Official: Kucka joins Milan on a four-year deal


Juraj Kucka has signed the contract and he will be wearing the #27 shirt at Milan for the next four years.

The deal with Genoa was completed yesterday and Sinisa Mihajlovic gave his consent so today Kucka, 28, completed the medical check-ups and signed the contract to tie him to Milan for 4 seasons.

“AC Milan announces the signing of Juraj Kucka from Genoa CFC on a permanent transfer. The player has signed a contract until the 30th of June 2019,” a statement on Milan’s site reads. The Diavolo will reportedly pay Genoa €3m for the player.

“I am very pleased to be here. For me, this is a big opportunity and a great challenge to play at Milan. It all happened very quickly. I arrived yesterday evening in Milan,” said Kucka, who admitted the move was a surprise. “I’ve always played as a centre midfielder, then on the wing, but wherever the coach plays me I will try and do well. We face Empoli tomorrow and I want to give my all. I am really motivated to do well.

“I have spoken to Antonelli and he said that he is waiting for me. I cannot wait to see him and Bertolacci, I know them well.” Kucka has already arrived to Milanello and he will take part in training at 18:00 CET and be part of the squad to face Empoli tomorrow at San Siro. He will have number 27 on his back.

“Kucka is a good, complete player, he is familiar with Serie A, he has different characteristics to the other midfielders that we have in the squad and the price paid is the right one,” coach Mihajlovic said to the Milan Channel. “He knows that he has a big opportunity and I am certain that he will do well.”

Kucka joins Jose Mauri and Andrea Bertolacci as midfield signings. Kucka spent four years at Genoa and one more season on his deal. He scored 9 goals in 122 appearances for Preziosi’s club.

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What do you guys think about him?


if we’ll sell Monto, Nocerino and buy someone like Witsel then i’m ok. Suso in my opinion should be loaned and i would prefer a new N10, in my opinion Honda just can’t handle it. might be useful in Witsel deal. Alex, Matri and Cerci should leave as well. and why are Agazzi and Zaccardo still here? i’d give a chance to Zapata and Menez but Mexes… why did he extend?


I like he he asked how we felt about Kucka and you started talking about every other player


Ahhh….. finally we have a Zaccardo in every department now!


Tbh I’ve never seen him play but I’m sure Miha has an idea that of how to use him best.
Also for those calling out for Witsel and other well know mids, I think having those guys would be beneficial but the team we have now on paper is a team that can most definitely challenge for the scudetto let alone a champions league spot. Just a matter of time until the team finds itself and we will have a great year.


He’s a classical box to box midfielder. All-around solid and offers more dynamics into the midfield than some of the other midfielders we have and that’s most likely the reason for bringing him in.

I feel it could turn into a good signing. Hard to tell how he’ll look considering our delicate situation at the club.

Either we’ll bash them for not bringing in a player more comfortable on the ball or we’ll appreciate the dynamics he brought to the plate.


Why do galliano buy players that will NOT add anythink to the squad, I had keept nocherino instead of buying yet aborter player of his standard.
You need a player Like
That Will lift the team to another level
Nok Kucka and then whait for him to leave one day.


Calm down man, he is not for the starting eleven and for 4 million this is a good signing. Did berlu, galliani or miha said they are done in the market after signing kucka?? No so keep the hate comments for 1 September if they are still valid then.


Miha has said he doesn’t believe there will be any more signings, in the pre-Empoli press conference. “I think Milan’s transfer campaign is over” was the translation


Ash yes I read it just now, but they’ve said the same thing 2 weeks ago. Still apologies for the comment but I think we should not write this team off so quick.

angry birds

Its last transfer…
Thats why we are disappointed

Gigi Italiano

Hmmmn! Looks like Santino Marella..


don’t really knw whts wrong wid dis milan team with Galliani in charge.. why de hell wud u waste money on dis guy whom we ve better options than him.. he plays jus like poli, bertaloci, bonaventura, ect. instead of getting someone who can get balls to de strikers look at de sh*t he is buying..gosh
there is no fluidity in dis team.. common possession they can’t keep against small teams as at last season and i foresee the same piece of sh*t again. God ve mercy


Hi everyone greetings from Auckland.
I am new on this blog but I am a Milan fan since I was a child over 15 years now.
Hope we going to make the top3 this year even though is very hard.
As all of us know we need a good CM/CAM to be able to compete with Juve/Roma/Fiorentina/Lazio/Napoli/Inter….. Is going to be very hard but not impossible. We are ACM so we need just to have a little bit of ‘Faith’.
(Un extraterestra at San Siro R.Kaka) We need someone like him again.


welcome, i agree, someone like Kaka, or at least 50% of former him would be amazing… and also 50% of Pirlo… that 2 types of players we need… one who can decide the game on his own from midfield and even pass, put in chances our strikers, and one creative magician in the middle of the field who can make long passes for our strikers and also make the ball flow nicer…


Comparing to the current team, 25% of the old team would be enough to win the league!


I hope it turns out to be a good signing like Antonelli. That was a nice surprise.


Not really. Decent left backs are not in abundance and he was and has always been one of them. Milan should not have let him go in the first place. Usual idiocy.


I am so disgusted about this deal, why do we keep on buying average players when other teams are buying world class players? Don’t see anything good coming from belusconi or galiana, they are old and need to be taken care of and not them taking care of Milan. They should both resign, don’t mind Babara belusconi taking control.


We are gradually becoming genoa fc. I will only wish him goodluck and hope he turns out to be a surprise signing for us.


We took him and allowed genoa to free up a place so then can bring in Iturbe on loan. We should have just taken Iturbe on loan ourselves.

I don’t understand how anyone can be even slightly ok with this, even if he is for ‘depth’ we’ve been trying to thin out or squad from this type of player. We now have Poli, Monty, Nocerino, Bertolacci, Bonaventura and him who are all around the same standard.

yan bah

I have a height hope kucka will do well he is a good midfielder I will support him he can add something in our team this comments just remain me when we sigh Tarrabt everyone is saying shit about him but look at now some fan’s are saying Taarabt have to come back… Anyway forza Milan


Taarabt was good at one thing – he added suprise, element of entertaining, he could dribble… and that is it (ok he was better than Muntari, Poli….) but he isnt wc player… look at him now, Benfica told him to lose weight if he wants to play…

angry birds

I dont know how should i say, this is madness..
We have been waiting for good news…
From ibra to balloteli…
From witsel, illaramendi, moutinho to kucka!!!!

Please someone in italia, tell galliani he should be retire




I am seriously confused,,,, I remember clearly that last year in this particular blog, lots of people wanted Milan to get Kucka :S By any chance, did he suck so bad last season? As I recall, Genoa pretty much kicked Milan’s ass last year in both games (1-0 & 3-1) and finished 6th in Serie A and he was part of that squad. While I do hope with all my heart that we still have a midfield present to look out for in the next couple of days, please just be happy that the options we got this year are… Read more »


if we want to be 5.-6. in the league than Kucka for 4m is great signing.. if we want to compete with Juve and Roma, we need better signings… its that simple… do you think midfield of Kucka, Poli, Monty, De Jong, Honda, Bertolacci… Can compete with Pogba, Khedira, Marchisio (not to mention Pirlo and Vidal from last year)…

Let me put it this way, if we are in Juve/Man Utd.. place who would we buy from Milan’s midfield?


@rosso138 let me put it for you this way non i mean non of juventus’s players atleast the midfielders were ever world class before joining juventus except pirlo but in his case it was a free agent so what they do is trust their midfield and so does the rest of the juventus fans and as for united tell me one good world clas midfielder before this season they had carrick?valencia?young?fellaini? if you guys would remember thiago silva was a nobody he came in and now he is best defender in the past mila have done wonders with players who… Read more »


@Blah, United finished 7th that year with those guys in the midfield. They’re buying big names and spending big bucks now.
As far as uncovering talent that takes a keen eye and a great scouting system. We don’t have that anymore. Leo’s gone and so is Braida. Fester, at this point, couldn’t distinguish a good player from a bus driver.


@octavius this year who all did united buy for their midfield bastian schweinsteiger who i do respect …all their transfer activities are panic buys leaving that they got schneiderlin who proved himself at southampton thats it in that case bertolacci and kucka have proved themselves at genoa it takes time for players to settle in look at honda in last years beginning he was on fire give it some time worldclass players and legends are not made over night team chemistry is the main thing that makes the team great look at all the world class players put them individually… Read more »


i really dont get it why so much hate the others are having for kucka
if and when he plays if he turns out incredible then these same haters are gonna start chanting his name out loud
so fake so dumb


This pretty much sum up this transfer:

“It all happened very quickly.”


Welcome KUCO,,,,nice Tattoo anyway….FORZA MILAN!!!

black milanista

I’ll welcome him, forza Milan he’ll add some dept in midfield…. but we still need a decisive factor Get us a world class midfielder uncle fester.

Serie A

Loved it when the transfer experts are listing the despicable player list and the gamers listing the world class player lists. Those top quality players aren’t coming to us because we are a new rebuilding team, but heaps of uncertainties for success. Those world class players need other world cup players to work with him to success, they need a solid and a stable team. Moving to a new Milan team is a big risk that can jeopardize their future careers. Now, about those despicable player lists. Quit it, they are like a month old re-boardcasted braking news; everyone knows… Read more »


This won’t be Milan’s last transfer… 2 more will join


Comment:…we simply need witsel

yan bah

Thanks you all guys who comments after my first comment this is how a fan’s will be let’s support our dear darling Milan I hope we will sigh another players we are ac Milan ….all what I can assure you we will have a great season

David Adetule

Hi guy’s , we are Milan and we always turn unknown player to world class..we hv to spend wisely because all this world class player’s of this day are just after money. I know for sure we are playing CL football next season and all Milan need now is our support not negative talk… Milan will always be milan and I am sure we are back now and we should wait and see. When the team click now, you will see the true colour of the team work…Team work is what make Milan a great team not individual skills. Please… Read more »


Hahahahahaha Milan has become a toxic waste dump.


I hope my Milan do well this season we need two more players world class so that we can have great season,up forza millano


I rather judge Kucka during the christma brake and see how it goes.

acm 1899

we’re not in CL ,so we have to deal with this kind of players.


Seems we’ve a strange fetish of singing midfield guff and when we do splash out on a midfielder (Berty) we get absolutely robbed for on the deal.

Hoping there is some genuine midfield quality arriving before the window shuts. Long old season if not.


milanista eldritch

Comment:seriously I wonder y some fans on dis blog are complainin dat we r buyin 4rm sampdoria and genoa.obviously dis 2 teams finishd ahead of us last season,plus we cld nt defeat either of dem ova 2legs so its only wise we steal some of deir quality players dis season to make us stronger.let’s support our darlin milan pls.Forza


Montolivo, Bertolacci, Poli, Bonaventura, Nocerino, Kucka… Apart from De Jong, Honda who played two seasons out of position, Mauri who is young and yet unknow prospect and Suso who seems is clearly too creative for Mihajlovic’s taste, this midfield is stuffed with bunch of average lumberjacks

All the wrong moves!


just like i said too many boys feels know everything about football… buy him, dont buy him, he’s medioker, he’s world class…

if you dont like milan’s policy about transfer, you can go back to your room and play FOOTBALL MANAGER… you can buy messi, suarez, witsell, superman, hulk or bugs bunny to satisified your DREAM…


If galiani did’t leave milan with not going no ware,because we have money 2 buy any player and why can’t you buy good midfileder like Axel witsel is better done kucka


Please & pls galiani take acmilan has like your life and save acmilan and buy midfileder like zenit st petersbury we love milan 4ever am a nigerian please please galiani save AC