Paletta’s agent: “Gabriel is a Milan player & he wants to stay but if Romagnoli arrives we’d ask to leave”

Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images
Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Gabriel Paletta’s agent has confirmed the rumours that the player will leave the club if Romagnoli is brought in.

Milan could find a deal with Roma for Romagnoli this weekend as Galliani and Sabatini are rumored to meet in the next couple of days to facilitate the gap between Milan’s €25 million offer and Roma’s €30 million demand.

The Rossoneri’s Galliani likes to talk about ‘numerically fine’ so Milan will have to sell one of their defenders and Paletta is the one on the way out if Romagnoli arrives, it appears.

“At the moment Gabriel is a Milan player, and he wants to stay,” Paletta’s agent, Martin Guastadisegno told TMW. “Seven clubs called us after reading what the newspapers wrote about Paletta’s situation at Milan. There’s not a club out there which is looking for a defender that wouldn’t be interested in Paletta.

“If Romagnoli arrives, we’d ask to leave. He wants to play, because the national team is his main goal. I think he’s played well in recent games, now there’s the Trofeo TIM (next Wednesday) where he should play, so we’ll see. Things can change very quickly, and he still has three years on his Milan contract.

“Atalanta? They’re one of the teams who have called us, their coach (Edoardo Reja) was friendly and expressed a strong desire to sign Gabriel. Naturally, he wants to play for a team of Milan’s level if he leaves. After arriving (in January from Parma) he played 14 games out of 17, he’s not a reserve.

“We’re calm, we’re under no pressure to choose one way or the other. If we’d prioritize staying in Italy? The priority is Italy, as always for Gabriel. He feels Italian, and wants to wear the Azzurri shirt. Of course, if a foreign team which can challenge for trophies called us then we’d evaluate their offer.”

Paletta joined Milan from Parma for a reported fee of €1 million. Atalanta have reportedly offered €2m for the defender who many believe to be the best center back in the squad of Milan right now.

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Go where? Stop this madness @ ones. You wanna keep old Alex and let go of Pallets. As of today we are unable to get raid of zaccado because because he refuses to go anywhere.just imagaine


off topic

Forza it football has just posted news about witsel…

Zenit wants 35m euros for him and Milan is ready to pay 35m for witsel, but 30m now and 5m in bonuses…

good news, someone like him would be great addition but price is too high.. (but looking at market, we paid for bertolacci 20m, than witsel is worth 50… market is inflated so prices are too high…)


this is crazy!!! honestly, I would rather keep rock Paletta than bring Romagnoli… Paletta is a rock, and Romagnoli is “30m worth potential”.. key word is “potential”… with Paletta-Ely pair I would be satified this year, when we play only serie a… what we need is midfield… for 30m we could have 1 or even 2 world class midfi


midfielders who can connect our defense and attack… we have 2 top strikers who need good balls… for 30m we could have Gylfi Sigurdsson, Moussa Sissoko, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Javier Pastore, Hector Herrera… Or even 2 of them… and guess who is Mkhitaryan agent? Mino Raiola… 30m for him + 10-20? for Pastore and we would have:

————– Lopez
————– De Jong
Jack/Berto ————– Pastore
———— Mkhitaryan
—— Adriano/Menez – Bacca

for 50m 2 class midfielders (Pastore can play in central midfield altrough he is more LAM like Jack)


I’d rather have gundogan than Henrik, jus saying.


agree, but I think he just signed new contract or said he isnt going anywhere (not sure which one of that two)


Gundogan extended and said he didn’t want to leave. he is giving Dortmund last chance if they won’t succeed next summer he and most of his team mates will be leaving the club


i don’t think Herrera will leave Man Unt or should i say they won’t let him. Sigurdsson is another Honda, Sissoko doesn’t play as he used to, Mkhitaryan is good but won’t leave Dortmund, Pastore wanted to join us several years ago but last season he signed an extension till 2019 and said he wanted to stay at PSG, will be hard but i think Pastore is best choice. Gundogan in my opinion is just overrated.


Palleta Romagnoli partnership.. With Ely and Zapata as first sub options.. That should be the aim. Whats wrong with this management and their mad urges to sell the few bright spots we had last season. Palleta was best cb 2 ssns ago, in SERIA a. The other defenders i wud rate better are i juve and glik. This better be a very non funny joke


because of some Milan fans who started a rebellion just to get Mexes an extension, the club had no choice. Mexes staying for another year is kinda good as next year we’d sign Abdenour, Otamendi, T.Silva or Hummels… just someone of high class. Zapata in my opinion is too sloppy, a dedicated player who tries to fight for every ball but he’s too sloppy and can’t pass at all. Paletta definitely should stay. Alex has to be sold.


Just leave. Romagnoli has 1 starting spot for sure. We have another one empty. If he doesnt want to fight ely or zapata for that empty spot, then it will better for him to leave. We want players who want to compete we are tired of lazy players
Either way our defense qas bad las year with him and without him, so i do not see any problem


He doesn’t have to fight Ely or Zapata for a spot lol, he’s hands down our best CB





Honestly, I agree with normal part of your comment… We lost solid Rami and maybe Paletta (who would be best pair out of what we had) just to buy inexperienced PROSPECT… It makes no sense at all… and to give more than 15m for that kid is outrage…. same what happened for Bertolacci… he needed to be max 10m…. And now, he has fear to play good, play 20m good…


I always have same opinions with you lol..


great minds think the same 😛 hahah


A very unfortunate player. I wish him all the best whatever happens and Galliani? what a bad luck for Milan.


I know its the first time I post here and I might get lots of dislikes but what Milan should really do now is:

Swap Honda + cash for Eriksen.
Sell Matri, Nocerino, Zaccardo, Montolivo, Zaccardo, Agazzi, Zapata, Alex and De Sciglio.
Buy: Astori, Coentrao, Romagnoli, Soriano, Yarmolenko and Ibrahimovic


real life, not fifa bro… and eriksen would cost us 40-50m alone… Astori is not better than Paletta, Coentrao is not needed, Romagnoli for 30m is too much, Soriano is real option and Yarmolenko too.. Ibra is a dream and i hope he comes, but you can never know with him…


Some ppl dont understand how much player value now. I agree with you, just see what english club do for transfer. Isco oscar eriksen or any quality player will cost us more….

I also think we need sport director who manage transfer, see what juve done with tevez vidal pirlo pogba marchisio, how much money they spend to get super quality midfielder like them???

Not much!!!


Smh, the management at our club is a joke.. There’s 3 CB’s that should leave before even CONSIDERING letting go of Paletta. Since the arrival of Miha, EL92 has been shipped out and now our best defender?? We’re depending on a 21 year old that’s had one credible year to come in and take charge of our back line?? Are we trying to climb up the table this year or is it going to be another 9 or 10th place finish?? I seriously feel like Miha has no sense of direction or real plan in motion.


I honestly dont like the idea of Paletta leaving when Zaccardo, Alex and Mexes is still there. Paletta would make a good leader in the back 4, and dont talk about Zapata other than Ely and Paletta Zapata is a good defender better than slow aging ALex and lack of concentration Mexes, i dont hate Mexes i just think he is error prone. He seems more suited to attack than defend. As for the other areas well i’ll leave that for another post.


Great players welcome competition and fight for a spot – Paletta doesn’t seem to want to do that. It is not Milan letting him go, he will ask to leave so let him, we only want players who want to be here. Speaking of Romagnoli, he is young and could be great pretty soon. All of you talk about youth movement and now when Milan actually wants to spend and get someone really young, you complain. Great Milan had Maldini, Baseri, Donadoni etc and any new defender knew they would warm the bench but still wanted to come and fight… Read more »


First of all, Paletta doesn’t want to leave, he’s just not in Miha’s plans. Secondly, nobody is complaining about signing Romagnoli. The kid is a straight stud, nobody can deny that. But the fact is, no team (that plans on “finishing in the top 3”) should become this dependant on a 21 year old to lead their back line. We always talk about strengthening our back line yet were here right now, ready to get rid of our best CB. And just a quick fact – 2 seasons ago with Parma, Paletta was the best CB in the league.


Paletta doesn’t want to leave? Where do you get your information from? His agent clearly stated that he will leave if Romagnoli comes so get your facts straight. No team should depend on 21 year old leading back line? Really? How about Milan depended on Maldini at age of 16 – not comparing him to Maldini but just giving you an example. That’s how Barcelona got great, they depended on their youth and after years of suffering it paid off. And Milan is not dependant on Ramagnoli but it would be a great step forward if they get him. Invest… Read more »


Where do I get my information from? 75% of people on this blog have no idea what they’re talking about. Don’t sit here and pretend you know it all, because if you did, you’d know that he was asked to leave. “Sky Italia, La Gazzetta dello Sport and il Corriere della Sera are also reporting that Milan will have to sell a center back if Alessio arrives and at the moment the leading candidate to leave is Gabriel Paletta. It’s reported that Adriano Galliani has already been in contact with Paletta’s agent, telling him to start finding a new home… Read more »


Pretty bold statement to say 75% of people on this blog don’t know what they are talking about – sorry to break it to you, but you are part of that 75%. Yes, the papers are reporting Milan will have to sell and the leading candidate is Paletta not because they want to sell him, but because his agent clearly stated he wants to leave if Romagnoli arrives. So it is pretty logical to get rid of a player that doesn’t want to stay and fight for his spot. Keep listening to what papers say but remember that papers have… Read more »

Nutzy Boy

Milan should have sold Zaccardo and Alex.. They are old and slow.. If I were Galliani, the best partnership for defence is Rami-Palletta.. If we can get Romagnoli, we must get rid either Zapata/Mexes.. Just sell Honda and Matri, then replace them with one Witsel.. And Milan shall be a third finisher in Serie A.


It’s as if the management is letting good players go due to their cash value instead of getting rid of deadwood.


This is absolute nonesense we need to keep Paletta !!! Romagnoli n Pal … Ely n Mexes will be a good core of centre backs.. competition will be tight n we can be like Juve with elite defenders … like loaning El Sha … this can be another mistake


Please read properly Milan Fans!
Its paletta and his agent who WANT TO LEAVE MILAN if romagnoli come. It means he doesnt want to stay because of too many competition.
Some people blaming management for this case is ABSOLUTELY NONSENSE. Geez, why dont people read and think first before commenting


Thank you!!! At least someone is reading correct!!!

Pa ibra

squad needs a total of 4 CBs. mexes’s definitely staying with his contract just extended and with the addition of a new CB (likely romagnoli) that could left us with 2 more spots for ely, paletta, zapata, alex to choose from. personally would select mexes, romagnoli & ely… won’t really mind any one of zapata, alex, paletta. however with the latter two linked with santos & atalanta respectively, I’ll start the season with mexes, ely, zapata and a new CB. thou paletta could take zapatas place but he’s scared of competition and only seems to be interested in playing to… Read more »


will be great to see honda in everton shirt. the most feared side in english premier league. with the support of everton fans n faith of the coach honda gonna show his worth of why he is considered one of the best playmaker in the world.