Balotelli, Poli and Luiz Adriano on target as Milan beat Lega Pro’s Mantova 3-2 in a friendly


Mario Balotelli played a part in all the goals of the team on Thursday but Milan provided a performance that left coach Mihajlovic furious yet again.

With many players away on international duty, Mihajlovic let youngsters and bench players the nod in a friendly match against Mantova F.C from Lega Pro.

Mario Balotelli and Alessio Cerci started together in attack with Riccardo Montolivo holding the midfield. Balo scored after just three minutes with a right-foot curler.

Nocerino could’ve doubled the lead afterwards but it was Mantova who scored with Giuseppe Ungaro beating Christian Abbiati. Mantova scored again before the 30th minute as Milan failed to deal with a free kick floated into the box and Andrea Trainotti put the ball in the net.

Just before half time, Balotelli got the ball from a corner and managed to get it to Andrea Poli who scored to make it 2-2. Mihajlovic made changes in the 2nd half and slotted Balotelli in the trequartista role. Balo was fouled in the box in the 62′ minute and let second half substitute Luiz Adriano take the penalty and give Milan the advantage back. That was also the final result – 3-2.

As reported by “Having got back in front, Milan controlled the match for large spells of the second half although teenage shot-stopper Gianluigi Donnarumma, on for Abbiati at the half time break, was called upon on a couple of occasions.” The fans were impressed with Donna again.

Those who watched the match – and especially coach Sinisa Mihajlovic – saw a Milan that was poor even against a Serie C side. Milan have a lot of work to do and the reserves will have to do better.

Milan’s starting XI against Mantova: Abbiati; Abate, Alex, Mondonico, Zucchetti; Poli, Montolivo, Nocerino; Bonaventura; Cerci, Balotelli. Bench: Donnarumma, Spinelli, Llamas, Suso, Gamarra, Maleberti, Papasodaro, De Piano, Casiraghi, Hamadi, Luiz Adriano.

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Ebrima bah

Balo is back

Mo Ali

No one questions Balo’s skills and abilities, If only he would retain consistency throughout the season, he would make a fine addition to an otherwise shaky team.

I want to see him thrown more often as a trequarista with Adriano and Bacca upfront, sure he might not be as nimble as the other alternativea but he has an intimidating frame and presence and could provide a much needed alternate balancing style for the front, that is if he stayed sharp long enough of course, he could very well hold his ground and regain people’s faith in him.


Balo was active.
Donnarumma was bold.
The midfield felt lost at times and we had players try to dribble away from Serie C players and fail.
That was the saddest part, really.
But, at least up front we don’t have too many issues. Cerci might never play though lol


A little off topic, I didn’t get to watch Italy Vs Malta match, how was Bertolacci’s performance? Did he combine well with Veratti and Pirlo? Anyone??


The whole of the team’s performance was poor, Italy did not deserve the win I was falling asleep while watching that match. Malta deserved to win as their chances were beautiful.


no. he proved he’s just bad for everyone right now.


Instead of Witsel, can we try and sign Markus Henriksen from AZ Alkmaar? He’s bloody good. I think we should look into the guy


Yes we can, but you need give your opinion to management directly,,
Not here buddy, nothing will happen


Cerci is garbage


Cerci had one good season and that is it, he was paired with Immobile, and they were good… now both of them are not that good on their own… and we dont need Cerci, we do not play with wings.. so he will leave in january…

btw Balo was awesome last night.. I knew he had talent and all of that… BUT he was calm… they were trying to provoke him and he was calm


Cerci isn’t a winger though, it might be an idea to play him as the cam, just to try it out. He’s always played his best as a seconda punta, dropping into spaces and threading passes through to Ciro. With Torino, they didn’t play with a cam, just a flat four midfield, so with Honda/Suso/Jack occupying that space for us he’s looking for more space out wide.


They may be reserves, but of the starting 11, 8 have caps for Italy, Alex has many caps for Brazil, and the other two are junior players. A poor result against a Serie C team. There should be a greater will to win and get back in the first team from a group of such capable and experienced players.