Kucka is in: Can he improve Milan’s midfield?

Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images
Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

The Rossoneri didn’t want to pay for Soriano and Witsel, leaving the Milan coach hungry. Instead, they preferred to buy the Slovak Juraj Kucka, a different kind of footballer.

Kucka’s move to Milan makes more sense than people think. In fact, the Slovak is that kind of player who is able to exceed expectations and produce. At 6-foot-1 and 86 kg, Kucka is tall and big enough to provide a strong, physical presence in the middle of the pitch.

His arrival to Milan went unnoticed, especially with Geoffrey Kondogbia joining Inter for €35m; neither does Kucka resemble Radja Nainggolan or Blaise Matuidi, but he is far from being a washout or merely an alternative for bigger names. The 28-year-old is a player with a huge potential who’s already shown he can contribute in Serie A, as he did last season at Genoa under the tutelage of Gasperini. He is versatile as he’s able to play in the middle of the midfield but also on the wings & in defence.

Slovakia national team coach Jan Kozak likes to use him as holding midfielder in order to give Napoli’s Marek Hamsik more freedom up front. As a defensive midfielder, Kucka is perhaps at his best, providing pace and tackling prowess. He’s also learned how score and quickly became a pivotal part of the Slovak team that’s looking for their 1st ever European Championships qualification.

With pressing high up the pitch being a key component of Mihajlovic’s tactics, Kucka can provide the needed strength and defensive acumen to help Milan’s midfield – the same midfield that was outplayed in the opener at Fiorentina and that underperformed against Empoli.

The fact that Milan brought on a defensive-oriented player like Kucka after months of rumors suggesting they were looking for a player with more offensive capabilities than him like Sampdoria’s Roberto Soriano or Zenit’s Axel Witsel left fans a bit perplexed but Milan couldn’t or didn’t want to spend a lot, and so the aforementioned options were simply taken off the table.

Whether a midfield featuring the likes of Keisuke Honda, Giacomo Bonaventura, Nigel de Jong, Andrea Bertolacci, Riccardo Montolivo, Antonio Nocerino and Kucka (among others) can make Milan competitive enough for a top 3 finish remains to be seen and the main question remains about creativity and Kucka can’t provide it.

With that said, in Kucka Milan found a player who is able to play as interior midfielder in Mihajlovic’s 4-3-1-2 and that could leave Bertolacci free to move high up top of the midfield diamond, a position that can suit the former Genoa player better, as he’d have less defensive responsibilities.

Kucka can be the athletic midfielder and provide some pace to the Milan midfield – a thing that is needed to become more complete in order to have this team take the next step.

Article by Michele Tossani

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angry birds

No he cant jajajaja

Adriano Galiani

Kucka is a world class player, that’s why i bought him. You kids no nothing about me (The Great transfer Guru)!

walexandre silva



I kinda agree with you. The midfield can be montolivo (cdm), kucka (rm), bertolacci (lm) and bonaventura (cam). Kucka will assist montolivo by reducing the defensive pressure off his shoulders. This will enable montolivo to keep the ball and throw passes forward.


did you see montolivo play against mantova?


@jedidiah so in this your milan midfield De jong cannot play abi?


Comment:yes we can.


now, Kucka is like Zaccardo level im my eyes… But I hope he will be at least at honda level…

Manga la Figa

Childish comment. Are you 12? You must be since you have no Idea what your saying.
Kucka is a good midfielder.
Zaccardo, in his prime, was good enough to be on the WC winning team. He was that good.
Go back to grade school and learn something before you yap.


He is better than Poli and can play in other positions than CDM, unlike De Jong. Good signing, especially for 3m. Not the midfielder we needed though, let`s hope Bertolacci and Montolivo can find their form.


Lot of sense here. He is good player,we got him cheep but we really don’t need him that much.





Hope he can help aerially. Forza Milan.


Nope, he can’t.
He might be OK but the Milan midfield is so deficient therefore in need of a much better player.


Against Inter:

Diego Lopez
De Sciglio, Romagnoli, Zapata, Calabria
Montolivo, Kucka, De Jong, Jose Mauri
Bacca, Luiz Adriano


You have not one offesive midfielder :/


De sciglio is mediocre


Not sure, but hope he can contribute something because he always been Milan’s target since two or three years ago. I don’t know why.


He just another choice because galliani friend with genoa president


Lets not judge him before he plays guys. All he had was 45 minutes on the field. He may yet prove to be usefull as a squad player if nothing else.

Pa ibra

Yes kucka can be a good squad player but at this point that’s not the teams main problem. having good back ups is important but I guess a team should first think about a strong starting xi which is my issue with the kucka deal,not that the player is bad but he came when I was expecting a that top midfielder. Just like with the defense last season when mexes,rami,zapata were all offering almost the same quality just for galliani to add alex another of their standard and then palatta too… Overloading the defense with lot of “excellent squad players”… Read more »


I think galliani bought him as a replacement for nocerino. Also both Suso and mauri had concrete loan offers. For one reason or another it didn’t happen. So it’s a ok move.

black milanista

Alot of kids spewing BS like they know anything, most of you spend most of ur time playing FIFA like that gives you the right to criticise KUCKA.

I Believe he can add dynamism to our midfield, it’s up to milha to bring out the best in him. Frank Rijkaard had similar characteristic and Sacchi turned him into a world class, instead of being all knowing and critical lend ur support he wears the colours.


just like i said too many kids in this forum… he’s medioker, he world class, etc… they dont give anything to milan, and want too much for milan… and so funny how they pushing their imagination to reality world…


Im so tired of all these buys were they say he is so versatile and can play everywhere i mean common i want someone who is best in one position and play him there not someone who is little good in many position.