Official: Romagnoli joins Milan on a five-year deal


Alessio Romagnoli has put pen to paper and completed the medical check-ups today as he joins the red and black squad of Sinisa Mihajlovic.

After reaching an agreement with Roma on Sunday, the 20-year-old arrived to Milano today to undergo the medical check-ups and sign the contract.

Milan confirmed that Romagnoli has signed a contract which ties him to the club for five years. Roma announced the official figures of the deal: there are no bonuses involved whatsoever as Milan will pay the Giallorossi from Italy’s capital city €25 million over 5 years (€5 million each year) while Roma are entitled to 30% of a future profit the Diavolo could have by selling Romagnoli, should the price exceed €25m. Milan are making a big investment for Alessio but both clubs seem to be confident that he’ll be worth more in a few years.

“Welcome Alessio, you’ve signed a contract with us until the 30th of June 2020 and we’re really happy about this,” Milan Vice President Adriano Galliani, who negotiated the deal, said as he welcomed Romagnoli to the club. “You’re young, 20 years old, and for this reason we think you have all the time ahead of you to become one of our leaders, one of those great defenders from the Milan school, one of those to be proud of at San Siro. A warm welcome from all of us at Milan and good luck Alessio.”

Upon arriving to the city, Romagnoli told the press he’s “overwhelmed by the comparisons” to Nesta. The same Nesta wrote on Twitter this evening: “Thought on Romagnoli: I’ve seen little but I think in the future he can become a great player. Good luck! Roman’s have always done well at Milano.”

“It is all very exciting for me, I am at the biggest and most successful club in the world. Now it is down to me to do well,” Romagnoli, who has decided to wear the number #13 at Milan, said. “I am really overwhelmed by the comparisons with a great player like Nesta, but to become like him a lot of work is needed. Mihajlovic told me that if he were given the chance, he would bring me here.

“I want to give the squad a hand and I will try and give my best and all that I have. You (the press) are the ones that say Milan are poor, but even in defence there is lots of quality at Milan and as far as I am concerned I simply want to give my all. I had a good relationship with Rudi Garcia, he said that he wanted to keep me but then for lots of reasons the club made the decision to sell me and I wanted Milan.”

Romagnoli, who has already taken part of today’s training session, will hope to have a career as successful as Nesta, who is the only defender in the club’s history to have cost more than Alessio.

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I hope romagnoli become next nesta and ely become nex thiago silva…
Then, lets hope this formation be our foundation in future…

Ebrima bah

Gud luck


just at least a creative midfielder and we are good to go, also we can get rid of some of those dead weights, if nobody buys them in this Mercato, probably nobody will be interested in them when they become one year older, at least we can let some of them go for free, it’s better than paying their salary and they even can’t warm the bench


Yeah, definitely need to get rid of dead weight but Zaccardo keeps refusing to accept any transfer so Milan will have to pay him until the end of the contract.


i think the club can terminate his contract and set him free, nobody will pay even a single dollar for zaccardo


yes the club can terminate his contract but will have to pay out what is left

Ozorbia Asiwe

Comment:Milan are gradually getting it right.With 2/3 more signings now we are good to go.Forza Milan!


finallllllllllly a top defender after ts33

abdoulie milan bah

Comment:this is the milan we know offering for the best italian players…romagnoli will do well sure as romans have history at milan…we now need a creative midfielder we ready to go…forza milan

abdoulie milan bah

great signing he will surely shine just like or more than nesta and roman have great history at milan…forza milan


i expect Milan to sign Mario Gotze and Witsel. Our midfield is still crap.


Lol yah OK if we get gotze I’m getting a tattoo of his face on my balls lmfaoo


has romangnoli arrived we should still give Ely a chance who I have seen what he holds.
I believe mihj has him in plan. now the best starting Back line de sciglo,pallata, romangnoli,antonilli.


I prefer abate anyday to mds.


Great player, he stops them dead in the attack:


Its great to see this become official at last! I wish him all the best of luck, and if he becomes half as good and succesful as Nesta, then we can consider us lucky to have him. Benvenuto e buona Fortuna Alessio!

Anthony Milan

Romagnoli should make it in Milan if we allow him to grow

Anthony Milan

We should allow him to grow


When galliani is in the mood he always pulls rabbits out of his hat. As shown today. 25 million paid in 5 yrs.. that is gennius


Thats how 98% of transfers are done world wide. Galliani should take no credit to this.


I could have sworn you were on the other post blasting Galliani when you thought the whole operation cost €30m. You said hee could get a discount…blah blah blah. And now you come up with 98% of deals are done this way. Hatred is cancerous mate!




5 million for 5 years LOL typical galliani, its good it will decrease our loss this year (this year he only cost 5 + salary)

Please get rid of deadweight so tired of seeing matri zaccardo noccerino alex in our pictures Iam ok with Cerci though he should have something to offer us as a sub at least.

I also Hope Everton will overpay for zapata


Adam maher would be an icing on the cake if we get him. He is of morrocan descent and an upgrade of tarabat.


Now it’s been confirmed: you are after Galliani’s job!


Ibra. Maher. Witsel…. Out honda. Matri. Nocerino. Alex. Zaccardo zapata agazzi verdi loan this is the team to take the crown of juves head

Baron Kings

Congratulation milanistas more players to come


Congrats Romagnoli and welcome to the best club in the world.
Off topic: I saw reports that Milan still in contact with entourage of Witsel and looking to offer 25m spread over some years. Hopefully we wrap this up too.


We complain a lot about Galliani but he knows how to do business.

25M over 5 years.

Smart man using that time value of money paying in chunks.


Forza milan at least we will have a good campaign this season… I hope we get someone in the middle


With Rodrigo Ely impressing in the pre-season, how great would it be if they both fulfilled their potential and we had a defensive partnership consisting of Ely-Romagnoli for the next 10 years?
And if I remember correctly Calabria showed great promise too. I hope Miha gives the youth the chance to grow and we’ll no doubt produce great players again.

Now for a creative midfielder and a trequartista and we’re competing for the Scudetto!


Best of luck to the lad, if he is even half as successful as A. Nesta was for us, then he’ll have had some career.

Bit of a G special this sounds like. Please get us a bit of midfield quality.

Mr. Rossoneri

He could change his name from ROMAgnoli to MILANgnoli :p


Comment:milan is very stupid with the deal, how should roma get another 30% from future profit, why shouldn’t milan signed umtiti instead of romagnoli. Its a pity roma collected 50m from milan. But i wish we win the scudetto


yep, Roma raped us on this deal.
And people here praise galliani.


Roma raped us? Defence is our weakest part. And romagnoli was one of the best young defenders along with rugani. What do you expect? Roma will let him go for free? Young defenders are very hard to come by these days. Plus miha knows him. And we are paying over 5 instalments. Overall great deal imho.


Despite romagnoli being a great player, we overpayed. 25 million is simply too much