Milan in talks with Sampdoria for Soriano, the discussion is on the formula of the payment

Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images
Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Silvio Berlusconi has given his ok and Milan have officially initiated talks with Sampdoria for midfielder Roberto Soriano, the Italian press suggests.

It was reported yesterday that President Berlusconi is unconvinced of whether Soriano is worth a €10m investment after already having spent €83m of Fininvest’s money (Mr. Bee hasn’t put in a euro yet).

However, the dinner between Mihajlovic, Galliani and Berlusconi yesterday after the match seems to have changed things as today the Rossoneri have reportedly spoken directly to Samp about the player.

Both Sky & Gazzetta are reporting that now that Berlusconi has given the green light, talks between the clubs are official.

Soriano, who had a very good season at Sampdoria with Mihajlovic and Alessio Romagnoli at Sampdoria last season, has a €10m release clause which Milan are ready to pay. The discussion between the clubs is about the payment. The Rossoneri do not want to pay everything in one go but at the moment Sampdoria insist on it as FIFA regulations declare that all the money should be transferred within 60 days when buy-out clauses are trigged (unless the clubs find another agreement like with Milan and Sevilla in the Bacca case).

Sky reports that if Sampdoria agree to spread the payment then the sum will be higher than €10m. Should the clubs manage to find an agreement, Milan will contact Soriano’s agent Manuel Montipo to try and agree on personal terms although that’s almost never the real issue in the negotiations.

This could be the end of Milan’s interest in Witsel. A meeting with the player’s agents is reportedly scheduled for next Monday but Soriano is the target now. More developments expected tomorrow.

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I think that he would be very good sining for 10 mil.


Couldn’t agree more. Mihajlovic knows what he is getting in Soriano and with that knows his limitations. Witsel on the other hand is much more expensive and could be a bust or a poor fit.


Am I the only one who worries about “Mr. Bee hasn’t put in a euro yet”? So why another 10 mil for an average midfilder?


Soriano @ €10M > Witsel @ €35M


I think we’re making a mistake by going for Soriano. He’s not special and what we need is a special pyer in midfield. Otherwise, we’ll have a midfield consisting of average players when you discount De Jong.

Just take a look at every top 3 team in England, Spain and Italy, our midfield with Soriano is nowhere near theirs.

We shouldn’t limit our options to only Witsel who is overpriced and Soriano. Since we evidently have the money to go for good players, we should have a sea of suitable options.


I agree. However, the goal this season is to get back to the Champions League and in the meantime to build a solid base to dominate Serie A and Europe like old times.
Players such as Bertolacci, Bonaventura, and Soriano are all solid players. Maybe they aren’t the players that will win the Champions League for us but they are a good starting point for the next years when we can attract world class talent and truly compete in Europe.


But why would any such special midfielder leave the UCL and join Milan once we have CL in our hand we can sign those special players…


Simply because he worked with mihajlovic isn’t a good enough reason to sign him. Heck, there’s nothing special about this guy. He is on the same level as bertolacci and bona who are mediocre at best. I just hope we won’t have issues trying to offload him next season just like how we are having issues with zaccado, alex, aggazi. I would prefer we don’t sign anyone for the midfield rather than get him because if it’s about depth, we have a truck load of that already in midfield someone with something special.


I trust Mihajlovic on this one. I am pleased with his work so far and if he says sign Soriano then I support it 100% – Signing Soriano is no where near as dumb as signing Matri for 12m. So I trust Mihajlovic who I believe is taking Milan in the right direction.

PSG signed Di Maria so Ibra will be at Milan this summer – Honda and Menez will be on the bench as we will play with Bacca and Adriano upfront with Ibra behind them. Good options for the bench in my opinion.


who started all this B$ comments about Ibra being a CAM? he’s a striker. he attacks not controls the flow of the game. learn basic football positions and formations before writing something as B$ as that.


What position is he playing for PSG in their recent games?


this guy is like Jack at atalanta and to me his not even better than Jack.we should rather buy someone who is better than bertolacci and jack.that person is certainly not soriano


No. No. No. Nothing special. Dissapointing.


I think we should buy him .. Yes he is not the best in the world but … He is better than Bonna… Wayyyy over Poli in dribling skills .. And i think he will be good adition in the midfilde .. For 10 mil we should go for him


Think of it this way, Miha knows what kind of team he wants to build, a hard working, aggressive, compact and attacking team that never gives up. He knows how Soriano trains how his attitude is. And I trust Miha that Soriano would be a great fit. We should let him build the team he desires.

yan bah

He is good imo


Well I say why not , it wont be our first flopand it could turn out great ,we don’t need cach anymore so …

Got to try it , giving The coach the benefit on this one ,

It also could be a message to other players , not to slack off like they do .. Work or Go .
We are not number 1 but being the underdog has its perks. Just look at Bilbao . Team is stronger than individual . We will get better with time. Forza Milan


I honestly prefer Witsel because he’s exactly what we need in terms of quality in midfield and i believe 30m could have closed the deal which would have been great.

For Soriano, i have mentioned him here before, he’s not a bad player for 10m and definitely would be better under his loyalist Mihalovic. More so, he would further push monty away from starting 11 which is good until Monty proves us all wrong again.


I agree. I think Lucas Lieva would be better then Soriano as wel and less money. He doesn’t have the build to defend well like Witsel but can control the tempo and pass well.
I wish we would of gone for Kovecic however. Younger, possibly more talented and about the same price as Witsel.


We all no we want witsel to come im dieing for wetsel to come but honeslyy guys i been watching sorianos hightlights this year and last years hes honestly not bad hes good and hes only 22 his passing is great always running doesnt walk around i been watching him and dont frgt he scored on inter and us last year and he has like 11 assists last year i mean he is good?!


just like i said, only 3 men can decided who deserved to play in milan right now… berlusconi and mr bee as owners… they put their money in milan miha… he’s milan manager… its funny when i read comments about soriano isnot deserved play in milan… who do you think you are… owner? not… investor? not… manager?. not… scout?? not… we are here only as fans… we dont put a huge money for milan… we dont take risk to lose money just like berlusconi, mr bee… or miha take risk about his carrier… so stop complaint and just pray for… Read more »


where do you think mr bee and your precious berlusconi get their money huh? the fans is the clubs highest source of income from buying kits to merchandise to tickets! this is common sense i should have to explain this to you like a child.


Hmm..I am neutral about Soriano. But I disagree about your statement. Complaint is ok, nothing wrong about that, as long we don’t overdid it, we do that cuz we are fans, a real fans feel they own the club. Also, most of comments are opinions rather than complaints I think.


We are the reason Belusconi and Mr Bee would make profit on their investment. We are the reason Mihajlocvic and the players get paid. YOU ARE A JOKE.


he may not a five star players lol but if the coach want to believe in him, then i’ll support this move 100%. building a team was not about only signing star players. Because, (i think someone said this before) player need to meet the right coach, and vice versa. miha know what he want at his team.
ye, soriano quite solid last season, so it’s not ridiculous like matri for 11M.


footbal italia say lazio want matri for 5 mil or loan great news plz buy him and nocerino and i will be happy, we can throw in zaccardo as a bonus


I believe we will get two midfield additions without in ibra dis mercato. These are soriano or an isco or illaramendi. With madrid signing Kovacic dis would open the door to isco or illaramendi wantin to leave and like in the Lopez case galliani will pounce hard.
I want milan to have a good alternative tactic to 4-3-1-2 formation. It seems too one dimensional or rigid a formation. wingers are the ish in our modern pacey football. peace to u all.


Juve won Serie A, Coppa Italia and were in finals of UCL with that formation. you just have to know how to use it and Miha seems to be most comfortable with it. Isco won’t be snubbed by overrated Kovacic, isn’t an idiot to join an inferior team and Illaramendi is just over priced flop.


I hope all that you have said comes to be true


Oh how I pray for a gundogan or a calhanoglu


I wish we can hav stability in our coaching for at least two to three years. Berlusconi must be patient with mihajlovic. success takes time . one must wait for fruits to mature before harvestin


Poli n soriano 2 chickens running loose in the padick woo woo SMH


Don’t preach anymore. We just want milan playing well, with soriano, it must be the same when i watched milan playing since 4years ago. We need real players, not gambling, hope, prays for mediocre to be an amazing star, over and over again. For now, i hope milan will sign better player than soriano. But if milan truly sign him. I’ll do it again, pray for soriano to be a great player in milan.



mostly…every youngster start as mediocre lol there is definitely something wrong with football development. fans only know how to sign big name. The club should know better.


If Milan wants to be big again and compete on higest level with top clubs need to sign top players like Witsel! If you want to be small and middle range club like Sampdoria sign Soriano! Do not get me wrong Soriano is a good player but we want more than average! Top class players cost money! Witsel wood be the greatest sign thia season! Berlusconi buy us Witsel! Forza Milan!


SMHNOW we will have two headless chickens running a muck on the pitch. Poli n soriano the bash brothers r here to stay


Hmmm.. I had actually thought we were going to approach Madrid and ask for one of their mid’s on loan or even the recently purchased Kovacic, but I guess I must wake up from that dream. This Soriano news has got me confused. I wonder how Mihajlovic was able to convince Berlusconi about Soriano, just within a space of 24 hours, considering how he first frowned at the Soriano idea. I’m not sure what Mihajlovic sees in this guy and it’s surprising they aren’t even considering other options. Since I know so little about Soriano, my question to those who… Read more »


He might be a little of a mix between Bona and Poli, hardworking box-to-box player but also quite skillful in on the ball and decent eye for goal. We should all remember that Marchisio was inconsistent and not this world class player he is today until Conte arrived. With the right coach any player can explode. But I would still prefer Witsel. And people who are hoping for Illaremendi, I dont get it, have you even seen him play? I dont see anything special and I dont want him, especially since I dont really trust spanish players in Serie A.… Read more »


Hmmm, right bro…! So you OK this guy Soriano? Or just a PASS if we don’t get Witsel or someone better?


Yeah just a pass currently! I havent seen all too much from him to say whether he will be a new Marchisio or Nocerino, but if he comes and Nocerino leaves, then its okay, but if he comes and takes up space from Mauri.. I dont know! Its tricky. The ideal would get Witsel of in the same region as him with the quality…. what do you think bro? Read anything new lately?

General Gennaro Ivan Gattuso

Why buy Soriano when you can give us Witsel???? Am disappointed and speechless


Hunger, determination and hardwork…it’s far. better than talent


if he bcams great in de next two years ull all be likeGET SORIANO u guys want top class players which top class player will cam to milan….give ut answers…….u guys talk like dey would come to milan ull all be complainin dat his just like Poli and he git 11assist was poli like dat matter if fact poli is aCM bit Cam ………if u guys claim hes a mediocre you just watch……..


What’s wrong with u Guys I can remember many of u guyz supported Baselli when we are linked with him and u are disappointed with Soriano , well I also prefer Witsel but the coach knows best and let’s hope Soriano turns out to be like marchisio or more..


I’m just speechless over this one, but if I’m to choose I’ll qo for axel witsel

ac milan forever

Soriano has similiar type of playing with vidal. For reminder he only cost juve 11m on that time. I agree that top players cost a lot money but football isn’t about buying top class players. I hope that miha could get the best out of him since he really knows the player.


Have any of you actually ever watched Soriano play? He was outstanding last year for Doria, he’s such a complete midfielder, he’s got pace, his feet and reactions are lightning fast, he’s strong in the air, he’s solid, he racks up assists and goals and his work ethic is amazing. Yeah sounds like a shit player we don’t need and for 10 million, that’s a steal. If you want to compare him to Witsel, which doesn’t make sense as they’re different types of players, Witsel scored 4 and assisted once last season. I heard today that Monty might now be… Read more »


Soriano will balance the midfield he is an allround midfielder who can win the ball pass score he may not be a passer of Pirlo level but he can definetly add something to the team dont compare him to Bonaventura who is a left winger but he is not effective as CM


Another poli another bona another bertolacci


The mighty AC Milan have to dispose of the following, matri, mexes, alex, nocerino, cerci, Zapata, suso, mauri, motolivo (the next pirlo?) to begin with, I still do not see any particularly special about either niang, Honda, bonaventura or bertolacci, this would free up funds substantially to see the addition to the squad of victor wanyama, darmian, and cristian erikson, possibly even luis Gustavo?