Ely: “Romagnoli and I worked well together, I feel at home at Milan, I hope to improve more and more”


Rodrigo Ely spoke to the Milan Channel today, saying that he immediately agreed to return to the Rossoneri once he heard it was an option.

Arguably the best surprise of the summer has been the performance of Rodrigo Ely as the first signing of this window – and the one that was the most under the radar – has conquered a spot in the starting XI and has been very impressive in pre-season and against Perugia.

il Corriere della Sera reported this morning that Ely has been so good that Milan received a €12-13m offer for the 21-year-old Brazilian from an EPL side – an offer which they rejected. Ely, who joined Milan already in the age of 17 but signed a new deal after a good spell in Serie B on loan, believes the Diavolo can have a good season.

“If I feel changed since the time with the Primavera? A lot of time has passed, I am still the same but I have matured, I have had experiences that have changed me in life and in football (he got married and is now a father),” Ely told the MC. “The pairing with Romagnoli? Alessio and I worked well together, but we work well with everyone, we must continue to do what we are doing and will have a great championship.

“Returning to San Siro and making my debut (against Perugia this Monday) was very important, I hope to improve more and more. I’ve always had a great relationship with Milan, I grew up here and I feel at home. As soon as there was the possibility of returning home I immediately agreed and I was happy.

“I am fine with the coach. We work hard and we have to continue like this and we will do great things. We have to start well, playing in Florence is difficult but we are Milan and we have to play our game.”

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I know you can do it after watching you against inter and real m in china. Many here said your pairing with roma will be a disaster but you guys have proved them wrong at the last match. Keep on keeping on…


well.. if Milan rejected 13m for him (wothout playimg 1 match) he must be good…
And from what I saw in him in preseason, he will be more than good, he has bright future ahead…

De Sciglio – Ely – Romagnoli – Calabria

we have defence for next 10 years (with Maldini’s son knocking on doors in a few years)


also, Roma wants Paletta – we need to set price tag for just Roma – 25m (20+5 in bonuses)


This is the way forward for Milan. Everyone should have a decent shot at a starting berth and if they are worth it…bam! I even hear that Monto (who has abused the trust of Milan) is on his way out. That’ll make me happy. Enough of hand-outs. Earn your spot. Basta!!! Forza Milan!


All these ppl commenting about isco and all these world class players listen up none of them want to join us cuz were not in the champions leauge hopfully when we make it next year theyll b more then happy go come so stop wasting ur time and keep talking about isco and varrati and lucas and all this shizz Witsel will come if milan bid ibra will to hopfully. Soraino isnt really that bad hes good always moves around player we need. Ya zaccardo and some some players need to leave. Sossisco from newcastle is a beast hope we… Read more »


can be milans top cb;s for the next 10-15 years – who knows haven’t been as comfortable as now when we defend since nesta and ts33 were our defenders in their lets say prime* – mds is still shaky but picks up pace as the game goes on – the game starts from the first second till the last – calabria im sure can make a surprise which will most probably see abate leave elsewhere – still abate is a fantastic rb supersub


For all y’all football manager haters… The Football Manager database is ‘the most comprehensive collection of data relating to professional football in the world’. Over 1,300 scouts have analysed more than 600,000 players and coaching staff. There are at least 250 attributes per player, detailing everything from their ability to tuck away a one-on-one or pull off a reflex save. The database is global, too – roughly 2,250 clubs from 116 divisions in 51 countries are fully researched. The information powers the Football Manager computer game – but also provides a thorough statistical analysis of players across the world. –… Read more »


I hope Milan won’t disappoint me this season. # bacca + Luis Adriano + romagnoli = Seria A

Nero jnr

At è end of dis season

If we rlly want 2 by pass fiorentina n lazio den we must get axel witsel not soriano.


Think positive my bro.


um sorry but no.

Realistically: Milan can challenge Juve for the title with the current squad. This summer we have improved in every position and Juve have changed their entire team around tremendously. We can win it all if the team gels well and we are lucky with injuries.

1. Juve
2. Milan
3. Roma
4. Lazio
5-19 everyone else
20. Inter Mierda


why do you guys think Lazio will be so good? Napoli will be better than them IMO.. and fiorentina also wont be bad..
this will be interesting year 🙂


this is not fifa


This is a new revitalized Milan with momentum going forward. They have a defense for years to come and with the addition of a Sissoko/Witsel/Soriano (all are good choices though I prefer Sissoko) Milan can make a challenge for top 3. I truly believe at the end of the season it’ll look like this

1. Juventus
2. Roma
3. Inter/Milan
4. Inter/Milan
5. Lazio
6. Napoli
7. Fiorentina

Both Milans on paper are better than Lazio, Napoli etc. and I’m confident they’ll prove it


If someone offered me third place now and a chance at champions league football I’d snap there hand off

Duru Uche

Comment:lets just give em our belove support


This is my Prediction
1. Milan
2. Juve
3. Roma/Inter
4. Inter/Lazio/Napoli
5. Fiorentina/Napoli/Lazio

Live begin with the dream, coz the best dream is optimistic


Dare to dream. We are Milan!


Let’s be realistic people and stop being a bunch of blind fans. We are not better than Juve and our mid is still weak. I’m guessing a 3/4 place finish AT BEST. Stop being foolish. Forza Milan

O Sylva

Behold acmilan shall do a new thing this season,we will get their.
Honestly i really want our brotherhood club to av a Champions league spot bcoz i love them.

Dee Dee

you have all said well but i believe we are gonna be in the Top 3 for sure.

Home2j milan

Ely and Romag our future we have experiece coach not inexperiece like seedorf and lnzaghi so make it this season.


Give or take, Milan has no excuse not to be in the Top 3 this season. First and foremost it should be the desire of the players and a great challenge and motivation for them to achieve it. Secondly, the squad has been greatly bolstered than what it was last season. Of course, last season it had enough to have gotten into Top 5 or 6, but for the incompetence of the legendary striker, but clueless coach. Now we have a better coach and definite improvement has been seen by all in the team’s general play. Also, the defending champion… Read more »


Comment:best cbs. we ar jst talking abt wining wining,let’s make back up 4 injuries.we need ibra back.wistel an sissoko at once.no joking wit any this season.let d money b relized forza milan

Coach Seedorf

Seedorf though inexperienced, could have been able to win d scudetto with this team, so don’t tag h as a failure cos he wasn’t at all. u don’t judge a coach with half a season, especially when d 1st half was very bad

yan bah

Ely remind me vidic he will do well