physical, they run up and down the field without tactics. Here in the states, serie a coverage is nowhere near the BPL. It was actually very difficult to find quality seria a coverage. Italy will be back, slowly but surely we will get that coefficient back.

Pitch milano

How many sentimental decision worked out for you Berlusconi? ???? When will you learn??? It’s a bout making milan great again and for that we need all the help we can find and that include 100% revenues from stadium not 9mil in renting !!!


Did you read this part of the interview? “We have a very serious marketing plan which should lead to an increase in revenue for Milan of over €100 million a year”


Tv rights is messing up italy n I thought Berlusconi was a media tycoon lol this is embarrassing get the serie a organized n stadium revenue to be 100 % exactly stop being renting it out n renovate the San Soros of u wanna stay there spend money to make more


No team news? Whatsup


Serie a needs to get its marketing in order they are so far behind where they should be. I don’t know if it’s just me but watching Milan and inter gives u a sense of excitement with the banners and chants and haze that the controlled crowds of the epl dont. Serie a needs to market this to the world and they have to understand these rights won’t fall on their feet. They need to work for it its like building a stadium lay the capital now for the future. I’ll give where I live as an example australia has… Read more »


Finnaly great news! San Siro is our HOME! This is the one thing that separates the small and big clubs! Capacity over 80000 seats! This is the strenght of the bigest club! Milan and San Siro forever! If you want you can invest at this stadium because this is Milan! Forza Milan!