AC Milan 2015/2016: Player salaries chart

Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images
Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Milan are paying €101 million on salaries this season, which makes them the club that spends the most after Juventus and Roma; Bacca & Montolivo are the highest paid Rossoneri.

It’s the time of the year again when La Gazzetta dello Sport publishes the salaries of every single Serie A player.

The club-by-club & player-by-player yearly wages charts were posted on the pink-newspaper this Sunday and Milan are in 3rd place in terms of spending money on salaries with €101m to be earned by players in this term. This represents a rise from last year’s €94m, which put Milan in third place this year.

Carlos Bacca and Riccardo Montolivo are the best paid Milan players with €3.5m net earned. Gianluigi Donnarumma gets the least with €90,000 net set to go into his bank account. Daniele De Rossi continues to be the best paid Serie A player as Roma are giving him €6.5m. He’s followed by Napoli’s Gonzalo Higuiain whose contract gives him €5.5m with Pogba & Dzeko earning €4.5m.

Inter are the side that pays their coach the most as Roberto Mancini earns €4 million net per season. Sinisa Mihajlovic of Milan makes half that amount while Max Allegri earns €3.5m and Rudi Garcia €2.8m. Juventus spend the most money on wages – €124m with Roma in 2nd place – €113m.

The wage bill for the 2014-2015 Serie A clubs + the highest paid player in each club
The wage bill for the 2015-2016 Serie A clubs + the highest paid player in each club

In total Serie A clubs spend €882m on wages – €33m more than they did last season. The full list of Milan players’ salaries as well as every other club’s can be found below (click of enlarge).

Player NamePositionAgeYearly wages (€)Contract running until
Carlos BaccaForward283,500,0002019
Riccardo MontolivoMidfielder303,500,0002016
Nigel De JongMidfielder303,000,0002018
Luiz AdrianoForward283,000,0002020
Alessio CerciForward282,500,0002016
Keisuke HondaForward292,500,0002016
Diego LopezGoalkeeper332,500,0002018
Jeremy MenezForward282,400,0002017
Ignazio AbateDefender282,300,0002019
Mario BalotelliForward252,250,0002016
Andrea BertolacciMidfielder242,000,0002019
Alessio RomagnoliDefender202,000,0002020
Antonio NocerinoMidfielder301,900,0002016
Cristian ZapataMidfielder281,600,0002016
Mattia De SciglioDefender221,500,0002018
Juraj KuckaMidfielder281,500,0002019
Philippe MexesDefender331,500,0002016
Andrea PoliMidfielder251,500,0002018
Luca AntonelliDefender281,300,0002018
Christian AbbiatiGoalkeeper381,000,0002016
Giacomo BonaventuraMidfielder251,000,0002019
Rodrigo ElyDefender21800,0002019
Jose MauriMidfielder19800,0002019
M'Baye NiangForward19800,0002019
Davide CalabriaDefennder19120,0002020
Gianluigi DonnarummaGoalkeeper1690,0002018
How much each Serie A club spends on players’ salaries this season (in millions of euros)
How much each Serie A club spends on players’ salaries this season (in millions of euros)
How much the Serie A clubs have spent on players’ salaries since 2007 (in millions of euros) (screenshot from GdS)
How much the Serie A clubs have spent on players’ salaries since 2007 (in millions of euros) (screenshot from GdS)
The salaries of all the coaches in Serie A 2015-2016
The salaries of all the coaches in Serie A 2015-2016
The salaries of all the players in Serie A 2015-2016 – click to enlarge

* All the data is from the 06/09/2015 edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport

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in my opinion only Cerci, Nocerino, Alex and Monto don’t deserve their current salaries, the rest have what they deserve. Alex, Cerci, Mexes, Nocerino will most likely leave in January as we are targeting new CB. rumors say it might be Ranocchia. i’m a SES fan and what i noticed in Soccer Manager 15, it’s a football simulator for the new season, is that SES is just on loan, he isn’t sold and is added to the squad at the end of the season. so does it mean he might stay? besides Monaco became very weak after selling their stars.


SES is loaned. However, if he makes certain number of appearances (not sure about the exact number. I think it’s around 19) the move becomes permanent.


I think it was 15 games


No the deal dont become permanent.

If he playes 19(or whatever) matches for monaco they get a buy out option.

They still need to buy him for the amount of money the buy out option is set at.
And that is without installments. they have to pay 15 mill straight to milan. if not then he will return


Money is not a problem for Monaco


Empoli receives 14M and we 101M euros…. and still we play worse than them and barely beat them. No wonder Mihajlovic gets crazy about our overpaid players.


how does Montolivo end up being the highest paid? Under what conceivable theory does this happen?!

angry birds

Just remember why he came to milan you will get the answer..
He was quality midfielder thats why we paid him with big money


A club of Milan statue could spend well more then 101 mil but also that amount is not deserved by a 7th,10th place squad. Imagine Lazio giving out like 52 mil.


montolivo gets 3,500,000? bruh Im done


Still see alot of dead weight eating up wages, no wonder players dont want to leave, milan pay heaps well! lol nocerino/monty/alex!!! bonaventura the only player who deserves a bumper deal (he might start playing well again?)


Well at least Mexes’ Salary isn’t over the top anymore.


Its probably worth noting all these figures are after Tax


Only the €101m, the given wages here are net.


Net is after tax. Before tax is called gross.


Great money if you can get it!!

What would worry me slightly is how little De Shiglio earns, he might not YET be the finished artical but he will become world class and he earns peanuts compared to what other clubs would offer him and if he has a good season which I’m almost sure he will then expect an onslaught of offers for him next year which would make him a much richer young man, just look at Darmain now! And to think we already had him


Why all the hate towards montolivo guys? I dont realy see it. He is a good player, probably our best midfielder when fit and on form. He has better statistics over the years then any of our midfielders. What we lack is a way to connect the midfield and overall team to the attacking line.. What are Montolivos strengths guys??? Passing Long balls Likes to hold on and dictate tempo Ball interception and Defensive contribution And how he likes to play: Plays the ball off the ground often Likes to play long balls Indirect set-piece threat If you have some… Read more »


I have heard rumours about a rift between some players and Mihajlovic hope that is not true that would not help at all problaby Montolivo and Cerci that is hurt because of Miha post match interviews kick them out of the team


i don’t think about it’s true about Monto, Monto rejected several offers from Liverpool and Tottenham. news were recently released. i don’t care about Cerci, he’s leaving in January. Mexes, Alex are also free to leave and i don’t understand why is Nocerino still here? Bona has some problems but i know he’ll start playing on his level soon. well he is true except for Balo, Bona and maybe Nocerino the rest are subs. those players that don’t want to train and fight for the starting 11 and have attitude they are free to leave. i’m already sick of management… Read more »


I wouldn’t be surprise if this is true – Mihajlovic is acting pretty inexperience by blasting the players in the media. Stupid move by the coach really. Some things a better said in the locker room or privately than in the public.

I am now convinced that Mihajlovic will be another failure at Milan. As the saying goes: “You praise in Public and criticize in Private” Mihajlovic is criticizing the players too much in the media that will cause him more problems. Pretty foolish man he is. Very unintelligent!


at least we make the top3 wen it comes to paying wages


Top 3 in wages for a 1/3 of the performance. Thanks Condor


Lmao galliani is a big joke!!!!!!

Look what kind of players inter and juventus and roma bought and compared that to us!!!

our midfield!!! bertolacci poli montilivio bonaventura jose de jong.. not one of our midfielder can link up to attack from midfield. When will Galliani die? and we will celebrate?


like it or not montolivo is quality so u people should stop the criticism put montolivo into a juve I bet u the will carry the league again I pray Milan don’t do the mistake the did with pirlo. u don’t play poli who to me if not for Milans crisis will never wear that shirt in fact he plays like zaccardo just like u guy’s criticising menez we need him as our traqutista we fail to see the problem rather we blame it on our best players so it’s better we stop it.


ok if u guys were man u fan’s who made Roony there highest paid player,captain and striker since then how many goals have he scored. For information Roony earns 260 thousand pounds every Friday yet man u fan’s don’t complain but how do u pay monotonic whom u so much hate 3.5 million euros per year yet u sweat over it u guy’s should think before u speak.