Galliani: “We tried to sign Witsel until the end, but we knew that it was going to end like this”

Photo by Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images
Photo by Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Axel Witsel will not be a Milan player – at least not in the near future – as Milan failed to reach an agreement with Zenit over him.

Witsel had been the target of Milan ever since they failed to sign Geoffrey Kondogbia who went to Inter but the summer market is official offer and Axel is yet another man CEO Galliani couldn’t get.

Milan tried to take Witsel on loan with option to buy and clauses related to appearances but Zenit refused their attempts (they were reportedly pushing for an obligatory buy-out clause which the Rossoneri for some reason didn’t want) and so the Belgian didn’t move anywhere and Milan signed no one on the last day of the 2015 summer mercato.

“Witsel? We tried to sign him until the end, but we knew that it was going to end like this,” Galliani told reporters as he left Casa Milan on Monday night.

At the end of the day, Witsel stays at Zenit while Roberto Soriano stays at Sampdoria as Napoli failed to complete the transfer in time for the transfer deadline despite having an agreement with Samp.

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Why couldn’t Witzel have been at Genoa !!??


Who needs Witsel? We have Nocerino the magician !!


1) Juventus
2) Roma
3) Inter
4) Napoli
5) Fiorentina
6) Milan
7) Lazio

To much money spend and we are still not anywhere near the top spots – in my opinion


have you been watching Serie A? Inter had 2 easy games, they are worse than us. with and without Ljajic. Fiorentina re unstable as always. Juve gone weak need much time to regain form. Lazio is so out of form, even Capri might win against them. Napoli and Milan are in same situation at the moment. Roma…. i don’t know. some are good signings some are not so don’t be afraid. we have same chance of winning Scudetto as any other team on your list.


Hahaha whem was the last time he watched serie A?


It says a lot that you argue how weak all the other teams are. I am merely trying to make the point, that in terms of marcato Mialn did not get any closer to Scudetto or CL while spending almost 80M. We went out big and bright and in the end we wrapped up Kucka whom we have had as a last resort during the last three windows. Juve pinpointet Dybala and took out the wallet. After we spend big on Berto and Bacca all we got was left overs. This is my point. It is not important whether we… Read more »


With what midfield?


we tried to sing a over valued player, thats why we did not get him and im happy. but im saad we did not get a solid midfielder.
but still i will had love to se some more players leave milan like nocherino cerci alex and mexes,
but now we can still get lodi on free, and give him a 2 year contract, he will be very usefull as we dont have high technique midfielder.


You coughed out 20m very quickly to buy average bertolacci and you asked zenith to loan you witsel, pack your bags and leave already you have shown us your incompetency even with 90m.

Bonera to villareal official. Lol..


you right bro,,,,shame on you galliani


The mercato was a failure despite the money spent. Galliani messed up.

Pato man

I told galiani to go for quintero bt he was rather wastin his time on witsel and soriano. Nw let finish 8(beta dan last season)


Kongogbia,martinez,witsel,gundogan,hummels,sandro,soriano,lamela(marsiele) ,peroti,moutinho,illaramendi,ibrahimovic,sissoko,guarin,kovacic,miranda,suarez(fiorentina) , arda,song,pedro obiang, baselli, maksimovic, all stories!


Galliani’s usual ”smokescreens” And I actually thought we were done with that…!


Me too bro!


OUT NOW you let Mastour go on loan with the option to buy you retard mastour could have easily played in the first team and solve that creative midfield problem also you are going to let Suso go on loan as well but you want to keep the likes of Nocerino Mexes really now its time to go i mean really you gotta go Galli


We will get mastour back After He had the Chance to play regulary at malaga for 2 years, if He Shows the develpoment we all are expecting.

I think it is good for the Boy and milan because This year There would be too much pressure on him cause He had to deliver and He is just 17 years old. In 2 years He is 19 and more mature (hopefully) and than He can be included and be the man we are all hoping He would become.

Forza Milan. I think we can have a top 5 finish.


I you such a failure


I can’t believe that there is just one midfielder in the whole world & guess what too expensive , what a joke we are , on & off the field .

San Siro

Foolish man


if someone killed Galliani will the little loan deal with Mastour be terminated??? im just asking


I Am Now Placing My Hand On My Heart And Fans Milan Now.Even For The Past 4 Years I Can’t Watch Milan Match Where Others League Fans Are. Truely Galliani Is A Down Fall Of Milan And It Look Like He Has Some Interest In Buying Selfish Players For Us.honestly if i was in italy i would have write against galliani by barna evry where that i am for him to leave us.this man want to kill me with heartbit.i am praying to see him in german one on one i would have tell him my mind. Galliani i am… Read more »


im so dissapointed even in wikipedia says he plays for milan :( avrage mercato


I Am Now Placing My Hand On My Heart And Fans Milan Now.Even For The Past 4 Years I Can’t Watch Milan Match Where Others League Fans Are. Truely Galliani Is A Down Fall Of Milan And It Look Like He Has Some Interest In Buying Selfish Players For Us.honestly if i was in italy i would have write against galliani by barna evry where that i am for him to leave us.this man want to kill me with heartbit.i am praying to see him in german one on one i wILL tell him my mind. Galliani i am in… Read more »


i would quit if i had dissapointed fans so much


Comment:galliani is a flop

Home2j milan

have you seen galliani he is part of milan,s problem sack him he has sold elsha and mastour what kind of stupid deal is this try and get us creative midfild you will see

Comment: Galiani & Balescon U Shold Know That Milions Of Fans Are There Wthing 4 U To Bay Krative Midfilder That Will Feed The Strikers U Culd No Du So Neda Toking Robish That U Try To Sin Witzel, Is Witzel The Only Krative Midfilder, I’ Am Sory Galiani U Have Lost Ur Transfer Strategis & Better Leave Milan For Us To Move Forword


Another mercato has come to end. Well it was not the perfect one but we improved at least some things especially strikers. My perfect one coul be like this. Defence: we got rid of Bonera, Zaccardo, Bochetti, Vila and let go of Paletta and Rami. Some say letting Paletta and Rami go was wrong. I dont think so they were nothing special but average players. Alex should be sold too and we should have signed one more CB. Garay could have been awesome, we still should go for him in the january. Romagnoli deal was good imo he already showed… Read more »


Seriously , i’ve lost hope on gaining a third spot this season , UNLESS , Sinisa makes these cowards play like a fkin team and get the best out of them and I believe in him more than i believed in Seedorf ( whom i rlly thought would change us ). Knowing Berlu , he’ll be gone in January or the next summer. However if he doesn’t leave , we’re set for a great period of time with a great coach.


Really can’t believe a bit of midfield quality hasn’t arrived. Could be a long old season. Hope someone steps up cause we are going to need that or a couple of emergency aditions in January.


We played just two games and we are saying that we wont be in the CL next season. How strange ppl make judgements out of nowhere and based on stupid rumors


January we shall see galliani offloaded and thats gonna be our big mercato


i really dont get why you guys are commenting so many hate comments this is the same team before the season started all of all went on saying what amazing signings we are winning the league galliani you rock yeyiee wohooo and shit what happened to all that lost it because we didnt play like a team for our first two matches? the season just started hardly 2-3 players of last season are there in the first team it takes time to build chemistry it doesnt happen over night fiorentina and empoli played well against us because they had the… Read more »


Yes we made signings that we thought would make us better than previous horrible seasons. Do you also remember that milan fans have suffered enoug? It is very difficult and shameful to call yourself a milan fan these years,people would ask you like “whaaaat????. From pre season we saw it that our midfield is sick and needs urgent attention, the coach kept alarming that our midfielders cant feed the strikers…we the fans and the coach knows where the problem is but galliani doesnt. Remember when on this blog and in the stadium fans protested the acquisition of matri, galliani said… Read more »


look the problem is with the mentality of the team not with galliani tell me how when niang matri saponara they all played well in their loan spells but couldnt do much with us no matter how much you guys hate galliani know this he is the ultimate milan fan remember last year the daughter of silvio said they froze some accounts of fininvest so that he doesnt go around spending crazy money as he does but yet galliani fought to buy balotelli try to understand the euro crisis (affecting italy) and then see why its so hard for galliani… Read more »




Is this Galliani in disguise? U sound so Galliani.


We do not have an amazing squad don’t be foolish. Its only in attack Bacca&Luiz, where we have done a good job, the rest of the team is so limited, except for Lopez&De Jong. We will suffer this year, Empoli nearly beat us, it was embarrassing. Miha is a honest type of coach which is good, but not a good coach. You will see, i can guarantee you, Sampdoria will do better without him. The management is so incompetent. Selling parts of the club to an investor who hasn’t used a dime yet, and was talking much about how he… Read more »


hey galliani if you focus to offer witsel from the 1st agustus maybe we can get him,,,but what you do??? you just make another offer like a soriano,moutinho and illaramendi and what we get??? kucka….sigh


Galliani failed without money and yet again he failed with money. Milan team badly built without the needed quality in midfield, what a mercato.

I count only on Mija to do some magic else we would be lucky to play Europa, call this what you want but i know its a one way truth and it hurts.


Thats just the truth bro !


idiot. u knew it was going to end like that and you still spent club resources to fail? guys the man is too old to this job that why he keeps pranking on fans all the time. is witsel the only cm left in this world?


So many impatient and pessimistic fans. Galliani is not a God.I believe Moutinho could have worked if not for his injury.Give Bertolacci some time and patient because everything is new to him both coach,environment, tactics, teammates etc.Judge him after the season. Galliani managed to get rid of so many dead weights and many of us here are still calling him names. He kept Nocerino, Alex and co???Where there real and genuine offers for them to leave.It is when a real offer comes that they leave he can’t tell the players to pack their bags and leave.He even went to convince… Read more »


Who bought these players…im not blaming galliani..still his choices wasnt good…


I partially agree with you – Mastour was an excellent deal, the lad will get some playing time and experience and if he turns out good, we can just buy him back for 6 mil which is only 1 mil. Now, speaking of Galliani – he managed to get rid of some dead weight – well, he is the one who brought in the dead weight in the first place, so yes, it’s his fault. He even convinces Matri to leave, wow, he is a genius – you are forgetting that 12 mil he paid for him that is now… Read more »

Pa ibra

this shows that all those deadline day transfers by the transfer guru are no skills but luck


There goes their defense!


Apart from bertolachhi, milans money has been spent well. Bacca, Adriano and Romanogli add more quality to the squad. They are so far justifying their price tag and have the ground running. Bertolachhi however is not what milan had hoped for, The way he has played so far, to me it seems he is not worth more than 10m at most. It is needless to say that milan has overpaid 10m for him. Mauri should be given time, he is young and will still develop. Kucka seems another nocerino/poli which milan did not need. Despite having honda and suso as… Read more »


Galliani and Berlusconi turned the people who loved and served milan for the last 3 decades to enemies because of their stubbornness and selfishness, From Braida to leonardo and so many milan legends who used to eye excellent players from around the world and bring them to milan. But Kojak lie to everyone saying he brought all these players because he has the eye of a sniper who can tell the good player from the bad which is not true and since braida and leonardo left look at the players he’s been buying that piece of Sh** galliani who cannot… Read more »

Moni Harb

Getting rid of the deadweight: 9/10 Improving each position: 8/10 Signing first team quality players: 6/10 Promoting youth policy: 8/10 Solving the problem in defence: 8/10 New problem in midfield: 10/10 The reason I put some of these ratings is because some people forget that we got rid almost all of our deadweight, especially Bonera and Muntari. That is a great thing in my honest opinion. We also bought players or promoted players for almost all of the positions in Miha’s formation. And whether you like it or not, I would rather have Bertolacci than Essien and Balotelli than Matri… Read more »