Teams news: Bayern Munich are without Holger Badstuber, Dante, Jan Kirchhoff, Javi Martínez and Franck Ribery. Milan have to do without injured Jermey Menez and without the left out Michael Agazzi, Cristian Zaccardo and Simone Verdi. Kickoff time is 20:45 CET.

Watch the match highlights

FC Bayern Munich (3-6-1) – Pep Guardiola
Sven Ulreich; Rafinha, Jérôme Boateng, Juan Bernat; Sebastian Rode, Philipp Lahm, Arturo Vidal, Joshua Kimmich, Pierre Højbjerg, Douglas Costa: Mario Götze.
Bench: Neuer, Benatia, Lewandowski, Alonso, Gaudino, Müller, Alaba, Green, Benko.

AC Milan (4-3-1-2) – Sinisa Mihajlovic
Diego Lopez; Mattia De Sciglio, Cristian Zapata, Rodrigo Ely, Luca Antonelli; Giacomo Bonaventura, Nigel De Jong, Andrea Bertolacci; Keisuke Honda; Luiz Adriano, Carlos Bacca.
Bench: Abbiati, Donnarumma, Mexes, Abate, Paletta, Alex, Calabria, Mauri, Suso, Poli, Montolivo, Nocerino, Cerci, Matri, Niang.

Referee: Peter Sippel.

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Comment: Give em a tough fight


we cant get the ball… our midfield doesnt exist… they are dominating us… damn tiki taka! At least De Sciglio and Ely are doing well…


I really like the formation
Let’s hope we get a win also


Anyone knows a good site for streaming?

Phildadon1899 Brother. Forza Milan


rojadirecta is another alternative


Thanks brother, i’ll check it out!
Thanks @papashanty, appreciate it!p


Firstrow tends be very shaky at times. is my favourite atm. Always a link with English commentary and it usually don’t lag.


Should be available at high quality on espn3


Great line up…what ever we play in todays game will go a long way….we need this team to grow in confidence just incase we dont get ibra and romagnolli…so dat dey can draw d needed moral from performances in pre season or the team myt just collapse confidence wise…forzamilan…omo naija


Zapata – Ely? could be good pair, cant wait to see them in action 🙂 this will be good match…

Finally a coach who can set good midfield (best out of what we have) … Like he reads this blog all day xD

i think this will also be our usual formation, only CB pair could be Mexes/Paletta against stronger teams.. But if Ely continues impressing, and if we sign Romagnoli (srsly why isnt this done yet??) he could have positive pressure who to put in starting 11…


A big test for ely. Hopes he does well. Another good thing is that bona plays at the right mid. I always felt that this is the right position for him. Hope both bona n ely do well


I’m cheering for Ely. I like him and think he can be a positive impact for us in the defense this season.


try zdf mediathekk german live stream!
forza milan!


I’m still afraid of the fact that Miha hasn’t tried de Jong in either side of the midfield in an old mediano role. Picture Gattuso’s role.

We still tend to drop to deep with de Jong as an anchorman infront of the defence. It really is bothering me as it’s almost as if the problem is undetectable and then we try find other blame factors most likely to be the other midfielders.

I’m worried it just seems so none-existant this problem. I mentioned this during de Jong’s second season but not a single or slightest modification has been made.


Have you considered this:
First: – It’s because you are wrong!
Second (to answer you last question): the coaches don’t care what you write here on this blog which is why “not a single or slightest modification has been made”.

Have a good day!


The old lecture step program in attempt to make you look intelligent. It really doesn’t.

Just gives people the picture of you being incompetent to put forth your own opinion in the matter.

Of course I’m not 100% I’m right. I thought the reason behind having a comment section is to allow people expressing their ideas and thoughts in various of subjects.

I was in pursuit of seeing others to share the same concern or maybe, even more interestingy so, share an idea which concludes the opposite of my opinion.

In the end, you’re just a boring person.


Your comment is boring. You complain and ask why nothing has been done eventhough you have expressed your concerns bla bla – what do you expect?? That Miha will read what you are writing here on this blog and think to himself :
– hmm this guy is right, I need to move DeJong….

Dude, serioudly. Write something more interesting and get over yourself.


You’re incompetent. This settles it. “what do you expect?? That Miha will read what you are writing here on this blog…”. I already wrote what I expected from my first comment in the one you just responded to. You live in your own bubble. I was only raising my concern in what I believe is a problem in our gameplay. I don’t expect everyone to agree with it, nor do I think my opinions are truth written in stone. I just cannot imagine how someone can be so sensitive over someone’s personal opinion. If you wrote “hope we sign Ibra”,… Read more »


Totally agree with you ballen!
Well said!
It will better if you are replacing the coach, chrismilan!!


Yeah, and make sure to brush your teeth before you go to bed.

How was it well said? Seriously, are you mentally ill? Mate, lay off the computer and do some brain searching because I’m seriously worried of how much of a moron you and you’re little mate must be.

This is really scaring the [email protected] out of me.


Is anyone else happy to not see Montolivo in the starting XI sigh gotta enjoy this while it last. FORZA MILAN pep playing that formation???? lets punish them


De Jong is captain again…. Hope it’ll remain that way…. That’s the leader this team needs…!


Forza Milan


Why is milan playing so bad? :-/
Milan with their “best” squad against fcb who are playing with their “c” – team.. fcb plays a lot better!
I see no connection between midfield and attack.. no goalshots by milan till 20 min. -.-


C team?


Milan can still not hold possesion very bad passing i have only seen Bayern on the pitch so far


So far,the team is playing nonsense..i hope they improve


As with every pre season as soon as we play a decent team we can’t string two passes together and it looks like they have twice the players we do. 4312 has no out ball because there is no width!


Am not watching the match, pls people update me on how we are playing pls pls.


how are players doing


It’s d first preseason am watching and so far am not impressed..the team still can not put five descent passes together..very annoying


1-0 Bayern


Here’s Bayern doing the same tiki.taka shet again…
And here’s Zapata messing up again…


he is doing his usual, he is 90% top class, and then, he has crucial mistake 2-3 times per match…


Milan playing nothing…..! The Bayern dominance is just too much…. This is the real test…!


I feel like throwing up seeing the way Zapata plays at the back. Our 20m signing is a statue. Milan look like amateur side playing against a pro side, hard and painful to watch.


De Sciglio is a horrible defender! Don’t get what people see in him.


Our players can’t pass, can’t tackle.d midfield sucks.d attack lacks eyes hurt


Milan with their best squad against fcb b or c-team :-/
Very disappointed… no goalshots by milan – there is no connection between midfield and attack! What are the defenders doing :-/ .. i think the whole game takes place in milans half!
Very painful to watch.. how they wanna reach 1-3. place in seria a??


LOL Bayern had their entire starting lineup out there. What are you talking about? Mario Gotze just came off the field right now


32 minutes in and Milan hasn’t had a single build-up play. not even one shot OFF target


We are being schooled! Yo! This is not a pre-season bayern mean business!!!

San Siro

Milan still has a lot work to do. We need quality midfielders. The team really sucks.


I would spend 20m+ to sign Witsel rather than spendin it on bertolacci .smh
It’s funny how we can’t complete a single pass and no attempt from our two strikers up front (bayern playing with no strikers). We really need CREATIVE MIDFIELDERS .. defense is not just our problem. We’re still playing like last season , playing back passes without thinking . Honda is not just good enough.


What do you think?why are we struggle to make posession in this game?is this because our 4-3-1-2 formation that doesnt have a wide midfielder/winger, and play narrowly, so we can easily be pressured, or it because our individual skill is not that good?i didnt see any player for our side can keep the ball because of high pressure also, we cant develop our game play, no supply for bacca and adriano also..and because also nowdays 4-3-1-2 is rarely used, almost all big team use winger.


true, most teams use wingers but remember that Juventus use 4-3-1-2. They won the scudetto, the cup, and reached the CL final this year.

and honestly, I don’t care what formation we use. I only care about winning trophies. It’s about time we win the scudetto or the italian cup again…


Yes, nowdays almost all big teams using winger, thats why they can play wider, using 4-3-1-2 we play narrowly, and if the opponent used more midfielder like bayern now, they are using 4 mid, we will be outplayed, pressured, cant possess the ball, our 3 mid cant work, espesially no mid who have good ball control from our side, from my thought we still need 1 trequartista and 1 creative midfielder who can hold the ball well, witsel, and somebody like de bruyne for trequartista, and we will be fine.


That first half was a disgrace. Berlusconi will no doubt throw more strikers at the problem


Sadly true


whatching this game i think we need witsel at center and de jong to go to side new deffender and we need to stop passing to the back


OK everyone, relax. We are playing against one of the top 3 teams in the world who have been playing together for long time, are ahead of us in preparation and are also playing at their home field. AC Milan needs time to play together and get some confidence. We have lots of new players who need to get together. Another thing is that the coach has been working them extremely hard, especially on conditioning so players may be little tired and don’t have their legs yet. Each game is different lineup so the coach can test and see who… Read more »


yeah relax. keep sleeping. thats your message right? No bells on we lack CREATIVE midfield no?

Yeah lets sleep.. this is top 3 best opponent ..thats why we cant connect 4 passes.

Lets sleep another year and make up excauses


Dude, you’re acting like we are playing CL final here! Do you realize that these type of games are designed to see what you are missing when measuring yourself against the best teams? It is actually VERY GOOD way for Milan midfield to be exposed and to hopefully make them realize they need reinforcements. Mihajlovich is a smart coach and knows what is needed but it is not totally up to him to get better players. There is still time to get some good midfielders so lets just chill and see what happens. It’s not like your complaining will do… Read more »


Please you dont know Galliani?

If we win Galliani: “We already have a strong team, we dont need anysignings”

If we loose Galliani: “This is only pre-season match, no CL match”

Just like you say yourself.

Basicly you are defendning milan management for not realising we need a playmaker for 7 years. You are DEFENDING that?


Shut up sheva!


Who are you? LMAO ricardo


milan used the strongest starting 11 in the first half

did you see the line-up Bayern had in the first half? Lewa, Robben, Ribery, Müller, Alaba, Alonso, Neuer, Benatia all (starting 11) were not playing.

We were owned in the first half by a bayern second team consisting of Sven Ulreich, Juan Bernat, Sebastian Rode, Joshua Kimmich, and Pierre Højbjerg. This itself says a lot


With what I far…this team can’t fight for uefa….tell this old man Galiani to wake up and spend money


It’s so painful to watch Ac Milan play like an amateur. It’s so obvious the lads confidence level is very low. Milan need some decent signings in the midfield. I really didnt see the impact of bertolacci in the first 45mins. We need guys who can supply bacca some good passes. I hope the management will look into this after this Audi cup.


bonaventura is such a poor player. so so poor. is bertolacci even playing. honda dropping deep to get the ball. disgrace


4312 doesnt av anytin 2 do wif ds match. A middle of pirlo, seedorf and gattusso will man this bayerns middle. Its d quality of our midfielders And d fact that we play an anchour man instead of a deeplyin playmaker


this what i been saying for YEARS.

Link between midfield attack
Link between midfield attack
Link between midfield attack
Link between midfield attack
Link between midfield attack

But ppl here like. We have bonaventura!!! he as the best player last season, we dont need any midfielders.
ppl here like poli is a hardworker, he is everywhere.
ppl here like bertolaci woooowwwww what a promising player,

Again. link between midfield attack! where is it, its occupied by bonaventura/poli/bertolacci and NEITHER of them can support our strikers


El Shaarawy would have been useful there


With regards to that, you are absolutely right, but the management ain’t doing anything about it.. The people on this blog can do nothing about it. We sure need that link, and I hope we get Ibra and that Witsel guy… We need more more upgrades. Mihajlovic is a good coach though, he just needs to make the management spend big. We ain’t ready yet…!


We need men not boys amd unfortunately 20m has been invested on a boy Bertolacci when we could av paid more and get a quality man midfielder. Zapata is a calamity and liability he was last season and still dont think he would change.

I am more disappointed in Bonaventura because this is a stage for him to step up and show his quality. Honda is pathetic and obviously our strikers understandably havent had d chemistry.


The fact that the management isnt concentrating on the midfield department is sone thing to be worried about . With the squad that played the first 45 mins, I don’t see Ac Milan playing champion’s league next season. We need to let let go the dead woods and concentrate on getting quality players. Just take a look at our bench, not even a single player that can turn the game around. This is so depressing.


The main problem of this team is the midfield. Guys that can hold and distribute accurate passes is what Milan lacks. If we keep spending money on the defense and attack, that won’t solve the problem. Even if ibrahimovic comes its still going to be the same. We need quality midfielders. Not some mediocre


Brutal first half! Anybody think we not need reinforcements in the back still?


Very poor game from us so far, Lopez is the man of the match. Honda is clueless, Bertolacci is invincible, the defence is shaky. We need Witsel and a proven defender, not Romagnoli.


This is not a game for you to judge any player.. Bayern Munich have outplayed Milan, that’s a fact, and if they play with this same intensity against Madrid ”That’s if they go through” Then they’ll trash Madrid real good…..! We’re playing against the first or second best football club in the world at the moment…!


I can judge any player i want. Bayern are using 4-5 players who are not in their best starting lineup. I don’t think you understand this game. Its not Bayern’s intensity that is so high its us who are playing so bad that it makes it easy for them to control the game. And if you think Real took the game against us serious, hehe well…..


So funny how quickly you will say “omg we will win the scudetto” when we play well against Real Madrid. And now when we get dominated by another one of the top three strongest teams in Europe you say “omg we will get relegated sack miha sell all the players”. Get a friggen grip. You need a larger sample size of games to make proper judgement, get some common sense and relax.


again: Milan used their strongest starting 11

We were OWNED in the first half by a bayern b team consisting of Sven Ulreich, Juan Bernat, Sebastian Rode, Joshua Kimmich, and Pierre Højbjerg. This itself says a LOT


What have I.been saying about our team . HONDA ANYONE yeah that’s right eat those words mate all of u who doubted me honda needs to go.asap oh n witsel yeah he needs to.arrive cause our mid isnothin oh by the way bayern don’t even have there full startinv line up lol that’s sad u call this a team this money could have been spent in wisely fashion panic buys all round. Clueless mate absolutely clueless


Our midfield did not turn up for this game….With the exception for De Jong who is playing he has no support…. no service to the forwards….no creativity….yes the goal was a bit fortunate but we haven’t had a decent chance 67 mins in….this is poor from us. Consistently being over run by Bayern


Little improvement in d second half.start to enjoy d movement of Carlos Bacca


Aug 4, 2015 at 9:14 pm
Little improvement in d second half.starting to enjoy d movement of Carlos Bacca and Jack


2-0 too early for mihajlovic to substitute!! too much time for ely and since luiz adriano came not giving me a single good impression!
3-0 and yes alex is rubbish!!