Teams news: Milan are without the suspended Rodrigo Ely and without Philippe Mexes, Jose Mauri, Jeremy Menez, Alessandro Matri and M’Baye Niang. Empoli have to do without Vincent Laurini. The game kicks off at 20:45 CET at the Rossoneri home stadium – Stadio San Siro.

Watch the match highlights

AC Milan (4-3-1-2) – Sinisa Mihajlovic
Diego Lopez; Mattia De Sciglio, Cristian Zapata, Alessio Romagnoli, Luca Antonelli; Andrea Bertolacci, Nigel De Jong, Antonio Nocerino; Suso; Carlos Bacca, Luiz Adriano.
Bench: Abbiati, Donnarumma, Abate, Alex, Zaccardo, Montolivo, Poli, Bonaventura, Kucka, Honda, Balotelli, Cerci.

Empoli F.C (4-3-1-2) – Marco Giampaolo
Łukasz Skorupski; Marco Zambelli, Lorenzo Tonelli, Federico Barba, Mário Rui; Piotr Zieliński, Assane Dioussé, Daniele Croce; Riccardo Saponara; Manuel Pucciarelli, Massimo Maccarone.
Bench: Pugliesi, Pelagotti, Costa, Camporese, Martinelli, Bittante, Krunic, Signorelli, Ronaldo, Maiello, Mchedlidze, Piu.

Referee: Piero Giacomelli.

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Good line up Miha right choice to start Suso and not playing Bonaventura even if its Noce


Not a good line up at all. No idea how Nocerino is in the starting 11 and our midfield is in real need of quality. Also, it is nice to Suso given a startig role but Honda needs to get his chance. At the moment Honda is a better player and barely even got a chance because of the red card against fiorentina!


According premium sports milan and zenit have reopened talks about witsel


what i think is that Suso and Nocerino are given one last chance to prove themselves, cause Nocerino will most likely be sold and be Suso loaned to Genoa which would be great, they have a good coach who gives chances to youngsters. look at Niang, Gasperini is the one who revived his career. Alex, Zaccardo, Matri will also be sold and Cerci will leave in January so it’s make 24 players. one place for Witsel, he’ll wear Gatusso’s N8. Zapata, Kucka, Monto, and Honda should be given a chance. if any of them don’t start playing football they should… Read more »


Susoooo! Damn I like him, hope he does well. Nocerino is a big question mark for me as I’ve never been too impressed by his playing.


I couldnt watch the game, can someone tell me how we played? and how did Noce, Suso, Kucka, Jack, De Sciglio and Romagnoli play?? Finally we got a win, but seing Saponara score against us… I bet he would be better than Kucka (Sapo left us for 4m and Kucka came for 4m)…


Really? If you know football you wouldn’t cheer for noce concentrate on nocerino’s play in this game. 1- He doesn’t contain well and can’t dispossess opponent. This shows lack of commitment. He only runs around the pitch to mark players without pressing. 2- he can’t dribble. 3- his ball control is average. He can’t keep the ball at his feet more than 2 seconds. 3- he can’t make decent long passes. The only good thing he can do is making the opportunist forward run and occasionally score. This is not enough in my eyes. A good midfielder also needs to… Read more »


Have you seen Bonaventura the whole pre season he doesnt play so well as a CM even worse than Noce


true Bonaventura hasn’t been himself but you can’t deny he has better abilities than Nocerino.
I truly believe that once Bona gets used to Miha’s system he will play great.

unrelated: I really think that Menez can fit in Miha’s tactics. I hope he gets better soon and play


I want to see balotelli playing today




yea i believe giving someone else a start before bonaventura was right but i probably would have played mauri before nocerino but i got faith Forza Milan


Nah, it should be Berolacci who sits on the bench and not Bonaventura….although I understand d coach is trying to give the ’20million’ man a chance to prove himself. Nice to see Honda replaced by Suso, I believe Suso can make a difference with his dribbling and shooting (if he can make his shooting a little more powerful and not straight to the middle). Decent line up. I hope we win by a very large margin. Hope to see Kucka introduced later in the game and Balotelli.


And that midfield. Hmmmm. Hoping for a win though


Hopefully we win tonight and get back our confidence. FORZA MILAN

lion king

link for game ?


Five minutes into the game and you can see the lack of midfielder, put some pressure and Milan trembles.


Goaaaal Bacca, great assist from Luiz Adriano, great finish from Bacca.


what a goal :O what a run what a pass!!
amazing come on milan!!!!


Heh, Saponara, good thing we send him away and we kept Noce.


And galliani sold him for just 4m.


He sold him for 8mil but he pocketed 4m himself so we only know about the other 4m. I hope we end mercato in style and trade Galliani away!!! He needs to go inmediately’


i really didnt want saponara to score 🙁
what have we done by giving him away!!!
he has been amazing for them in the last season


Every team plays good football except my milan.


F* Gal*


Just trying to comprehend the Milan management the last few years, clearly Saponara had the potential, why let him go? What did they see in Suso that they couldn’t find in Saponara? Just a thought.


Sapnoora goaaaaaaaaaaaaal this is the mistake of the manegment


Bertolacci looks absolutely horrible! 20mil? Wow


Its the same, obvious problem. ..we need more cretivity at lcm, rcm, and acm…Suso needs to step up and impose himself on this match…berto is unimpressive.


Galliani’s Milan play like sh*ttt!


…the moment the player you released or sold cheaply scores against you. #Pirlo #Saponara

Moni Harb

Milan have offered Zenit 25 million to be spread over 4-5 years for Witsel.
Football Italia


Ultras are complaining and they should. Watching Saponara I have no idea why they let him go!!!! He is damn good and young. Better than what I have seen from either Honda and Suso. Way to Galliani! Time to retire dude.


Galliani saves us 20 k by giving us berto instead of kondogbia,saponara showing us who he really is,noccerino showing us why we kept him,and the s**t goes on and on.


for the love of god dejong, pass the ball sometimes and collect possession in the middle, even zapata making forward passes


Terrible performance by milan.. Bartolacci, nocerino, zapata is unimpressive..


Milan simply cannot play like a team that is the big issue


De jog is good at defense, but he is sitting wayyyyyy too deep. At this point i dont care if u will dislike my comment, but i will try to put montolivo in regista. Dejong and berto/bonaventura in side midfield


No midfield . Our defenders are our midfield, we are playing not even defensive football , what is it just throw it to bacca & hope for glory ??
Awful passes , Bertolacci should be given time .. on the bench .
I am starting to dislike de Jong , yeah he breaks up opposition plays but ours aswell . he pass destination is constantly LOPES !!
Seriously as soon as we go forward we become a threat , then we sit back and defend defend defend , not that well as well /.


After watching the 1st half, i could only see the difference between selling Saponara for 4M and buying Bertolacci for 20M. #Genius


With this midfield we are going nowhere. #HEADLESSCHICKEN#

angry birds

Kkkkkk…i see, now you’re agree, bertolacci is average player…overpriced!!
Noce, why we should play him…

No, creativity, cant pass to forward, cant control the game, cant hold the ball…oh god, did we have midfield??

I really afraid of it, next week we are in derby..


Please, stream to watch this match?????????????? Thank you and FORZA MILAN!!!


I just hope zenit accepts milans 25 mill offer and witsel arrives despite galliani calling it unlikely

The Guy

You i wonder what this guys do in training cause watching this match, they don’t seem to have a plan, imagine being out played by Empoli (No Disrespect). #JustCurious


wow Empoli got more quality than Milan. they play with flair congrats Galliani!


You are right. Empoli is a good team. The only mistake from Empoli is the decision of the coach replacing Maccarone too early. Maccarone was causing many problems for Milan defense. Milan need to upgrade their play. Here are the summary I made from the game : 1. The underperformers : Nocerino and De Sciglio. Nocerino is useful only for a sub especially if Milan are down 1 goal. De Sciglio is like having a problem with his daily life. It seems that he didn’t play smart and couldn’t blend with his teammates during the game. 2. The top performers… Read more »


Omg! They just cant play.


Its incredible how bad our positionning is ! dam we play Seria B next season 😀


I’m sorry for Bacca for his unfortunate decision.


thank you Adriano! but we play like shi*


Bacca and Adriano are playing well! Now we need midfield!!!


We are literally being carried by Bacca and Adriano and poor Lopez and defense who has to deal w/ all the pressure in the back. Everything in-between is non-existent.


Actually bonaventura at CAM is very good. He connects our midfield and bacca+adriano pretty good.
Actually saponara is good, but not that good. He looked good because empoli collected balls to him. And mostly he tried to shot.


Bertolacci injured. Hopefully he stays away for awhile. Maybe Milan will really bring a great midfielder before transfer window closes.


What we are missing is a true class offense , no need ( athough tops ) for World class but someone who atleast tries to dribble , bring speed to our game , we are so slow ! and then we boot it . we have amazing forwards but they hang too high for our game .we need a kaka , someone who drops low and brings forward . Between Bertolacci / Dejong , lopez has the ball more … Three points but dam lucky


i’m sure the dejong lovers will again defend him. saponara run around him all day long. dejong can be at the moon but lopez can’t sleep at night, because the ball will come to him any moment