Teams news: Bayern Munich are without Holger Badstuber, Dante, Jan Kirchhoff, Javi Martínez and Franck Ribery. Milan have to do without injured Jermey Menez and without the left out Michael Agazzi, Cristian Zaccardo and Simone Verdi. Kickoff time is 20:45 CET.

Watch the match highlights

FC Bayern Munich (3-6-1) – Pep Guardiola
Sven Ulreich; Rafinha, Jérôme Boateng, Juan Bernat; Sebastian Rode, Philipp Lahm, Arturo Vidal, Joshua Kimmich, Pierre Højbjerg, Douglas Costa: Mario Götze.
Bench: Neuer, Benatia, Lewandowski, Alonso, Gaudino, Müller, Alaba, Green, Benko.

AC Milan (4-3-1-2) – Sinisa Mihajlovic
Diego Lopez; Mattia De Sciglio, Cristian Zapata, Rodrigo Ely, Luca Antonelli; Giacomo Bonaventura, Nigel De Jong, Andrea Bertolacci; Keisuke Honda; Luiz Adriano, Carlos Bacca.
Bench: Abbiati, Donnarumma, Mexes, Abate, Paletta, Alex, Calabria, Mauri, Suso, Poli, Montolivo, Nocerino, Cerci, Matri, Niang.

Referee: Peter Sippel.

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And it’s Bayern 2 Milan 0..Thank God Montolivio and Poli are on.dont criticise,just watch


What’s irritate me, it’s every time Milan gets the ball they panic and kick the ball away, where Bayern wins the ball back.


Couldn’t agree more, it’s a well drilled, well disipliplined and cohesive football team verses the compleat opposite
Our midfield is still utterly awful with no ideas on how to hold the ball or stamp any kind of rhythm of there own
They can’t link up with the attack because none of them know how to
It’s an embarrassment and without Lopez we’d be anililated


Bertoloci, Honda, & De Sciglio were all terrible today. Can’t believe we spent 20mil on Bertolaci. Witsel would have done much better.

I am disappointed in De Sciglio. Its not the first and i have a strange feeling it wont be the last 🙁


I De Sciglio actually had a good game, he made some solid defensive interventions. The probelem is that he was dealing with wave after wave of Bayern attacks due to our weak midfield, no full back can deal with all that pressure and come out looking good.


De Sciglio was at fault for the first goal. He gave the Bayern player too much space to shoot – You have to make the tackle before the player gets into your 18yard box. I really dont get what people see in him.


3-0 omg, i said bertolacci is overpriced lol..
Then still need cam


this is ridiculous. we were humiliated by Bayern. I hope Mihajlovic has better plans to “win the fans over” before the start of serie a.


trequartista role just not make it, we lost in every aspect with bayern
i hope the mentality not broke so much


Bertolacci has to be more aggressive if he am to play in This position. Think he would do better as a Playmaker in the center. To slow for that LCM role. Mauri is perfect for this, he is alot more energetic.

And no doubt bayern has a better team and know each other alot better. think the strikers will do better after they get to used to playing as a duo.


This team needs overhauling what d heck now I understand why CL qualification is our target and not the series a, not impressed 1 bit by Bertolucci, Adriano and really hate Honda he needs to be thrown for free, there were many better choices available, terrible terrible match … Please sell Honda and get a confident playmaker


Bertolacci seems like a newer version of Poli. Totally overpriced and overrated. Honda? As it is Milan does not have a midfielder who can dictate or influence a game. We people who play football with their heads and not just the feet.

It’s a good thing we have been exposed now, so we don’t start thinking this team has arrived.


Bonaventura is aweful!


So we spent 12 million on matri and 20m on bertolacci, but we wont raise our bid with 2 millions for a defender?

please, milan will be milan again when berlusconi era is finished




Milan Fandango

Excuse me sir…..Bayern is and was the better team. Sorry to burst your bubbles.


0_o dude. This is futbol and it’s not played with history. It’s played with the 22 guys on the pitch. If you think our players are anywhere near the skill level of Bayern’s you’re a fool. Milan winning this match would’ve been a miracle. Luckily, that wasn’t the point of the match. It might as well be a friendly for fitness and testing out players.


History does not change fact. Nothing wrong with your belif other than its a dream and not reality. Like to have my feet on the ground. This byern team could have gone head to head with the old milan.


Erm. Reality check.


Irrelevant to our bad performance, I wasn’t even mad until I saw pep guardiola confront Nigel de Jong in the tunnel at halftime, probable blaming him for the injury of his player. Just like he was a little baby after the mls all star game last year and didn’t shake the coaches hand. Not to mention, as bad as we played, whenever we had beat a player in the attacking third bayern would just pull our players down. Yea it’s a friendly but at some point a yellow card would be nice so we can try to attack for the… Read more »


We got schooled but that is fine as long as we went back to learn


And the midfield woes continue, i personally felt we shouldnt have spent on bertolacchi, because i wasnt too convinced about him. Im still not gonna pass any judgement on him, but will say that so far he has not shown any reason why milan should have bought him. I hope i am proven wrong. Our defense and midfield really need overhauling, apart from dejong the midfield is a hit or a miss. Sometimes they do well and some times they dont. I wonder whats happening to de sciglio, he is going downhill, just as we had finally filled in the… Read more »


I De Sciglio actually had a good game. The probelem is that he was dealing with wave after wave of Bayern attacks due to our weak midfield, no full back can deal with all that pressure and come out looking good.

Milan Fandango

No need to scream at the players and team. Everyone is not ready yet. Honda this, Bertolacci that, etc. like some kids who just followed football. This is exactly what the team needed, a nice whooping in the bottom against better, stronger, and last season champion. They just needed to get back to their routine while we still need to build that routine. Juventus and Inter aren’t doing well in the Preseason, it’s only normal.


Lol. People relax. This was more than a preseason for Bayern. @allianz arena? It was clear they were more determined, u cld c frm the way they applied pressure on our players. First half was awful. It improved 2nd half. Bacca is too eager to prove…..he needs to relax, he’s jux wasting chances…..L.Adriano seems like he’s jux too relaxed. Always smiling. Bertalocci? Well not jux him though, twas the whole team. Ely, Bacca, De Jong, Diego Lopez were the better players in our team.

Christian Zapata……shakes ma head.


zapata was good overall despite the goal you can see what happend when he left!

Don Mirak

What’s wrong…i just cant blv the way players are playing…no passion, no attitud, no evrything …


Wow we really got it all wrong today. I was wondering what happened. It’s like we didn’t see it comin. Guardiola’s tiki-taka with those low centered gravity players they fielded on the first half is so classic.. it wasn’t invented yesterday. Shud’ve counter balanced it with the likes of Calabria and J.Mauri it’s like in basketball when they play small you follow suit, other thing except for De Jong, we played way too soft today, not enough nasty legs out there way too italian.. If you all look closely Bayern players were dirty all day.. lots of smart dirty plays… Read more »

Don Mirak

No way…


we have to get rid of honda, its a shame that he wears jersey no 10, seedof and rui costa and ruud gullit used to wear that


im glad we lost that will open gallianis eyes that we need witsel and somone as atacking mid


After this match, I’ll gladly take MLS Kaka over Honda, retired Seedorf over Bertolacci, MLS Pirlo over De Jong. Let us face reality: There is no match-winner in this team! A poor midfield puts pressure on the defense and makes the defenders look terrible. Even if we buy Romanogli and we don’t have midfielders who play with their heads, the problem will continue.


U guys complaint too much.. Bayer’s bench is better than our starters.. I knew we were going to lose. Even more, watch out they may win against real madrid as well.
Now watch the game against totteham. we should controle that game for the whole 90 minutes


Just watched Honda’s video. One more thing worth mentioning, our best goal scoring opportunity, squandered by a dubious offside call,.. wasn’t even close.


I know that it’s a friendly but there are a few things we can see with the team. First of all, this type of game really shows how much we need a player like Witsel. I know it’s bayern, but we should be at least be able to hold the ball for two minutes. And I realised that there are a lot of people hating on Bertolacci, i personally think that he’s the type of player that needs time and space on the ball, then he’ll succeed. Also if the friendlies are an indication, Rodrigo Ely is our best CB… Read more »


Batolcci…played better than Bonaventura, De sciglio played better…. the formation is killing the team…. same formation Alegrri used that he failed, only difference is that he always use wing while u use midfield no playmaker, once u use 3 defensive midfield he will fail they give room to the opponent to attack them, please Zapata can never improve again. Let motilivo should play as 10,now a player like saponara will be good player as 8


Wake up call…we learned that our midfielder still not good enough to hold this kind of team, tiki-taka style… hope to see another reinforcement in midfielder… but don’t bashing our player too much…many new players in our team and still need time to blend…


I don’t know Why u guys talk like a 10yrs old boy who just start seeing football match. Do u expect us to win or play better than bayern? This is a team that has been together for a long time. They have a coach Who already knw the players, our coach is just starting to knw the player, he is still looking for the midfield trio, he is still looking for the defence pair. He only knw the keeper and the two striker. So u guys should cool down and let him do his work. Even Barca could not… Read more »


People on here need to calm down Miha has only had a month or so to work with the squad add to that we have many new faces in the squad. Then there was the small matter of facing Bayern at the Allianz who currently have a much better squad then ours who have also been playing together longer than ours and furthermore Pep has been there for 2+ years now… so yea calm down. If we learnt anything from this match its that we need a strong imposing midfielder who is good in possession and can make a decent… Read more »


Ibra sniejder witsel garay or romagnoli m gonna keep sayings ng u over n over again this team is nothing special we need quality players honda is crap witsel de jong bertolacci is perfect sniejder is so much better than honda oh wait everyone is better than honda when u look at the big teams madrids isco juve vidal now Bayerns come on man our defence was no.match for a second string bayern team this was an embarrassment miha get ur players now before u too fail in th century league


Look at u all lol when.I said we need witsel u guys were like over rated not good lol now u guys are screaming for him hahaha funny mate real funny keep on talking mate


lol @ everyone talking like they’ve seen witsel play for us. Witsel would’ve done this, Witsel would’ve done that. Calm down. Witsel wasn’t going to change anything. The pressure to win a ball back isn’t done by 1 player. You need the whole team to press on those with the ball. Seems more of a mentality thing than just a skill problem. Everyone played like they were very nervous. From what I’ve seen on the sidelines today, I think Mihajlovic will beat the hell out of every single one of them lol. So don’t worry, they’ll play much better in… Read more »


it’s expected, because bayern, like any other bundesliga club already near their match fitness. Their league start sooner than serie A. still, milan performers was awful. They are lack passion and confidence. antonelli look nervous from the start. sometimes our midfield was like a headless chicken. if it’s like this, nobody would be scared facing milan. Note that the refs kind of soft toward bayern. But maybe milan players is too easy to fall. Milan should learn to play with that intensity and not chickened out. because that is how the top of football played now.

Pa ibra

main problem tonight was starting the play from the back. honda and the forwards cannot do much when the ball won’t reach them, not even ibra or messi. fix that spot infront of the’s not for a pure defensive midfielder when you’r using a narrow formation like 4312 where you don’t have wide mens to create, needs a creative deep lying playmaker who can pass the ball around under pressure and give confidence to the defenders and other midfielders around him.

buy ander herrera/gundogan/verratti/illaramendi and play de jong on the sides.


If we got money spent it nowcause this wasa disgrace to its fullest potential slow mid old defence non existent passing no creativity it was terrible people who dont agree well u don’t know football clearly u have been watching something else there second team reserves beat us lol come on that should tell u we need an overhaul especially the mid n defence

Pa ibra

bertolacci is a small player. and why zapata & de sciglio are slow and so disorganized.


Bring back el sha in this transfer window lol


Milan is still in the 90s… we are not playing football, we are playing another game.. football is so dinamic and we are in a slow pace… i think our formation sucks, berlusconi tell the coach that we need to play this formation because we had succes with it in the past, but we r not in the 90s anymore.. Berlusconi is king, but let the coach be the coach… he always tell the coach to play this formation.. the result? we are being crushed… The good news is that we are not going to play with the top tier… Read more »


We never played today’s formation back in the 90s.

Terim sort of applied the formation during the 01-02 season and it lasted for a long time under Carlo’s era.

It’s not that long ago.


Another goal from el sha with monaco lol…
If he manage himself with consistency, we will see another aubameyang cases lol…
His value will be 20-30m next year kkkkk


I think EL SHA stopped scoring in Italy because everyone figured out the only move he knows how to make – from the left side to cut to the right and shoot. Playing in Italy is harder than in Moncao because futbol is more defensive in Serie A. I think SES will do good in Monaco but he probably wouldn’t do good in Serie A, just my opinion. Lots of players play great in some leagues and once they move, they are crap. Look at Di Maria, excellent player for Real Madrid but not good at all at MAN UNITED.


41212. 4231 is my fave these days u need wingers madrid barca bayern man utd all play with wingers n who are they they are the biggest clubs in Europe y cause they play attacking football wer stuck in the history of the glorious Milan old days lol going nowhere oh yeah we did this n we did that we have all these trophies n bla bla bla over this shit


Guys, get some hard cider and relax. We’re up against a more prepared Bayern Munich who just lost the German super cup. It’s not the end of the world. The bundasliga starts next week, the serie a does not. Also, our team has just started to gel, give them a break.

ac milan forever

All I know is that bayern has been playing together for few years and we just got a new coach. Improvement doesn’t come in an instant, it takes time. But, we played pretty bad to be honest. I hope miha could fix our midfield problem. Forza milan!


milan play without passion maybe Allianz Arena and fans munchen provide enough pressure to milan players, especially new players, Bertolacci, Bacca, Adriano, Bonaventura playing below standard, lack of concentration, no determination all play bad very disappointing, for defender Zapata and Ely is promising, Diego Lopez makes milan not conceded many goals, Dejong fight alone break the attack from midfield munchen, nothing helped, DeSiglio and Antoneli played well enough but was a wave of attacks from winger and central midfielder munchen very troublesome if only Dejong not work alone may result better, and that is very bad play is Honda (OMG)… Read more »


Everyone should calm down, this is preseason…

With that said, we clearly need some reinforcements…

Nothing drastic, just wrap up the signings of our 3 major transfer targets in Ibra, Witsel, and a CB.


I like how Miha got mad and kicked the ball, this team smh. AAAAAHHH


At least we all now see it clearly that HONDA is never the kind of player we need. Yes we are building a team, we should focus more on MAURI for that position. Most importantly, we should be very patient

Coach Seedorf

Guys relax, didn’t watch d game but I like to point out a few things from ur comments. 1. For d fact that d whole team got it wrong today has to do with Miha, not d players so stop blaming d players for today’s dismal performance. Only 2 shots in 90mins which were even off target shows poor tactical plan. 2. All of u saying we need reinforcements are funny, as this is a new team, with new players, a new coach & a new playing system yet some of u are still saying we need overhauling? Wake up… Read more »


Mauri as a cam lol dude that’s worse than boateng in that position. Don’t people watch football man just criticize n hope for the best put this there put that there come on have u seen mauri he’s a defensive mid no creativity no more so than nocerino let’s not go there. A true cam is a kaka isco sniejder wijnaldum is awesome but hey we are stuck with this lumberjack mid hacking at players n kick it to one player or another if ur lucky than lose it awesome


True, ibra is great but we need quality cam more we need ibra, honda suso menez not enough.