Official: Mastour joins Malaga on a two-year loan deal with option to be purchased for €5 million

Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images
Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Hachim Mastour has left Milan but the Rossoneri have a buy-back option set at 6m and also a reported option to get percentages from a future sale.

Mastour has spent recent weeks with the Primavera and was hailed by coach Cristian Brocchi for his change in attitude and the fact that – unlike last season – he now chases opponents, plays for the team and does what he’s asked to do.

However, the player and the club have come to a conclusion that it would be best for Mastour to leave and the player joined La Liga’s Malaga on a two-year loan deal. Los Boquerones have an option to buy him for 5m while the Rossoneri have reportedly reserved themselves the option to buy him back for €6m or get percentages from a future sale of the player by Malaga.

“The young player of Moroccan origin from AC Milan, Hachim Mastour (Reggio Emilia, Italy, 19/06/98), arrives at Malaga Football Club on loan for the two upcoming seasons and completes the squad for the 15/16 season,” a statement on Malaga’s site reads, confirming the arrival of Mastour.

The 17-year-old flew to Spain this morning and the deal has been known for hours but was only confirmed close to the end of the deadline day. Mastour joined Milan in 2012 from Reggiana.

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Jus wow…v keep nocerino..poli…etc buy berto for 20…n now this…n to top things up milan tranfers ends with this news can u believe it…milan gave away el sharrwayn mastour in same transfer…so called youth policy ….b&g out


Better we appoint a new sporting director,get a competent scouting network and remove the transfer business from galliani, then hope for january.
Lets also hope that honda and suso upgrades.


Before everyone gets all mad. I like the deal. If he truly becomes a great player it will cost us $1 million to bring him back. So basically a 2 year loan to a team that will play him constantly instead of him being on the bench. Well worth the money


Only thing worrisome is this kamikaze Galliani who, if still with the team in 2 years time, might choose the money instead and buy some stop gap from Genoa.


I belive moustur is better than cerci and suso right now. what happend with alex i thought he should leave the same with nocherino and mexes, we get stuck with meny players we dont want and we get rind of players we do want to stay at milan and build a team with… I do like how juventus has been working on this summer transfers, they have made a very compact team with great talents, and some good players from the pass, they just need some time too play together and when they will connect, from next year they will… Read more »


Galliani is getting a percentage from all the loan deals and sales. That’s the only logical explanation. He’s only doing deals with the same cast of characters: Genoa(owner is a close, personal friend of fester), Malaga, Raiola. Just doesn’t make sense. 86 mil spent with almost nothing to show for. Could of had a world class mid by putting in a little more than Berto. Jovetic is on loan and has scored more goals than our strikers combined and is only 25 and Serie A proven. Could of gotten Hernanes for 11 mil. He’s just what we need. Loan Mastour… Read more »

burhan SOMALIA

Mr:galliani we were save in your hands but now you are OUR desease,you bought many useless players who even can’t control the ball with confidence it is not the type of OUR phenemonal players,you bought Romagnoli for 25mil and you cant get 3mil of loan of grat midfield Witsel,for the last 2yrs we are(AC MILAN fan) waiting hachim mastour and now send away from us,,,,,,and tonight you gone your office empty hands without a player who can connect between your midfield and attackers. Yeah I remember now you waiting the money of the Mr:BEE so you want US “AC MILAN… Read more »


by the way, lodi is with no contract It will had been a god deal for milan to get him now, as we havent get a good midfielder, and those we have are just …..


We loose Suso too


Im not fine with all the moves management did this season but letting Mastour go was right imo. People are going crazy with that and ill get lots of thumbs down for this comment but do you guys really think Mastour could break into first team anytime soon. Hes not even better than Suso or Nocerino at the moment. Why would we waste his talent? being loaned and having playing time could come good for him. We didnt sell him just loaned with option to buy( 5mio) and buy back clause (6mio) , that means well pay just 1 mio… Read more »


Not better than Suso or nocerino?

Don’t think you’ve ever seen him play….


And you? Have you seen? If yes, against who did you see him play? Against the team of my neighbourhood? Even I could score goals against them.


Mastour is still kid, sure he has talent but he needs to learn to play for the team. He needs to grow. So this transfer is best


The problem is not loaning him out its doing it every single time and we end up loosing them . Its happened before , it will again , bye bye mastour, Cristante , Paloschi , Darmian , Pirlo ( we still literaly gave him away) Saponara & etc .
Dam just seeing his face in the advert makes me wanna become Harvey L Oswald & take hi backto genoa


who the hell is cristante what has he done.


Who is Cristante? He was our future but got sold for peanuts. Do you know why Barcelona is as good as they are? It’s because they kept their young players and developed them into a great team, something Milan was unable to do because Kojak keeps selling our youth for his own benefit.


@luke cristante isnt good at all i would get it if you spoke about aubameyang but cristante isnt good look at what he is doing at benfica and you think barcelona is perfect fabregas arteta icardi luiz garcia (liverpool) pedro thiago motta as well as alcantara jordi alba pepe reina i can go on but you get the point most of them left for free or were sold (pedro and thiago) sold and then bought back for astonishing prices (fabregas jordi etc) you guys look at their good side then look at ours as well so you want us to… Read more »


Oh come on, did we not give a chance for Saponara, two years and he did noting. Should we keep him forever at the bench. Christante sitting at the bench of Benfica. Paloschi, if he is good why any other big team is not intereated in him? Darmian, still not proven we’ll see this year if hes really good. And we dont need fullback now. Pirlo, agree in this, but on his last season at Milan he didnt play that good. Still it was a mistake though.


Really? Saponara was giving a chance? He started one game last season and was the best Milan player on the pitch. He was blasted by the fans. After that he wasn’t played again.


It isn’t a bad deal, has a chance to be played and for 1 million we can get him back, maybe in 2 years he will be the player we expect him to be, it’s all good for us, but if after 2 years if he confirms we sell him or lose him, well that’s another thing, no need to talk about that now, the player is now at a team who will play him.


This is awesome, I don’t know what the fuss is about. Players of his type typically thrive in la liga- Isco, silva and so on. (we loaning him to d same club dat groomed isco). and we only get to pay 1mil extra to get him back? C’mon, aw is dis not great. U prefer d primeveria to malaga, or u want him on d bench in a first team that is still in confusion?


Awful window from Milan. Do we even have scouts? Is bee still a thing? B&G continue to run Milan into the ground.My summary of our signings Bacca – Great striker but we panicked after missing on JM and overpayed so it takes a little gloss off of it for me. 7/10 Adriano – Good striker but unnecessary signing seeing that we already had 5 strikers and that money could have gone into the midfield. 6/10 Jose Mauri – Came on a free and one for the future, can’t judge now Rodrigo Ely – Could turn out to be the signing… Read more »

Duru Uche

Comment:i pray we get him back and galliani must go by fire by force. Ibitoye hope u see ur uncle galliani.


malaga are amazing in developing youth players
in two years he will be completely ready for us
cant wait for his progress


I really dont understand this hate here. Obviously it is a brilliant eeal. Loan for 2 years and we got buy back option! Even barcelona did this to their youngstars stars, such as deulofeu, bojan, etc. even madrid did that to juve for morata. This formula is perfect, if he turns out good, we can buy back him for only 1m nett. If mastour become a flop, then we get 5m if they decide to sign him. Seriously what happens with this negativity? And i do t understand first you guys praising gakliani for bacca adriano etc. and now you… Read more »


i couldnt agree more with you
we need time for the players to build chemistry
and i dont get it why the others cant get it
what we spent for this season is more than our last 5 seasons combined yes including the ibra season
and yet they are being greedy this is the same milan that was hesitant to spend then why are you guys complaining grow up!!!

Pitch milano

You all need to relax mastour needed playing and he wasn’t gonna get it at milan . Loaning him is good business especially for 2 years so he got plenty of time to mature. You all keep on bringing cristante like he is doing stuff so great that man udt Chelsea barca or bayern want him. You don’t hear about him at all unless you look for his info’s ! Come on the transfert was bad because galliani failed to recognise the team need after the first game and fix it on the transfert deadline but I’m happy with mastour… Read more »


Malaga will easily see the potensial in him and buy him in about 6 months. There is no need to give them the option to buy for just 5m. Many teams could have loaned him without that option. Like what Chelsea did to us last year with Van Ginkel.


17 is too young to be playing first team football in Spain and Italy, and if he isnt playing first team football, he may as well stay at Milan, get integrated into the squad, and develop with us.


Sure it could be a deal if he does turn out to be a great player and if we DO buy him back.

However what kind of guarantee is there that he will get playing time at Malaga?


wow why would they give an option to buy, that is dumb


I do not get it!!!! We sell Sharaawy and Mastour and Rami but we kept Mexes, Poli, Zacardo, Zapata???? Mihajlovic you already have ruined Milan! 2 of ours best players young diamants you pushed away! That is outrageous!!! AC Milan you have reached the bottom! Mastour come back please!


Outrages Milan have officially touch the bottom! We sell our only young star! One of the world greatest! Barcelona have give Messi a chance at 17years of age and what we do? We sold ours only 3 good players! Sharaawy, Mastour and Rami! Mihajlovic and Ac Milan official have touched the bottom! I love Milan for 3 decade now but now i am asking myself where is the club which i love!?? What is this policy which is ruining Milan! We do not sign Witsel again! We are shits!!! We do not have any chance to win the svudetto!


It’s sad what is happening at Milan. It’s a shame!