Teams news: Fiorentina are without Marko Bakić, Ricardo Bagadur, Ahmed Hegazy, Oleksandr Iakovenko. Milan have to do without Michael Agazzi, Philippe Mexes, Cristian Zaccardo, Jeremy Menez and M’Baye Niang. Kickoff time is 20:45 CET at Artemio Franchi.

Watch the match highlights

ACF Fiorentina (3-4-2-1) – Paulo Sousa
Ciprian Tătărușanu; Facundo Roncaglia, Gonzalo Rodríguez, Nenad Tomović; Gilberto Moraes Júnior, Borja Valero, Milan Badelj, Marcos Alonso; Federico Bernardeschi, Josip Iličić; Nikola Kalinić.
Bench: Lezzerini, Sepe, Pasqual, Astori, Basanta, Fazzi, Vecino, Mati Fernandez, Mario Suarez, Rebic, Giuseppe Rossi, Babacar. 

AC Milan (4-3-1-2) – Sinisa Mihajlovic
Diego Lopez; Mattia De Sciglio, Rodrigo Ely, Alessio Romagnoli, Luca Antonelli; Andrea Bertolacci, Nigel De Jong, Giacomo Bonaventura; Keisuke Honda; Carlos Bacca, Luiz Adriano.
Bench: Abbiati, Donnarumma, Abate, Calabria, Paletta, Zapata, Nocerino, Montolivo, Poli, Suso, Cerci, Matri.

Referee: Paolo Valeri.

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This is my first time of commenting and I hope this game will favour my darling Acmilan…I hope to see balotelli soon..forza milan #weareacmilan


Sorry for the bad news but you maybe bring bad luck hhahaha


Ely and Romagnoli look promising. Hope they have a good game today. Keep hope alive. Wishing our strikers sucess in front of goal today. Forza Milan


forza milan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Looks like the real Allegri surfacing at Juve . Bad enough starting 5 defenders at home to Udinese but to stick with 5 after going one nil down, I’d have been tearing my hair out if that was Milan haha


The team is still crying out for a quality playmaker but still a good team all the same

It’s the first time in a long while I’m really looking forward to getting started and can’t wait for kickoff, Roma only drew and Juventus just got beat by Udinasi one nil so we already have a chance to put some points between us and them!

Florence is a tough first game but I’d rather play it now so COME ON MILAN AND KICK SOME ASS!!!!


Bacca, I see goals from you… Forza Milan!

chifranc milan

Comment:wish my darling team a win tonite to boost confidence,hope new signings perform,on another note juve lost,they should keep it up,forza milano


I told you allegri supporters that he did well with us cos we had our legends and that he will do well with juve cos of the incredible squad conte built,but after 1 season allegri will drop. How can u bench dybala and zaza for coeman? Welcome juventus to allegris world.


Probably because dybala and zaza are strikers and kingsly is a midfielder….


Allegri thinks he’s a striker though


Nothing wrong with Coman but Allegri is giving him the Boateng treatment. Played out of position


Allegri was the coach of the year when we got him. won the league for us, won the league for Juventus, and took conte’s team the champions league final (when conte couldn’t get out of group)…maybe we should think about signing him back…btw Juventus over achieved to reach the finals last year which means they had a good coach.


when can i watch this game forza milan


Milan, Milan, Milan!!!


The game won’t air on television for me until later so I will have to wait, but this game will be a very tough opener away from home against a good team. It won’t be easy but I want to see Milan hungry and give it their all til the last minute. Good luck


It’s on BT sport Europe


Hope we see some skills in this match from Honda, he is in the perfect position, has some good support from Berolacci, Bonaventura and De Jong, he just need to do his job, has no excuse now. The defence with Romagnoli and Ely, looks promising, hope they have enough confidence to make a solid couple along this season. The attack looks good, i like Adriano and Bacca it’s an amazing player, hope we have a good start under Miha, Forza Milan.

chifranc milan

Comment:wishing my darling milan goodluck in this match and hope all our new boys perform so as to boost their confidence,juve will com second this season,then nxt third,dats allegri chapter 1 2 3 for you, lol,forza milano

Clarence Clyde

does anyone know a good stream which he would recommend?!


Saponara scores again


I wanna kiss Diego Lopes right now !!#nohomo



What a safe from diego lopez in 19 minute or something


not good we need new midfielder ASAP

Moni Harb

Anybody know a good quality stream? The one above didn’t work

Wes has good streams


oh no…

ely.. dont do those things…

red card ely


and goal viola =(


After that freekick i just stopped watching the game ya we need new players idc dislike my comment idc ya we need players right now!

Moni Harb

The only thing I’m thinking of now is after this match, the people who were “crazy about Ely” are going to bash him because he got 2 yellow cards.




It was harsh. I didn’t like Ely one bit a couple of years ago, especially the game against Malmö, tho I have been very impressed by him during the friendlies. Even today I thought he did okay hence it’s a huge day for him. Reason for it being a harsh 2nd yellow is because he already received one card earlier, and hadn’t commited any further fouls after that. On top of that, what was the severity of the situation for him to be sent off? It was crowded, no where near to be classified as a clear goalscoring opportunity and… Read more »


Did not deserve to be sent off in my opinion. I didn’t fancy Ely one bit a couple of years ago, especially after the game against Malmö, tho I have been very impressed by him during the friendlies. Even today I thought he did okay hence it’s a huge day for him. Reason for it being a cruel 2nd yellow is because he already received one card earlier, and hadn’t commited any further fouls after that. On top of that, what was the severity of the situation for him to be sent off? It was crowded, no where near to… Read more »


I dont care, this is his first chance for him… if it is anybody’s fault it is Miha’s… He should have put experience pair like Mexes/Paletta/Romagnoli, and introduce Ely later on… when we are winning… or when we play at home…

Ely is a great prospect, and one not that bad game with bad ref call is not enough to judge him!! he had like 5 good matches in preseason…

And you cant expect Ely and Romagnoli and De Sciglio to handle 90 mins of pressure… (cause we dont have midfield to push ahead for our defense to rest…)


Well, great execution from Alonso, still need a lot of work in center of defensive, too much space, on this moment i miss a defender like Nesta or Thiago Silva, to teach this young players, they have a lot of potential, every mistake is a lesson, hope he learn something from this Ely. We still have time, but one thing it’s bothering me, we are too weak under pressure and that’s because we don’t have the midfield from what i saw until now.


What I saw from the first half:

Is Bertolacci on the field?

Ely was shaky even before he was sent off. He had 4 red cards last season and I really hope he cleans things up because I just don’t feel comfortable with our other CBs. His red card was a very weak red card and I’m not sure I agree with the ref to send someone off for an accidental trip like that.

Romagnoli confident and strong on the ball. Great addition.

Miha might eat the players alive at time he is definitely pissed off!


Romagnoli has looked good at least….

Anyway there’s worse things than losing the opening match. We might get 3-4 more strikers out of Berlusconi!


good at giving up fouls in the box…when there is no need to slide…the angle is already cut off. He did his job…but the dumb rookie needs to slide….why?


I dint think we can qualify for ucl if we keep playing like this …. Its almost like last season. I’ve stopped watching the game


we need 2 quality midfielders ASAP! still they try to buy the next striker!!!! lol
I mean Berto is pretty average player and bona doesn’t give anything extra.

I hate this ref. whats his name again? always ruins the game


WTF. What i’ve said before, zapata still better than Ely. Ely still need more experience. Hope Fiorentina got the red card too.


I have a fear that Ely may not have the pace we need in that position… Yes his positioning wasn’t ideal but he is young. If he had Abates electric pace it wouldn’t matter so much ( he would be able to recover his position ).


Clearly some of our new signings still needs time to adjust to italian league, bacca and adriano especially.

Yeah ely is complacent with that red, but i wont go crazy on him and blame him, however he needs to inprove. Its sad to see a player done his debut with a red card 🙁 hope this is not affectig his confidence. Anyway in second half i expect improvement. Maybe put montolivo in to add some creativity


new season same sh|t! really sad story… get that f* witsel and new CAM. no balo no ibra ohhh


Ely is slow and a quicker CB would have done better on the second yellow card incident. Luiz Adriano and Bacca will suffer to score goals with this midfield, Bertolacci is absolutely average in this game and i hope he improves, Honda has worked so hard tracking back. I’ve said this before and i will mention it again; It would be so difficult to have a great season with 2 inexperienced CBs and hopefully its changed as a Paletta + Romagnoli or Mexes + Ely for example would be better. It’s 1st game of the season and Florence is always… Read more »


we pass to much ball to back we rarely create chances and when we do we miss
would love to se 2 new midfielders moutinho and/or witsel soriano wont help the situation
ely needs to stay calm and learn from this he cant let this effect him


Italy have no referees really.


What a depleted midfield, De Jong is constantly leaving all the marking for Jack and Bertolacci alone.
Why are our players always clueless when going forward = no creative midfielder.


experience is not sold at a grocery or pharmacy shop,how can one gain experience in football without playing? leave ely alone


Loaned him out!!!


I think Miha it’s gonna kill them


The curse of Balotelli. The moment we are linked to this guy we start to have nothing but bad luck. Incredible!


You’re the curse. If balo can always play the best game under miha’s instructions. He is the best striker in the world. But if it doesn’t happen, We like to play the game with 10 player when balo start the game, so kil him then!!! We still have bacca adriano niang menez.


So ironic how a fourth referee can make such a mistake. Not to mention Illicic drops early, Romagnoli hits the ball and barely makes contact with him if you watch the replay.


f this ref!!!! how was that a penalty????? oh my god!


We need midfielders and another defender, to much inexperience there, Romagnoli and Ely didn’t handle their phases well that cost us the game, bring Witsel and take with him Garay please, please very nice.


This referee is a ba5tard i h8 him really.


Vladimir Putin has no business being a ref, that’s all i can say.


the modo [email protected]! that was a clear penalty on bona!! i cant believe this sh|t


Bertolacci is a total ripoff. Bonaventura was a star in a weak team. Now he can’t perform when it matters. It’s sad. Milan needed players who are ready not a Bertolacci that is still waiting for 15 games before he knows he’s wearing a Milan jersey.

Moni Harb

Guys, fiorentina have had more time to gel as a team and they had an excellent pre-season. I fully expected Milan to have a hard time against them. However, Ely should forget the red card and remember the mistakes he made. We need 2 midfielders, a midfielder that can defend and support the midfield and provide the attack with passes and a pacy midfielder that can make runs into the box (like Di Maria at Real Madrid). Personally, El Shaarawy would have been great for the Di Maria role.


sure 4 years…of let’s shrug off the loss and mistakes….it’s pro football…lets get hard nosed and win! lets face it we over spent on 2nd tier bench players with potential….that means years of mistakes before they get the “experience” necessary to be great.


Baselli just scored a nice goal for Torino, he cost much less than Bertolacci. Oh and please kill this hideous formation!!