Milan looking for a midfielder: Berlusconi reportedly unconvinced by Soriano, Witsel meeting next Monday

Belgium's midfielder Axel Witsel celebrates after scoring a goal during the friendly football match between Belgium and Australia on September 4, 2014 in Sclessin. AFP PHOTO / JOHN THYS        (Photo credit should read JOHN THYS/AFP/Getty Images)
Axel Witsel celebrates during the friendly football match between Belgium and Australia on September 4, 2014 in Sclessin. (JOHN THYS/AFP/Getty Images)

There will reportedly be new contacts between Milan and Axel Witsel’s representatives next week as Milan will look to get a midfielder in the last week of the transfer market.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the dream of Milan but at the moment he’s unattainable and so the Rossoneri – despite the Adriano Galliani denials – seem to be focusing on getting another midfielder to add quality and depth to this department.

Roberto Soriano and Axel Witsel are the top candidates to reinforce the midfield of Sinisa Mihajlovic. However, as reported by today’s La Gazzetta dello Sport, at the moment President Silvio Berlusconi is unconvinced by Soriano. The price of the Italy international, who can play in multiple roles, is €10m (his release clause) but the President – at least according to La Gazzetta – who has already spent €83m out of his own pocket this summer, doesn’t seem to believe Soriano is worth the investment.

The reason is that Berlusconi is skeptical that he’s worth €10m and perhaps doesn’t think Soriano can be the one to make Milan take the leap in quality that they need in midfield.

Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images
Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

According to La Repubblica, Witsel is the main goal for the department as the club is not entirely convinced by Soriano (who Mihajlovic wants as he worked with him at Sampdoria). As reported by, there will be a meeting next Monday between Witsel’s representatives and Milan.

The parties will meet in Taormina to decide whether to make an effort and make a bid for Zenit to consider. At the moment the Rossoneri haven’t made an offer for the Belgian who is very open to joining Milan. The Diavolo are willing to put 25m plus bonuses on the plate but Zenit are asking for a fee closer to €35 million which is well above Milan’s valuation of the 26-year-old midfielder.

The last week of the mercato will be decisive as Milan could get one of Witsel and Soriano. And perhaps even something can change in the Ibrahimovic front, although it’s unlikely.

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Odd the president wants someone that cost more and that can add more quality to the team???? this is a strange year, maybe coming below 5th for a few seasons has rattled his brain a bit.

Ben Parker

I think so too, Cause this is very strange.. I just pray for one thing, any player that comes in should know what it takes to wear the red and black color of milan


ahree, finally we dont have to see links with Kucka all over again…


There’s no point signing a soriano. He is isnt better than any of our starting mids, neither is he the type of player we need. Just cause he worked with mihajlovic isn’t enough to justify his acquisition


Exactly, and that is why Berlusconi feels the 10m would be wasted.


great news!!!


Berlusconi’s knowledge of football is massive considering how long he’s had Milan and how many quality players have passed his reign, definitely he could distinguish quality from quantity. That being said, I believe Milan will do something big towards the end of transfer window and by January we would all see what else is to be fixed after testing what we have.


I like the fact that we now favour QUALITY over QUANTITY.


Yeah Dats great news


Finally, some quality in our midfield.


Finally going for the right players after years of bringing in useless ones


Guys, i don’t know if you thought about it, but if your comments are made for a comparison between Bonaventura, Bertolacci or NDJ and Soriano i would think like you do. But I think you should compare him with Honda and maybe Monto. Soriano is better then Montolivo and not worse then Honda. … Well if he would exclude Witsel, I wouldnt go for Soriano, but if he doesnt, i would take him in order to exclude Montolivo to the bench or even sell it. My own little dream would be Witsel and Eriksen Lopez/Donnarumma Calabria/Abate – Ely(Zapata) – Romagnoli(Mexes)… Read more »


lmao my dream would be witsel, then oscar and thiago silva in january. but hey were all allowed to dream and hope galliani thinks the same lol


I hope the Fantasista will come to us, Javier Pastore, and without doubt, he is a Milanisti.


This is the most sense he’s spoken in years. Wow.


Soriano is definitely not an option…..! We don’t need no Soriano….!


Comment: thank God he is thinking in d right direction again,d problem is not even his price bt is he Milan Quality? He shouldn’t even b considered for €1m

Nuraddeen umar Ranu

Comment: won del mr. president definitely we need witsel addition in midfield and in my advise swap honda with ericksen as cam position


I prefer both witsel and soriano to honda and monto. What about the idea to sell monto,honda and replace them with wiitsel and soriano???


I completely agree with Berlusconi now. Witsel is a class box-to-box, and we need a top quality in that position. With the belgian, our midfield is strong enough (albeit one of Suso/Nocerino will leave if he arrives).

Soriano is not the quality we need, and not even the position. He can’t transfer our midfield into a ball collector machine (like Witsel), nor can stabilize the defence, neither will be the connection between midfield and attackers. The 10 M would spent on him should be used to get the belgian (i bet a sum of 30 M would be fair enough).


Dont need Witsel either. Sign Quintero.


Witsel is great signing. In the Belgium team he is always a starting player (2nd placed on FIFA ranking)
Soriano is just average, we don’t need him. We need some players who can actually make a difference.


It’s funny how they always mention Ibra, regardless of the minute chance of signing him. Are they just trying to keep the fans hopes up? If the chances of getting him are that small I wouldn’t even mention him, now they best sign him!


There are so many more better mids than witsel that are worth the 35 million. Isco, gundogan, pastore…


Verratti would be the perfect signing Witsel wont change Milan too much he is not a playmaker




strange. first time i agree with berlu on something last few years

ACMilanSince 69

Listen to the coach.


The mighty Milan still have quite a lot of dead wood to dispose of , however two names I would like to see in a rossoneri shirt 1. Christian Erikson, a young talented creative player 2. victor wanyama to bolster central midfield.





Well, I tink we need to sign the like of witsel, pastore, and soriano, and we shuld swap honda for erikson, or honda for lukaku.

Pro start up for new season

Donnamura/ abiatti

Abate/calbria. Zapata/alex. Ramagnoli/ mexes. Desciglo/antonelli

Dejong/ soriano

Montolivo/bertolacci. Witsel/erickson. Mendez/ bonaventura

Carlos bacca/ luis andriano/ lukaku


Millan need this signinng

1 witsel

2 soriano

3 pastore

4 ibramovic

5. Pato

6. Awoniyi

7 musa mohammed

8. Goetze

8 gundogan

9 hummel

10. Fernando


add Ronaldo, Messi, Robben, Neuer… and maybe Hazard?
no no, without Hazard it would maybe be too much, just this 14…

dude… real life, not fifa


We need Pato back like we need a hole in the head.


Seun, stopm falling our hand.
What is a Musa Muhammed?

Milan Fandango

It seems that Berlusconi has been taking his medication regularly as of late.


Witsel ibra. We r done juve will freak when they arrive at the San siro


I don’t want to have a lot of people here after me after this. I see people here want Witsel, to be honest, i watch football 24/7, but is it one league i don’t watch is the Russian League. So for me, it’s hard to tell if he is really worth the price, and how come Milan is the only team after him and not the rest of the big clubs in Europe?

I can just remember him by his horror tackles from his time in Anderlecht.


Chelsea has shown interest as well


wasn’t there intrest from Juventus too?


Witsel is much better player than Soriano! Witsel is what Milan need! He is a leader! Champion which we need to be on top again! Bacca- Adriano-Witsel-Romagnoli this will be powerful Milan again! He would be greatest sign for this season!


I am still shocked. Maybe we just got back the silvio Berlusconi of late 1980s and 1990s


Please buy as Witsel! He is a great player! Go for Witsel! He is a winner and a leader! BUY US AXEL!


I suspect Belusconi is playing prank with the fans, let’s see how things span out by the end of the transfer window before we conclude about the new belusconi


Finally the president has intefered. Bertolacci was a waste of money and berlu doesnt want another matri saga. Soriano is overrated. He cannot solve our midfield problems.
Milan is a big club.yes we fell down and want to rise again. Mediocre players cannot help us to come up again,we have bertolacci,poli,mauri,monto,bona…enough of them now. Sign top players like we did on bacca and adriano we can see the quality in our attack already.


Comment:I don’t think we need Soriano, Sinisa just have to go for the attacking mid witsel cause his an experience player we need in the team right now