Teams news: Fiorentina are without Marko Bakić, Ricardo Bagadur, Ahmed Hegazy, Oleksandr Iakovenko. Milan have to do without Michael Agazzi, Philippe Mexes, Cristian Zaccardo, Jeremy Menez and M’Baye Niang. Kickoff time is 20:45 CET at Artemio Franchi.

Watch the match highlights

ACF Fiorentina (3-4-2-1) – Paulo Sousa
Ciprian Tătărușanu; Facundo Roncaglia, Gonzalo Rodríguez, Nenad Tomović; Gilberto Moraes Júnior, Borja Valero, Milan Badelj, Marcos Alonso; Federico Bernardeschi, Josip Iličić; Nikola Kalinić.
Bench: Lezzerini, Sepe, Pasqual, Astori, Basanta, Fazzi, Vecino, Mati Fernandez, Mario Suarez, Rebic, Giuseppe Rossi, Babacar. 

AC Milan (4-3-1-2) – Sinisa Mihajlovic
Diego Lopez; Mattia De Sciglio, Rodrigo Ely, Alessio Romagnoli, Luca Antonelli; Andrea Bertolacci, Nigel De Jong, Giacomo Bonaventura; Keisuke Honda; Carlos Bacca, Luiz Adriano.
Bench: Abbiati, Donnarumma, Abate, Calabria, Paletta, Zapata, Nocerino, Montolivo, Poli, Suso, Cerci, Matri.

Referee: Paolo Valeri.

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angry birds

Jahaha we need to combine cb experience with young, ely romag not ready…
Mexes/palleta must be include to the game


So quick to get negative. Plastic Fans #Smh


Okay lets forget the negative. Can you mention ONE postive thing you saw in the match? Lets forget all the 99 negative things, let us lean back at that 1 postive thing, please mention it for me so i can lean back on it…


@sheva They didn’t score on open plays despite two 1 on 1 chances, prove we have one helluva GK in D.Lopez that’s one positive. anyone? i could go on of course. @everyone who spitting they dominate us for the full 90 minutes of the game BS. Get a friggin clue, we were starting to dominate them 5-10 minutes before Putin sent Ely to the Shower, we weren’t pretty bad at the start of 2nd half either despite playing with 10 men, the real problem for me was we got caught on playing a high defense line, and that weak a**… Read more »


Maybe thats because we parked the bus and literly watched fiorentina have the ball as we was defending a 2-0 trailing.. which in my opinion is more scray than all the other negatives combined


@Sheva : i just think, when milan lose, u comment so much, but where are you when milan win?? i didnt see ur comment when we win against perugia.. or just i who didnt see


Your English is what is scary!

Milan were in control before that weak yellow card and that totally changed the game.


De Sciglio is improving with every game ,Romag’ had a good game( wasn’t a penalty). Antonelli looked very assured at lb position, The link up between the two forwards is starting to work … Is that enough ??


7 matches and still havent seen anything from berto. Waste of money in my opinion. We only have goalkeepers ,defenders and strikers…our midfield suckssss


better than Bonaventura….who had a nice shot there in the closing minutes….I think he came close to hitting the broadside of the barn….top notch players win the league and he is not top notch

study milan

Dejong needs to stop playing like a skillful midfielder, he can never help Himself with that. He has lost more balls in this match due to his attempting skillful controls, flicks, manovuers and passes. IMO, Dejong cost us dis match.


De jong has been terrible today. totaly invisible


The midfield is not beans. If you don’t have experienced midfielders to dictate the rhythm of the game, pressure will come on your defenders and errors will occur, and naturally goals will be conceded.


I just don’t like this system with long balls and no one to contril or pass for that matter correctly , completly over run.
Revert to 4231 , De jong with Berto / Montolivo / Nocerino
Wingers with Bacca / Cerci / Menez , short play , we have amazing pressing but only 2 up front ! Even with Honda our midfield in phase of attack is non existent .


Still non existent in midfield , impossible to connect 2 passes . then they through it on long balls


1wk more so pls sell bona,nocce,monty,mauri,poli…bring midfielders who knows what foitball is all about. No soriano pls!





At first sentences you are serious, last sentences full of joke, lol


@pelle80 You forgot Bertolacci.


I don’t know why we bought bertolacci? him+10M=witsel! oh dear
it reminds me Teves saga as we bought matri for 11 when tevez was there for more 2M
even noce played better that berolacci lol


On the other hand. Juve napoli were lost to their opponents too. While roma got draw results. Only i ter and lazio grabbed full points.

I think that red card and that dumb referee costs us game. Not to mention we need improvement in midfield


Terrible, Terrible midfield. Ely is not good enough yet to play top teams , he should be used sparingly against teams in the bottom half – and Paletta or Zapata should pair Romagnoli for all games by default. De Jong is terrible on the ball. I know all you De Jong fan boys are going to say he is our savior and the master destroyer. But anyone in the center of midfield needs to have atleast some skills on the ball or atleast a basic range of passing. Think about the Carrick’s and the Obi Mikels of the world –… Read more »


U got a point, but i want to correct you here. De Jong surely looks not made for regista role, but he and Honda were the only midfielders in milan shirt today. I am not satisfied with Bertolacci (who clearly isnt worth 20m imo), and Bonaventura just had no clue today, maybe because he tried to do everything on his own. De Jong, Montolivo, Nocerino: that should be change of lineup in second half. Montolivo regista. After a red card Honda was substituted- that was wrong in my opinion. It should be Adriano, And we should have changed lineup to… Read more »


It absolutely disgusts me seeing De Jong playing in the center as a regista. He can barely hold possession or pass the ball beyond 2 meters, much less orchestrate any kind of intelligent play in the midfield. But what’s worse is that none of the coaches in the past couple of years, seem to realize that 4-3-3 just does not work with this group of players, especially with De Jong in the center.


We have players that are good enough to win us this league; I’m not sure about the coach, though. What I know is that if Seedorf was still our coach we were definitely going to win this league; Allegri’s teams don’t perform against tough opposition, and this Milan looks tough on paper. Balotelli is just going to be scape goat for our poor performances, I feel sorry for him.


I’d have liked to see Seedorf get the sort of backing Mihajlovic got in the summer.

Kwabena Adu

Come on guys this is just our first game


Didnt you see the serious part? Did you miss it???? We have serious problems, what you are looking for is to get a luckily penalty next game and win 1-0 and think we are fin. We all should see the serious part which is we need a new midfield from scratch.


This referee has never officiated milan match without milan receiving a red card,I can’t remember if there is a match he officiated that we won.I just feel he hates milan with passion,even though our midfield disappeared throughout the match.

Coach Seedorf

Always thought that Fiore could win against us after defeating Barca & Chelsea in pre-season. With their new coach, they are certainly title contenders. We lost against a very good team with a very good coach, they can defeat juve, inter, Roma etc. so all of u saying our midfield sucks & want to bash Ely should just hold it, our team still needs time to click & we will. After Ely’s early yellow, I wanted Miha to substitute him cos I saw a red coming even though I didn’t watch d match


“you didn’t watch the. Match” pls shut up.already, you don’t know wat you are saying


and you just didn’t even watch the match?


i think we should go back to the free transfers!


Berto still show nothing to us. Ely crap. Bona suck!


Poor Italian midfielders for Milan. I saw this coming. I think Romanogli should partner Pallets or Zapata to gel experience. Milan 4-3-1-2 formation needs versatile midfield 4. Remember our former midfield 4; pirlo, gattuso, seedorf and Kaka. Before it was Rui costs and Beckham and Ronaldinho. If Milan want to compete well. We need Talisman in midfield. Belu should understand Italian player are not really good now. Other than Veratti. Milan need players who are ready. Bertollacci, Bona, Honda are inferior. I think Mija should deploy Djong to right midfield just like gattuso to suppress attack and track back. We… Read more »


Poor midfield too, De jong was poor as well.
Honestly this hate against italian players is soooooo freaking weird, we are supporting an italian team that should consist of italian players – GET USED TO IT


I would like to say two things to all of you.

1. The referee really f***ed the game for us with the second yellow on Ely and inexistent penalty against Romagnoli’s tackle which clearly was 100% on the ball first.

2. Stop saying “if we had Seedorf, if we had Ancelotti” Miha is a good coach, give him time.

Forza Milan in the good and bad!


good coach? what is the best finish he has achieved in Serie A? Yeah thats what I thought.


Hondaout witsel ibra in u want to win well get those players simple

Ing. Appenteng

I’ve been saying this for sometime now. De Jong sucks in that regista role.


Incredible low pressure throughout this game. Viola totally dominating the midfield, and our players are all over the place. The gap between the defence and midfield, and between the midfield and attack was so huge. Even the gap between the midfield players was huge. I mean, the viola players were on several occasions allowed the time to take a touch, turn around, accelerate and then make a pass. That should not happen and it really did disappoint me. And wow, we really need a playmaker or to. Just look at Valero and how he controlled this game. We need someone… Read more »


I don’t wanna be too harsh on Bonaventura because he showed some ability last season and can at least dribble. The other midfielders though I’m not sure about. De Jong is a good tackler but we need someone who can dominate like Borja Valero did today, Roma pulled off the con of the century for getting 20m for Bertolacci, and what I’ve seen of Soriano is very similar. Attack we cant judge because they didn’t get any service (like last season..and the season before that). But we just can’t play this formation against decent teams, it’s too narrow. I generally… Read more »


Berty will be an overpayment, think most people wondered at the price at the time considering what we could have got if we had added a few million more, even with purely the 20 mil. I think at this stage we just get behind him and hope he can produce to a standard and not turn out an expensive complete dud.


i know its early days but Galliani should really resign after this season… he has been absolutely terrible at his job recently …his acquisition of players has been poor and too sentimental!!!! we need someone who is objective, someone like boban or maldini…we don’t need to waste our precious resources on mediocrity just for the sake of berlusconi’s dream of having an Italian team..the Italian youth system is @#$%^&, can’t produce anymore world class players …ffs we are milan!…i’m really pissed…miha is a fine coach but he should go with his 4-2-3-1 instead of bending to Berlusconi’s wet dreams….@##$!!!!!!!


i do kinda agree but to get romagnoli for 5mil paying next 5 years is pretty good buy other than that he has been really poor


everything in life is a cycle. Italian youth will come around again, just wait.
But as far as Galliani is concerned your absolutely right. Let him negotiate contacts and terms but don’t let him pick and buy players.
Our main issue at the moment is the midflied and you’d think a top playmaker would be at the top of festers list but what does he do: he bring back Balo. Oh boy!!! This might be a long season

Ross Oneri

As i posted my comment on Balo not being Milan type of Player some of us here are plastic fans. Yes we lost 2 -0 but judging from the game did u see? Most probably Ely and Rom wil fail bcoz of these kind of fans. We have a very good back that need patience and a team still gelling. wat the heck did u guys think? We are going to win all the way thru? Im giving my Milan atleast 5 games before I bcum critical.


Did i hear somone say we dont need Menez? players like Menez would have helped us in todays game… now get us real midfielders, i dont mean Soriano, mind u Galliani. Forza Milan


Romagnoli and Ely ….both goals their fault….wtf is Romagnoli doing slide tackling a guy in the box that has no angle to shoot….he was in position to block any passing / cross attempt. He cut the angle off. Why is he sliding…inexperience that’s why. Merit ribbons for effort aren’t given out to professional players in Italy. Give me a break…we are playing for points. Same with Ely silly fouls.


:'( next time milan


You know what I hate , is that every time we win as a team we are all thick to praise the coach and the players but when we loose we criticize them. Don’t get me wrong it was a terrible match for our Milan . the midfield was all over the pitch, the defence was sloppy and the attack had to fend for themselves just to get a ball. But rather than bash them let’s stand together cause believe it or not we Milan fans are apart of the team and we need to give them courage when they… Read more »

nana billy

Comment: we cant beat them. And we re not ready for big opponents

nana billy

Comment: we cant stand teams like inter n juve yet


First Milan didn’t have money and Galliani brought in players like Muntari, Essien, etc. Now there is some money and guess what? He brings in Bertolacci! Wow!


too many boys feels like manager so they can said who deserved play at milan… yeah manager at football manager…


I did not see the game but from what Miha said, modified was weak which is nothing new. Galliani still have a week so he better get Witsel or we will continue to have problems. They are talking about brining Ballotelli but without good midfield, forwards won’t score, no matter if we have Bacca, Adriano or Balo. Bertolacci isn’t what we need and Roma get a great deal selling him for 20m. We sold Cristante for like 5m and we buy this guy for 20m. Stupid Galliani!!!


We have tried so many formations y not just play with no formation random players selected n go out there run around like a bunch of wild animals n jag a win out of nowhere this is just absurd 4312 4231 433 forget it all just go random I’m sure it will be better than seeing this


Where is all positive comment lately in this grup?..we all said that elly is our rising star..and now?all sudden changed only in one match..right he did a mistakes..but everone do mistakes..lets see what happen in next game..
One more note: if we sign soriano he’ll never helped us..we need world class midfield like witsel or goundogan..


Wow first game with new coach & 5 to 6 new players on starting 11 , playing an more or less xperience seria A team . yeah heavy dominated , give them time ! we just need to stop the long balls though .

angry birds

Be patient, even roma n juventus didn’t win last night.
Give miha 4-5 matches to play. The see what happens.

Miha in interviewed told that our midfield cant hold the ball, cant pass, n didn’t have creativity!!!
Miha also saw the problem in defense.
So lets hope, there is changes..

Inzaghi give us hopes when we win first match, then comes problems he could not fix that.
miha show us whats our weaknesses, he know what is our problems, lets see if he can fix or not..


No Matter what happened…better or worst….FORZA MILAN!!!


Terrible game and show.. Bring me balotelli cause Luiz Adriano needs competition for that starting spot. I’ve always said this mid is poor and that’s what wins or loses you games. Today it clearly showed we need witsel and soriano.. I would prefer just witsel and an attacking mid but I can’t get too carried away.. We better win the next game cause derby is coming soon!


Honda. Nocerino. Matri. Zaccardo. Out. Balo free loan. Ibra arrives good. Witsel must. Belhanda/isco/sniejder. Just get a freakin cam seriously

angry birds

We are know now, our midfield is bad..
Miha sub honda cuz he want to depends to counter attack, but our midfield can hold the ball, cant pass, didn’t have creativity…

I dont know why bonna looks bad now! Also betolacci very overpriced, after i saw hes value around 6-8m..

Lets hope, we changes alot next games!


We need two world class midfielders, Galliani should stop living in denial and sign midfielders before it’s too late.

black milanista

A lot of kids in this blog all thismohahining …. not to long ago most were commending our defense, a lil road bump and criticism all out of the woodwork. I even heard a clown talking about milha, not being good enough saying “where did he finish before he joined us?” Dude seriously!!! Where did Allegri finish before he joined us? Who was our coach at the time? Where did we finish? Or better yet what was Sacchi’s & Cappello’s Credentials before coaching Milan in the 80s? I think most of you here need to grow up and stop criticising,… Read more »


Seriously, the majority of this blog’s fans are complete weirdos :S 1st game got screwed up by the stupid Ref & now we are bashing everyone & blaming everybody 4 being incompetent?!?! IMO, the major game error was when Miha took Honda out of the game while 1 of the strikers should’ve been sacrificed… The team was doing a good job & playing Fiorintina 4 the game and BOOM! 1 of our main links disappeared. Anyhow it is only the 1st game & we shouldn’t be so pessimistic about it.. Personally, I believe that Bona was the most dedicated Milan… Read more »


I remember last season when we had false hope believing Milan had arrived under Inzaghi when we won our opening match with a resounding victory 3-1 or 3-0 I guess pls correct me. IMO I think this defeat shd act as a catalyst for Ac Milan in d sense dt it’s no false hope but a reality check and an eye opener for us to see our flaws now and quickly address it. Conclusion no need to press d panick button yet d season is just starting. I’ll rate d whole Team 35% for now. FORZA MILAN!!!


Well, i didn’t get to see the game and i will not be very surprised of any outcome particularly of we were defeated. It’s very funny that we insult ourselves on social media. It’s a civilized world and opinion should be respected. As far as i’m concerned, MILAN do not look like a team that are ready. Firstly, we must be very patient. I mean, work very hard to qualify for Europa league, then CL later. To achieve these, players like HONDA, CERCI, SUSO and maybe ALEX should not be in our team. Player to play behind the two forward… Read more »


Comment: i can’t understand what is going on. Lets get this guy axel wistel to see whether our midfild problem wl b solved.

Leo Shouse

But lets not go down that road of comparing two clubs. AC Milan got the financial resources, AC Milan is one of the biggest football clubs in the world and I’m sure they can buy very good players, but buying is one thing.