Preziosi: “Cerci won’t leave Milan before January, Niang is no longer part of Genoa’s dreams”

Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images
Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

Enrico Preziosi said he asked for Cerci but the player won’t move as he also discussed Milan’s Suso and Niang.

Milan and Genoa are known for working side by side in the transfer markets but it doesn’t seem like there will be any more deals between the two in the summer.

Genoa have asked for information about the situations Alessio Cerci, Suso and M’Baye Niang (now injured for 3 months) but the Grifone President Preziosi claims that none of these deals are likely.

“Niang had the opportunity to relaunch his career at Genoa, thanks also to Gian Piero Gasperini who realized the qualities of this young lad,” he said. “He could be of use to us again in January, but we don’t want to sign anyone on loan without an option to buy. That is why Niang is no longer part of our dreams and it’s only right he continues his career elsewhere.

“Cerci? We asked for him, but he wants to stay at Milan and his agent told me there would be no move until January.” This basically confirms yesterday’s rumours that also suggested that Cerci wants to stay and try to earn a spot in the first team and after Niang’s injury Milan are willing to keep him.

“Suso? I think he intends to go back to Spain, but with Niang’s injury Milan don’t want to release anyone.” Suso might be loaned out but as Preziosi claimed, he’s more likely to stay with the Rossoneri.

Translation credit: Football Italia

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knew Cerci would stay till January. i don’t know what is he talking, Suso leaving, already? we will soon get Romagnoli and Witsel so we need to sell defenders and midfielders. Alex, Paletta(prefer him over Zapata, but its his wish) and Zaccardo will be leaving and i hope Nocerino and Monto will follow them and as Honda asked to leave we’ll need a new high quality CAM. i think Teixeira from Shakhtar might be an interesting addition or Draxler maybe Talisca from Benfica, i know they aren’t natural trequartistas but Gaitan and Shaqiri can also be our new N10. Agazzi… Read more »


Still waiting on Romanogli announcement


99.8% romagnoli is coming to milan according to latest report on

Pa ibra

you should understand when your not In the plans cerci you want to stay? how about if we say no?


In addition, our midfield need creative midfielder, i dont think witsel will be our solution, 30m, i prefer spend that much money for creative midfielder, dont get wrong, i like witsel but his not our solution…. Bertolacci (overpriced but we can use him) bona (he still usefull) de jong/montolivo we need them depends on tactics.. Dejong/montolivo Bona-bertolacci (Creative midfielder) Our problem is creative midfielder can play as cam and cm. We dont have it, after seedorf, kaka, pirlo About rogmanoli. He might be overpriced but if we can make him grow, we will have potential defense like this in future..… Read more »


I agree – I don’t know why everyone’s foaming at the mouth over Witsel when we don’t even need him. We need a creative midfielder — someone who can do the UNEXPECTED. How we’ve gone from Savicevic, Boban, Donadoni, Pirlo, Rui Costa to Bonaventura, Poli, Muntari, Mauri, Bertolucci makes my eyes water.


Wetzel and Ibra won’t arrive to a losing end team, we need a top quality defended and Wetzel will be next to arrive and subsequently Ibra either now or January. I would love to see Ibra ow, and Milan’s issue are a creative midfield; De jong is a strong defender, but not creative midfielder, same as Monti, and Poli, the attack needs Pirlo-like player, I do believe back and then; Wetzel, next to De jong, and either Poli or Monti, and having Bertolacci supporting the 2 attackers would be the best formation. Cerci/and later Niang can substitute right wind deficiencies,… Read more »

Pa ibra

He wants to stay? How about if we say no?


Initially we were about to try SES in a DiMaria role for Left Midfielder similar to the One James Rodriguez plays for Madrid, I believe someone like Cerci if he sets his mind to it and accepts his role can be one of the creating aspects of the 3-Man midfield, It will be Witsel / Bertolacci on the right, De Jong / Mauri in the center and Bonaventura / Cerci on the Left, but he needs to work on his defending as well. Menez will take the trequarista role , hope he starts passing more and understands his defensive role.… Read more »